Datuk Bandar KL: What is so special about GTC Global Sdn Bhd to be awarded with RM200M CCTV Project?

Datuk Bandar KL, Yg Bhg Datuk Ahmad Phesal bin Talib
Datuk Bandar KL, Yg Bhg Datuk Ahmad Phesal bin Talib, has just confirmed that the RM200 million 1,200 CCTV Project has been awarded to GTC Global Sdn Bhd, a company dealing with integrated security surveillance system

At long last, on 21-8-2013 Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur, Yg Bhg Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib, has confirmed that DBKL has appointed GTC Global Sdn Bhd to look into the installation and maintenance of 1,200 closed circuit television.  Datuk  Ahamd Phesal has also confirm the contract is worth RM200 million, HERE.

0n 25-1-2013 yours truly has called upon DBKL to confirm the appointment of that Global-ly known company that has been awarded with the CCTV contract by DBKL.  Please read: “Datuk Bandar KL: Which GLOBAL-ly known company has been awarded with the new ITIS Project?”

On 22-2-2013 yours truly again prompted Datuk Bandar KL that  GTC Global Sdn Bhd has been awarded with the RM200 million CCTV contract but DBKL still keep silence.  A good 6 months later, Yg Bhg Datuk Ahmad Phesal has suddenly broke his silence and confirmed the appointment of GTC Global Sdn Bhd for the said CCTV Project.

Datuk Phesal also said that the CCTVs operation centre at City Hall would be transferred to the Integrated Tansport Information System (ITIS), which in 2005 cost DBKL RM365.74 million.  In the Auditor-General Report 2011, the DBKL ITIS Project was highlighted as a failed project with 60% of CCTV not in operation in, HERE.

The Auditor General has made a damning report on the Integrated Transport Information System (ITIS) handled by DBKL in its 2011 Report.  The failed ITIS which was operated by DBKL was only festive greetings like displaying “Selamat Hari Raya”, “Selamat Deepavali” and  ”Selamat Tahun Baru Cina”.  DBKL paid RM365.74 million for it.  In other countries ITIS/Visual Message System (VMS) cost much less than what DBKL paid for in 2005.  Yet, it was able to gather, share and make available accurate and up-to-date traffic information to road users to help ease the traffic in the city.

Securing the ITIS Ccntract worth RM200 million
GTC Global Sdn Bhd has secured the RM200 million CCTV Project.  What is so SPECIAL about GTC Global Sdn Bhd?

No one is certain whether there was an open tender before the award was handed on the silver plater to GTC Global Sdn Bhd.  GTC Global Sdn Bhd’s core business is to “install, test, commission and maintain integrated security surveillance systems and broadband solutions”, in HERE.

GTC Global’s key office bearers:

Chairman: Dato’ Hj Ishak bin Hj Mohamad aka Pak Sako. He retired as the Director of Enforcement Immigration of Malaysia.

Chief Executive Officer:  En Amiruddin bin Mohamad

Director:  Dato’ Mohamad Salim bin Mohd Iran

It is unclear whether RM200 million is for just 1,200 CCTV cameras or the whole ITIS?  It will be meaningless if the project is for 1,200 CCTV cameras only. Datuk Ahmad Phesal has said that “the CCTV operation centre at City Hall would be transferred to the Integrated Transport Information System (ITIS) to enable it to monitor all traffic activities and crime prone areas.”

What does a company dealing with Integrated CCTV System know about ITIS?

Assuming for a moment that a CCTV camera cost RM500 each, the total cost is RM600,000.00 only.  Lets us be a bit more generous and put it at RM1 million for the total cost of CCTV camera.  The remaining RM199 million is left for surveillance system and ITIS, if it is inclusive in the contract.  Datuk Bandar KL, wouldn’t you think that RM200 million is far too high?  Surely, the existing infra-structure of the existing CCTV system and ITIS could still be used.   By the way, the CCTV and ITIS will now cost DBKL a total of RM565.74 million (RM365.74 plus RM200 million)!

There are at least two companies in Malaysia that manufactures VMS.  They are Viscon Systems Sdn Bhd and IntraMAS, which has both products or systems that DBKL needs i.e. ITIS and CCTV Surveillance System and yet DBKL preferred GTC Global Sdn Bhd.

 In the light of the said failed ITIS, which has been heavily criticized by the Auditor-General Report 2011,  Yg Bhg Datuk Ahmad Phesal is duty bound to announce whether the RM200 million contract awarded to GTC Global Sdn Bhd was by way of direct negotiation or open tender and disclose the full details of the RM200 million contract as We, wargakota, do not want to witness another failed PROJECT like the ITIS that cost us RM365.74 million.    

25 thoughts on “Datuk Bandar KL: What is so special about GTC Global Sdn Bhd to be awarded with RM200M CCTV Project?

