B K Sidhu’s source said “AirAsia X IPO over subscription rate is 5 to 6 times”!

B K Sidhu is the de facto spokewoman for AirAsia & AirAsia X
B K Sidhu seems to be the de facto spokewoman for AirAsia & AirAsia X. She has been known to have written only positive articles on AirAsia and AirAsia X Bhd

The directors/shareholders of AirAsia X Bhd, which is part of the group of AirAsia Bhd, namely Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, Datuk Kalimulah Hassan, Mr Lim Kian Onn, Tuan Omar Ong  and others must be jumping for joy after reading the advertisement campaign article above by Ms B K Sidhu of the Star.  She is a fantastic writer and most fitting to be appointed as the Sale and Promotion General Manager for AA and/or AAX. Yours truly will not be surprised if one day she joins the rank of Tuan Al-Ishal Ishak.

The most glaring parts of her said article are as follows:

“Both the blue and white forms were for retail investors, who incidentally, had over-subscribed for the share by one time thus far, added the source.”

“We reckon the institutional and retail portions would be more than five to six times over-subscribed at closing,” said a source, adding that thus far, AIA and MIDF were the institutional investors keen on the shares.”

This was what Ms BK Sidhu herself stated:

“The road show for the institutional portion, meanwhile, is still under way. The over-subscription rate for this portion is about three to four times thus far. The roadshow has yet to cover US investors.”

Ms B K Sidhu
Ms B K Sidhu

The article was definitely very professionally written by her. Unfortunately, she chose to quote from an un-known “SOURCE”.  May be she was a bit shy to name the “source” which is quite understandable under the circumstances.  Hopefully she didn’t get the information on over-subscription rate from the “chili source” otherwise she will be in hot soup.

Luckily she inserted this paragraph in her article:

“To LURE retail investors to subscribe to the IPO, AAX is dangling a zero fare return air ticket to any destination flown by the airline to investors who buy 10,000 IPO shares, and three tickets for those who buy 100,000 IPO shares as part of its shareholder benefits programme.”

Of course, she INADVERTENTLY left out the AirAsia X Bhd’s par value of RM0.15 per share and the chequered background of AirAsia X Bhd when it was known as Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd aka FAX of Rural Air Services (RAS) fame, in HERE.

Ms B K Sidhu’s full article in the Star is in HERE.

The article of indirect promotion in StarBiz 18-6-2013
The article of indirect promotion of AirAsia X IPO in page 3 of StarBiz 18-6-2013 where Tan Sri Tony Fernandes was quoted to have said amongst other things “may be we will increase the flights to Melbourne to twice-a-day by year-end”. He must have got the prior green light from Ministry of Transport both in Malaysia and Australia for the additional route. An added value to AAX IPO.

The above indirect promotional article in Starbiz of today, in HERE.

Below are the advertisements appearing in the Star today.

AAX IPO advert in Star 18-6-2013
AAX IPO full page advert in Star 18-6-2013 featuring Tuan Azran Rani-Omar, the very liberal Malay.
Azran Rani-Omar
Tweets by YB Lim Guan Eng and Datuk kalimullah Hassan on Azran Rani-Omar taken from the blog Dr MiM HERE.

Tuan Azran Rani-Omar has been hailed to be a “true Malaysian” by none other that Datuk Kalimullah Hassan, a director and shareholder of AirAsia X Bhd, and followed by YB Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister of Penang. To borrow YB Lim Kit Siang words, Tuan Azran Rani-Omar should be hailed as a “Towering Malay”.

Full page dual adverts of AA X & Tune Hotel in Star 18-6-2013
Another full page dual adverts of AA X & Tune Hotel in Star 18-6-2013
AA X advert in Star 18-6-2013
AA X advert in Star 18-6-2013

With two full page and quarter page paid advertisements and two promotional articles in the Star in ONE DAY, over-subscription of four times of the AirAsia X IPO as stated by Ms BK Sidhu should be an under speculation at best!

Perhaps the investing public might want to ask Ms BK Sidhu since the AirAsia X IPO over subscription is 3 to 4 times why was there a need for so many advertisements and articles in the Star in one day. We should not be surprised to see more advertisements of the AirAsia X and/or AirAsia X IPO appearing in the Star and other papers tomorrow, the 19-5-2013 the closing date of the said IPO.

Please read an interesting article by Another Brick In The Wall in HERE.

21 thoughts on “B K Sidhu’s source said “AirAsia X IPO over subscription rate is 5 to 6 times”!

