“Compassion to attain peace”

A reader by the name of Abdullah has posted the above video in the blog. Yours truly is really grateful to Abdullah for sharing with us what he has seen. His posting deserves a separate posting by itself. In the same spirit, your truly would like to share it with all Malaysians with the hope that Malaysia will have peace and stability as the nation moves forward under the leadership of our YAB PM Datuk Seri Najib for a better Malaysia.

2 thoughts on ““Compassion to attain peace”

  1. Heng

    This a good way to preach. At least none of the Buddhist leaders incite the people to support or go against the government. This is what a religion is all about. It is above politics. If a cleric want to involve himself in politic then he should join a political party or announce his allegiance. He should stop hiding in his robe and pretend to be a religious leader.

  2. On an unrelated note, how about starting a movement to rebrand the ‘Red Bean Army’ into ‘Red Bean TROLLS’. Much more appropriate. Army has a sense of power and honor to it. Trolls describe them to the T.

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