MAS staffs: Big Brothers are watching you!

Installation of the special tracking software into the computer of MAS staffs to prevent LEAKAGE of  the “PROBLEMS” in MAS?

In April 2012 the top management of MAS was seemingly busy with the great ideas of turning around MAS with equally great plan to block internet mail access.

Blocking of internet access by the top management of MAS
Blocking of internet access by the top management of MAS

Hence the e-mail was sent out to MAS staff and is re-produced below.

To        : All Staff Systemwide and MAS Contractors/Vendors

Ref      : MAS/GROUP IT/2011/013 Date    : 20th April 2012
Dear All,
In order to enhance network security and to optimize Internet bandwidth, Group IT is undertaking the following actions:
1.    Change “MH Direct” wireless password
Password for “MH Direct” wireless facility will be changed on 28 April 2012.
Action Required:
All existing users who are currently accessing the network via “MH Direct” are required to contact Helpdesk to obtain new password.
 2.    Block Access to Internet mail systems
Access to Internet mail systems e.g.. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail will be blocked from MAS IT network on 28 April 2012.
Action Required:
Not applicable
The use of the provided IT facilities are subjected to Corporate Information Security Policy (CISP).
If you have any enquiry, kindly email to or call at +603 7840 2020.
Thank you.
IT Communications
Group IT

Please read HERE.

During the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap, Dubai route was terminated and Firefly was scaled down when it was operating with great potentials HERE.

Now Dubai and other routes have been beeen reinstated and Firefly has been expanded HERE.

The blocking of the internet access to internet mail systems in April 2012 must have failed miserably.  Hence in July 2013, another great idea under “Business Plan” to track and monitor the incoming and outgoing e-mails of MAS staffs was implemented with vigour.  However, it cannot be confirmed whether the contents of the staff e-mail will also be closely scrutinised in this new exercise in futility. Perhaps the top managmenet of MAS should be asked how much good money of MAS had been spent for the special programe to block internet access and now the tracking software. MAS has the habit of engaging consulting firms to come out with GREAT ideas  like what it did with the appointment of BinaFikir Sdn Bhd and PlaneConsult.  Was MAS better off after the said appointments? You all knew of the answers. If we were to go by the past practices in MAS and/or Khazanah, all consultancy contracts will have a MANDATORY “NON-DISCLOSURE” clause which will include the fees of the consultants like  HEREHEREHERE, HERE & HERE.

After many months of pursuing the BinaFikir’s consultancy fees, it was finally revealed in Parliament HERE.

Perhaps the inclusion of the confidential clause on professional fees of consultants was deemed necessary because the fees charges were far too LOW and that it will no doubt  embarrass the professional standing of the consultants concerned if their extreme low fees were to be revealed. Coming back to the issue of implementation of the said tracking software program, yours truly has been reliably informed that:

  • It is mandatory for those staffs with company’s handphone or computer to install a special tracking software whereby all movements of their e-mails will be monitored by the top management.

  • It is optional for the self-owned handphones for the installation of the tracking software but if the said software is not installed they will not be able to have access to the e-mail system of  MAS i.e. they will not be able to receive the e-mails and/or notices from the management of MAS.

In the current IT age, anyone with a bit of IT knowledge would have been able to overcome the tracking software. This special software may have cost MAS many hundred of thousand of good RM especially at this particular time when MAS is still BLEEDING!

With such tracking software installed, the top management of MAS should now scrap its “Whistleblowers Programe”  because the there will no longer be confidentiality.

When it was suggested to MAS staffs that the installation of this software was part of the grand “Business Plans” like the reinstatement of the Dubai routes and expansions of Firefly, they were not at all impressed.

It was suggested that the top management should be focussed in its “Business Plans” to generate more revenues instead of spending good money for their futile exercise of implementing the installation of the useless tracking software. The main objective of this software programe was very obvious to everyone in MAS!  WITCH HUNTING or they fear their won shadows?

MAS staffs were very supportive of the reinstatements of Dubai and other routes, the expansions of Firefly and final joining of OneWorld. On the other hand, they were questioning the sudden change of heart by the top management of MAS which will no doubt cost MAS a fortune. Generating more revenues could also be facilitated by cutting unnecessary expenses. A vast majority of MAS staffs were extremely unhappy with the one sided 25 years contract that MAS entered into with LSG Skychef Brahim’s Sdn Bhd, a company controlled by Datuk Ibrahim bin Badawi (the brother of the former PM Tun Abdullah Badawi who is now the Advisor of MAS).

Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakop, the then very powerful Minister of Finance II.
Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakop, the then very powerful Minister of Finance II.

Perhaps, Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakop, the then extremely powerful Minister of Finance II, would be able to shed some light who was the PM when the said one sided contract was signed and, more importantly, whether he was privy to it. This catering contract was signed when Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusuf was the CEO of MAS and now the Chairman of MAS. The one sided catering contract cost MAS RM6.25 billion. Every year MAS had to cough out the MINIMUM catering cost of about RM250 million!  Just imagine, one stick of satay cost RM3.20 to MAS when MAS was buying in bulk! No wonder Datuk Hj Ibrahim Badawi has been quoted to have said “WE WANT TO WORK WITH MAS” HERE.

