Palanivel The Great!

YB Datuk G Palanivel, The Great
YB Datuk G Palanivel, The Great

After the meeting between YB Datuk Palanivel, our Environment Minister, and Balthasar Kambuaya, of Indonesia on 26-6-2013 (Wednesday),  this was what YB Datuk Palanivel the GREAT has been quoted to have told the press in Indonesia:

“Malaysia has expressed the hope that government officials from both countries could work constantly in monitoring and checking the hot spots, especially during the dry season, to prevent forest and peat fires which contribute to the haze problem,” Natural Resources and Environment Minister G. Palanivel told reporters after meeting Indonesian Environment Minister Balthasar Kambuaya.”

After meeting his Indonesian counterpart in Jakarta, Mr Palanivel urged Indonesia to ratify a key South-east Asian treaty aimed at tackling the haze.

The Environment Minister has to deal with this ratification,” he said. “If they can ratify the treaty, then they can go forward.” Full report in HERE.

Such statements would have been found to be reasonable if the severe haze that was caused by the “slash and burn” in Riau Province a few days ago was the first of its kind.

Bearing in mind that this was not the first time that Malaysians had to suffer from the seasonal haze yearly, the statement of YB Palanivel was a disgrace to all Malaysians. It would have been better for him to say nothing after the meeting.

Yours truly is sure that after the 3 days of severe haze from 24-6-2013 onward, the overwhelming majority of Malaysians would expect our Minister of Environment to register our disgust to the “tidak apa attitude” of the Indonesian Government towards the “slash and burn” in the Riau Province and demand for severe actions to be taken against the culprits in the hope of preventing such haze will not be recurring.

It would appear that our Environment Minister did not have the courage to ask his Indonesians counterpart why Indonesia did not take action to sue Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) and Asian Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited (APRIL) for damages of US$225 billion for their activities of “slash and burn” of plantations and peat land  in 2007, and what are the actions to be taken to stop the activities of “slash and burn” for good.burning .

The arrogance of Indonesian Minister in HERE.

For background articles please read in HERE & HERE.

5 thoughts on “Palanivel The Great!

  1. Borhan

    He looks like an idiot. Not fit to be an office boy let alone minister. When we were experiencing severe haze, he was doing something else. Until this day he has not came out with a press statement what was the outcome of his meeting with the Indonesian Environment Minister. Useless fella. How could Najib pick an idiot to be his minister. He is not the only one in the present Cabinet.

  2. Shan

    If we are lucky there will be no more haze from now. Next year we will definitely be facing the haze again. Palanivel you are just a joke for the nation.

  3. Petronius

    Contrast Palani’s performance with that of Singapore’s Vivian Balakrishnan. The former is personable, articulate and knows his portfolio well. Furthermore, he has guts, refusing to back when he was criticized by Indonesian ministers (who should have known better).

    What was that saying about monkeys and peanuts?

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