A “SHIOK SENDIRI” police report by AJ’s under link

Aj and his under links are watching you!
AJ and his under links are watching you!

The posting: “Expats & Seabury Consulting are the flavours of AJ” has triggered the top management of MAS to instruct its under link to lodge a police report on the leakage of information.  As predicted, a full-scale witch hunting has been initiated.

It was just another police report on the leakage of information, which has embarrassed the top management of MAS. It would appear that the police report was an exercise to instill fear in MAS staffs at best.  It has been widely seen as an exercise in futility.

The Group CEO of MAS, En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), should stop wasting good money to employ consultant to install “Tracking Programe”, which cost MAS several hundred thousand Ringgit.

AJ knew or ought to have known that in this IT age such “Tracking Programe” has been proven to be ineffective.  It has been seen as a “SHIOK SENDIRI” exercise! It would have been more fruitful if the top management had installed a “tracking Programe” to track their own performance or performance of the so-called 8 foreign aviation “experts” including Dr Hugh Dunleavy for the MAS Board of Directors to evaluate.

If such programe is in place in MAS, then AJ would not have allowed the appointment of Seabury Consulting to think for himself and his so-called 8 foreign aviation “experts”.   Until this day, there was no denial by AJ and/or his subordinates on the appointment of Seabury Consulting.  In fact, AJ’s statement:  “On its fleet-renewal programme, Ahmad Jauhari said MAS would announce its plan by year-end.” in HERE, has confirmed the appointment of Seabury Consulting.

The nation had to wait until year-end for the said announcement because AJ and his 8 so-called foreign aviation “experts” had to wait for Seabury Consulting to complete the “THINKING” for them.

Whilst we are waiting for AJ to make the said announcement at the end of the year (provided he is still around as Group CEO of MAS after mid September 2013), MAS had to pay million of Ringgit to maintain these 8 so-called foreign aviation “experts” and at the same time to pay more than RM5 million to Seabury Consulting to put on the thinking cap for them, in HERE.

This is AJ’s Business Plan and this is how AJ wanted MAS staffs to work with him as a team.

15 thoughts on “A “SHIOK SENDIRI” police report by AJ’s under link

  1. Ronnie

    AJ and his kuncu2 can try to intimidate us, we shall hit them harder until they will find time in MAS not worth staying on. They will be another Danny the Nanny, Rozman Omasr, Al Ishal Ishak and Shane Nollan.

    What is there for the clueless idiot to get his boy to lodge the police report? We in MAS did not know about Seabury Consulting. If not for our YB, we will be kept in the dark. We will keep on thinking that these 8 gaji buta expats are good to come out with those reports and plans. Now we know that MAS had to pay RM5 million to Seabury for the Fleet Renewal and another how many more million RM for the Network Plans.

    When you kept such thing shrouded with secrecy and when it was exposed you go on a witch hunt. You expect us to work with you as a Team when you do not have a clue about the job. Forget it AJ and your 8 jokers.

    Get ready to FO.

  2. Shakira

    AJ and gang are shitting bricks because Unions are meeting PM to expose the management cock-up, screw-up and stupidity.

  3. Yacob

    Aj is damn sacred of his own shadow. All because he was incompetent and he needed help from Dr Hugh Dunleavy. In turn this Mat Salleh, who has no clue of how to run a legacy airline had to get Seabury to make his brain works. Shameless lot.

    1. Drizzt

      Oh, wow.

      Do you have any gripes about Indians working in MAS?

      I presume you are referring to Malaysian Indians, right?

      Not Singaporean Indians, Indian Indians or Asian-Americans of Indian ethnicity?

      Is MAS supposed to be a single-race preserve?

      Then you might as well go all the way and re-designate the initials “MAS” to mean something else,

  4. malaysia airlines supporter

    Actually whoever take over or manage MAS will suffer this same fate. It is just a thankless job.Bring in any einstien or whoever it will be the same.
    As long as the old goats are still around they just want to play the same game

  5. Farid

    Only A clueless will allow a police report on such matter. He does not know that the police is only concern with crimes. He is desperate. He wanted to divert attention and to intimidate us. He could try but we will give him and his 8 cronies pour best. Lets see whether the clueless could sustain.

  6. Low Caste Jokers

    How to justify Hugh Dunleavy as Director for Commercial? He has been made redundant by Westjet, a low cost carrier. Further, he needs Seabury to map things out for him and AJ. What is the point of having Dunleavy when you need Seabury. MAS just need just a clerk to appoint Seabury or any other consultant as and when the need arise. It will be cheaper in the long run. Atleast MAS does not need to pay Hugh Dunleavy a fortune plus the other 7 expat jokers.

    Why can’t MAS find some good officers in MAS to do the jobs of the 8 joker?

    1. GaiusVerrens1356

      Maybe the “good officers” in MAS are few in number and short on valour?

      Or, maybe, they’ve all quit and joined SIA, Emirates etc!

      The airline industry is a brutally competitive and no-holds-barred game where the mediocre and the weak are made irrelevant or marginalised.

      Hands up those who honestly believe that Oneworld will be a game changer for MAS, and it’s salvation.

      If the MAS unions can’t accept the fact that the airline is over-staffed, then what else is there to hope for?

      A “white knight” to ride out of the sunset and save MAS?

      Yeah, right.

  7. Johari

    No game changer as long as AJ is around. He is more interested in spying on the staffs without realising that he and his expats are no performers and he is afraid of being exposed. He is even afraid of his own shadow now. Seabury’s appointment was so secretive and now it is in the open. We have not heard any reply from this clueless. He is no different to that Botak in engineering.

  8. Franky

    AJ what is the result of your witch hunting? How are your Bollywood and Hollywood stars? They should get consultant to tell them how they should spend their fat salary that they got from MAS.

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