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AJ: “Corruption hinders our journey to be profitable.”

Integrity is the opposite side of hypocrisy!
Integrity is the opposite of hypocrisy!

Below is another Integrity Bulletin (No: 11) sent out by Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), Group CEO of MAS, this noon. For Integrity Bulletin No: 7, read HERE.

From: “YOUR VOICE ONLINE” <UVOICE@malaysiaairlines.com>
Subject: Integrity Bulletin Vol.11

09 December 2013

Dear Colleagues,

Our journey to enhance the culture of integrity continues with the recent Malaysia Airlines Vendors Integrity Program held several weeks ago. During my speech, I reiterated the importance of getting all our business partners to understand and commit to the standards that are important for us to deliver our brand promise and do what we do for over 16 million passengers each year around the world. This is crucial in maintaining our business relationship for a sustainable win-win.

Doing business with the highest integrity makes us a good and a trustworthy business partner.  Being transparent must not be seen as a hindrance.  Ensuring that the process is laid out fairly for all to understand and follow is good corporate governance.

9 December 2013, is recognized as International Anti-Corruption Day worldwide.  A timely reminder that corruption undermines hard work, erodes business trust, damages our product and service quality. Corruption hinders our journey to be profitable. Join me in fighting corruption in our company. Join me to maintain focus on cost control and drive improved efficiency and performance across our Group.  Doing business with integrity is intrinsic to how we conduct our business at Malaysia Airlines.

Kind regards,

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya
Group Chief Executive Officer

31 thoughts on “AJ: “Corruption hinders our journey to be profitable.”

  1. If the clueless have integrity then he would have resigned long time ago. He made decisions that were detrimental to MAS before and now he was trying to do the opposite. Terminating Dubai for his pariah friend and now he had to eat the humble pie to reinstate it. This is just an example. Integrity is the last word the clueless should be dreaming of let alone to talk about it. The gaji buta Spin Doctor is no different.

  2. Forget about integrity. Until now all questions posed by YB have not been answered by AJ and his Spin Doctor. Aj is a laughing stock in the history of MAS.

  3. Try to go to work tomorrow and be a contributing factor rather than some idiot who can only throw stones.

    how does this airline ever make money
    how are you helping
    what do you do every day other than send emails that make you sound like a total moron to help this company be a better place to work and grow

    Hollywood and Bollywood inherited your incompetence, lack of accountability, lack of work ethic, lack of decision making, corruption and pure lack of self pride.

  4. Zul

    Incompetence is just too mild a word to describe AJ and his Bollywood and Hollywood. They are all a big burden to MAS. The government must step in to get rid of them and that remnant Botak in the Engineering. They all must go for the sake of MAS.

  5. Azman

    You sound like you are the issue

    Go find another job where u can be acomplete and total distraction to the success of the company

    What have u done to help


    I am embarassed u call yourself a MAS employee

  6. Air Asia had robbed MAS business by ferrying Malaysian troops UN peace keeping force.

    Carrying foreign workers in/out of Malaysia is the right of national airlines of both countries ie Malaysia and the country that originate the workers. strangely suddenly Air Asia was allowed by Immigration to carry foreign workers when they issue visa.

    The right of national carrier was robbed and given to a low cost airline owned by individual.

    Government should into all these and put to right. Please Government , when MAS loses everyone talk about it but all the wrongdoings by KHAZANAH and AJ being completely silent.

    Belajarlah cara bagaimana Kerajaan Singapura menjaga SIA.

    1. Please read YB posting (Conspiracy or sabotage) http://weechookeong.com/2012/07/18/conspiracy-or-sabotage/

      Until now AJ has yet to clarify “who were responsible for giving up the MALCON-UNIFIL contract so as to enable AAX Sdn Bhd to take over?”

      Until now AJ has yet to clarify “why did he terminate the Dubai route in 2012, Bandung, Surabaya and many others?”

      Until now AJ has yet to clarify “why did he gave up the additional Sydney, which was reserved for MAS, to AirAsia X?”

      These are just a few questions for AJ to answer. He chose to be silence thinking that MAS staffs will forget about it and hail him to be the best CEO in Malaysia. he is just a useless CEO MAS ever had.

