Khazanah/MAS: What had happened to the RM62.4 million owed by Alwafeer Air?

Alwafeer Air
Alwafeer Air

Yours truly is pleased to learn that at last on 8-9-2013 Alwafeer Air, a Jeddah based chartered airline, was ordered by the Court in Jeddah to pay all the outstanding wages within 60 days to the 32 cabin crews and pilots. Yours truly would like to congratulate the 32 ex-MAS staffs for their success in the pursuit of their outstanding hard earned salaries, which Alwafeer Air owed them for years.

The 32 ex-MAS staffs, who was seconded to Alwafeer Air, had to suffer for at least 2 years without any help from MAS, our Embassy in Riyadh or the Minsitry of Foreign Affairs (a whole file was given to Wisma Putra before YB Datuk Anifah Aman was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs). Some were left stranded in Jeddah and some were lucky to return to Malaysia.

These 32 ex-MAS staffs were seconded to Alwafeer Air after MAS/Penerbangan Malaysia Bhd (PMB) entered into three agreements to lease three jumbo jets to Alwafeer Air.

After the MAS-AirAsia share swap, during a meeting set up by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar of Khazanah at the Hilton Hotel to explain to several prominent bloggers, yours truly specifically asked Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s ex-business partner in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd (En Mophamed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny or Rashdan) “why MAS did not take actions to take back the three jumbo jets and recover the arear in payment of the lease amounting to RM100 million including engineering fees, spare parts and etc?’’ The Khazanah’s whiz kid and one of the architects of the notorious Mas-AirAsia share swap replied that MAS will be issuing a letter of demand.

On 1-9-2011 yours truly posted an article entitled How many years did Khazanah sleep on the huge debts owed by Alwafeer Air to MAS?”

As usual Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and/or his ex-business partner Rashdan chose to remain silence.  Hence, yours truly was compelled to table a question in Parliament and the Ministry of Finance replied on 4-11-2011.

In its reply, the Ministry said the MAS and PMB had carried out due dilligence before entering into the lease agreements with Alwafeer Air for the three jumbo jets and that Alwafeer Air owed MAS/PMB the sum of US$19.5 million (at current exchange rate it was equivalent to RM64.2 million) for the period of 31-8-2010 to 11-11-2011.  In November 2011 a letter of demand was issued to Alwafeer Air. Read HERE.

The said reply from the Minsitry was restricted to debt owed for payments of the monthly lease. Yours truly believes that if the Ministry were to take into account on other debts for engineering services, spares parts and other services, the amount owed by Alwafeer Air should be more than RM100 million.

Now that the 32 ex-MAS staffs have been successful in their claims in the Jeddah Court and yet there is no news from MAS whether it had in fact filed a law suit against Alwafeer Air. By the way, the 32 ex-MAS staffs filed their suits in Court last year.  If we were to go by the reply from Ministry of Finance, the suit against MAS must have been filed in 2011 and settled by now.

The question for MAS, PMB and/or Khazanah is: IF a law suit was filed against Alwafeer Air in November 2011, what is the status of said law suit?

Going by the standard behaviour of the top management of MAS and Khazanah, they will exercise their elegant silence in the hope that Malaysians will forget about this issue.

The Auditor General and PAC should investigate into this matter as it had involved at least RM100 million of Rakyat money.

14 thoughts on “Khazanah/MAS: What had happened to the RM62.4 million owed by Alwafeer Air?

  1. Syed Akbar ali


    Thanks for bringing this up. So Khazanah has been liwatted by the Saudis as well. Its a never ending story.

    Syed Akbar Ali

  2. old referee

    YB ,
    I believe this is the great MD of MAS , Idris Jala who started this. The net man got away with this and he is driving PEMANDU now. He shud be blamed for this. Am I right? Buat salah , jadi menteri lhooo !! Malaysia boleh ..kena tipu !!

      1. Wee Choo Keong

        Bario gangsta,

        I have no evidence that Datuk Idris Jala forced MAS to enter into the three leasing contracts for the three jumbo jets with Alwafeer Air.

        The said leasing contracts were entered into during YB Senator Datuk Idris Jala was the MD of MAS.