  1. Azam

    The award of this CCCTV contract of RM200 million is fishing. MACC should investigate into it. DBKL never learnt from the last ITIS that has failed badly.

  2. Noordin

    Datuk Phesal kept quiet for many months becos he was finding ways to announce when people has already forgotten about it. GTC Global has no track record or expertise in doing a CCTV system to connect with ITIS. It will have to get another company to do it for them. Just like OEM of products. DBKL is still asleep and thinking that the rakyat are stupid.

    I support the suggestion for MACC to investigate into the way this contract was awarded.

  3. shankarprasad

    Mr lancau lu, you should mind your language. it is ok you not agreed but that kind of language oh my.. macam-macam manusia buat malu sahaja.

  4. Ghani

    RM200 million is scandalous. No wonder it took Datuk Bandar 6 months to announce it and it was not like an announcement at all. It was made to look like a statement made on the way to the pasar malam. MACC need to come in to investigate as simple as that.

  5. Riduan

    Siapa makan cili terasa pedas. Ini bukan soal kaum tetapi satu perkara untuk MACC menyiasat. Tak payah nak guna perkauman untuk menutup mata rakyat. Kita sudah tahu apa yang berlaku. 1,200 CCTV harga kontrak RM200 juta. You got to be joking Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur. CCTV tu buat dengan MAS kah?

  6. Ramesh

    No, the CCTV were not made of gold but diamond studded with platinum casing. Datuk Phesal how do you justify the RM200 million for 1,200 CCTV? I heard that a high ranking officer in MOF is also involved in this matter. I fully support the idea of MACC to look into this matter.

  7. Syed

    Mr lancau.lu please grow up. If you can take defend this CCCTV deal with coherent arguments in YB’s blog then you should just keep quiet. There is no necessity for making derogatory remark. No decent person can defend this scandalous deal.

  8. Mutalib

    It is normal for people who cannot articulate to use vulgar words as their defense. Lets forget about such insignificant person. We should try to get to the bottom of how this RM200 million has been awarded to GTC Global. Datuk Bandar must be transparent about the way in which this contract was granted and what does the contract contains. We demand answers from Datuk Bandar.

  9. Amir

    YB was right to state that during the kick off meeting, the GTC Global rep was unable to answer questions put forward by Dr Leong, the pengarah of Jabatan Pengangkutan of DBKL. No problem. Datuk Bandar says it is ok everything is ok.

  10. MOF insider

    MACC must check on the high ranking officers in DBKL and MOF in this deal. Tan Sri Abu Kassim please send your boys in.

    1. Hafiz

      Whatever the case, MACC should come in to check on this because RM200 million is far too high for 1,200 CCTVs even if they are studded with diamonds! Only Datuk Phesal will be pleased with the RM200 million but not the rakyat.

  11. Warga Kota

    Datuk Phesal, how on earth 1,200 CCTVs cost RM200 million? The CCTVs from outer space? Is this how you handled our taxpayers money? Stop pretending to be stupid>

  12. ramli yahya

    Its bad that the government of the day lost a very substantial amount of voters trusts in the last GE13. But this act by the datuk bandar of kl city justs put fuel to the flame. Time for a change from the very most high up the echelon of the government. The fish starts to rot from the head and works its way down the alley. Sheesh , what a shame .

  13. Anonymous

    Greeting , YB
    this is for lancau.lu ( sya pun orang melayu ) tapi apa yang engkau cakap tu guna kepala lutut , ( yang salah tetap salah tampa mengira agama atau bangsa ) at least we still have somebody dare enough to expose the corrupt malaysian politic

    YB , teruskan ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  14. Sofia

    RM200 million for 1,200 CCTVs camera is out order. The Government must stop this deal. It is unacceptable. A full scale investigation by MACC is very necessary.

  15. Anonymous

    The real Pak Sako is Ishak Hj Mohmmad a well known nasionalist was detained
    by the the British.I thihk you got mix-up.Baca sejarah le bro

  16. Leong Setapak

    This is scandalous. How could DBKL get into this mess again? Datuk Phesal must provide detail explanation on the contract.No one seem to know about this. Why are the people kept in the dark?

  17. Anonymous

    GTC CCTV also not functioning loool for KPKT project n Cyberjaya….MACC cant even investigate DBKL n GTC cos…thier VIR room also provided free by GTC hehehehe……ular besar tue pak sakooo sama salim

  18. mr boss

    only people know how much the best product for CCTV DBKL, 1200 unit for 200Million? you know what- price for 1 units PTZ cameras? around RM15K per set. with Infra red system, not include special advanced decoder 1 pc RM5k heatter solid , n other equipment. people plz thing, how much for 1 pair antenna that can go 20Kilometer? for my experience 1 pair around RM65K. so if 1,200 CCTV- using with Antenna multipoint – How much? the camera cheapest . but the additional equipment.

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