      No MAS CEO in the right mind would made the above decisions that were detrimental to MAS.

      Just FO from MAS. Take along your Hollywood and Bollywood with you to join AirAsia since your heart is there from day one when you joined MAS. FO please! We are sicked and tired of reading your rubbish email after email. MACC should come in to investigate why did you make those decisions against the interest of MAS.

      1. So, by some magic sleight-of-hand, MAS is to be exempted from competition?

        What a load of crap!

        Look at SIA. It flies multiple times a week (more than MAS!) to Perth and Sydney.

        And yet, SIA’s long-haul LCC, Scoot, also flies to Perth and Sydney.

        Is SIA complaining about this?

        Nope, it just buckles down to compete in what it knows best – the premium full-service sector.

        And here are people espousing the view that any Malaysian airline that operates on routes that MAS also operates is somehow a traitor.

        What about having MAS shape up and face the competition? Which is not AirAsia, but SIA, Emirates, Qantas and British Airways, not to mention Etihad and Qatar Air?

        That would be too difficult, wouldn’t it? And it would show up MAS as the GLC that it is and that is run for political reasons other than sound commercial logic.

      2. Good reply, Milord.

        I would just add one more point.

        What was MAS doing after it was set up following the split of MSA (Malaysia-Singapore Airlines) before AirAsia appeared on the scene?

        How many bail outs and restructurings did it go through in that period, when SIA (it’s erstwhile sibling) was going from success to success?

        And have you figured out why Tajudin Ramli wanted out of MAS?

    2. Fully agreed with th-steel.

      Corruptions are everywhere even in the developed country.
      Our national irony is that we have idiots running the country, who then chose idiots to run MAS.

      AJ, corruption will not pose a big problem if you have capable people (it begins with you), after all, corruption is a short cut to prosperity for idiots.

      Solution: Resign before you get kicked out!

      1. “Our national irony is that we have idiots running the country, who then chose idiots to run MAS.”

        Sob, sob, sob, I like that even though is no laughing matter.

  7. The clueless Aj and his Spin Doctor were in pain to hide behind the word corruption to justify MAS was not profitable. If there was corruption why was he not taking actions?

    Did AJ make any attempt to check what were happening in the Engineering department where MAS had to send its own aircraft for service in Hyderabad India with additional cost of crews and fuel when AirAsia was given a slot in MAS Hangar in Malaysia?

    The Bloody Botak (the remaining rubbish from AirAsia) and AJ must be thrown out of MAS in disgrace like what happened to Danny boy.

  8. Integrity is not in the vocabulary of that idiot. With what he had done to MAS and now he is trying to show that he cares for MAS are irreconcilable.

    Stop bullshitting. Just get lost.

  9. AJ talking about integrity? what a joke! Until now he is pretending that he did not make the decisions that were detrimental to MAS! No MAS CEO had ever make decisions to give away routes and contracts to other airlines except this stupid fella. He gave MALCON-NIFIL contract to AirAsia. What a bloody brilliant CEO !!!!

  10. th-steel.com

    On what planet does anyone owe you a living

    Guess what MAS Air Asia EARNED the business

    Your lack of effort and customer service meant that MINDEF had to find an airline that could provide the service at the right time, right price, right product, your attitude of entitlement is what is embarrassing

    Get some pride

    Grow up and be part of the solution

    Nice lessons you are giving to future generations

    ” the world owes you nothing ”

    Go earn it and stop crying because someone came in offered better service and prices

    You should be embarrassed by your lack of a work ethic

    stop including the rest of us in your statements not everyone at MAS wants to be spoon fed for life like you do

    Some of us at MAS understand we need to earn revenue and that the days of operating as a monopoly are over

    Nothing will be handed to us

    for those of you who want everything for nothing and don’t have the pride to put in a days work go find another job somewhere where u can cry and complain all day about how you should not have to actually work to earn your salary

  11. It was incredible that Aj was talking about integrity and corruption in his email. Does he understand what the words stand for?

    Why he did he made those decisions in favour of his friend’s company AirAsia?

    Why he had to lean over backward to give away MAS’ additional route to Sydney to AirAsia X?

    Why extreme low fares being charged to ferry 50,000 of AirAsia X passengers when it terminated its flights to London, Paris, Mumbai and others?

