“MAS Net Loss of RM830 mil for 9 months Jan to Dec 2013”

Perhaps AJ does not under the history of MH. It is Malaysia Hospitality and not Musnah Harapan.
“Stay focused” says AJ.  “Stay Focus” to look after the interest of other airline?  It seems that now MH stands for “Maruah Hilang” & “Musnah Harapan”!

Yours truly went to the same mamak stall for a teh tarik this noon and someone has just passed the e-mail entitled “Stay Focused In Our Journey” from MAS Group CEO, which is still warm from the oven.  

When asked, the person concerned said that he was not from MAS.  Under Group CEO, En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), MAS had spent a substantial sum of money to appoint IT consultant to track and control the flow of emails within MAS, in HERE, and substantial energy to lodge police report when an email such as the one below was previously published in the blog of yours truly, HERE.

Hopefully there will no witch hunting, appointment of another IT consultant to install more “canggih” programe to monitor MAS staffs and lodging another “shiok sendiri” police report against the so-called leakage of an email.

Yours truly would like to highlight just an excerpt from the said email:

“… all employees of Malaysia Airlines recognise the importance of rules, policies …”

1.  Was  it a policy of MAS to terminate its routes especially Dubai route under cost cutting exercise and reinstate it a year later under the recommendation of Seabury Consulting?

2.  Was it a policy of MAS to give up routes especially the additional Sydney route to AirAsia X?

3.  Was it the policy of MAS to uplift more than 50,000 passengers of AirAsia X, which has no prior interline agreement with MAS, and charged below market fares? Read HERE, HERE, HERE.

4.  Was it a policy of MAS to enter into a catering contract costing MAS RM6.25 billion for a period of 25 years with LSG Skychef Brahim’s Sdn Bhd?

5.  Was it the policy of MAS to curtail the expansion of its subsidiary, Firefly, where Firefly was making losses to the tune of RM89 million in 2011, under the pretext of cost cutting and after a year later to expand it? Read HERE.

6.  Was it a policy of MAS to send its own aircraft to India for service and maintenance incurring unnecessary additional costs, while MAS is servicing and maintaining the aircraft of AirAsia X at its own hangar in Malaysia at a much reduced costs?  Read HERE.

7.  Was it a policy of MAS to employed eight ex-expatriates aka the Bollywood & Hollywood “stars costing MAS million of good Ringgit and at the same time quietly appointing consultant firm like Seabury Consulting to think for them?

8.  Was it a policy of MAS to employ Bollywood and Hollywood “stars” to head important department in MAS when they are local talents, who are just as good as these ex-expatriates if not better?

The above are the only few questions as food for thought. Yours truly is certain that MAS staffs have many more penetrating questions to ask the top management of MAS.

Please don’t tell us that AJ had to make all those decisions at the material time. A CEO of a company always has the option to resign if he was asked to do something against the interests of the company and his own conscience.  A CEO salary and perks are paid by the company and not individuals.

Below is the latest email dated 28-11-2013 at 10:23 am  from AJ to MAS staffs:

From: YOUR VOICE ONLINE <UVOICE@malaysiaairlines.com>
Date: 28 November 2013 10:23:35 am GMT+8
Subject: Circular from GCEO: Staying Focused In Our Journey/Kekal Fokus Dalam Perjalanan Mencapai Kejayaan



To        : All Staff System-wide

Date     : 28 November 2013

Ref       : GCEO/CIR 034/13

Staying Focused In Our Journey

Dear Colleagues,

Of late, our Company has been under the media spotlight – for various reasons, including our disappointing Q3 2013 financial results in which we announced a Net Loss of RM375 million, and on the issue pertaining to the recent suspension of an employee, who is also a President of a trade union.

The news reports on the employee issue are not helping to build up confidence in the public eye that we are working hard in our challenging journey to turn around Malaysia Airlines. This is negative publicity that Malaysia Airlines does not need.

The Company is maintaining its stand not to comment on this employee matter publicly through the media. It is an internal matter which should be addressed and resolved internally, without interference from external parties.

Contrary to the news report, I wish to state that, at no time, has Malaysia Airlines neglected or compromised on the safety and well-being of its staff. Whilst certain practices have to be reviewed to align our airline to industry practice or to save costs, the Company has and will never put staff in any dangerous work environment. Safety is our No.1 priority – be it for our flying guests or our employees.

Our employees are the ones who make Malaysia Airlines special in the eyes of guests; make our airline stand-out from the rest. Hence caring for our employees is important to Management, so that we, as a team, can live up to our excellent service reputation. This is our edge, which we guard strongly.

