AirAsia & AirAsia X have not handed over unclaimed airport taxes to MAHB

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There was a campaign by AirAsia against the increase of airport tax, which is a revenue to the Government to maintain and upgrade our airports.

All airport authorities through out the world have imposed airport tax. AirAsia (AA) was the only airline with the ability to owe airport tax and other charges to the tune of over RM132 million. When yours truly brought up the issue in Parliament a few years ago, AA finally settled it with a discount of RM25 million as “incentive” by the then Minister of Transport, in HERE.

Yours truly has also brought up the issue of the airport taxes paid by no-show (untraveled) passengers, which was not refunded and kept by AA. It must be noted that no-show (untraveled) passengers need not pay airport tax as they have not used the airport facilities.

On 23-11-2011 the Minister of Transport has confirmed that from 2002 to August 2011 AirAsia had kept airport tax of no-show (untraveled) passengers totaling RM6,432,697.00 and AirAsia X RM498,000 from November 2007 until November 2011.  By now the figures should have been more than RM7  million. Please read the reply from Minister of Transport reply in HERE.  Please also read related posting in HERE,

Yours truly has informed Parliament that all airlines are collecting agents for MAHB and have no right to retain any airport tax of no-show (untraveled) passengers and it should have been refunded automatically to the passengers concerned or handed to MAHB to handle it.

A dateline has been set for all unclaimed airport taxes of the no-show (untraveled) passengers kept by all airlines prior to 2012 to be handed over to the Government under the the provision of Unclaimed Money Act by 1-1-2013 and thereafter at the end of every subsequent year.

Airline has no right to retain and/or forfeit airport taxes paid by no-show (untraveled) passengers and treated them as its profits. The authority was correct in imposing such a condition that airlines had to hand over unclaimed airport tax paid by no-show (untraveled) passengers as provided under the Unclaimed Money Act.

Yours truly believes that after the dateline of 1-1-2013 AA and AirAsia X have not handed over the said unclaimed airport taxes to the Government. MAHB and/or Minister of Transport to explain why no action has been taken when AA and AirAsia X did not hand over the unclaimed airport paid to MAHB.

30 thoughts on “AirAsia & AirAsia X have not handed over unclaimed airport taxes to MAHB

  1. Samsonite Bag

    It is best that KLIA collect the airport taxes directly from passengers, like what it is being done in some airports round the world.

    MAHB should forget about collecting the airport taxes via the airlines, as they are now proven to be very untrustworthy.

  2. Eduard Loong

    Air Asia has consistently returned airport tax due to me, but always taking their own sweet time of about 1-3 months to credit the amount from the day I made the request for refund, and if I’m not mistaken there’s a processing fee for that too.
    In contrast when a neighbour airline changed their flight schedules which I found to be inconvenient, I opted for a full refund, & the money was credited to me within 3 weeks, with no processing fee charged.

    I would also like to question Air Asia policy to charge fuel surcharge, & forfeiting the money when a passenger fails to show up. After all the passenger did not take the flight, and the surcharge should be considered superfluous. The fuel surcharge should be refunded to the passenger as well.

    1. Ch'ng

      Mr Loong

      You are not the only one experienced such problems with AA. I also had the same problem with slow refund and deduction of administration charges. Deduction should not be done a AA had already forfeited the fare as its profits. In fact the Government should make it a regulation that all airlines must automatically refund airport tax, fuel charges to no show passengers. The airline has no right to keep this money. It is not their. It belong to the no show passengers.

      The government must act on this. This should also be part of the Government’s Transformation Policy.

  3. Pak Din

    What is the problem with MAHB? If AA or AirAsia X are not following directives/regulations of MAHB just suspend their landing rights and utilization of the airport facilities. Why AA/AirAsia X dare not offend other airport authorities overseas because they knew they will get hammered. MAHB just take actions and don’t let these low caste airlines to bully you.

  4. Joe

    AA got special immunity during the time of the Slumber Jack. No wonder it was given a massive discount of RM25 million for settling a debt that it should have paid many years ago. The Government should have imposed interest on the debt. Hope that the Government will take the necessary actions to impose interest on the debt on the unclaimed airport tax for no show passengers.

  5. Yushaimi

    MAHB ambil tindakan. Gatung perkhidmatan terhadapa AirAsia dan AAX sehingga mereka membayar airport tax yang tidak dituntut oelh penumpang2. Janagan kasi muka lagi.

  6. Masturabaiduri Ahmad

    Shariah compliance investors should refrain from investing in AA and AAX. They are taking Haram money.

  7. bourne identity

    i think the government needs a a King of Snake catchers to catch a king cobra in the form of T… – btw…has anyone heard of him speak bahasa malaysia before?

  8. kiasu

    Kenapa diberi diskaun rm25 juta sedangkan the whole amount is paid by passengers, not Air Asia?

    Mantan Menteri Pengangkutan wajar dipanggil untuk beri keterangan. Ada unsur rasuah di sini, atau setidak2nya menyalahguna kuasa untuk kepentingan syarikat Air Asia, bukan kepentingan penumpang iaitu rakyat.

    Sudah tentu Pemangku Menteri Amaran Pengangkutan sekarang tidak akan ambil endah perkara2 begini. Kerana beliau lebih selesa naik helikopter daripada kapalterbang tambang murah.

    Lagi pun, apa peranan Pemangku Menteri itu sekarang ya? Memastikan Air Asia sentiasa ceria dengan cat baharu?

  9. Johari

    Just look at the list of personalities involved in AirAsia and AirAsia X. All connected to Tingkat 4. Then you will not be surprised why the 25% discount given during the time of Slumberjack. Now lets see whether MAHB dares to take actions.