  1. anti betrayal

    Yup… damn right… she always write a good things about Air Asia and spread out the negative side of other airlines; Malaysia Airlines mostly!!!

  2. Anti Pembohong

    Mana boleh predict over subscription? On what basis can one predict over subscription?

    If oversubscribe, why need to promote???

  3. Heng

    Advertisements are the norm for AsiaAsia. That is the only way to LURE as what B K Sidhu said in her article. She is just another mercenary writer for that pariah.

  4. Joseph Lim

    Dont touch anything on AirAsia X. Save your money for other IPOs. Only the Khazanah dunggus will advise GLCs to buy. I hope that BK Sidhu will also buy up the AAX IPO since she was glaringly supporting it all the times.

  5. Anonyous

    She thought that she is very smart with her rubbish. She was trying to fool us in order to please her master. Another tak malu idiot. She better drink more soya source for her own good rather than taking wholesale from her silly source. A good one YB.

  6. Salleh

    She is a typical unprofessional journalist trying hard to suck up to TF. Writing crap and yet the Star give her a space for her to exhibit her bullshit. Deputy New Editor yang tidak tau malu.

    Tomorow there will be more advertisements on the AAX IPO to fool us and she might be writing some more rubbish.

  7. Con Job

    tf on the Board of the Star so this idiot turned into his slave. Really brainless. Her column should be entitled The Brainless.

  8. A Small Guy in Star

    BK Sidhu is the tak malu type. Her skin is as thick as the elephant skin. She will carry on with her nonsense until more heat is on. Hopefully more blogs will come out to teach a lesson. She is just a lackey of TF and you know lah ….

  9. james

    Ka! Ka! Ka! Padan muka si ball carrier. If she can not be professional and had to lick her master, just be a dog will be much better. The Star should change its name to AirAsia News!

  10. Chin

    BK Sidhu called herself a journalist and deputy news editor. She must be joking. She is more of a PR girl for TF and/or AirAsia. just look at articles on AirAsia. She painted a beautiful picture to the extend of AA is a perfect companies. Just what she gets for all the hypes that she did. No credibility.

  11. Johari

    Another 3 advertisements and positive report in the Star again today. Star report did not reflect the actual status of AAX. Star was quick to report the even to Skytrax that was held on 18 June and it already appeared on 19 June. There is a time difference also here. Fortunately the pseudo journo Sidhu did not write another piece of rubbish.

  12. jack1960

    Adverts & Propectus

    Anyone is free to advertise or promote an opportunity…..however many times they wish…….provided the message is sensible based on facts provided in the prospectus that are true….correct…..accurate……

    If not, it will tantamount to lying in public…..this has very serious implications to the integrity of the Malaysia’s capital market…..

    We have seen tremendous over-subscription rates ending in financial tragedy in the past….where would public trust lie then, now or the future….

    At the end of the day, its the investors choice to invest for the better or worse….so be very careful of your nest egg…

  13. Ishak

    Everyone is free to advertise but not every Deputy Editor of News is free to write any rubbish as they like to promote a company by quoting a source. What is so secretive about her source on such matter. When a company director or anyone for that matter refused to be quoted then she should use the info because the source was not confident in what he was telling. But when a person is a mercenary or have received … then she would have to kneel down to stomach whatever instructions given. This is the standard of journalism of this idiot. She has been doing such nonsense for too long. This is the first time that she got from our YB. Syabas YB. A good one.

    Lets she whether she will try again.

  14. Lim

    She should describe herself as a Junkyard or Junkard Journo who relied on maggie source to write. What credibility? Headless and shameless jour no. If she can be a Deputy Editor of News then Starbiz must be churning out business news of very questionable quality. If you want balance business news forget about StarBiz as long as this Junkyard Journo is still the Deputy editor for News.

    Star has 2 Junkyard Journo. Another one is June Wong the blinded PR supporter.

  15. Jamal

    Good to know that beside Sidhu, there is another Super Star journalist June Wong for us to keep tap. Just look at her writing always blindly pro-PR. Star is doing well with one pro AirAsia and another pro PR. What a paper that is owned by MCA.

  16. Hong

    Thank God that there was no verbiage from this junkyard journalist. Well, the retail price of the junkyard journalist preferred AAX retail price is only RM1.20. Calling herself a journalist with writting propaganda for AAX, AA and TF.

    No credibility already. A “journalist” with no credibility is just a bullshitter. There are several in the Star. June Wong is another one.

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