Having said that, I am certain that all employees of Malaysia Airlines recognise the importance of rules, policies and procedures governing our behaviour as employees. There are set procedures to raise grievances pertaining to work-related matters, as well as to manage discipline. Maintaining decorum and harmony in the Company, showing respect to his/her colleagues and Management, are important values for us.

Behaviour that deviates from set policies and procedures cause us to lose focus on our daily operations. It is a hindrance that we cannot afford, at this time when we are putting in 110% to turn our loss-making Company into a profitable one.

Company matters do not need to be highlighted in the media. This is a sign of weakness that our competitors can easily take advantage of. Especially at this time, Malaysia Airlines needs to pull the full attention, commitment and effort of all 20,000-plus staff across the Group to show its strength to continue to fly high.

I am calling on each employee to think of the bigger, more important picture. Our Company reported a Net Loss of RM830 million for the nine months of January – end September 2013. We were hoping to report better numbers and a small Loss. Instead it is a large financial Loss. All eyes are us, you and me, to turn around a much-loved Malaysian icon into a profitable Group by the end of 2014. You know as well as I do that we have much competition and many challenges.

Still, I am confident that we, as a team, have what it takes to succeed, to win our battle against the competition and high costs. I am committed to continuously engaging employees at all levels. Together, we have to keep focused on our work, and on our Journey to profitability.

Let’s get to work. Stay focused. Stay strong. Stay together.

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

Group Chief Executive Officer

Malaysia Airlines

25 thoughts on ““MAS Net Loss of RM830 mil for 9 months Jan to Dec 2013”

  1. Nazim

    The email shows a CEO who is clueless of what he was appointed to do. It is enough. It is a waste of time to flock a dead horse. If I were Aj and his Hollywood and Bollywood, I will just pack my bag and leave MAS quietly. I don not want to leave MAS in disgrace like AJ’s co-pilot Danny the nanny.

  2. Izani

    The salary and perks are too attractive for the “clueless” to leave MAS because he has been proven to be unfit for the job. He was handpicked to carry out orders from his good friend, the pariah.

    Perhaps the ‘clueless” wants to leave in disgrace like that Danny, Amokh’s business partner. YB please publish more things about the clueless and let see how long he could remain shameless.

    the Botak head in Engineering must also go together with the clueless.

  3. The Shameless

    AJ, just answer those questions posed by YB. Why are you keeping silence on matters that you have done that caused MAS to suffer today. You, Azahari Dahlan and the 8 Hollywood and Bollywood must go.


    Why would he answer when he is getting paid 250,000 per month?????
    Bodoh dan buat bodoh pun dapat gaji, kenapa mau quit.

    So we all kena tendang dia macam operation Nyah!

    Union tak bole diharap sebab dah makan balik pil tidur kuda.

  5. omar

    every time a new guy steps in MAS, he will show his mettle as though he is the best manager in the world but in reality the job is tough. He must be willing to rock the systems, rock existing contracts, people and only then you will make it. The political masters must stay away and let the guy handles it his way.

  6. Den Joy

    Where is the logic if the more passengers that travel with MAS, the more MAS loses money? Also,the more places MAS flies, the more it lose money. Might as well stop flying. Then no more losses!

  7. Anonymous

    Aj should be appointed as a clown in MAS to attract passengers. he should perform his acts at the shopping centers. This way, MAS will get increase numbers of passengers with more losses. That’s is Aj for you. Surrounded by the low cast mentality Mat Salleh and the Bollywood. They all made him look smart. Just a hopeless CEO of MAS.

    Md Nor is no better. Another great pretender. LSG Skychef Brahim is Md Nor’s baby when he was the MD of MAS. Both of them must be got rid for the survival of MAS.

  8. Franky

    AJ what happened to your special tracking programe that cost MAS a fortune? Aren’t you going to get another consultant to check on the IT consultant for not delivering the “witch hunting” programe. Bloody stupid to embark on such a programe when he should spend time to improve on the performance of MAS. Just leave MAS and you will not be missed. Take along Azhari Dahlan with you and join AirAsia that where you belong.

  9. Haidaan

    Bla bla bla….even the President of NUFAM,legitimate National Union for cabin crew ( recognised by MOHR) being terminated last Friday as an employee of MAS,because of his outspoken towards standing up for crews rights and working conditions Adakah MAS majikan kapitalis? Penindasan terhadap anak kapal kabin.Plse YB Help and Save Mas cabin crew..

