YB Zahid: We support you

Irene in Keadilan outfits

Ms Irene Fernandez, the executive director of Tenaganita, who wants the Home Ministry to stop cracking down undocumented & illegal immigrant

Migrant workers NGO, Tenaganita through its executive director, Irene Fernandez, today urged Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to stop the planned crackdown on migrant workers, and instead take action on the real perpetrators of crime.

“His assertions that the Malaysian government needs to launch a massive operation on (rounding up) undocumented migrants to curb the increase in crime is as malicious as it is misleading,” said Tenaganita executive director Irene Fernandez at a press conference here today. Full report of Ms Irene Fernandez’s statement HERE.

On 22-7-2013 YB Datuk Zahid Ahmad Zahid, the Minister of Home affairs said the government viewed the issue of illegal immigrants seriously since their presence may increase crime, drugs, prostitution and other illicit activities that may cause a threat to the country’s security. The  Minister’s full statement HERE.

Whilst we agree that human beings should be treated with respect and humanity, at the same time all the undocumented or illegal immigrants must also respect the laws of Malaysia including the Immigration Act.

Even if the undocumented or illegal immigrant contributed 0.1% of our nation crime rate, the Ministry of Home Affairs must take stern actions to stop it from spreading further. There is no room for complacency.

No right thinking Malaysian would welcome the presence of illegal or undocumented immigrant in Malaysia even if they have not committed crimes in Malaysia. We also do not want to see them taking up job opportunities from Malaysians.  There is no room for illegal immigrant of whatsoever nature to use Malaysia as their playing ground. Malaysia is no exception to taking stern actions to stop the presence of undocumented or illegal immigrants in the country.

"A Go Home Van" moving around UK to create awareness

“A Go Home Van” moving around UK to create awareness

Yours truly believes that such feelings do not restrict to Malaysia. Even in the UK where there are grave concerns of the presence of illegal immigrants, HERE.

Singaporeans protesting during May Day recently.

“Singapore for Singaporeans”. Singaporeans protesting during May Day recently.

The Singapore government had gone further to stop the presence of illegal or undocumented immigrants. Even landlord renting out premises to over-stayer would be charged for harbouring them in their house under the Singapore Immigration Act and maybe sentenced to imprisonment of not less than 6 months and not more than two years and a fine not exceeding S$6,000. Read HERE & HERE.

Curbing crimes is the duty of the Home Minister especially during this difficult time where there were sudden increased in serious crimes where shooting of innocence is the order of the day.

Mr Saveejan after being shot

Mr Sanjeevan on the way to hospital. Picture from NST

In the past few weeks we have witnessed to more than 10 cases of innocence being killed or injured by gunmen. The Anti-Crime MyWatch president, Mr R. Sanjeevan was shot in broad day light. Thank God that Mr Sanjeevan is still alive and recovering in hospital. Read HERE.

The late En Hussain Ahmad Najadi, the renowned banker and founder of Arab Malaysian Bank Bhd was also killed by gunman in broad day light. Read HERE.

A gunned down victim in Pandan

A gunned down victim in Pandan. Picture from NST

A few days ago another Malaysian was shot by gunman in Pandan Indah area and thank God he was not just injured. Read HERE.

A man was gunned down in KK yesterday. Picture from NST

A man was gunned down in KK yesterday. Picture from NST

Yesterday a 44 years old businessman was gunned down in Penampang in Kota Kinabalu. Read HERE.

How many more deaths do we need to witness before we stop crying for “FREEDOM”? To those who have been crying for total “Freedom”, How about the freedom of all Malaysians to live in peace?

There are a few dreamers that have been spreading rumours around that all the recent shootings were done by the police themselves or being stage managed so to speak in order for the Government to justify the bringing back similar laws like the Emergency Ordinance that have been abolished. Can you believe this?

YB Datuk Zahid Hamidi, the Harley man

YB Datuk Zahid Hamidi, the Minister of home Affairs & the Harley man

Fear not, Mr Home Minister, YB Datuk Zahid Hamidi.  You have the supports of most, if not all, right thinking Malaysians in your endeavours to fight crimes of whatever nature. We, Malaysians, want to live in a peaceful Malaysia with low crime rate.  Please do not take notice of irresponsible statements issued by Tenaganita and the like on issue of security of our beloved country.


8 thoughts on “YB Zahid: We support you

  1. MM

    Well said!! We need more laws that will enable prevention. After all prevention is better than cure! Najib made a HUGE mistake by abolishing ISA and EO. I hope they will be reinstated ASAP!

  2. Joshua

    They will of course keep on screaming for freedom until one day their relative or love ones were victim of the shooting. Then they will realize it. It will be all too late then. God bless Malaysians.

  3. Kang

    We need a similar law like the EO immediately to stop all the senseless killing. How can we go on to read killing of innocent people every other day. Zahid must take immediate action to restore peace and order now. Waiting until October for Parliament will be 2 months too late. There will be more loss of lives.



    1. Pendekar Fisabililah

      It’s the minority which is causing the most harm to the majority you idiot. Try finishing school (and by that, I mean a REAL university and not some half past eight college)

      Pendekar Fisabililah

  5. Anonynmous

    Zahid please take stern actions. No more amaran after amaran! It is action now. We can tolerate the killing of human beings. Reinstate ISA and EO so that we have peace in this country. We have seen Egypt and other Middle East countries.


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