En Mohd Shahazwan bin Mohd Harris was appointed as a director of MAS today


En Shahazwan Harris
En Shahazwan Harris has many directorships to his name.

Encik Mohd Shahazwan bin Mohd Harris has been appointed as a Non Independent and Non Executive Director of MAS effective today, 17 June 2013.

He is  41 years old and currently an Executive Director in the Investments Division of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, overseeing the Aviation sector.  Hopefully he was not one of the key players in the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap that was inked on 8th August 2011 and reversed eight months later by YAB PM.

Prior to joining Khazanah in 2005, he was Senior Vice President, Investments, at Boston Consulting Group. Earlier, he worked at PA Consulting and Tenaga Nasional Berhad. He is also the director of UEM Group, Fomema Sdn Bhd. He is also a director of Camco South East Asia where Khazanah has a 40% stake in it. He seems to be very involved in renewable energy for the past few years.

The Voice, a publication in MAS, welcomes Encik Shahazwan to Malaysia Airlines! “He has Masters and Bachelors degrees from two acclaimed universities in the UK, the field of Mechanical Engineering and also holds an MBA from the prestigious MIT Sloan School of Management. We are certain that his expertise and experience will be valuable to the Board of Directors in steering Malaysia Airlines to success” said The Voice.

9 thoughts on “En Mohd Shahazwan bin Mohd Harris was appointed as a director of MAS today

  1. Vaneria

    Dont flaunt their degress. Menyampah, meluat ….

    Azman Mokhtar hail from Cambridge but end up a dunggu. Omar graduate from Oxford but is no ong for the country.

  2. Musa

    Khazanah is infested with CONsultants. Good at papers shuffling. Now that the auditor general will also be auditing Khazanah then we will see more thing will be revealed. Shahazwan another Azman Mokhtar crony to be place in MAS. What does he know about aviation industry except to take instructions from certain Red Indian.

  3. Crony in Khazanah

    It seemed that beside this con-sultant Shahazwan there is no one else in Khazanah to be a board member of MAS. Surely the ex-ceo of MAS before the share suap, Tengku Azmil, will be more appropriate to be appointed but may be he is no crony to Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and he knows too much about MAS.

    Shahazwan will be warming the seat and enjoying the free travel and other perks that come with the directorship. Another form of leakages for MAS. This CONsultant Shahazwan is of no benefit to MAS but to the puppet master. Ptui! Ptui!Ptui! to Azman Mokhtar and Nor Yakop.

  4. Fairus

    Muka seperupa si kitol nak jadi director MAS. Kroni Azman Mokthar ini tak layak jadi director MAS. Saya bersetuju Tengku Azmil yang juga didalam Khazanah lebih layak daripada si kitol ini.

  5. Sham MAS

    Shahazwan is just another crony of Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Nor Yakop. We had to keep an eye on this crony. May be another Danny boy in the making.

  6. jack1960


    Other than kow towing to major shareholders in Board decisions….I fail to see what positive role this classification of a member of the Board can honestly and constructively contribute to the intellectual strength, depth and experience of the MAS Board, regardless of academic qualifications.

    This is a corporate governance issue where integrity is the cornerstone and the effectiveness of the Nomination Committee is crucial in evaluating and recommending to the BOD, new Board appointees……which can make a positive or even transformational impact on the Boards effectiveness….in setting out crucial policies…..

    An independent….Non-Executive….type with strong civil aviation background…maybe more appropriate……we have already seen enough failed appointees from the financial sectors…..clueless to the vagaries of civil aviation, in principle and public transportation, in general.

    1. Anonymous

      Air Asia will start sending their A320 to MH engineering for hangar check effective 1st July 2013
      Let the rape & plunder of MH begin!!!

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