Expats & Seabury Consulting are the flavours of AJ

Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman, MAS MD from 1972 to 1991
Yg Bhg Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman, MAS MD from 1972 to 1991. He left MAS with a cash reserve of RM5 billion
Dr Mahadon Abdullah, director of MAS
Dr Mahamadon Abdullah, who was a loyal  employee of MAS for many years and now a  director of MAS

Updates on 23-8-2013 @1:00 am:  

Rumour has it that Dr Hugh Dunleavy’s salary is in the region of RM100,000-00 a month plus other perks.  His two years contract will expire in mid January 2014.  Rumour also has it  that Dr Hugh is lobbying to have his contract extended.  Under the circumstances, Dr Hugh can not be blamed for lobbying for extension. This also apply to a few others!  

From now on, Dr Hugh had to be extremely nice to Puan Zahrah Zaid, formerly from Danone Biscuit Company.  She joined MAS during the MAS-AirAsia share swap.  About Puan Zahrah Zaid please read “Now Everyone Can Join MAS”.

 Dr Hugh is known for his VAST experience in Westjet. He joined Westjet in January 2005 and in 2011 he was made redundant. God knows why a man of such caliber was made redundant!

 As at December 2007 Westjet was flying to only 26 destination within Canada and 12 in America. It has 70 aircrafts including its 13 owned 600s series, 16 leased and 35 owned 700s series.  Revenue between $1 billion to $5 billion and employees between 5,000 to 10,000. Westjet is no bigger than AirAsia. No wonder Dr Hugh needed Seabury Consulting to think for him and his boys.  

Next Change/AKAN DATANG:  “The AJ’s Talented Hollywood & Bollywood STARS”

40 years and 9 months ago, the nation saw the birth of our “Golden Child”, MAS. That memorable day was 1-10-1972.  Yg Bhg Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman and the loyal Malaysians including Dr Mohamadon Abdullah, who is now a director of MAS, had to steer MAS from nothing and they did make us proud.

Yg Bhg Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman, a “kampong boy” from Kelantan, which is synonymous with the enchanted “Cik Siti Wan Kembang”.  Yours truly is also a “kampong boy” from Kelantan.

Yours truly believes that most, if not all Kelantanese are very proud of MAS not only it is our national icon but also it uses “WAU BULE” (means “Moon Kite” in Kelantanese dialect) as its logo (the Red and Blue WAU) from its inception until this day. But it was adulterated when AJ’s appointee En Al Ishal Ishak was appointed the VP for Promotion and Marketing. Please read HERE , HEREHERE.

Of course, it was totally different from the “WAU” (Widespread Assets Un-Bundling) coined by BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, which was co-founded by none other than Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and En Mohamad Rashdan Yusof aka Danny, when BinaFikir was appointed as consultant to save MAS. Its appointment was made when Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakop was the powerful then Finance Minister II.

When Yg Bhg Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman was the MD of MAS in 1972, he didn’t have the habits of appointing expats as department head of MAS and/or the luxury of appointing foreign consultants to think for him and/or his managers. They had to work on their own with their limited experience and resources.

He had to pick the best local talents from the existing employees of MAS and together they built MAS from a small fleet of 6 B737-200 for the limited international routes and 6 F27 (Fokker) for domestic to become an internationally known airline.  Yg Bhg Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman’s background HERE.

The MAS 40th Anniversary Celebration by Aj and some MAS staffs
The MAS 40th Anniversary Celebration with AJ and some MAS staffs but without his 8 foreign aviation experts

In October 2012, En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya aka AJ celebrated MAS 40th Anniversary with a big bang but with nothing to shout about accept for the appointment of consultants to think for him and En Mohamad Rashdan Yusof aka Danny, the then Deputy Group CEO, who was handpicked by Tan Sri Azman Mokhrtar, the MD of Khazanah.

Both of them kicked off with the appointment of PlaneConsult from 16-1-2011 to 30-4-2011 as though they didn’t know that PlaneConsult is also the consultant of AirAsia and the chairman of PlaneConsult, Mr Connors McCarthy, who is one of the founders and a director of AirAsia.

The appointment of PlaneConsult wasn’t enough for AJ, he had the audacity to appoint Mr Shane Nollan, whose track records showed that he was evolving around low cost carrier as the Commercial Director of MAS.

It was during the Shane Nollan’s era that MAS closed down its overseas town offices altogether (like in Rome) or moved to its airport office, terminated profitable routes to Dubai and a few other destinations on the pretext of cutting cost.

When AirAsia X terminated its flights to London, Paris, Mumbai and other destinations, MAS began to ferry 50,000 AirAsia X passengers without a formal agreement being entered into.

When a formal agreement was entered into in a rush, MAS was charging below market fare for the said AirAsia X passengers and at the same time MAS had a higher luggage allowance and free meals on board. Just imagine MAS was then charging AirAsia X RM1,100 for KL /London! Read in HERE.

Malaysia proclaimed its independence on 31-8-1957. Malaysia has moved forward to its  56th years of independence. It would appear that AJ has not shaken off the shackle of colonisation where Malaysia were under the “orang puteh” in jacket.

Under AJ, about 20,000 MAS staffs have the misfortune of having to witness the appointment of about 8 foreigners to lead them in the various departments in the Commercial Unit. It was as though that AJ does not trust MAS staffs and/or he does not think much of them.

The questionable appointments after the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap

Yours truly has already talked about the infamous appointment of that Shane Nollan from PlaneConsult.

Mr Shihaj Kutty
Mr Shihaj Kutty, the highly qualified “aviation expert” with the qualification of hotel administration

1. Mr Shihaj Kutty

Danny appointed Mr Shihaj Kutty, an Indian national,  as the Head of Pricing in MAS. He was formerly from Etihad. Before that he was with Gulf Air and the local KLM office in Qatar.

Of course, he is a highly qualified person. His academic qualification is Hotel Administration, which he obtained from Welcom Group Graduate School of Hotel Administration in India.

His so-called expertise is more on pricing, if any, and with little or no knowledge of Network and Revenue Management.  He was, however, promoted to take over the post held by Dr Hugh Dunleavy (i.e. Head of Network Revenue Management).

