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Under AJ, MAS loss RM4.1 million daily!

MAS with new livery after the Mas -AirAsia share "suap"
MAS with new livery after the Mas -AirAsia share “suap”. The cost of this new livery was part of “cost cutting” to MAS under AJ.
MAS livery before the MAS-AirAsia share 'suap"
MAS livery before the MAS-AirAsia share ‘suap”.  It doesn’t look “profitable” to AJ and his MASTER during the “share suap”.

En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), the Group CEO of MAS and his top management have been bragging that MAS has managed to get more passengers to travel on MAS. Of course, the numbers game was the brainchild of AJ and his “Bollywood and Hollywood stars“. What is the point of gaining more passengers with no yield recorded except another loss of RM375 for the 3rd quarter of 2013 (July to September). Any person with modicum of intelligence could get the numbers over night if one just to embark on slashing of the fares with no other plans in hand.

MAS is losing RM4.1 million daily and yet MAS had to keep on maintaining those Bollywood and Hollywood “stars” with their jackets and ties.  We agree that MAS had to go on cost cutting exercise in order to remain competitive in the aviation industry. It is irreconcilable to keep the Bollywood and Hollywood “stars” in MAS, the majority of whom has the track records of being made redundant by other airline, and their achievement in MAS was a RM4.1 million daily loss!

One would have thought that with the existence of the Bollywood and Hollywood “stars” with high salaries and perks totaling million of Ringgit, MAS would have got the numbers as well as the yield in order to justify their existence. Perhaps AJ, should have appointed Seabury Consulting or other consultants to do the thinking for him and his Bollywood and Hollywood “stars” on how to get the numbers and yield at the same time.

Dr Hugh Dunleavy
Dr Hugh Dunleavy. He was made redundant by Westjet.

By the way, Dr Hugh Dunleavy‘s contract as the Director Director will be expiring on 15 January, 2014.  Does AJ still need him to hold his hands after 15 January 2014?  The more important question is, “Does MAS really need to fork out million of Ringgit yearly and at the same time incurra daily loss of RM4.1 million? Dr Hugh Dunleavy was from a low cost airline and he was appointed during the MAS-AirAsia share swap!

Below are the photos of the other AJ’s Bollywood and Hollywood “stars’:

Mr Shihaj Kutty. He is highly qualified in the aviation industry with the qualification of hotel Administration obtained in India.
Mr Shihaj Kutty. He is highly qualified in the aviation industry with the qualification of hotel administration obtained in India.
Mr Duncan Bureau. He was from Westjet and was made redundant. Cheers to AJ!
Mr Duncan Bureau. He was from Westjet (a low cost airline) and was made redundant before joining MAS. Cheers to AJ!
Mr Dean Dacko. He was from Air Canada and was made redundant.
Mr Dean Dacko. He was from Air Canada and was also made redundant before joining MAS.
Mr John Felix, whose qualification is not known. Had to be another highly qualified aviation expert otherwise AJ wouldn't have appointed him.
Mr John Felix, whose qualification is not known. Had to be another highly qualified aviation expert otherwise AJ wouldn’t have appointed him.

The Spin Doctor in MAS was in great pain in his attempt to fool Malaysians with his reasons to justify the daily loss of RM4.1 million. To the Spin Doctor the losses were due to “… increased competition impacting yields, higher expenses affected by the weakening of the Ringgit against the US Dollar, increased charges at overseas airports, including higher overflying charges, an intensive advertising programme to build the Malaysia Airlines brand, and increased finance costs.” Yours truly quoted the words in bold from the email of the Spin Doctor.

Surely these factors were not restricted to MAS only.  These factors are the normal factors that all airlines had to face and take into account in the planning of its operations. If the intention of the Spin Doctor was to make AJ and the top management of MAS including the Bollywood and Hollywood “stars” smell like a rose by blaming the poor performance of MAS to “COMPETITION, HIGHER EXPENSES, FOREIGN EXCHANGE, HIGH CHARGES and INCREASED FINANCE COSTS”, then it was an amateurish attempt.  The Spin Doctor needs to go back the school to have a crash course on “Spinning Stories”.

