Anymore of the like of “Al-Ishal Ishak” left in MAS?

Star report 10-6-2012 showing En Al-Ishak the new Re-branding Manager of AirAsia. He was appointed as Re-branding officer in MAS just after the notorious MAS-AirAsia share swap
Star report 10-6-2012 showing En Al-Ishal Ishak (circle in red) the new AirAsia Group head of brand and ancillary income. He was previously the the head hunted VP of Promotion and Marketing of MAS during the famous  MAS-AirAsia share swap.

It would appear that En Al-Ishal  Ishak was head hunted and appointed as the VP for Promotion and Marketing for MAS by the management of MAS  during the height of MAS-AirAsia share swap.  Prior to his appointment in MAS he was involved in IT but rumor has it that he is extremely talented in re-branding, which was only discovered by the management of MAS at that material time.

With his gifted special talent in re-branding, En Al-Ishal Ishak was entrusted by a few newbies in MAS to turn around by way of  re-branding of MAS.  What a clever move that was!  Please read HERE.

En Al-Ishal Ishak for reason best known to him and the newbies in MAS kicked start part of the turning around process with the great idea of changing the well established logo of MAS in RED and BLUE to pale blue.  A colour which was thought to be associated with funeral. 

The art work by Landor Associate
The art work by Landor Associate

Hence came the appointment of Landor Associate from London to redesigning the new livery to be used on all the MAS aircraft.  By the way the re-branding and re-designing of the MAS logo was never brought to the Board of Directors of MAS for prior approval.  It was approved by a few little napoleon in MAS at that material time.  The same modus operandi when the famous En Rashdan Yusuf aka Danny, then then Deputy Group CEO of MAS, flew to London in a rush to sign the sponsorship with the football club QPR, which was recently relegated, on behalf of MAS. Please read HERE, HERE , HERE and  HERE.

The new pale blue logo livery on the A380. What a great idea only for  TURNING AROUND purposes!
The new pale blue logo livery on the A380. What a great idea only for TURNING AROUND purposes!
The established logo of MAS
The established logo of MAS
Thank God the management didn't use the new A380 with the funeral blue logo as its background for the recently launch MAS joining the OneWorld.
Thank God the management didn’t use the new A380 with the funeral blue logo as its background for the recently launched MAS membership in the OneWorld.

The redesigning fees of the pale blue livery of MAS cost more than RM600,000 at that time when we were then reminded that MAS was BLEEDING.  Please read HERE and HERE.

A few months before the MAS-AirAsia share swap was scrapped, En Al-Ishal Ishak left MAS.  It was rumored at that time that he was head hunted to join AirAsia.  At that material time, we didn’t believe such rumor as it will not be wise for someone who was head hunted to leave and join AirAsia which may not be politically correct to do at that material time. Well it is now confirmed that En Al-Ishal Ishak has joined AirAsia as speculated by the MAS staff at that material time.

Hopeful there will be no more the like of “Al-Ishal Ishak” in MAS now otherwise … .

Tuan Omar Ong, the much talked about personality of late in the blogsphere. He is also the founder of the famous Ethos Consultant
Tuan Omar Ong, the much talked about personality of late in the blogsphere. He is also the founder of the famous Ethos Consultant.
Two good friends were laughing away. Left: Daato' Seri Nazir Razak, the CEo fo Cimb Bank Group and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes of AirAsia Bhd and AirAasia X Sdn Bhd
Two good friends were laughing away. Not sure about what?  Left: Dato’ Seri Nazir Razak, the CEO of Cimb Bank Group and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes of AirAsia Bhd and AirAasia X Sdn Bhd

By the way Tuan Omar Ong, who is quite a famous personality in the blogsphere recently, is also a director of AirAsia Bhd and the founder of Ethos Consultancy.  He was rumored to have been involved in the IPO of AirAsia X Bhd, which IPO price was ten times its par value of RM0.15, in HERE. Yours truly is absolutely sure that Tuan Omar Ong was not connected at all with the IPO of AirAsia which was recently launched by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Dato’ Seri Nazir Razak, the CEO of CIMB Bank Group.

15 thoughts on “Anymore of the like of “Al-Ishal Ishak” left in MAS?

  1. Rahimi MAS

    He was planted in mas and Aj was so gullible to think that this fella is great. pandan muka. Aj please explain why did you give up the Sydney route that belong to MAS to AirAsia X. Are you the CEO of MAS or AirAsia X. Are you going AA X in the near future?

  2. stakeholder

    YB(Yang Berkhidmat) WCK,

    Please help post and analyse the ROI of the various re-branding that the GLC seems to have so much penchant for. How much are the consultant fees? How much is returned to stakeholders. Often I feel is the CEO and BOD ‘syok sendiri’ exercise, or is it also a case of pocket sendiri?