Dr Hugh Dunleavy
Dr Hugh Dunleavy, a former employee of Westjet and now the Director for Commercial of MAS

2.  Dr Hugh Dunleavy

He was appointed on 16-1-2012 under contract for 2 years as Head of Network and Revenue Management.  At that material time, Mr Shihaj Kutty was reporting to him.

After Shane Nollan left MAS, AJ saw it fit to promote him as the Director of Commercial of MAS.

Dr Hugh was formerly from the low cost carrier Westjet in Canada. He was made redundant after Westjet went through a restructuring exercise in October 2011 when he was the vice president of strategy and planning.

Did Dr Hugh go through a proper interview in person before his appointment? No one seems to be able to confirm this.

After he was appointed as Director for Commercial, that Shihaj Kutty took over from Dr Hugh’s post as Head of Network and Revenue Management.

For the background, Director of Commercial is a very important post in MAS. Prior to the MAS – AirAsia share swap, this post was held by YM Tengku  Azmil, who was the then CEO of MAS. YM Tengku Azmil had to leave MAS as the CEO within a few days after the said infamous share swap!

Mr Duncan Bureau
Mr Duncan Bureau, former employee of  Westjet, a low cost carrier. Cheers to  AJ, for my appointment

3.  Mr Duncan Bureau

Mr Duncan Bureau was brought into MAS as Senior Vice President Sales & Distribution.

He was Senior Analyst Route Development in Westjet. He was made redundant in Westjet when it went through a restructuring exercise in 2011.

Mr Dean Dacko
Mr Dean Dacko, former Air Canada employee and now VP of Marketing in MAS

4.  Mr Dean Dacko

Mr Dean Dacko was recently brought into MAS as senior Vice President Marketing and Promotion. He also heads Enrich.

He took over from En Al-Ishal Ishak, who was instrumental in changing MAS corporate colour and its logo from RED and BLUE to the miserable pale blue that would have cost MAS million of RM (the livery on the new A380).  After changing the corporate colour and logo of MAS, En Al-Ishal Ishak left MAS to join AirAsia HERE.

Mr Dean Dacko is from Air Canada. Air Canada went through restructuring too in 2011 and more than 100 positions were axed. Rumour has it that Mr Dean Dacko left Air Canada after the restructuring exercise.

Mr John Felix
Mr John Felix

5.  Mr John Felix 

Mr John Felix of Sri Lankan origin was recently brought into MAS to head MASholidays.

He was with Emirates from 2000 to 2010.  He then joined Destination Asia as COO for the region. It is believed that he is a friend of Mr Dean Dacko, the present MAS Vice President of Marketing and Promotions.

Mr Umesh Chibber

Mr Umesh Chibber was recently brought into MAS as Vice President for Pricing.  He took over from Shihaj Kutty.

7.  Mr Bennet  Stephens

Mr Bennet Stephens, an Indian national, was recently brought into MAS as Senior Manager for Commercial but located in Sydney.  Since AJ gave away the additional Sydney route to AirAsiaX , why was there a necessity to station a senior vice president in Sydney.

By the way the Government reserved the additional Sydney route for MAS for one year so that MAS could operate its A380 to Sydney. But AJ was so powerful that he could ignore the condition set by the government.

8.  Mr Thomas Michael 

Mr Thomas Michael, an Indian national, was brought into MAS as Vice President Operations Research.

AJ and his top management in MAS had to provide answers as to why the majority of these important appointees are from low cost airline when MAS is a legacy airline of at least 40 years old unlike Westjet and others airlines which these 8 so-called foreign “EXPERTS” came from.

The reporting structures of these newbies in MAS

Mr Umesh Chibber, Mr Bennet Stephens and Mr Thomas Michael are reporting to Mr Shihaj Kutty.

Rumour has it that another foreigner will be brought into MAS very very soon but no one is sure to head which department. Hopefully he or she will not be a replacement for AJ after mid of September 2013!

All the newbies including that Shihaj Kutty are reporting to another newbie namely Dr Hugh Dunleavy.  What a “Happy Family”!

Yours truly believes that the total salaries that MAS had to cough out for these 8 foreign “EXPERTS” must be in the region of at least a few hundred thousand Ringgit!  Is the MAS Ringgit well spent for them?

Seabury Consulting
Seabury Consulting


In the early part of this year, the top management of MAS appointed SEABURY CONSULTING to do a “Network Planning Analysis”. God knows what was the fee paid by MAS to SEABURY CONSULTING for this job! It had to be a few million Ringgit.

Hence, the sudden “turn around” decisions made by MAS to reinstate Dubai, Darwin and other routes which MAS terminated during the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap because it was UNPROFITABLE.

AJ, please take note that it cost MAS money to terminate a route and it also cost money to MAS to reinstate it after a year of its termination. We all heard you screaming on top of your voice before that MAS is BLEEDING!  But in your latest email of 14-8-2014 you stated that “Whilst we are still not yet out of the woods, …”HERE.

We find what you have done and what you have said irreconcilable.

One would have thought that “Network Planning & Evaluation”could have been easily done by that Shihaj Kutty and his boys, the experts, Mr Umesh Chibber, Mr Bennet Stephens and Mr Thomas Michael. Further, with Dr Hugh as the Director of Commercial, it will be a piece of cake for them! 

The appointment of Seabury Consulting has clearly shown that they knew next to nothing. Hence, the appointment of SEABURY CONSULTING to think for them and AJ too!

Before SEABURY CONSULTING could pick up their bags and leave for their base overseas, AJ and its top management saw it fit to commission it to do another project, which could be easily done by competent managers. But it was not be.

AJ has 8 foreign experts at his disposal and headed by none other than Dr Hugh Dunleavy, a former VP of Westjet a low cost carrier, and yet SEABURY CONSULTING had to be called in to do another project related to Fleet Planning and Analysis. Rumour has it that it cost MAS more than RM5 million!  MAS must be BLEEDING severely by now.

Perhaps AJ does not under the history of MH. It is Malaysia Hospitality and not Musnah Harapan.
AJ: Why do you need these 8 so-called foreign “experts”?  Did you bother to look for local talents within MAS before you chose these foreigners, who are from low cost carrier background. MH now stand for ‘Maruah Hilang“!

AJ is drawing hundred of thousand Ringgit a month as salary plus perks, does MAS really need these 8 foreign so-called “EXPERTS”? AJ, please don’t tell us that you could not find 8 good Malaysians within and outside MAS to do the jobs that these 8 so-called foreign “experts” are doing!