The Spin Doctor and AJ must bear in mind that with the Bolywood and Hollywood “stars” in MAS and MAS had to fork out million of good Ringgit monthly to sustain their existence, MAS should not have to face such miserable results. The miserable 3rd quarter financial results of MAS results clearly demonstrated  that even with the “helping hands” of the Bollywood and Hollywood “stars”, AJ and his management team could not perform!  Surely, the existing MAS staffs can do better these these Bollywood and Hollywood “star”.

Below is the email from the “Spinning” Department in MAS.  Yours truly would like to declare that this email was not a leak from MAS staff. Yours truly was given the Spin Doctor’s email from an unknown person whilst having a teh tarik at a mamak stall. When this happened again, yours truly will ask for his name ok! This declaration is necessary in order to prevent MAS having to spend a few more million good Ringgit to appoint a new IT consultant firm to go for a witch hunt and to come with a new program to track the follow of email information. Please read “Big Brother watching you!” & “The Shiok Sendiri Police report by AJ under link”.

Yours truly also hope that the top management of MAS will  not waste its precious time to lodge another police report to intimidate MAS staff. Such intimidation will not work but the apparent competency and loyalty of the top management will.

Formerly known as MAS Catering Sdn Bhd
Formerly known as MAS Catering Sdn Bhd
The not so famous but powerful Datuk Ibrahim bin Ahmad ....  from 2003 - 2009
The not so famous but powerful Datuk Hj Ibrahim bin Badawi, the borther of Tun Abdullah Badawi, the current Advisor of MAS.

Instead of wasting good Ringgit and time, the top management of MAS should be looking into ways and means to terminate the 25 years catering contract with LSG Skychef Brahim’s  Bhd, a company controlled by the brother of the current Advisor of MAS, Tun Abdullah Badawi, that is costing MAS RM6.25 billion and about RM250 million yearly, in HERE.  No other airline with the same set up like MAS had to shoulder such a high catering bill yearly for 25 years!

Whatever new catering contract with a lesser sum would mean an immediate profits to MAS without having to appoint a foreign consultant like Seabury Consulting or the 8 Bollywood and Hollywood “stars” to think for the CEO of MAS. Yours truly believes that the Advisor of MAS would support such a move to terminate the catering contract as it was a burden to MAS yearly. Well, AJ and his useless team will not dare to make an attempt to terminate the said catering contract. On the other hand, the “bina tak fikir” lot in Khazanah will chose to pretend to be ignorance of this glaring lope side 25 year catering contract that has already burdened MAS for the past 16 years! Does MAS need to go though another 9 years of this lope sided contract?

From: YOUR VOICE ONLINE <UVOICE@malaysiaairlines.com>
Date: 18 November 2013 05:59:35 pm GMT+8
Subject: Malaysia Airlines Registers a Positive EBITDA of RM52.4 million, but RM375 million Loss in Q3 2013

Dear Colleagues,

We share with you the Q3 2013 Financial Results.

This announcement has been made to Bursa.

Thank you.

Strategic Communications.

18 November 2013

Malaysia Airlines Registers a Positive EBITDA of RM52.4 million, but RM375 million Loss in Q3 2013

National carrier Malaysia Airlines today announced a Net Loss of RM375 million for the three months ended September 2013 attributed to increased competition impacting yields, higher expenses affected by the weakening of the Ringgit against the US Dollar, increased charges at overseas airports, including higher overflying charges, an intensive advertising programme to build the Malaysia Airlines brand, and increased finance costs.  

Despite the increase in operating expenditure, the Group’s Earnings before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) remains positive at RM52.4 million.

For the nine months ended September 2013, Malaysia Airlines group registered a Net Loss of RM830 million, and a positive cash flow from operations of RM555 million.

Speaking on the quarterly performance, Group Chief Executive Officer elaborated, “Over the months of July, August and September, we saw traffic increase 37%, far exceeding the 20% increase in capacity. This contributed to a 13% increase in operating revenue to RM3.8 billion. However intensifying competition and new competitors with additional capacity in the market has put pressure on pricing, which affected yield.”