        Thank you


        Wee Choo Keong

    1. Lu old referee..semua orang tarak betul. Lu sorang saja betul. Kalu lu betul bagus..sekarang kasi lu punya full name and IC No. and volunteer jadi MD MAS…kasi semua orang tengok lu champion ka tarak. Kalau setakat mau cakap saja…sapa pun boleh. Hai yaaaa…

  3. wee kan fark

    Wow if this is the mentality of TSAM and his boys in running the business susah lah. Many of them are analysts and are looking at numbers only sitting in the office and they are not operational people. If they can spend more time with the operational staff before running the business from the office, it would be great. Lower your ego and you can be a better managers. Another typical managers are from the Ekuinas group, the so call expert in everything they touch, hopefully will turn in to gold. Pooorrdah

  4. old referee

    YB ,

    Why did the Govt allow these things to happen without punishing the people or person who caused the country to lose taxpayers money? in Japan , it would have been a kamikaze , harakiri , harakanan!! In Malaysia , he got promoted for his failure. He should be taken to task for his failure. QUIT laa!! Klu masuk MAS potong ini potong itu … jual building semua …tak sekolah pun boleh buat macam tu bro ….. !!

    What is happening to our society? Sucks !!! Now we are one of the most corrupted countries in the world. Are we proud of our achievement to be in this position?? Look at Indonesia , the KPK ( Corruption Agency ) is doing a good job , even arresting Constitutional Judge for corruption. Here we do not even dare to raise a finger even after knowing very well of all corrupt practices around us. Look at the last Auditor General report. We go after the ‘small fish’ while the ‘whales’ get fatter.

    Arrogant Society !!

    1. Halo brother! Kalu lain country bagus, ini country tarak bagus…pigi duduk sana laaa…duduk malaysia apa bikin. Indonesia KPK bagus, pigi duduk indonesia la. Taxpayer money! Taxpayer money…lu berapa tax ada bayar? kasi tau. Small fish! Small fish!…lu mau suruh SPRM tangkap sapa? Apa pasai mau cakap ‘whales’. Cakap nama itu orang terus laaa…kalu berani.

  5. This is normal business and like all business there is a risk of failure. You should know better. Failures are the pillars of success so long as you do not have too many pillars.

  6. Sticky beak

    I would like to share with all of you a very interesting incident which happened to my dear friend. Can anyone beat this, it took her 22 hours just to travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur via Langkawi on AA.

    The incident was, they boarded AA flight from SIN on the 27/10 @ 3.00pm and when they arrived into LGK they were made to sit in the aircraft for a solid 5 hours and the announcement came from the cockpit saying that LCCT flooded and the airport is only using one runway. Finally they only disembark from the aircraft @ 9.00pm. They were served meals at 9.45pm and later transfer to the hotel. By the time they reached the hotel it was already 11.00pm.

    The next day 28/10 they are supposed to depart LGK @ 1.10pm but then the flt did not depart until about 1.30pm. Throughout the whole ordeal there were only 2 announcement made

    Imagine it took them about 2 days just to travel from SIN to KUL Tony Fernandez your recovery for delays are just so damn bloody good….KEEP IT UP. Doesn’t your Technical and Cabin Crew know what safety is? Your technical crew kept the passengers in the aircraft for a solid 5 hours… I think the aircraft toilet must be full of shit and your cabin crew must have got a tough time cleaning all the shit for you.

    TF maybe you enjoyed getting stuck in the aircraft for hours coz you would enjoy seeing all your stewardess in their sexy and tight mini skirts…..well I am surprised at all coz your are one HELL OF A DIRTY OLD TAMBY.

    Treat your passengers like human coz they are not ANIMALS LIKE YOU!!!

  7. A Pariah is alway a Pariah

    Sticky beat

    What had happened was the norm to that low caste airline. I believe hat some passengers had to suffer more hours of waiting than what has been experienced.

    Now with the Malindo and MAS are fighting hard, the low caste will remain low caste and fade away in no time. The low caste is in deep shit now. I await to hear its down fall soon. May be faster than I have expected it to be. Hope that stupid Nazir of CIMB will realize before it is too late. CIMB better start thinking about recalling its loans slowly.

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