AJ, did you even TRY to talent scout good experience Malaysians within and outside MAS?

By appointing these 8 so-called foreign “EXPERTS” and appointment of  SEABURY CONSULTING to do the works that should have easily being done by them, Do you honestly believe that MAS staffs will work with you as a TEAM :  to borrow your own words from your MEMO:

..the strongest motivation that WE – you and I – as a team, can and will make this Business Plan work.”? HERE.

59 thoughts on “Expats & Seabury Consulting are the flavours of AJ

  1. old referee

    YB , first and foremost , thank you for the concern of bringing expats to MAS.
    MAS management has always have this fear of local aviation talents for the simple reason they fear of their own capability and their position. I have been there long enough to say this especially if the boss is a Melayu and the clever subordinate is another Melayu,terus pancung !! I also believe that people running the airline must have certain degree of self integrity. Remember , was Elias Omar a doctor, Dr Elyas Omar ??

  2. Masturabaiduri

    A very revealing article… things that we would not have known without your article. It’s very sad. MAS is probably on the way to being healthy after the hefty bailout. Now they have started a rumours, which will probably materialise for someone to buy over MAS from the government. What a convenient way to make someone benefit from taxpayers’ money…

  3. Ghani

    To AJ tthinks that orang puteh are better than Malaysians. That’s why AJ appointed those people mat salleh and Indians who are associated with low cost airline. AJ must now explain about the appointment of Seabury Consulting which no one in MAS seemed to be aware of.

    Why getting COnsultant when there are 8 hand picked foreign by AJ to be departmental heads in MAS and are paid big salaries and perks. AJ what are you doing with these 8 idiots in MAS where Seabury had to do their job for them and MAS had to pay Seabury million of Ringgit?

  4. yuzair yusof

    I had understood that MAS was overselling seats, so much so that flights were overbooked most often. Staffs at all stations were screaming as the compensations for denied bording had cost MAS a lot of money. In Sydney alone MAS had paid off am amount of almost RM180k within a span of three weeks. With promotional fares that MAS is currently excercising, one wonders
    how would they be ever able to generate any revenue. They (staffs) were complaining that the “new guy ” in KL is the cause of this.

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  7. Pak Ibrahim

    YB please understand AJ’s predicament. He is clueless about aviation and groping around MAS with handsome salaries and perks. Please give him a chance lah. The appointment of Seabury Consulting was like buying insurance. If anything goes wrong then he could just tell the Board and the Government that it was recommended by the consultant.

    Aj is either CLUELESS or BRAIN DEAD to appoint 8 idiots and at the same time used MAS fund to pay for Seabury to do the job for them. Tak malu kah si budak suruhan ni?

  8. Hazrin

    It is most incredible that AJ and his TOPless management could not find 8 good Malaysians amongst the 20,000 strong employees of MAS to fill the posts. To make it worst, AJ had to resort to take the Mat Salleh rejects from the low cost carrier. Sudahlah Aj, the time is up for you to pack up your bags and join your good friend Al-Ishal Ishak in AirAsia. Tony will welcome you with open arms since you have been so kind to hand over the profitable Sydney route to AirAsua X, of course, for carrying AirAsia X 50,000 passengers for a song. How do you expect us to work with you as a team after you have done all these stupid things. You think MAS employees are stupid and Mat Saleh are more superior. Mid September is not too far away and you will be out like your friend , Danny boy.

  9. Danny Joy

    What is Dr.Don’s appointment as a director contributing to MAS as he was deemed to be one of the good and loyal MAS Staff?

  10. Jason

    When you have a brainless leading MAS then MAS will always need a consultant. With 8 expats and you still need consultants. What a joke AJ. Why was Seabury appointed quietly. No one knew about this appointment.

  11. Ahmad

    Malaysia Airlines senior management team don’t seem to be the brightest bunch in aviation today.Why did they never learnt and deliberately choose ‘the mat salleh consultant’, when the airlines was filled with layer after layer of superior quality of people with the bench strength to actually run the organization, and especially during its darkest days? What we need somebody who can steer the company to the right direction together with the entire employee in the organization. Sometimes very sad employee are ignored and treated as an excess to organization, decision been made on top level and how are you going to get people to work together.

  12. murtabak

    Hallo Bro,
    Dulu Mas staff bawa Datuk Fuad,apa sudah jadi….lagi byk duit abis.Bila bagi kat Mat Saleh,kau marah…bagi kat local pun kaum marah…apa lagi kau orang nak..

  13. Bob the Builder

    I can safely say for a fact that if I were to choose between these 8 EXPATS and the OLD FOGIES around the company – I’d choose the EXPATS.

    So far in my experience I have yet to see any of the OLD FOGIES in the company that can rise up and lead the company out of the doldrums. Case in point, an OLD FOGIE heads up Customer Experience, but from what I can see he has done nothing much to improve on Customer Experience – long snaking lines at the airport creating much complaints, lack of amenities in the Golden Lounge etc.

    What I did see is these OLD FOGIES chastising a newbie for daring to propose a different way of doing thing because it is not their way of doing things. And many time I’ve faced similar issues because these OLD FOGIES aren’t willing to change with the times.

    The EXPATS meanwhile have shown to have improved on many things – highest load factors in a while (even Uncle Tony whom I absolutely detest have declared that AirAsia is also chasing after load factors stating when the passenger flies, revenue will come), reducing operating loss (read the Q1 report – while the total loss is bigger than Q1 last year it’s mostly due to higher financial costs from buying the new Airbus & Boeings), growing passenger numbers & a network which is expanding in the right areas.

    So OLD FOGIES WAKE UP! This is not the 1980s when MAS has the monopoly on the airline business in Malaysia – even Singapore Airline is going through change by introducing Scoot to counter the incredible rise of LCC. If you’re not willing to change, don’t blame others when you fall to the ground!

  14. anonymoud

    Aj’s salary more than Rm200,000 per month and yet he need 8 foreigners and on top of that he still need CONSULTANTS to think for him. Anyone can be MAS CEO. No wonder MAS is still in the shit despite geeting good capacuty for most fkight. Shame on yiu!

  15. Ng

    With the majority appointment from low caste airline background how are they going to help MAS a full service IATA airline? May be AJ was trying to help his good friend Tony.