“Whilst we have made much progress to manage our costs and improve productivity, Group Operating Expenditure was higher by 16% compared to the same quarter last year.  This is principally due to higher fuel and non-fuel variable costs which rose in line with the capacity increase, higher airports and overflying charges, and the weakening of the Malaysian Ringgit against the US Dollar”, said Ahmad Jauhari.

While the average price of jet fuel fell from USD131 per barrel in Q3 2012 to USD127 per barrel for corresponding period in 2013, Malaysia Airlines’ fuel bill increased 16% in Q3 2013 due to higher volumes used with the increased capacity and traffic, as well as being affected by the weakening of the Ringgit against the US dollar.

The increase in operating expenditure is also attributed to a one-off cost incurred for redelivery of aircraft in line with its on-going fleet renewal programme. In addition, the Group intensified its advertising and promotional activities amid intense competition as part of a long-term strategy to continuously strengthen its presence in key markets.

“We are extremely disappointed with these results which emphasize the need to maintain our focus on cost control and drive improved efficiency and performance across all divisions. Our cost reduction exercise will be intensified and accelerated to remain competitive, covering all aspect of the business operations. Malaysia Airlines is committed to delivering an exceptional quality product and service, that is priced to be competitive in the market”, said Ahmad Jauhari.

“The airline business environment is tough. Still, we are pleased with how the market has reacted to our newest products, increased capacity, new destinations and increased frequencies. Our Seat Load Factor is at a high 85%, one of the highest in any quarter in the history of the carrier and in the industry, as well as an improvement of 10% compared to a year ago. Using essentially the same fleet count as in 2012, the airline generated an incremental RM362 million in passenger revenue this quarter compared to the same quarter in 2012”, added Ahmad Jauhari.

For the nine months ended September 2013, Malaysia Airlines group carried 12.5 million passengers, up 29% from the previous year.

A major objective of the national airline in 2013 was to drive improved presence and recognition of Malaysia Airlines as the value-based choice for the air traveler. This objective has been met. Malaysia Airlines is now flying an additional average of 10,000 passengers daily compared to the same period last year. This clearly demonstrates that the consumer recognizes the quality and value of Malaysia Airlines’ products and services.

Corporate contracted business continues to improve year-over-year with the support of oneworld and increased penetration of both domestic and international business. Changes in corporate purchasing behavior, such as the lowest logical fares, change in Business Class eligibility by many corporate clients from 2 to 4 hours, are placing additional stress on yields.

Increased pressure from international carriers with aggressive pricing from Malaysia is also impacting the market environment. Like all markets globally, Malaysia is seeing intense capacity growth and pricing pressure.

“The airline sector has always been extremely competitive and the ASEAN region is no exception, with many airlines investing heavily in new aircraft and new products and services. This has resulted in a significant increase in capacity and many airlines are competing aggressively for market share.”

“The expansion of Malaysia Airlines capacity over the last 12 months was driven through improved utilization of the fleet; not from the addition of new aircraft – signifying increased productivity”, said Ahmad Jauhari.

In addition to offering an enhanced guest experience and improved fuel efficiency over time, the fleet renewal will enable Malaysia Airlines to better match aircraft types to growth sectors and market demand, adding to the overall improvement in fleet efficiency.

The new aircraft will see Malaysia Airlines’ average age of fleet reduce to 6.7 years by the end of 2013, comparable to notable regional players.

Its group fleet of 147 aircraft, including 6 A380s, has seen the arrival of 16 new aircraft to-date in 2013, including delivery of one new B738 each month in 2013. The new aircraft are part of an on-going fleet renewal programme to replace aging aircraft. The A380s have replaced the B747s, new A330-323 are replacing the old A330-300 and A330-200 series, whilst the B738s are replacing the B734s. This fleet renewal is essential to remaining competitive in the fast growing Asia-Pacific aviation market.

“We are closely monitoring market conditions to ensure the competitive position of Malaysia Airlines. Optimization of all our aircraft and other assets and driving business efficiency is central to our business model”, he added.