  10. Yahya

    MAHB just take action. Why must AirAsia be immune to actions? Is MAHB scare of Khazanah? Share suab sudah koyak. Forget about Azman Mokhtar, just take actions that is what we want to see.

  11. Ishak

    I spoke with Dato Aziz Bakar today on this issue.

    His reply was.” They want to give the money to ministery of Finance but was told by MOF officer they cant accept it,No reason was given.Looklike they have to send this money to unclaim money with Bank Negara.”

    Can you check with Ministary of Finance.Any truth.?

    1. Sugu

      If you believe that then you will believe anything under the sun. Prompt payment is not practice in AA. The readers have said here that AA took many weeks to refund the airport tax of several Ringgit after the deduction of its administration cost. Based on this, it will be hard to believe Aziz Bakar.
      The Government should do a thorough audit of the unclaimed airport tax. We can take the figure as provided by AA.

    2. Azim

      What do you expect from Aziz Bakar the kuncu of TF. I will not be surprised if he were to tell you that they didn’t owe airport tax previously and they wanted to pay but MAHB refused to accept the airport tax. It is all bullshit. If AA is sincere then it should have refunded the airport for no show passenger and no deduction for administration charges. Aziz Bakar is full of bullshit.

  12. mohd. natar

    WCK, once again YOU have done a good job. Thank you for bringing up this issue to the public at large. If as what you have revealed is true, It forces me to ask a simple question!. What and why is AA and AAX so special in the eyes of the government?….

  13. I fly Anything-But-AllAlcoholics

    RM25m subsidy by the Government for AA.
    RM7m Rakyat money kept by AA for themselves.

    Surely, these are ok to help AA be a success story to inspire Rakyat and to convince Rakyat that Everyone can “fly” (literally and metaphorically as in being successful)?

    I don’t mind not having fake “champions” who quietly depend on government subsidies, unethical practices, continuous government changes in regulation to suit AA’s lower-than-acceptable global safety standards. But hey, Rakyat vote with your actions, Rakyat vote to make AA successful by flying AA.

    Rakyat deserve everything that Rakyat get.

  14. Kanalingam

    TF was known to have said that AA did not get government help for its “success”. To him “success” mean with his hypes and spins in the friendly newspapers like The Star. You can see for yourself that no negative news on AirAsia or AirAsia X was ever published in the Star. But for MAS it is a different story altogether. MAHB or the government, what are the actions to be taken against AA and AirAsia X for not handing over the unclaimed airport taxes of the no-show passengers?

  15. Joe

    Lets not waste time with this unscruplous airline. We now have a choice. We can travel with Malindo, Firefly and MAS. MAS is also competitive too. We must teach AA for mistreating us. When come to refund of airport tax it will impose administrative charges. What administrative charges when they have already forfeited the fare together with fuel surcharge. Bloody con job. Boycott it and see whether AA can still mistreat us.

  16. Parameswaran

    I fail to understand why MAB cannot lodge a police report on this matter?
    Other who fail to pay up dues in KLIA premises to the airport operator go through the usual legal actions as mentioned in their agreements with the airport operator.
    But this airline is special?

  17. John behan

    T… the “Shonk” has been dragging Malaysias reputation through the mud for years with his unfailing ability to ste.. customers money with his planned & computer controlled flights to paradise , he owes so much money to ripped-off customers & lives a totally seperate life far from the reality of his companies criminal activities , he has absolutely no intentions of heading a reputable company because by playing fair he would no longer have a business , at last the customers are starting to fight back & soon he will be made accountable for the blatent frauds that the poor public have had to endure…….

    1. weechookeong


      Thank you for your comment/question.

      Under the Statute of Limitation you have 6 years to claim back whatever is due to you in a transaction. In this particular is is a bit different. I believe that you have a legitimate right to claim back your airport tax from KLM since you did not travel in 2006. Please write a letter to KLM to request for the refund. Please enclose the copy of the plane ticket in the letter.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of help.

      Have a pleasant weekend.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  18. Shamsudin MAS

    YB AA X has been rewarded with the approval to list in Bursa KL despite not handing the airport tax for no show passengers. Nasir Razak, the PM brother, is at it again. During the share swap he was also involved. This fella never learn. Members of the public must be cautious with the IPO of AA X. AA group is empty cans. AA X will not be able to survive. Remember AJ of MAS came to its rescue when it had to terminate its London, Mumbai and Delhi route. The brainless AJ bend over backward to help by charging AA X RM1,100 for KL to London which is below cost. My advice on the AA X IPO is to stay clear from it.

  19. anonymous

    For info on 24th May 2013, IATA (International Air Transport Association) issued a memo to all BSP Participants in Malaysia on the suspension of Air Asia with immediate effet due to fail to pay BSP processing & management fees to IATA. Well they cant afford to pay IATA so do you think they will refund the money to MAHB ?

  20. John behan

    Behan Behan
    Ton., how can you carry-on & enjoy life as if there was nothing wrong in your world ,the truth is you are destroying & shattering peoples holiday plans & travel plans & turning peoples dreams upside down & inside out with your shonkey companies ,give the people their refunds ,you cancelled their flights , you have employed people that only have the ability to steal from the poor travelling public & not deliver a service , you commend these employees on their ability to think-up shonky ways to steal from the customers , just look at the diabolical mess you have created in the Philippines in a few short months , your customers from europe are shell-shocked from the way they have been treated , so true “everyone can now be ripped-off by Air.. “……..Like · Reply · 2 · Tuesday at 10:21pm..French Mustard Ton. will rot in hell someday so he can think about your post forever there!

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