    No wonder after having taken in 8 expats, AJ needs to get Seabury Consulting to help him and the useless 8. Under such circumstances. AJ does not deserve the salary of RM200k and the perks. In view of the clueless mabagement co sultant inclined mentality, Cost cutting should start With cutting the salary if the clueless. No wonder MAS is bleeding and will carry on to bleed with such fixed cost of RM200k for its CEO who needed to pay million RM of MAS to get consultants to think for him. He will always remain clueless as he knows nut about aviation. He should join AirAsia and see whether Ho’s Tony will allow him to appoint consultant to think for him.

  16. Sham MAS

    What a beautiful picture painted by the desperate clueless fella. was the 2nd Quarter account audited or just a creative accounting. PNM gave discount rate for leasing and this may amount to a few hundred million RM and has this been included as the so-called profit by the clueless?

    What is AJ going to do with his recruit of the expats like the Dr Hugh and gang? AJ should not waste time to buy over a few union leaders. He is not fit to head MAS. He should just resign and join his friend Tony in AA.

    1. Bob the Builder

      It’s clear that you’re the one that’s actually clueless.

      I suggest you go take the Airline Finance Appreciation Course to bone up on how finance works.

  17. Anonymous

    Can I say somethıng durıng the old tımes before Tajuddın even took over mas do not even have a revenue managemnet system to check where and how the seats are sold and who took them then when ıt was ıntroduced the old folks sabotage the system because then the seats sold can be checked hello
    mas was havıng a fıeld day sellıng what god knows what to whom at what prıce and even whether anybody even paıd check when the ınventory systme was really ıntroduced so you want to reemploy the old folks one sure way for mas to dıe early lıke on ınternal folk dıd when he was md tıme for a drastıc change no need to look at the old folks they are all jaded mas need a new

  18. Iron Man Buddy


    You may want to probe that AJ is actively interfering with insurance procurement of MAS.

    He wanted to appoint Sterling Insurance Brokers to advise MAS despite no experience in managing aviation risks.

    Sterling is owned by Halim J, iron man buddy. AJ gave exclusive appointment to Sterling for Malakoff when AJ was with Malakoff.

    With full brokerage the deal was in milllions of RM, speculation are high that H… financed A..’s expensive kit plane hobby.

    Dig deeper brudder…

  19. Gaji Buta

    Hollywood and Bollywood stars. ka! ka! ka! They are just the left overs. MAS is paying them good money but getting monkeys. With their background, no wonder AJ needed to employ Seabury Consulting to do their job for them. The shameless lots.

  20. azman ahmad

    Dear Bro Wee,

    It is indeed an insult to Malaysians that we have to rely on such a large team of foreigners trying to think for us Malaysians what is good and bad for our beloved national airline.

    If we just followed your expose over the years and look at the various comments from those in the know, we obviously know what ails the airline and the biggest factors are CORRUPTION AND PRIVATE/PERSONAL INTEREST.

    If we truly have selfless individuals who work for their PAY (i.e. their salary and legitimate remuneration within the context of their job description) we would not have this major headache on our hands.

    The very fact that we have capable Malaysians at the helm of other companies including MNCs that have operations in Malaysia actually shows we have more than enough talent to grow our companies into being world beaters. More so when under the leadership of Tan Sri Aziz Rahman MANY MANY YEARS AGO, we were already at the top of the game.

    Although that may have been many years ago and the rules of the game has changed since, the game is still the same i.e. FLYING PEOPLE AND GOODS TO THEIR INTENDED DESTINATIONS.

    To think that by now we do not have competent Malaysians to lead and strategise the fortunes of our own national airlines is truly an insult.

    Competency development, succession planning and handover of authority and leadership to local capable leaders is among THE PRIMARY DUTIES OF THE CEO. Therefore if he is not able to do that then he has probably lost the legitimacy to continue to helm the national airline.

  21. Nizam MAS

    MAS paid Malaysian RM10,000 but Mat Salleh RM100,000. What a clueless CEO who need to employ Mat Salleh and had to appoint another Mat Salleh consulting firm (Seabury) to think for the Mat Salleh in MAS. AJ, you are just a joker. As a MAS staff we are ashamed to be associated with you. We hope that Najib will tell Amok not to renew your contract.

  22. Cinderella

    Ello brader Bob the Builder,

    Gua tengok2 lu ni mesti one the newbie yg masuk2 MAS nak tunjuk terrer. Belajar la dulu bro. lmu tak setinggi mana, tak payah lah nak ajar orang plak.

    Kita yg lama2 kat MAS ni, lagi la sayangkan MAS. Lu ingat kita nak tengok MAS lingkup? And lu ingat kita ni don’t believe in changes?

    Lu silap orang bro. kita jugak perlukan perubahan tapi bukan lah membabi buta. Nak perabih duit memang senang sebab bukan mak bapak dia punya duit!

    Apa la yg terer sangat mat saleh pujaan lu tu.kalu setakat nak jual tiket murah, budak2 sales kita pun boleh buat, Cuma tak dibenarkan.

    Kalau setakat nak buat produk cantik2 and canggih2, tak payah ambik org dari luar.budak2 kita pun tau nak buat tapi tak dibenarkan atas alasan2 yg satu dunia pun tahu.

    So tak payah lah nak agung-agungkan mat Salleh tu.

    Mat saleh ni pun haprak punya kaki jugak. Yang sorang tu kaki betina, pantang Nampak pompuan, mesti nak masuk bawah skirt. Takkan lu tak tau citer ni, dah sampai kat atas, kat HR, kat whistle blow. Bukan satu bro, banyak kes. Apa tindakan ce citer sikit?

    Yg satu lagi konon nya jaga product.ce citer dah setahun apa produk yg dia buat? Commercial produk pun tak terbuat bro. paling tinggi pun iklan MAS bawak beg yg bodoh tu. Kena gelak satu dunia. Ini mat saleh pujaan lu bro? tolong sikit la jangan la insult kita orang punye intelligence

    Lu tau bro brape entertainment claim mat salleh2 ni per month? Tanya2 la sikit bro jgn jadi katak bawah tempurung. It runs into beberapa puluhan ribu ringgit per month. Entertain apa bro? entertain diri sendiri!