Malaysia Airlines became a member of oneworld in February 2013, and have seen a positive contribution to its revenue which will grow over the long-term. oneworld’s reach recently increased to 880 destinations worldwide with the addition of new member Qatar Airways.

On its own, Malaysia Airlines widened its network footprint and thickened its reach with the addition of Dubai, Kochi and Darwin as new destinations. It has also been aggressive in increasing frequencies to key destinations regionally and to Australia, as well as resuming international linkages from Kota Kinabalu to Perth and Tokyo.

After accounting for depreciation and amortisation of RM228.6 million (Q3 2012: RM149.6 million), unrealised foreign exchange loss of RM86.1 million (Q3 2012: RM93.8 million gain), finance costs of RM121.2 million (Q3 2012: RM49.9 million) and fair value change of derivative of RM4.7 million gain (Q3 2012: RM7.3 million gain), the Group ended the quarter of 30 September 2013 with a loss after tax of RM375.4 million as compared to RM37.1 million profit after tax in the same quarter last year.

Despite the loss in the third quarter of 2013, the Group’s cash position remains strong at RM5.4 billion.

The Group’s total asset stands at RM22.8 billion, whilst net gearing remains at 1.5 times at the end of September 2013.


30 thoughts on “Under AJ, MAS loss RM4.1 million daily!

  1. Wow! What an achievement for AJ and his Hollywood team! RM4.1 million with the sleeping Adviser! But AJ said that he will turn around MAS in 2014 which is only 2 months away. This stupid Najmudin was still trying to spin, He thought we in MAS are stupid people except he and his boss AJ. what an idiot to come out with such stupid email to embarrass MAS. This spin doctor is another gaji buta in MAS.

  2. I wonder what good ‘advise’ can Abdullah Badawi give to MAS, They already have hollywood & bollywood team to advise them, anyway. How much do they pay Abdullah? Get rid of him please.

  3. Well done again YMB, Yang Masih Berkhidmat.
    Thank you for sticking with us on MAS while the Unions have gone back to taking sleeping pills.

    Keep it up.

  4. AJ chairs a commercial meeting every Friday. If he does not make improvement every 12 weeks to his strategy then don’t chair the meeting.

    Foreign exchange losses, fuel cost and competition is part and parcel of the competitive landscape of the aviation industry. Money needs to be spent where it counts. Having a large HR department is not one. The HR director is paid 121k a month and have so many managers under her that one wonders whether MAS is a recruitment agency or not. Does not make sense, why allow a cost centre to be so bloated?

    MAS subsidiaries should be gotten rid off. It can’t even take care of its core business how can it monitor and handle the smaller units?

  5. That Spin Doctor is wasting a space in MAS. Good for nothing. YB was right to say that other airlines are also facing the same problems as MAS and yet they are not losing RM4.1 million a day. Understand gaji buta spin doctor.

    AJ is a lost cause. Just get rid of him and his Bollywood & Hollywood.

  6. AJ was a useless CEO that’s why MAS is in such a mess. He was responsible for terminating Dubai,Bandung, Surabaya, Darwin, Rome, Johannesburg and many more more routes. Less than a year latter he appointed Seabury and Seabury recommended MAS to re-open Dubai, Darwin and many more other routes. Not to mention MAS under him gave out a profitable Sydney route to AirAsia X. Now MAS is losing RM4 million a day.

    Yet another useless spin doctor Najmuddin has the audacity to send out such a stupid email to MAS staffs. An idiot will appoint idiots to surround him so that he can look smart.

    RM4 million day is a lost of money to lose. AJ it is about time that you better pack up your bags and leave with your Bollywood and Hollywood. You are over staying and at the same time good for nothing.

  7. 2 years ago, the Chairman said “don’t judge us by the process but by the outcome”. With a loss of $830 million for the 9 months, is that enough to judge the outcome? Or shall we wait till the loss hits $1 billion?

    What do we say of AJ and his management, particularly the hollywood and bollywood?