    This is the type of man who has the cheek to talk about integrity and corruption. By doing those stupid things, that clueless hopes to to make MAS profitable. What an idiot!

    1. Do you even know what bilateral air services agreements and “open skies” agreements are all about?

      The former is G-to-G (government-to-government). The latter is more of a free for all in which the airlines themselves determine their destinations and flight frequencies, based on commercial logic.

      Not on airy-fairy notions of “protecting” a “national icon” (aka national “flag carrier”).

      Just look at how the Aussie government is treating Qantas, which is an Aussie national icon (the flying kangaroo).

      The Aussie government is poised to allow Air New Zealand, SIA and Etihad acquire a 70% stake in Virgin Australia, in spite of vociferous complaints about “unfair competition” from the CEO of Qantas.

      The Aussie government has told Qantas emphatically – no bailouts, no protection and no subsidies.

      It also said that it’s up to Qantas to sort itself out and solve it’s problems, and that if the airline’s CEO and Board are not up to the task, they should quit.

      Here, in Malaysia, has the government read the riot act to MAS, to it’s management, unions and Board?

      No, because political expediency and a “semua ok” attitude trump pragmatism and commercial logic.

    2. Joshua

      What a load of crap you just wrote

      Show us any evidence that Air Asia pax were carried at below cost

      Stop being such a pathetic loser

      1. Zul

        I am surprised that you need the evidence of MAS charging below market fares to ferry 50,000 AirAsia X passengers. You must have been reading the website of your pariah boss.

        YB has published all the info on the fares charges in this blog but you chose to pretend that you didn’t know.

        just start reading from:






        What evidence do you need now to be convinced that your pariah boss has been making used of the brainless AJ to his advantage?

        Stopping making a fool of yourself.

      2. Zul – you must forgive Joshua. He picks and chooses his facts, selectively.

        Let him answer the following:

        1. How long has MAS been in existence?

        2. When did AirAsia start operations?

        3. What was MAS’s profit & loss track record prior to 2 above?

        4. How many bail outs and restructurings did MAS go through prior to 2 above?

        5. Why did the government privatise MAS to Tajudin Ramli, only to turn around and re-purchase his stake in MAS? And at what price? And when?

        6. Was AirAsia around when MAS stopped it’s flights to Vancouver and New York, leaving LAX as it’s sole US destination?

        7. Why did it dither and procrastinate on it’s fleet upgrading programme, when it’s competitors were doing so (SIA being an example)?

        8. Why is MAS incurring losses when SIA is making profits? Aren’t they operating in the same competitive environment?

        Let’s see your answers to the above, instead of picayune cheap shots!

  12. Those facts have been clearly documented in YB’s blog. Joshua has given all the links for you all to look for the evidence. Just go and read it and you will get all the facts there. These pariah’s cybertroopers were trying to divert attention. Talking about the irrelevance. Lets just ignore them.

    We all know that the clueless AJ and the Botak in the engineering are both helping out the pariah at the expense of MAS.

    1. “Irrelevance” when MAS is losing money?

      When Emirates, SIA etc are eating it’s lunch?

      Talk about warped criteria!

  13. These cybertroopers are like mercenaries. They will do anything to protect their boss for money. They refused to look at facts and kept twisting to suit that red indian’s agenda.

    MAS needs a CEO that will protect its interests. We don’t need a CEO pretending to be stupid and look after the red indian’s interests.

    1. Wow….I suppose that’s why SIA is profitable, while MAS is a “loser”?

      Or is it because Temasek is a better taskmaster (better brains, lah, with all those scholars and foreign talent) than Khazanah?

      Or is it because MAS unions are totally clueless about what is happening in the airline industry?

      The “cyber troopers” are a convenient target for those who ignore realities.


  14. Not only the ceo. The whole management team have no integrity, especially the hollywoods n bollywoods. They are just here to lick the leftovers of the previous management of mas.

  15. Lets see whether the contract for Hugh Dunleavy will be extended in two weeks time. Over paid for the job. Under the previous management this job was done by Tengku Azmil the CEO of MAS. The present CEO is still as clueless as ever. Always need the Hollywood and the consultants to do the thinking for him and the Bollywood and Hollywood.

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