Bloomberg says Malaysia will commence operation to crackdown on violence crimes on Monday

The crest of the Royal Malaysian Police Force
The crest of the Royal Malaysian Police Force

Bloomberg News just reported (12:00 am 18-8-2013) that the police will use a section of its Crime Prevention Act for the first time to hold suspects without filing charges in a crackdown on violence following a wave of killings, according to a copy of an internal police memo seen by Bloomberg News.

The police will use Section 105 of the Crime Prevention Act to detain suspects for as long as 24 hours without charging them, according to the memo. While it says the operation is likely to start tomorrow, it will probably begin sooner, according to a police spokesman yesterday, who asked that he not be named because he wasn’t authorized to comment.

“Gangsterism” must be addressed, the memo reads. The first phase of the operation will start in the Klang Valley, which includes Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur. Inquiry officers have been appointed by the Attorney-General’s Chambers, the memo states.  The Bloomberg News’ reporter is Manirajan Ramasamy. The said full Bloomberg News report HERE.

After the publication of such report by Bloomberg News, the majority of the would-be suspects would have gone underground by now.  The Home Ministry must investigate how the police memo involving the security of the nation could be so easily seen by a reporter of the said foreign news agency.

2 thoughts on “Bloomberg says Malaysia will commence operation to crackdown on violence crimes on Monday

  1. OrangBukit

    Its high time now for the Police to do something about the crime violence that happens almost everyday in Malaysia. Dont be like the Oppositions (like the DAP and the PKR) who only like to talk, condemned, accused and pinpointing fingers and everybody else except themselves, who in the first place are the one who suggest and forcing the government to abolish the ISA, EO, Sedition Act…etc…etc.

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