    The latest and what appear to be the most silly rebranding is to the Petronas logo!

  3. Masturabaiduri

    Sickening. It appears everyone wants to put a hand in the government tilt… In this case through robbing MAS to enrich AA & AAX.

  4. Ishak

    You dont like Tony and AA.but they are the best talent in Airline.Otherwise how do they manage to sell Air Aias X shares from .15 sent to $1.40 IPO.

    Do you think the International Investors a bunch of fool.

    1. weechookeong


      I am sure that AA is the best talent in the aviation industry not only in Malaysia but throughout the world. So is Oasis in Hong Kong which folded up some two years ago. May be with no help from Cathay Pacific and/or the Hong Kong government in getting more routes from Cathay Pacific under Air Rationalisation Programe – Hong Kong has no such program only during Badawi Adminsitration in Malaysia. By the way, there is no Rural Air Service (RAS) scheme for Oasis too.

      I hope that the international investors will buy up most, if not all, of the AAX IPO. I am equally sure that RM1.45 IPO price is a give away price. No doubt it will be over subscribed by at least 10 folds. It will no doubt make history in Bursa KL on it closing date on 19-6-2013.

      Thank you

      Wee Choo Keong

      1. Johari

        I support YB’s suggestion that the foreign investors should buy up all the AA X IPO since it is of blue chip standard. I best my bottom Ringgit that there will only a few foreign suckers will buy it. A company loaded with debt and needed IPO badly to survive or unload. Malaysians please stay clear from this shit. The GLCs too must stay clear. We know that Khazanah is closed to the people in AA X.

    2. King

      I also hope that the foreign investors will buy up all the IPO and Malaysians will not be burdened if it suffers the same fate as other low caste airlines that have collapsed in USA and India.

      EPF and other GLCs must stay clear from this AAX IPO. There are other much better IPO. For a start Richard Brnason has pull out. Please also remember that all the original directors like Tony Fernandes, Kamarudin Meranun, Lim Kian Onn and Kalimullah bought their shares at 15 Sen. They will just sell after listing and got an immediate profit RM1.30. Malaysians will be left behind to carry the baby.

      Thank you Ishak. We all believe you that AirAsia is very talented. As YB put it the special talent with the help of Slumberjack. AA must also thank Aj for giving up Sydney route of MAS to AA so that TF can brag.

    3. ismail

      Two more days to go for AA X IPO. Hope the foreign investors including ANA from Japan will buy up all the IPO so that Malaysians will be spared of the agony later. Hope you are buying the AAX IPo too. God bless you.

  5. ROSLI

    The share swap was to screw MAS. Thats why AA people have been put in strategic positions in MAS. Al-Ishal Ishak was just one of them. Thank God that Al Ishal Ishak had left MAS otherwise more re-braning exercise will be done. MAS will not be able to use any more red color because Tony has once said that red is exclusive to AA only. But MAS has been using red as its corporate color since its inception. Many years before AA came into the aviation picture in Malaysia.

  6. Anonymous

    Omar Ong is also in Petronas, War Room and advisor to the PM. THere is an allegation that he is also involved in the AES. Wow! WOW! WOW! No wonder everything is in a mess.

  7. Kamal

    Al Ishal Ishak was the planted man in MAS during the share suap. He has no interest to look after MAS. He was taking instructions from the Pariah.

    How can you defend Omar Ong YB? His name is now stink in the blog sphere. He is one of the Fourth Floor boys. His boss is the son-in-law and not Najib.

  8. jack1960

    Whatever remnants of planted key personnel or ex-consultants still in the employment of MAS have to pull their weight for the benefit of the national carrier, the nation & all Malaysians. Witch hunts are irrelevant now, its survival & growth time. The BOD & AJ has to make do with each & everyone of the MAS workforce.

    However, intense public scrutiny through all avenues including YB’s blog MUST CONTINUE as some sort of a check and balance.

    To me, whatever is within the control of the BOD must be further enhanced and not compromised by unnecessary political pressure, within reason & logic. Catering needs to be improved & costs re-looked in earnest, if asset unbundling could be undertaken before, why not unwinding a totally lop-sided agreement. Engineering must not to compromised and must stay in-house for control. Privatizing is not a wise choice.

    Lastly, MAS personnel was and is not without talent, key is to find (& quickly) a management style to release the latent talents (& experience) available. Just look at the demand by other carriers of former MAS staff. The last decade of external consultant led turnaround teams have little to show for it vis-a-vis the RM millions spent to hire them.

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