  8. Patricia

    Tan Sri Md Nor: “Don’t judge us by the process but by the outcome”. Tan Sri Md Nor what have you got to say about the outcome of RM4.1 million loss daily?????

    AJ and his Hollywood and Bollywood should be sacked and told to go with disgrace like AJ’s good buddy Danny the Nanny. This shameless AJ must be shown the door. He is also a close friend of that pariah.

  9. There are 8 Hollywood and Bollywood in MAS and yet MAS is losing RM4.1 million daily. WTF to have these good for nothing in MAS and have to pay them high salaries and perks. Most of the key Hollywood came from the low caste airline with AirAsia. What to do know about full service airline like MAS? To AJ, improvement mean the number of passengers have increased. That means MAS is doing well. No profit never mind. He thought that he could bullshit his way around. AJ should leave MAS asap and join his friend’s airline (AirAsia) where he will be appreciated by his good friend Tony.

  10. You all are so ungrateful! Airlines everywhere reporting loss or lower revenue. Even Air Asia is reporting reduction in profits. Yet on the 25th day of every month, sometimes earlier but NEVER later you get your salary without fail. What somemore you want? Some airlines already cutting pay but you all still enjoying same pay with backdated pay review some more.
    You scream and shout at current management. You think you can do better? Halo… be thankful lah that we all still have a job!

    1. I know who you are. Read my name please. Please rephrase about “NEVER later”? ONCE is also just enough. No need to bark about that anyway, public don’t see it, management and office staff enjoying the environment while other staff enjoying full of cow shits. Short of staff, why? Ask your people la, “don’t like you can RESIGN” motto? Now ground and flying staff also short. Salary only RM4k++? Sometimes even lesser, compare to other airlines? Ya we know, semua orang ada masalah, kambing, ikan dan lembu pun ada masalah.

  11. Halo Anonymous

    You sound as if it is enough to receive a salary every month on 25th and be grateful regardless how the company is doing.

    Is it not the job of the ceo to ensure the company’s profitability and long term sustainability? And was it not for that reason that some of the ceos in MAS were let go? Why should it be different now? Especially after all the big show, the big promises and the drama of the share swap, the import of the so called experts who brought even more so called experts?

    No one would have complained if all worked hard and earnestly, shouldering the burden as a team together. Instead, this management see the lame excuse of poor results to witch hunt, cannabilise and brought the pride of twenty odd thousand staff who cared into the dust!

    And please la, other airlines strive to strengthen their balance sheet and profitability. They may have lower profits but a solid foundation unlike MAS that yo-yo losing credibility.

    No, it is not enough to just be grateful for salary on 25th of each month. There is such a thing as duty, honor and pride.

  12. The catering contract with LSG Skychef (the Badawi’s brother company) must be terminated otherwise MAS will be just working for them. Thanks to TS Md Nor for getting MAS into such a mess. But none of the CEO after that did try to do something to terminate it. AJ just pretend not to know. The Hollywood are having a honeymoon time and do not bother about the one sided catering contract.

    Looking at AJ’s track record during and after the share swap, there is nothing to talk about him. He should be thrown out of MAS at the earliest opportunity. He is good for nothing. He is just drawing a fat salary and enjoying all the perks.

  13. I’m a regular MAS traveler both on economy and business class mostly within Asean..at the same time i also travel using our neighbour’s airlines such as SIA, Thai and Garuda. Sadly…MAS service is getting worse day by day. Food..lousy and tasteless with same old menu..pls get rid of Brahim Skychef. Morale of cabin crew during flights clearly low although they try their best not to show it. I cant blame them if increment and bonuses for the past few years is lower than BR1M. No wonder MAS is no longer voted in 2013 SKYTRAX top 10 of world best airlines which is the opposite for Garuda when it now rated at no 7. From customer’s point of view, i just cant see any improvement from this new management except they just inherit turnaround plans done by previous management such as new fleet replacements, Oneworld programme etc. Getting more volume of passengers but at the expense of yield is the worst strategy and it will not sustain. Current management…your time is up!!

  14. Hellllooo AJ , this is not IPP you are running, its an airline you morons, IPP is a guaranteed money making business protected by a power purchase agreement – no brainer job, boleh lah tunjuk hero kat sana.

