Was intimidation of voters part of the agenda for “Ala Arab Spring” / “Regime Change”?


Just imagine how this poor disabled voter felt! She was subjected to the intimidation even before she could exercise her democratic right to vote.  Was this the democracy “Ala Arab Spring” that certain groups were advocating for a fair and clean elections?

Just look at the pictures above and below showing what had happened during polling day of the 13th General Elections at about 3 pm in front of the entrance of a polling center, Lee Rubber School, Setapak, Wangsa Maju (P-116).

A disabled voter was not spared of the intimidation. How could the voters vote freely when there was such a crowd right in front of the entrance into a polling center, Lee Rubber School, in Setapak. Wasn’t this amount to intimidation of voters?

The Election Regulations prohibit any form of canvassing near the entrance of any polling center. The observers of the unregistered society known as Bersih, whose leader has been quoted in the press to have admitted that it has received fund from a foreign agency known as National Endowment for Democracy  (NED), was presence. What were they doing there?

For the backgrounds of those who have received foreign fund, please read in HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.

Please also read “Regime Change” ‘ala arab Spring”.

Yours truly was surprised why did the police allow such a protest to take place right in front of a polling center.

Why the Bersih Observers did not take any action to stop it? Why  were Bersih Observers keeping quiet about such act of intimidation which was an affront to the democratic right of the voters?

What was the outcome of the Bersih Observer that was taken to the police station for investigation?

Such acts of intimidation of voters at the entrance of the polling center cannot be condoned. We must demand for drastic actions to be taken against those behind such acts.

5-5-2013 protest at voting centre Lee Rubber School, Setapak Wangsa Maju

5-5-2013 protest at voting centre Lee Rubber School, Setapak Wangsa Maju


Democracy “ala Arab Spring”


Democracy “ala Arab Spring”


Democracy “ala Arab Spring”

The so-called "Observer" from Bersih in red circle.

The so-called “Observer” in red circle from the unregistered society called  “Bersih”.


The Bersih observer was taken to police station.

29 thoughts on “Was intimidation of voters part of the agenda for “Ala Arab Spring” / “Regime Change”?

  1. shamsul Baharein Baharom

    Yang berbahagia Saudara Wee,
    Saya antara pengundi saudara pd pru 2008 dan antara yg pertama menucapkan tahniah serta berharap Ybhg menjalankan amanah dgn baik,terus terang saya katakan disini sayamenundi Tbhg bukan renara Ybhg mewakili PKR tetapi kerana saya telah mengikuti perjalanan kerier politik Ybhg dan saya kagum kerana tuan berani menentang segala yg tidak betul walaupun ianya dilakukan oleh setiausaha Agung DAP Lim Kit Siang dan tuan dipecat dr DAP kerana itu.Saya agak kecewa bila Tuan tidak mencalunkan diri utk bertanding semula dan kita sama2 telah ketahui apa keputusannya.Sekiranya tuan mempunyai apa2 perancangan atau mahu menubuhkan NGO untuk meneruskan khidmat kepada rakyat,sila hubungi saya,saya akan bersama Tbhg untuk sama2 berkhidmat kepada rakyat.
    Akhit kata selamat maju jaya dan sentiasa dlm sihat sejahtera.

  2. Jamie

    why didn’t the police get them to disperse!!
    I can only imagine the amount of people (potential voters) who went away after seeing all that.
    Why were they gathering there anyway??

  3. Zul

    Obviously the observer is there to make sure everything is being carried out as planned. Ambiga shame on you!

  4. TTDI guy

    I hope Ds Najib will make you a senator and appoint you to join his cabinet. Keep up the good work.

  5. Pak Din

    This was the type of electoral process that the Opposition wanted. Where they can intimidate voters but not others. Why is that righteous Bersih keeping total silence about this? Surely voters must be allowed to exercise their voting right freely. I am sickened by such behavior of the Opposition.

    Why was the police not taking actions against those protesting outside the gate of a polling center? The police inaction over the intimidating behaviour must be condemned.

    Keep serving the people YB. You did not contest but you can still contribute in other ways.

  6. Kim

    This was the type of democracy Bersih wants for Malaysia. This was Bersih type of free and fair elections. What a bullshit.

  7. Zaki

    Blatant double standards by PR at its worst…yet they have the cheek to protest the GE13 outcome….but not DUN where they won…bloody kiasu!!

  8. Hamid

    This was part of UBAH that we have asked to support. This was a clear case of threatening voters which should not be tolerated. Hope the police will take actions against the culprit. YB please ask the police what actions are they taking against them.

  9. thesarawakspirit

    Dear Sir, do you know why the people protested? Did you speak to them about why they protested? Unfortunately I am unable to come to the same conclusions based on the photos alone. For example, there are no party flags in the photos to suggest that the people are from any political party. The people were not wearing BERSIH clothes either.
    In this time of national reconciliation, I am keen to only make judgement with sufficient evidence. I don’t want to misunderstand any group of people, since we are all still Malaysians.

    1. Lam


      Are you saying that we should allow those mob to protest right in front of the gate of a Polling Center? This was not intimidation of voters? What other evidence do you need? The pictures say it all. This is the problem with the blind followers.

      1. thesarawakspirit

        Hey guys, thanks for the response but the questions are not answered. Here it is again. Why did the people protest? I expect my wakil rakyat to listen to the people, no matter which political party they support. I can’t read the words on the placards because the photos are not clear.
        Should I ask these questions somewhere else instead?

