Farrakhan on “REGIME CHANGE”

Please see yours truly past posting HERE.



  1. G.evng sir, let me hve a humble advice for an ex YB,please go off with some dignity and keep away form commenting on politics as it is sourish taste,please

    • Thank you Mr Simon Lim

      As a Malaysian like any other Malaysians including yourself, I do have rights of freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is not the exclusive right of those who are pro Regime Change with foreign fund. I will defend Malaysia at all costs against the hidden agenda of REGIME CHANGE of foreign power. Malaysia has the right of self determination without direct or indirect foreign interference. In the case of Malaysia, it is the indirect interference of the foreign puppet master through certain organisation in Malaysia.

      I am sorry that the truth hurts.

      Thank you for reading my blog.

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

    • Why dont YOU keep away from this blog. Nobody forced you to come here. When you visit someone’s house and you find it not to your liking, you leave. You don’t ask the owner to leave. That’s rude

  2. Louis Farrakhan is right. He is no “racist” but an anti-imperilaist.

    These liberals and even “leftists” who take money from U.S. imperialist “democracy” NGOs are nothing but the liberal and “left” face of U.S. imperialism.

    Of course, they don’t like the truth to be expsoed, a s Louis Farrakhan has done.

  3. bravo YB well said. I agree withyour statement of freedom of expression. who the hell is Simon Lim to say no to someone who has served the country. Hei Bro Simon, please comment somewhere else lah.

  4. The opposition parties especially PKR and DAP should state their stand on regime change via foreign fund. Of course, Suaram should also state its stand whether it supports the injection of foreign fund for regime change. Why are these lots keeping very quiet about this important issue?

  5. Simon Lim

    You sounded so stupid. Your PR bosses have been screaming for freedom here and there and at the same time you the macai was trying to denying others including our YB from putting up his views in his own blog. You are showing your intolerance of views expressed by others. We must reject the “Cakap tak serupa bikin” politics of PR. Thank you YB for providing us with more evidence of regime change.

  6. Malaysia is a sovereign state. We don’t need NED to help us by falsely promoting democracy in order to destabilize the country. NED should start to promote democracy in Saudi Arabia where there was no general elections.

    We mustn’t allow any organization in Malaysia that are in receipt of foreign fund to function by hiding behind certain NGOs. The government must make a stand of actions that needed to be taken against such organizations.

  7. “….Regime Change with foreign fund.” Share some evidence please. We know you are good with records and etc… quickly show us before G13.

  8. Wow. taking fund from NED. That make sense why so many country in revolution now…. its kinda makes me shivering. Is the fund free of charge? will the leader taking the fund will be subjugated?

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