    And don’t know why did the government still let this bunch of jokers still monkeying around.

    What a waste of public funds paying these useless goons.

    It’s a tradition, if MAS fails public money is used to bail it out.

    Trio AJ, Bo(otak ) Azhari and Zahrah should be forced to quit for wasting public money and should be investigated by MACC for losses due unethical business practice violating MAS established process and corporate policy guidelines.

    After the share suap, its the second time that staff are asked to get new staff ID renewed/replaced by HC (Human Capital) under Zahrah’s instruction.

    Second one is on going company wide – what an unnecessary waste of resources at this time when MAS is suffering huge financial loss.

    For Bo(otak) head Azhari @ Bo, he is still trying to save TF/AA back side by telling the Gomen that there is no 3rd party maintenance work and all MAS hangar slot is under utilized, giving way to bring in AA A320 and AAX A330 for maintenance at much below prevailing market rates and releasing the aircraft without any payment – who knows if AA and AAX @ TF will ever pay MAS for job done??

    The worst is, since MAS hangar is blocked by AA A320 and A330 AAX, so MAS got to send their own aircraft to GMR Hyderabad to get the maintenance work done at higher cost, in addition suffer extra loss for the ferry flight cost!!!

    Just after the demand raised by Umno Supremo that AJ and AA appointees must quit MAS. Suddenly, the trio has activated a new conspiracy to cripple MAS operation before they are forced to quit. Bo is threatening the vendors to terminate their agreement saying the contract would be given to OEM and Airbus as instructed by Gomen to save MAS from the ongoing huge financial losses.

    – is it to find an excuse to blame the losses suffered by MAS on the vendors supporting MAS?

    – – is it to disrupt the ongoing support service extended by the vendors and cripple MAS flight operation?

    – – is it for MAS to have frequent AOG’s and suffer more losses?

    – – OR is it just to create the ground to justify the low MRO rates being given by Bo/MAS to AA?

    – – OR is it to make TF/AA happy that MAS will suffer crippling losses for the foreseeable future for lack of vendor support – a punishment being handed out by the trio to MAS for breaking the “SUAP”

    The conspiracy and sabotage of the trio does not appear to have any end in sight even after the scrapping of the illegal SUAP. It is clear that this conspiracy against MAS will only end after the trio is kicked out from MAS.

    The trio is now trying to give a killer-blow to MAS before they leave by threatening the vendors to terminate their contract using Gomen’s name and triggering the vendors to sue MAS for hundreds of millions of ringgits – an open act of sabotage!!

  15. GE Man

    I fully agree with you. A good write up.

    I am wondering why is AJ keeping the former AirAsia Botak Head in engineering. Everyh AirAsia moles had left because they knew they were not wanted in MAS after the dirty share deal by Tony and his friends in Khazanah [Rashdan (Danny the Nanny) & Azman Mokhtar] has been reversed by the Government. Buit this bloody Botak Head still hanging to look after the interest of the Pariah.

    AJ the brainless or pretend to be brainless, why MAS had to send its aircraft India to service its own planes with extra cost and AirAsia was given the priority over MAS? This is a clear brainless and treacherous act on the part of that clueless and brainless AJ.

    What is the Board of directors of MAS doing about this matter? Why is the Botak Head kept in engineering when every AirAsia moles (Rashdan, Rozman Omar and few others) have left quietly?

    The Government must investigate into the going on in engineering to see whether the Botak Head is looking after the interest of MAS or AirAsia? If necessary, please get Dr MACC to check whether this Botak Head is on SLEEPING PILLS and whether he has made decisions in the best interest of MAS?

    We must get rid of the Botak Head asap before it is too late.

  16. Well doe, GE man!

    You have hit the nail on the head of the Bo(otak) that useless Aj, who is a good friend of that pariah! I just cannot believe that a CEO can be that dumb to allow the Bo(otak) head to fool him just like that. Or he was a willing party in order to help his pariah friend! what has been said by GE Man was a similar situation where AJ sign a back dated agreement to accommodate AirAsia X 50,000 passengers when it stopped to fly to London, Paris, Munbai and other routes. AJ how could you charged the passengers of the pariah’s controlled airline at about RM1,000 to London?