    Kita tau bro depa pi DT, pas tu dah la dapat daily allowance, makan minum sendiri kat bar, restoran, gi enjoy kat karaoke sume caj balik kat company under entertainment. Entertain sape bro. lu jgn ingat kita orang takde bukti. Whistle blow pun dah tau. Apa tindakan? Ce citer sikit.

    Pas tu ada la pulak satu mamat melayu, ni pun sama ngan mamat jaga Malaysia/asean yang gua kutuk dulu, kemaruk nak berjalan satu dunia, memanjang duty travel.

    Lu tak pecaye bro, pegi la check, tak sudah2 berjalan kehulu-kehilir merata dunia. Apa reason pegi DT bro. kalau setakat nak gi seminar, nak gi dengar focus group discussion, nak gi travel mart etc etc tak yah la bro, buang duit company je. Benda ni sume berlambak kat internet.

    Ada plak yg tak cecah tanah bro, turun KLIA sambung lagi pun ada. Sama macam mamat Malaysia/asean tu. Kita ingat dah jaga Malaysia je kurang la berjalan. Tak jugak rupanya. Fam trip sini Fam trip sana. Factory outlet fam trip pun ada bro kita dengar.

    Cuba la lu pegi check sikit unless lu pun macam depa jugak. Org melayu kata ‘ ngabehkan boreh’

    Pas tu lu konon2nya attack mamat yg jaga customer experience tu. Bro, nak banding lu ngan dia macam langit ngan bumi. Prove yourself dulu bro sebelum kutuk orang.

    Dari segi kelayakan, segi pengalaman, segi ilmu, segi cara berfikir, segi buat keja dan pastikan keja jalan, mamat ni lagi terer dari lu bro, tak payah la sebok nak cong nak angkat budak2 baru masuk tu. Apa contribution yg dia orang dah buat? Pas tu lu nak compare ngan mat saleh tu Apa yg depa dah contribute? lu ni ada darah belanda ke? Satu MAS tau mamat ni kuat keja, memang la mulut kadang2 laser, keja sampai tgh malam, meeting tak habis2 tapi keja jalan bro, ikut jadual ikut target.

    Kalau setakat argument lu, mamat ni suka challenge idea2 orang lain, memang cam ni la yg kita harapkan dari pemimpin kita. Takkan nak telan cakap orang bulat2 buta tuli. Dia kalau challenge pun ada isi bro dan tak kira la orang baru ke orang lama ke.

    Lu ni apa masalah sebenarnya? Kalau setakat nak bodek nak jilat bontot mat saleh lu tak payah la nak komen lebih2. Buktikan kebolehan diri sendiri dulu beb!

    1. Bob the Builder

      “Kalau setakat nak buat produk cantik2 and canggih2, tak payah ambik org dari luar.budak2 kita pun tau nak buat tapi tak dibenarkan atas alasan2 yg satu dunia pun tahu.” – ye ke? Aku nak tanya, seat Business Class A330/A380 yang baru tu budak kita ke Mat Salleh ni yang pilih? Sbb aku tgk ramai orang condemn kau-kau. Tak salah aku seat ni sebelum Mat Salleh2 ni datang dah dipilih kan?

      “Pas tu lu konon2nya attack mamat yg jaga customer experience tu. Bro, nak banding lu ngan dia macam langit ngan bumi. Prove yourself dulu bro sebelum kutuk orang.” – apa beza ko kutuk Mat Salleh tu, ko dah prove yourself ke belum? And memang aku punya komen still valid, sbb aku dh perati byk benda psl customer experience yang tak betul, takde pun mamat tu ambik tindakan pape. Customer komplen, 3 bulan baru reply. Golden Lounge service down. Temptations tak berkembang langsung. Ni bukan aku petik dari langit semua ni, ni aku dpt dr kwn2 yang frequent flyers, yang ada experience naik Emirates, Singapore Airlines. Itu bukan weakness Customer Experience? Apa yang dia dah plan nak buat utk repair benda2 ni? Tak nampak pun. (Tau-tau, aku dgr mamat tu nak angle ambik alih tempat Mat Salleh sorang tu, apa cite?)

      “Mat saleh ni pun haprak punya kaki jugak. Yang sorang tu kaki betina, pantang Nampak pompuan, mesti nak masuk bawah skirt. Takkan lu tak tau citer ni, dah sampai kat atas, kat HR, kat whistle blow. Bukan satu bro, banyak kes. Apa tindakan ce citer sikit?” – setakat cite dgr-dgr dari orang tak sahih tu boleh jatuh fitnah. Mana bukti? Cuba tunjuk sikit, takyah banyak, satu pun cukup la.

      “And lu ingat kita ni don’t believe in changes?” – kalau ko believe in changes, kenapa keluar question psl amik orang LCC manage MAS? Kalau ko byk sgt knowledge psl aviation industry ni ko mesti tau yang Westjet, company asal 2 org Mat Salleh ni tgh kalahkan Air Canada yang operate sebijik macam MAS. Tgkla satu dunia LCC makin naik, dkt Amerika LCC antara 10 airline terbesar kat sana. Dkt Europe, Ryanair kena kutuk sana-sini psl service tapi
      untung tak ingat dunia. Takyah compare dgn Singapore & Emirates, cuba tgk market sendiri – orang dtg Singapore for business, dia naik Business & First. Kalau yield Business & First bagus, Economy pax tu macam untung bersih je. Malaysia ni mana ada traffic Business tinggi sgt, banyaknya VFR yang price sensitive – sebab tu AirAsia boleh meletup cam tak ingat dunia. Tapi since ko sgt knowledgeable psl airline industry mesti dah tau kan?

      Takyah nak condemn sgt aku ni. Memang knowledge MAS aku tak seberapa, tapi aku dah follow aviation industri 20 thn dgn mendalam. Jadi, rasanya tak perlulah nak ckp “Belajar la dulu bro. lmu tak setinggi mana, tak payah lah nak ajar orang plak.”

  23. Kamal

    Aj we all know you are a close friend of Tony. Can you tell us more about the company called Spear Liner.

    The AirAsia’s boys and sympathisers like Rozman Omar, Shane Nollan, Danny the nanny, Al-Ishal Ishak have all left MAS. Why are you still treasuring that Botak Azhari Dhalan like gold in MAS. We know that Tony needs Azhari in the MAS MRO. Can someone help on the Spear Liner.

