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Does AirAsia deserve to be the “Golden Child” / “Ibarat Anak Mas”?

Rt: Tan Sri Tony Fernandes must be pleased that the Government has declared that AirAsia is the "Golden Child".
Rt: Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. He must be pleased that the Government has declared that AirAsia is the “Golden Child” / “Ibarat Anak MAS”.

AirAsia has been complaining so much about the delay and the escalating costs of KLIA2. The said complaints were  highlighted by YB Tony Pua as usual.  Please “Tony Spins, Tony takes it up”.

The AirAsia’s complaints HERE & HERE.

AirAsia was concerned about safety issues HERE. Read further on safety issues concerning AirAsia HERE & HERE.

Below is the reply from the Deputy Minister of Transport in Parliament to-day with regards to the  AirAsia’s complaints about KLIA2, which was highlighted by YB Tony Pua.

KLIA2 Cost Went Up Among Others To Meet Airasia’s Requests, Dewan Rakyat Told

KUALA LUMPUR, July 10 (Bernama) — The increase in construction cost of low-cost carrier (LCC) terminal KLIA2 to RM4 billion from RM2 previously was due to among others to meet requests by AirAsia, the Dewan Rakyat was told Wednesday.Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi said AirAsia as the biggest operator at KLIA2, among others asked for more floor space and infrastructure including extending and expanding the runway, increase arrival and departure gates, automatic baggage handling system besides having a premium airport lounge.The airline also wanted its Tune Hotel and headquarters sited at the facility, he said.”We entertained many requests by AirAsia which I see as a golden child to raise the specifications (at KLIA2) and this contributed to the higher cost.”The requests by AirAsia had to be considered in view of new developments apart from the rapid expansion of the national airline industry,” he said when winding up debate on the Royal address.Abdul Aziz said the runway extension involved lengthening the runway from 2.5km to 4.4km and widening it to 2.2km to cater to bigger jets like the Airbus A380.Floor space expansion was from 150,000 square metres to 250,000 square metres and the number of gates was increased from 55 to 68, he said, adding that the upgrading was to be able to cater to an increased capacity of 45 million passengers annually.This got Bung Moktar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan) riled up and demanded to know what was so special about AirAsia that its requests needed to be entertained.Abdul Aziz replied that the requests were met based on commercial logic, as being the biggest tenant, the airline’s views had to be given due consideration.

He also said the cost was still considered low compared to other countries as it cost only RM89 per passenger whereas in Germany it was RM478 per passenger for the same capacity.

“The Hong Kong International Airport costs RM2,143 (per passenger) and Singapore’s Changi Airport RM2,906 (per passenger). So in many ways, the KLIA2 is among the cheapest and fastest to be constructed,” he said.

The Dewan sits again tomorrow.


Link: Bernama English version HERE.
Link: Bernama versi Bahasa Malaysia DI SINI.

IPO of AirAsia X at RM1.45 per share

 BK Sidhu of the Star has sought the help from her crystal ball and promoted the IPO of AirAsia X in  B K Sidhu’s source said “AirAsia X IPO over subscription rate is 3 to 4 times”!
Ever since the closing of the said IPO, tThere was no thunderous announcement from Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and/or his CIMB’s advisor. If we were to believe BS Sidhu’s highly professional promotion article in the Star the IPO of AirAsia X had to be over-subscribed by at least four times if not more than five!

12 thoughts on “Does AirAsia deserve to be the “Golden Child” / “Ibarat Anak Mas”?

  1. Why must the government gives AA special treatment? Even the safety issue had to be compromised. Why must the government had to bow down to this low caste people and low caster airline?

    It is about time that AA had to follow the wishes of the people. The best way to teach them a lesson is to boycott it. Do it where it hurts. Lets see whether Nazir Razak can carry on to support.

  2. A government should not tolerate a company like AirAsia. It all started from the day of the Slumberjack. When AirAsia just started for a short time, the Slumberjack build a new LCCT cost RM120 million – a warehouse like building. After just two or three years the Slumberjack pay another RM120 million just as cost for renovation. Remember the contractor was again Fajah Baru (Rembau). The son in law should know about this.

  3. AA had gone a bit too far. It is about time to check and make them behave like an airline in other countries. The Khazanah boys must be made to realize that AA is not part of Khazanah or another GLC that need to be protected.

  4. As we have expected such adverse news of “anak mas” about AirAsia was not reported in the Star. Only adverse news on MAHB or positive news of AA will be re reported and highlighted in the Star. We must beware of the hype of AA and other publicities. The publicities is to mislead public.