    AJ, who are you trying to fool, no airline charged about RM1,000 to London except MAS under you, the brainless! Please also take note that AirAsia X has not interline agreement with MAS. Under such circumstances, MAS should have charged AirAsia x market fare. In this case, MAS was subsidising AirAsia X by lifting its 50,000 passengers at fares below market fares and cater free food for them when they don’t get free food in AirAsia X and the extra free 10 kg baggage allowance under MAS.

    The time has come for you to go. please go fast unless you want to leave in DISGRACE like Danny the Nanny!

    AJ, you are no longer fit to head MAS period. Those were appointed by you are also not fit to be in MAS including the Hollywood and Bollywood, the Spin Dr and Fat Biscuit Lady!.

  17. So an “intensive advertising programme to build the Malaysia Airlines’ brand” has also dented the airline’s finances ? What brand ? What message ? What is the “brand” trying to convey with a flurry of people, including a pregnant mum carrying suitcases?? My daughter asked me if MAS was promoting used suitcases. Come on, if you want to recoup your advertising spend, clear the baggage mindset and the garbled tagline.
    And as for that statement “…MAS has “widened its network footprint and thickened its reach ….”, what does it all mean ?

  18. AJ and the gang should learn from Ethiopian Airlines, which maintains an almost uninterrupted record of profitability since its inception despite having feced all those unfavourable external factors just like what any other airline is facing – high and volatile fuel price, Europe recession, stiff competition especially from ever-booming Gulf-based carriers, amongst others. Add in the bureaucracy problems and high airport tax common throughout Africa – Ethiopian’s regional base. Ethiopian Airlines is also said to have remained profitable EVEN during the height of the nation’s civil war and great famine in 1980s. It’s also being dubbed as “a capitalist success in the marxist Ethiopia”. AJ should really learn something from this.


  19. Don’t expect AJ to learn…He has been in MAS for more than 700 days and the company is deteriorating. Had it been other CEOs, they will be booted out by now. This one must be “god-send”

  20. It’s obvious – close down MAS and rebuild.

    That way you’ll kill costs from deadweight – from management to bottom feeders (of which there are many, some of which are probably browsing this site instead of working) who came to work at 9, spend a majority of their time in the cafe, then promptly leaving before 5.30 all the while collecting their 7.5% increment every year without fail. It’s these viruses which have infected MAS and is rotten to the core. Of course they wouldn’t blame themselves but would play the finger pointing game which is clearly so evident here.

    A new MAS would mean a new way of doing business, from investing in upgraded infrastructures like revamping the antiquated Internet Booking Engine, new Business/First Class seats that’s fully flat on all aircraft & better offerings all around.

    It worked for Japan Airlines, why wouldn’t it work for MAS?

  21. the highest in business class fares .. the most deplorable/unworthy foods served .. ie SUCKS BIG TIME and sucking into One World does not help them to boost their travelers instead chasing the regulars to opt for another carrier .. CHEAPER AND EASIER TO GET SEAT!! btw those over size smelly Australian / Americans or whatever should be bath and clean up before boarding and please do measure their alcohol level while at it …. kbaii MAS shoved those gold and platinum up ur arse ..

  22. Recently took an MAS flight. It started with ‘sorry our take off is delayed’. During the flight ‘sorry your seat is unable to recline, sorry something wrong with it’, during meal time ‘sorry we are only able to offer you this two choices of drinks’, ‘sorry you cant use the WC on this row as something wrong’, before landing ‘sorry for the late arrival’

    Please change MAS name to ‘Sorry Airlines’

  23. Dunleavy and Kutty have both moved over to Qatar Airways and have embarked on exactly the same strategy of slashing fares to increase passenger numbers, seemingly totally ignoring yield and playing right into the hands of the large agents. Qatar Airlines is walking into disaster. These 2 muppets seem intent on bringing down big airlines 1 at a time.

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