    1. Zaidi

      You are absolutely right that AJ is a good friend of the Pariah. That’s why Azhari Dahlan was unshakeable in MAS Engineering. The staffs in the engineering side must keep an eye on that Botak and track his moment especially on the contract on the service and maintenance of AirAsia aircraft.

      AJ is still keeping quiet on the appointment on Seabury Consulting. We now know that it is true that Seabury was appointed to think for the 8 foreign gaji buta idiots and another gaji buta AJ.

      Khazanah must check on the appointment of these idiots. We believe that there were no proper interviews to recruit them. Their appointment smell a rat.

      We really hope that by September the clueless AJ will leave MAS together with the 8,

  24. Prihatin

    Its now becoming a glaring trend in MAS when new bosses took over and using well maybe creative accounting recognised as much losses as possible (with maximum provision etc) and blame this losses to previous management.
    These earlier provision will be reversed back together with other creative accounting treatments and generating non core business income (asset stripping etc) when time is needed to show good numbers especially when contract is about to expire. This need to be stopped.

    MAS will never recover if there is no honesty, no respect among top management and staff and no internal skills to steer the company. Rather than using all the CONsultants to think for them and hiring all foreigners, these people are only interested in looking after their pockets. If they screwed up, well they will be fired but already pocketed big bucks. The existing staff of MAS will continue to suffer with low bonus and increment due to this wrong strategy.

    Throw away all your ego…its high time to accept old mistakes..please call back all old talented guards when MAS was flying high. Now they are working for SIA, Emirates, AA etc. its better to pay these people than those mat salleh and consultants. the worst thing that could happen when talented employees left your company and work for your competitors as they know what are your strengths and weaknesses and strategise their gameplan to bury you.Those talented team who have been with MAS but resigned and joined other airlines (due to unhappiness with old management, too much inside politicking) will definitely love to come back to serve MAS if the working environment they previously enjoyed is there and management recognised their talents.
    Simple recipe but very hard to follow if the word E.G.O still exist.

    1. Shah MAS

      Correct! Correct! Correct! MAS does not need those low cost mentalities to head the important department in MAS especially the Commercial section. The appointment of Seabury Consulting is a living proof that Dr Hugh Dunleavy and those reporting to him are just baggages for MAS to carry. That’s why the staffs do not get bonuses because MAS had to pay expats millions every month. Just imagine that low cost minded Dunleavy is paid RM100,000 per month and at the same time he needs Seabury Consulting to think for him. Dunleavy, aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Most probably not because your salary and perks will make you to be shameless.

    2. GaiusVerrens1356

      Why would Malaysians or ex-Malaysians working for other foreign airlines want to work in MAS?

      SIA being a case in point. There are several Malaysians working in SIA, not only as cabin crew, pilots and technical staff, but also in management.

      And an ex-Malaysian, who was a lecturer at UM, served as the CEO of SIA for many years.

      If there are “glass ceilings” in MAS, where hirings and promotions are done not on merit, but on other extraneous criteria, why would they even bother to want to work in MAS?

      And if MAS is run as a glorified government department, with political interference being rife, and where socio-economic considerations outweigh commercial realities, then that is an added disincentive.

      Sadly, the MAS employees’ unions just don’t get it.

  25. Ahmad

    Why is the recently appointed Spin Doctor (Dato’ Najmudin) so quiet? He should be spinning to help his boss AJ on the necessity to appoint the 8 Hollywood/Bollywood Stars against the local. Another gaji buta in MAS?

    MAS must properly scrutinise all future appointments especially on the important posts like Commercial Director, Network and Revenue, Customer Service and also the Spin Doctor. MAS cannot leave the appointment to such clueless AJ or any CEO. It must be done by a properly constituted committee with credible people. MAS cannot afford to recruit the gaji buta.

  26. Firdaus

    Many people has seen AJ met up with Tony on a 1 to 1 basis. Prior to the share swap, no MAS CEO or other top management will dream of meeting up with him. We detest this pariah. I will not be surprised if AJ’s contract is not extended in September he will follow his good friend Al-Ishal Ishak footstep to join AirAsia. It is more appropriate too because he has been helping AirAsia. Look at what he did by giving up MAS Sydney route to AirAsia X, carrying 50,000 AirAsia X passengers with below market fare, terminating Dubai route, stop the expansion of Firefly and too many others to list.

    Appointing Shane Nollan as Director of Commercial, PlaneConsult and now Dr Dr Hugh Dunleavy as Director of Commercial, Duncan Burroe, all formerly from low cost carrier and Dean Dacko. All these 3 were made redundant by Westjet and Air Canada. WTF, are you doing AJ? Are you trying to turn MAS into low cost airline?

    Why was the appointment of Seabury Consulting was kept so secretive? Seabury is not a Kongsi Gelap! It was an attempt to cover up the existence of the useless 8 expats appointed by Danny the Nanny and clueless AJ.

    Please pack your back and leave quietly now otherwise you may have to leave like Danny the Nanny.

  27. Razak

    How to be the Group CEO of MAS when he had to constantly relied on useless expats who constantly need consultants to baby them? How to be the Group CEO when AJ himself constantly need the useless expats and consultant to hold his hands to walk? No wonder BK Sidhu came to his assistant? Normally BK Sidhu of StarBiz will only write adverse story on MAS but of late she has been writing positive stories about AJ to the extent that she twisted her stories to appear as though all the unions supported the clueless AJ. Junkyard journalist trying to help the clueless man. Who is behind the BK Sidhu’s story?

  28. shareholder MAS

    I think the reasons for all these write ups again is because somebody inside MAS is desparetly wanting to be CEO….the game is on. Good should he becomes CEO then he will be on this blog just like AJ and the rest. So this person we all know who he is…a clue …long meetings and boring presentations.good politician.but clueless.only hot air.And should that happens.MAS will be bankrupt immediately.

  29. Khairuddin

    All the Bollywood and Hollywood idiots are not seen as often as before. Now we all know about the majority of them were from low caste airlines. Shameless lot. Drawing fat salary but cannot perform like the clueless AJ.