    1. Well, Ganesh……since you think that MAHB is doing such a great job, then how is it that KLIA has not made it to the top 10 airports in the latest 2013 Skytrax World Airport Awards?

      For your edification, the top 10 airports in the 2013 rankings are Changi, Incheon International, Amsterdam Schiphol, Hong Kong International, Beijing Capital International, Munich, Zurich, Vancouver International, Tokyo (Haneda) and Heathrow.

      So, does it mean that KLIA can’t hack it against the likes of Changi?

      Or how is it that the Singgies manage to get this right, as they do in many other things?

      YB Wee – why aren’t you cudgelling MAHB on their slippage out of top 10 airports ranking? Unless, of course, you think that it’s a matter of little consequence.

      Or why not ask if MAHB has the gumption to benchmark KLIA against Changi and make the results public?

      I am sure that many people would be interested to find out just how good MAHB is in managing and growing it’s flagship asset against the best in the world.

      And while we are on the subject of Skytrax rankings, the latest 2013 World’s Top 10 Airlines shows (in descending order): Emirates, Qatar Airways, SIA, Ana, Asiana, Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Garda (at #8!), Turkey Airlines and Qantas.

      MAS, if you want to know, is ranked #14 (it ranked #10 in 2012).

      I mean – Garuda at #8???

      Now let’s hear what the apologists for MAS and the MAS staff unions have to say about this.

      Or will they be gormless enough to proclaim that hey, MAS is still the 14th best airline in the world?

  5. Didn’t know the Star saw it fit not to publish the reply from the Deputy Minister of MOT in Parliament. Of course, such bad news against AA was never important to Star and its junkyard journalist B K Sidhu. Ka! Ka! Ka!

    Thank you YB for highlighting for us to know otherwise we will be led by the Star to believe that AA/Tony F and Tony Pua were correct in their criticisms against MAHB on KLIA2.

    Now it is becoming more and more obvious that the Star is the mouth piece of AA/Tony F/Tony Pua.

    1. Is the Hon Deputy Minister fully conversant with his portfolio or is he repeating what has been prepared by his Ministry’s bureaucrats or by the brains in MAHB?

      Because if he’s au fait with his portfolio, I’d like to ask him if Malaysia has a national aviation policy, what measures are being taken to make Malaysia a fully-fledged regional air hub, how the Asean Open Skies agreement will affect Malaysian airports (especially KLIA) and whether the government is prepared to ditch bilateral air services agreements in favour of open skies.

      I am assuming, of course, that he has the nous to give cogent, well thought out and well articulated responses to any or all of the above.

      1. Malaysian national aviation policy?
        Kowtow to all of Tony F’s whims………..

        We have a lot to learn from s’pore in terms of pragmatic n useful aviation policy making… Even the indon’s have it better than us now…….

  6. The Star has been publishing the complaints about the delay of the completion. Story after story were published. When the Deputy Minster replied in Parliament, of course, not a word out in the Star. May be the Star has no reporter in Parliament at that time or its reporters were all stationed in Tony’s office for a special interview. This is how the Star has played its role in news reporting.

    1. So, what new light did the Deputy Transport Minister shed on the KLIA2 imbroglio?

      Apart from showing that MAHB may be a “toothless” tiger in being unable to “freeze” the specs for KLIA2 before work on the project commenced.

      Compare this to what’s happening for the new Terminal 4 at Singapore Changi Airport.

      According to reports, CAG (Changi Airport Group) had intensive discussions with ALL stakeholders (airlines, ground handlers, retailers, F&B operators, police, customs, immigration, ground transport operators etc) to understand their wishes and requirements before the specs for Terminal 4 were drawn up, agreed and “frozen”.

      Can MAHB state categorically that it also did all of the above for KLIA2?

  7. what nonsense is this ? AirAsia and star newspaper write saying “””passengers waiting in airports on account of KLIA2 delay””””””
    LYING BATS AIR ASIA SHOULD STAR THE CRONY TO WRITE OUT THE TRUTH ——–passengers waiting at LCCT on account of ineffecient operations of AIr Asia delayed flights”””

    what nonsense is the CEO crying out about delay in KLIA2 ………am sure they are the contributors to the delay and now BULLYING the government…..
    some body needs to stop these fat arsed bullys

    1. Facts, lah. Just the facts. No throwaway remarks.

      How about rebutting what was posted by yours truly and Petronius?

      For starters, how many LCCs operate flights into and out of KLIA? Besides AirAsia, that is.

      What are the stats for these LCCs for on-time departures and arrivals, flight cancellations and passenger offloading?

      I am sure that MAHB-managed KLIA regularly compiles such statistics.

      How about being open and transparent and making these stats public?

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