No other airline in the world is burdened with such one sided contract!

It will be more fruitful for the top management of MAS to direct its excess energies in preparing a report with recommendations why this one sided catering contract should be terminated forthwith for the government to consider. The obvious question is:

Does the present top management has the political will to take the positive steps to have this one sided catering contract terminated forthwith when certain influential personalities now in MAS and Khazanah were also previously involved one way or another with the said one sided catering contract?

Yours truly believes that you all already have the answer in your minds. The end results of the sudden implementation of tracking software is not hard to deremine. It will no doubt be another failure like what had happened to the blocking of internet mail access which was introduced just about a year ago.  Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Let us see what other special programs the top management is going to introduce again provided, of course, the two top managers of MAS are re-appointed in August 2013.

10 thoughts on “MAS staffs: Big Brothers are watching you!

  1. Mohan MAS

    Bravo! The terms of office of TS Md Nor Yusuf (the stupid brain behind WAU) and AJ (the stupid brain supporting share SUAP – handing Sydney route on a silver plate to AirAsia) should be up next month. It is about time that they should leave MAS. Please join LSG Skychef Brahim’s or AirAsia!

    They are only good in bullying the staffs. Don’t worry YB, we will carry on exposing these two idiots in your blogs. We will send you whatever stupid things that they have done to MAS. They can try to block every where. We know what to do. Even the government did not try to control us and yet these two idiots are doing silly things thinking that we are kids like them.

    1. Petronius

      Hey, Mohan

      If everything is A-ok and fine in MAS, then how is it that it has slipped to 14th place in the latest Skytrax airline rankings?

      Does it mean that MAS cannot compete with Garuda (#8 in the rankings) and that SIA and Emirates have overtaken it and left in the dust?

      It seems that all the MAS unions and apologists can do is make excuses and point fingers.

      Guess what, Mohan? All these posturings don’t amount to anything in the light of the realities in the aviation industry.

      Being in MAS, you should be aware of these realities. Or haven’t the MAS unions kept you informed?

      Perhaps they believe that ignorance is bliss?

      1. Zul


        Why are you not providing your views on the Sydney route that has been handed over to AAX and the 25 years catering contract to LSG SkyChef? How about the stupid decision to ferry 50,000 AAX passengers at below market rate or below cost? Why are you talking about something else? May be you or your “bosses” have no answers to the questions.

        Please look at the management of SIA and Emirates. The top managers are experience people in the aviation industry unlike “your bosses” who are ever ready to blame the staffs for their own incompetency.

        Are you one of the “Emperor apologists” or the new Spin Doctor of a few months old in MAS?

  2. Nik

    Actually the top management does not need to worry about their own shadow. All they need to do is to stop with their flip flop nonsense and do things in the best interest of MAS. By doing such silly things to monitor the staffs like kids will not help MAS. There is nothing the idiot in the IT department could do to stop information flowing out. Was this the recommendation of that new spin doctor that was appointed a few months ago?

    Once the top management does the right things for MAS people can see it. Until today we do not know what that botak Azhari is doing in for AirAsia or AAX in MAS Engineering. No one seems to know the contents of the contracts. What are the rates charge? Are the rates based on market rates or special rates? The rate will determine the profits level for MAS.

    If the rates charged to AirAsia/ AAX were below market then it is a form of leakage and at ions should be taken against the botak. It is just as simple as that. There is no need for the TOP-less management to appoint CON-sultants to understand this.

  3. Azmi

    I better stop using hand phone and computer so that the management will think that I am a good staff. What a stupid decision! A “shiok sendiri” decision. Whoever suggested this to the management should be sacked.

  4. A small man in MAS

    They need all these shit to cover their own short comings. If the governments in the world including the Pentagon cannot control flow of information what can the management do about it. Wake up lah AJ and Md Nor Yusuf. Both of you are still living in the kuko land! YB was right in asking the management to spend your “excess energy” to look into how MAS can terminate the one sided agreement. But, of course, Md Nor Yusuf will have much difficulty to do it because he was instrumental in getting MAS to sell it then.

  5. Ishak

    The two jokers dare not even dream to do anything about the LSG SkyChef 25 years catering contract. This is how they have been looking after the interest of MAS. They are more interested in checking on the staffs to cover up their incapabilities to take MAS out from the financial mess which Tan Sri Md Nor knew too well. MAS has been WAU….ed during his time. So YB please don’t expect him to clear up that shit.

    Plus the fact that the Slumberjack is also sleeping in the MAS premises makan gaji buta.

  6. Lee

    14,000 AirAsia passengers are affected by the cancelling of flights by AirAsia Japan due to no planes.

    Aj must be excited about the news. Going by past practice, AJ had singed the accommodation agreement to ferry 50,000 AAX passengers at below cost fares to help his friend’s airlines. Unfortunately, in this case MAS is not flying the affected routes. So sorry AJ, you may not be able to help your friend after all. May be another time. Hopefully your tenure as our CEO is extended otherwise you had to join AirAsia as … depending whether your friend want to take you as you are no longer of any use to him.

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