  30. Ex MH doing wonders at foreign airline

    Check the facts bro’s ! Not all of them are from LCC…,! Etihad is not LCC lah…and so is KLM, Gulf……

    1. Mat

      How many of those useless Bolllywood & Hollywood from Ethihad, KLM and Gulf? The chetiar Kutty from Ethihad holding insignificant post. Look at the important post of Director of Commercial, the Botak Mat Salleh (Hugh) from where? Westjet. Westjet is low cost isn’t it. He was made redundant isn’t it. You must be the Chettiar Kutty trying to justify your existence in MAS.

      If Bollywood and Hoillywood stars are any good, that Clueless Aj does not need to appoint Seabury to help them plan and chart the direction of MAS. Without Seabury MAS will not reinstate Dubai and the other routes. Only clueless gave up Dubai in order to help his pariah friend but Dubai authority still say no to low caste airline.

      1. Drizzt

        How many routes are profitable for MAS? Honestly, without window dressing or bulls******g?

        Both Qantas and JAL, in their turnaround strategies, axed unprofitable routes.

        To this day, Qantas, BA, United and Delta are not flying to KLIA.


        Because they are run on sound commercial principles, and not on some arty-farty notion of “national service”!

        “National service” is fine, as long as it’s someone else who is picking up the bills!

  31. Stan

    Looks like all these leaks are coming from most likely two departments within MAS with the blessing of his internal competitor

    1) The CEO’s office
    2) Someone from HR

    What AJ needs to do is witch hunt who this internal competitor is and place him in a position of redundancy or ideally kick the person from MAS.

  32. The Clueless Bollywood & Hollywood


    Witch hunting is a sign that the head knew he is not fit for the job because he has nothing to show except for “helping” his pariah friend and, of course recruiting the Bollywood and Hollywoods.

    If the Bollywood and Hollywoods are any good, they would not have recommended Seabury to think and plan for them. MAS has enough good local route planners but they will not be called to do the job. if they were called to do it then the incompetent of the expats will be exposed. Ultimately the incompetent of the clueless AJ will also be exposed.

    No need for witch hunting for the simple reason that the truth hurts and AJ has only another two weeks left under his contract. Just pack up his bag and bring along all the Bollywood and Hollywoods to join him in AirAsia like Al-Ishal Ishak, whom Aj brought into MAS last year. The same for the Bollywoods and Hollywoods.

    AJ is not only afraid of competent candidate from inside or outside, he is even afraid of his own shadow. Not to worry may be his masters in Khazanah will save him because they all love CONsultants and the Bollywood and Hollywood stars in MAS.

    1. Stan

      Why all these issues raised on Seabury? As I was told they also did a job for Cargo in 2008 or 2009 when Idris was around. Before Idris appointment the Boston consulting was also appointed. This is normal because senior management have no confidence in themselves. Even Khazanah is a haven to consultants.

      All these time what has Mas hr done? They should have brought in the right people instead Mas is being staff by relatives of staff. Case in point a certain tak berani fellow has a sister in law , a Senior Manager in Treasury, the fat biscuit lady husband is a senior staff in Airport operations and Aj has a sister in Hr. Mas is a family firm. You also have so many staff marrying each other. So how to be critical when one is not performing.

    2. Drizzt

      And how will this solve MAS’s problems?

      Let’s repeat them for your edification:

      1. Out-of-whack cost structure
      2. Over-staffing
      3. Aggressive competition from full-service airlines and LCCs
      4. Levels of customer and ground service being overtaken and surpassed by competitors
      5. Delay in fleet and service upgrades
      6. A home base (KLIA) that is losing out to other airports in the region
      7. Unions who refuse to accept lay-offs and route rationalisations

      Need I go on?

      1. Pak Pandir

        Point number 7 is laughable. Unions have a say in route rationalisations? you are clearly talking through some part of your anatomy I wouldn’t want to mention here! As for lay-offs, do your homework. All the Collective Agreements have clauses on retrenchment AND the pre-conditions that must apply, including the principle of LAST-IN-FIRST-OUT. Check out who are the “last-ins” starting with the highly paid and highly positioned ones who were recruited post MSS in 2006. As for those who have spent most of their lives with the airline, do you honestly think they will NOT line-up for the big pay out? They will do so, I assure you. Question is, can MAS afford to pay them off? So quit being so stupid and blaming the Unions for every damn thing that cannot be solved by Management.

  33. H.A. Lim

    Y.B inhere story you talk good thing on tansri abdul aziz abdul rahman and doctor don. They all mas veteren. Now tansri is retire and doctor is board of director. Seeing all wrong thing with own eye, how come doctor cant cure it and make right. I m sure he also feel frustrated like people here. If he want to bring in good staf, surely as doctor he know many people outside mas. If he want to call back mas exstaf, i m sure he can find many who willing to do nasional servis. I got many frenz (mas exstaf) now boss in many co who can do better job when go back to mas. Is he got a problem with aj. Surely board of director can direct aj becos doctor is director not manager. But nothing is happen. Something need to happen to make mas not bankrap. Y.B must talk to doctor to ask why this not happen. We all talk talk here also nothing happen. Doctor alredy inside mas can make happen. Give big panadol cure. Big boss mah.

  34. Stan

    Nobody in MAS wants to address the cost structure issue. MAS is operating in a different environment than it is 40 years ago. Now setting up an airline is so easy. In order for MAS to do massive cost restructuring the move has to first be sanctioned by the BOD, secondly it must have a competent CFO who has done such a restructuring. Presently MAS does not have such a candidate, it does not even have a full time CFO. The person who signed off the statutory report last year is just acting. This goes to show how dire the situation in MAS is. Khazanah is probably waiting for the UMNO election to happen before they will start to do anything.

  35. anonymous

    Malaysia is 56 years old. MAS is more than 40 years okd if tajenbibti acciubt the MSA days. Under AJ MAS is contamibated with 8 useless Bollywoods and Hollywoods. Plus all the saudara mara like the close relatives of AJ, the Tak Berani, fat biscuit lady and many more.

    We hear all the tine MAS is bleeding and at the same time the clueless AJ allowed the Bollywoods and Hollywoodd to run amok in MAS and appointibg cobsultant to tickle their p-brains. We have a clueless CEO who love to appoint 8 useless expats. The 8 Bollywoods and Hollywoods are only good for high salaries and big perks – in short gaji buta. This AJ had to go period. If not MAS will go down further. May be this is what the pariah wants to see.