    2. Abang Hensem

      Of course they were no party flag near the polling station because it is illegal to do so as it is amounted as campaigning. The behavior with the protest and all should make a simple conclusion what type of people voters were facing on that day

    3. The Self denial Idiot

      I just cannot believe this blind man is still in the state of self denial. Look at the photo No; 5 7 6 showing that f..ing idiot with spectacle that was hauled up by the police is a Berish yang amat kotor. Is this not enough? If that Kotor f..ker was hauled with no reason, Ambiga and the Suaram boys will be screaming. Why are they so quiet? Bloody self denial idiot will post such a comment in YB’s blog.

      Lagi 100 tahun lah!

    4. Din

      What was the Bersih guy doing there? Are you trying to tell us that those mobs should be allowed to protest for whatever reason right in front of the gate of a polling center when the rules and regulations prohibited canvassing.All kinds of false allegations have been posted in the social media and people like you just believe in whatever being posted without verification.

      Why only questioned on seats that PR lost but those that PR won were a lll ok. What is the standard of the argument? If the GE is fraudulent as alleged then PR should not take oath of office and sworn into office. Stop your game.



    Pls look at the picture below posted by YB. That bloody KOTOR guy with the vest in yellow and circle in red for you to see. Why was he there? Why was he picked up and brought to the police station? Stop being an emperor apologist.

    How come some of them were already ready with placard? Wasn’t this a premeditated acts? it seemed me that with the picture shown and yet you are asking for more evidence and at the same time on other allegations with doctored pictures or without pictures those blind supporters just followed and accept everything wholesale. Sudah lah. Lain Kali LAH. Cukup lah! Bungkus lah!

    Even with the clear GE results the “2 Alam” still protesting to be PM. Tell him to retire and be on his knees to the Yahudi/Zionists if they still wanted a sour loser. If wants to go on protesting then all the PR elected representatives should not take oath and boycott. CUKUP LAH! STOP BULLSHITTING LAH!

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  12. Gyp Sohara Sahid

    Shame and pathethic. Racist to the bone when they started filtering people by color of their skin.and sometime strike first ask later. Who let loose these ghostbuster.?? Sorry to say most video showed all ‘banglas’ approached are actually more malays in dialect. Now supporters are wearing black despite the fact that so many sectors had come out to deny the situation.Slowly but surely, the truth will prevail. As Ghautama Buddha once said: “Three things cannot be long hidden” the sun, the moon and the truth.”..that is, if they wish to accept it.

    1. megatnajmudin

      Blatant double standards by PR at its worst…yet they have the cheek to protest the GE13 outcome….but not DUN where they won…bloody kiasu!!

  13. Tan Koon Swim

    You became BN friendly after PRU 12 but BN wasn’t friendly to you at PRU 13 (and you didn’t become their candidate). Do you feel betrayed for your trust in them (just like you betrayed the trust in you by the voters, when you stood on PKR ticket)?

  14. Anonymous

    YB, tq for sharing this photo with us. We experianced the same scenario infront of our PDM in Dun Seri Setia. M so sad this is happening in this country. We r malaysian not like arabs. Malaysian r very tolerance …… This is happening b’coz of 1 selfish character called ANWAR IBRAHIM!

  15. Anonymous

    u r still a YB to me.
    back to the election, we all know Dap supporters are mostly Chinese n somehow they gambled that Pkr n Pas will deliver ..to enable them topple BN govt. Such gamble…they must used mathematicians to plot graphs and all kinds of permutations that pointed to a sure win.
    There is a possibility that they have not take everything into account..n variables used too subjective. Serve them right.
    And now trying to topple govt thru demos n what not..
    Another elementary maths miscalculation. When slum and ‘gangnam’ premises burns who are the losers ?

    back to the present….people like u go to heaven

  16. Ibrahim

    Bloody racist. Democracy PR style. Enough is enough. It was ok for them to intimidate the voters but not others. This is the type of democracy the DAP and Anwar Ibrahim wanted for Malaysia. They got it. We will teach them a lesson from now on and in PRU 14.

  17. Kenny

    The pictures tell all the stories. Intimidating the voters by the protest. The DAP cybertroopers posted all the lies. Blackout, Bnagla voters, indelible ink did not last and etc. It all turned out to be wild allegations. The dua alam is still holding rally to protest. The best way to protest is for all PR MPs and Aduns to refuse to be sworn in. THat will be the real effective protest. But Lim Guan Eng and PAS MB in Kelantan can’t wait to be sworn in. What a hypocrisy. It was just to play around with the emotions of the Chinese voters.

  18. thesarawakspirit

    Hello. This is my last try to get honest replies. Anyone here who can answer my earlier questions about why the people are protesting?

    Some of you guys also commented on several things like the BERSIH guy was taken away in a car (not sure how you can deduce that he is taken away to the police station based on the photo). I also wonder why some of you can be so sure that there is no blackout, Bangla voters and non-indelible ink. Even EC admitted that the ink is not indelible if the ink bottle is not shaken properly. Are you guys trolling?

  19. Tan ks

    The 2 alam is still protesting. Lets forget about him and move on. We cannot afford to politicking non stop.
    We must now tell him to go to hisp home country to try his luck out with his new found ability as lecturer. The US msy not want him anymore. Ka ka ka

  20. dollah

    @Sarawak spirit…don’t you know its not allowed to bring playcard eithin 50 meters from the polling station…shows that you do not know rules and regulation. Sorry to say PR supporters why you should behave in this manner? Is this the way civilised people do in this earth? Ask yourself why. Even the police was told not to react even though they have been hurled with nasty words towards them. How do you feel when you were called remarks that is unpleasant? To Mr Wee CK keep up the good work eventhough you did not contest in this election.


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