    1. oxfart

      Sir, dont be fooled by this sandiwara. Ismail very to close TF. This is a ploy to intimidate union leaders. After this, he will join Air Asia while MAS crumbling. Next gomen will plead TF to rescue MAS again.

  10. gangnam

    Take a hollyywood plot, sprinkle in cheesy song-and-dance numbers (like the story in sales dept) and pour in a gallon of low cost fuel. Shake well by the clueless director, and you’ve got a Bollywood dance in MAS – like the quarterly financial results…

  11. Sedih

    I feel sorry for the employees of MAS. You cannot speak up and the management is tracking all the emails. Those people responsible for the heavy losses are okay – they are well protected. Those people in sales with sex scandal are also okay. Where is our maruah? Why is this happening?

  12. Azman


    I support what you have said. The top management can do anything and they have immunity. Just like Tan Sri Md Nor. It was during his time that 70% of MAS Catering was sold and at the same time 25 years contract was entered into by MAS. Now he is the chairman. Badawi is the Sleeping Advisor.

  13. Hooray!

    There are too many deadwood at the top management level of MAS. One of whom is that fat biscuit lady. she good for nothing. She is another remnant of disgusting share suap that almost kill MAS altogether. I am looking forward to the day when the clueless AJ, the Botak Azhari and the fat biscuit lady leave MAS in disgrace.

  14. Corbulo

    So, cannot compete with SIA, izzit?

    The “load-active” programme is about putting bums on seats at the expense of profits.

    Like that, even my primary school kids know sure rugi one.

    Richard Branson has said that the Aussie government shouldn’t be propping up Qantas.

    Maybe he should tell the Malaysian government that it shouldn’t be propping up MAS.

    Even an airline as well-run as SIA has seen the writing on the wall and the reality of cut-throat competition. As has SIA’s majority shareholder, Temasek.

    It’s a wonder that the collective brainpower at MAS and Khazanah don’t seem to be able to see this.

  15. Hisham

    Lets see whether the clueless AJ will extent the botak Hollywood comes this 15 January 2014. Enough of this clueless fella in MAS. The government should just get rid of him like Danny boy. He must be made to leave in DISGRACE too. He can go and join his friend the pariah for all i care.

  16. Invisible hand

    I believe the hollywood will be extended. The whole team is enjoying the perks and do you think he got a free car and driver in west jet? sini dia tuan dan kita kuli lah.

    1. The Westjet Gabage

      When you have a Clueless as the head of MAS, it is just like a Blind leading the blinds.

      By the way the Hollywood Hugh was made redundant in Westjet ok. This mean that he was dispensable to Westjet. For a start if he was given a good mountain bike to use, he should thank his lucky star. It was never in his dream when he was in Westjet that he will be given a car and driver plus all the other perks he got from MAS.

      We must always bear in mind that he was brought into MAS during the share suap. We all should know who brought the Hollywood into MAS then.

  17. LordTobry

    Tony Abbott has said that the Aussie government will not subsidise Qantas, and that it’s up to the airline to restructure itself into profitability.

    He also said that subsidies are a bottomless pit.

    Hmm…I wonder if the Malaysian government is listening?

    And the MAS unions too.

  18. Anonymous

    These people were never leaders. They might be knowledgeable, but they fail to lead people under them. They are just bosses, never leaders. The staff that report to them were never given the chance to make any decision. They were the ones who would speak, do the presentations and make decisions in everything. I heard this from my friends who were reporting to them, especially the bollywoods. Every single thing will only be discussed amongst them, without the involvement of our own staff. If this goes on, we will be forever dependent on these expats! I guess this is their tactic to make themselves invincible. They also have the guts to tell the management that we dont have internal talents. Trust me, their contract will be extended. They have proven to the management that the people in their department are not good enough to run the department on their own, maybe just good for doing stupid performance on stage during some events or maybe good to organize birthday parties to celebrate them! There are a lot of young staff in their department and if this goes on, they will be useless seniors soon. And MAS will need more expats soon! Hidup expats! Hidup bollywood! Hidup hollywood! Mati MAS!!

  19. Corbulo

    Ad by Changi Airport in today’s Singapore Business Times “Changi Airport and British Airways celebrate a partnership of 80 years in Singapore”.

    And Malaysia Airports has yet to persuade BA to resume flights to KLIA!

    Regardless of KLIA2, Changi Airport will always be 2 steps ahead.

    Something that MAHB is very quiet about.

    All this sandiwara about MAS just obscures the big picture.

    Which is whether KLIA will ever fulfil it’s potential or remain as a “second tier” airport.

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