    The government must not renew his contract even for a day. The expats should also not be renewed. Send then back to low caste airlines that is where they belong. But there is no room for them because they have been made redundant. May be AirAsia will be happy to take them. The shameless eight must also go.

    1. Stan

      Why only the shameless eight? The tak beranis, the saudara mara, the people in acting positions must also go. If the persons are already in senior management and is powerless to improve Mas presently and mind you these same individuals having served several boses in their life time in Mas. It is a wonder whether they have anything else to contribute.

      I hope if anyone from Khazanah is reading this I do hope they are brave enough to do the right thing. Just changing the driver without changing the engine, electrical components and tyres will not do for Mas. If Mas continues its present course than Khazanah must accept that it has invested in a socialist organization where the social agenda outweighs the profit agenda.

  36. privatise MAS

    The problem are at the top,the EVP levels because all are incompetent,the SVP’s equally useless adn the vP alomost all are clueless.

    Most EVP ,SVP and VP are old MAS staff,that is why they are useelss. They still keep the culture they inherited from Tan Sri Aziz time..Just goverment style.
    Tak boleh dan tak buat kerja betul pun tak di pecat. So… MAS have to be privatised to be business style. Or else semua jangan sibok and complain.
    Cakap senang saja and its cheap.

    1. Pak Pandir

      hello, don’ talk nonsense. Let me list down the EVPs (called Directors) – HR, Commercial, Operations, Customer Services, Engineering, Finance. Three out of the six are PARACHUTISTS, those who lompat masok nak jadi hero. So its not just the oldies who are hopeless. Mind you, the oldies are paid on the old pay scale, while the imported ones like HR , Commercial and Engineering are paid using “exhorbitant” scales!! So is it the oldies that are the hopeless ones only? As for SVPs, the newest one is alos parachuted in, to head STRATEGIC Communications. You tell us la, dia boleh kerja ka?

  37. Stan

    The EVP, SVP and VP needs to be chopped irrespective whether they are old or new. Departments in MAS needs to be consolidated for effectiveness. There is a probably be a need to increase the number of executives and make the managers work harder. Most of the lower rank staff must also go. There is no need for clerical staff and secretaries should be limited. Administrative staff needs to be trimmed. All in, MAS should not have a staff strength of more than 10,000 for the Airline division. Engineering & Cargo should be spun off. MAS must be allowed to choose which party services its planes. There should be more than one vendor allowed to do this after Engineering is spun off to create competition and ensure it is not taken hostage over unfair agreements.

    MAS should also consider re-entering it’s catering business.

  38. abu

    The Bollywoods n Hollywoods are proud that MAS load factor is highest in 10 years. They should also be super proud that MAS yield dropped by 20%, the biggest drop in MAS history. Kalau nak tambah penumpang dgn jual murah any fool can do. At much cheaper cost.

  39. Mohd Yasid Hamid


    Perhaps you should consider the very simple issue here

    2011 2.5 Billion Loss using your strategy of flying empty planes

    or a path to profitability – yes you might actually have to work to earn a living

  40. Mohd Yasid Hamid

    Wow so many experts yet an airline that is on the brink of bankruptcy how do we manage that.

    The international talent came from airlines that actually make “profit” you should google that word it means that your revenue exceeds your expenses.

    Perhaps you have heard of it from one of your friends at Air Asia a low “caste” airline that is running circles around us every day because our company is overstaffed with people sucking the cows breast dry of milk

    Why don’t we stop attacking the people that are trying to get us out of bankruptcy and ensure that we get to keep your “guaranteed” jobs even when a lot of us are useless, lazy and take MC’s at every opportunity instead of showing up to work and doing your job.

    They did not create OUR mess they are trying to fix it — perhaps all of our “experts” who know how to “run” an airline should actually take note of what airlines do that make money

    As for the leaders in waiting — are you kidding me the Acting CFO has no idea what he is doing – his staff can’t stand him and his lack of leadership.

    The head of Customer Service – this is our expert — wow good luck to all of us when these two take control of this airline we will be bankrupt within in the year

    As for the international idiots — they have improved culture, aircraft utilization, and reduced the losses by 100’s of millions. They actually care about us and want us to succeed and get ahead. They are also fighting against the red tape that the unions created to reward people and recognize them for their efforts and contributions

    Sounds to me your right they don’t know what they are doing

    Good for us lets get them fired, or motivate them to leave and then replace them with the same people that got us into this mess

    The unions are onto something here – just a quick thought though when there is no airline there is no need for you either

    I think that it is about time that we removed the leaders of the unions – they are tired old men who have never contributed one days work to this great airline nor do they respect process, union members or leaders in this company.

    Why are they here what is the purpose of keeping these viruses

    All they do is spread their disease to every new employee that joins MAS.

    Get rid of them and you will fix MAS

  41. Anonymous

    If the low cost Hollywood are any good, they do not need Seabury to play with their p brain and they should not have been made redundant by Westjet. If they are good Westjet would have kept there for until their retiring age and extend them. They will not come to Malaysia. If they need Seabury, then they are just as clueless as AJ. The bird of the same feather flock together.

  42. abu

    MY Hamid. You’re missing the point. Many reasons why we lost 2.1 b in 2011. 25% increase in fuel cost, 50% increase in non fuel costs. Not bcos flying empty.
    By the way, you obviously have no clue about what the unions can or cannot do.

    1. Stan

      In the same period in 2011 when MAS was making losses other airlines were still making profits. Somehow Mas is never in the same league as other airlines. The reason of using fuel costs to explain our losses is ridiculous. All airlines are under the same pressure. Some of the idiots in Mas love to use middle Eastern airlines as a comparison stating that they have fuel subsidies. Can the same idiots explain why Air New Zealand, Cathay pacific, Thai airways and Singapore airlines continue to make profits? Recently Garuda and Japan airways joined this group after their restructuring. And dont say the govt is not supporting Mas. How many billions have Khazanah pumped into Mas? Its because the Govt wants to protect the privileged lot that they dare not do any meaningful restructuring.

      No local, foreign or gutless tak berani, acting personnel and postmasters in Mas is going to save it.
      It is beyond saving if it still being run with the same mind set and culture.

  43. Anonymous

    Abu do you have any clue about the total garbage you write

    Is MAS the only airline that buys fuel

    You need to stop writing your embarrassing every Malaysian on the planet

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