Is WATAN-online another foreign outfit for “Regime Change”?

Is this another outfit for "Regime Change'?

Is this another outfit for “Regime Change”?

Another new news/video portal has been recently launched in the cyberspace purportedly to provide more information to Malaysians. It calls itself “WATAN–Online”.  Watan was the name of a progressive Bahasa Malaysia newspapers in the  1990s, which was based in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.  Watan was off the street for many years now. Some say that it has assumed another name now. 

The real "Regime Change"

The “Regime Change”!

Is WATAN-Online another news/video portal sponsored by  foreign fund with the hidden agenda for “Regime Change” i.e. getting rid of YAB Datuk Seri Najib’s Government?  Is it the same as certain news portal that has been receiving constant fund from foreign powers/tycoon? Please read IT PREYS ON UNREST” untuk “REGIME CHANGE”.


Its credibility had to be of interest to us, Malaysians, especially during this critical time.  We had to careful in whatever we read these days as we do not want to be a tool to the foreign powers/tycoons that would like Malaysia to follow the path of “Arab Spring” as in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria and the like.  Some politicians are desirous of Malaysia going down this path.  God forbids!  Yours truly believes that this is not what the peace loving Malaysians want to experience.

3 thoughts on “Is WATAN-online another foreign outfit for “Regime Change”?

  1. Parameswara

    Not all that appears online has to be believed.
    That includes blog postings like yours and everyones.
    Watan-online is no exception.
    What is important to us to know/realise is that there are many ways messages are thrust on us.
    We have to use our intellect and decide for ourselves – which to believe and which to ignore.


  2. HM, per

    G’day YB,

    I was working in Darwin when Obama came to town in Nov 2011 and announced his intentions to place 5000 diggers/army there post-Afghan. Last year I was posted in Hong Kong where I can see and feel first hand impacts to diplomatic and on-ground events when China flexed her muscles – first on Spratly in early summer and then on Senkaku/Diaoyu in early autumn. Disconcerting, to say the least.

    It doesn’t take a genius to know why Washington is, slowly but surely, shifting her policies to Asia Pacific region from being Middle-East centric in past decades. This year the great States of America has managed to be dependant-free of Middle-East oil and going by the initiatives set under Obama, this will be the norm for years to come. So, who cares about Middle-East, apart from the welfares for Israel of course..:-)

    Whether we like it or not, with this shift in Washington’s policy, SEA countries are becoming strategically important. Philipines and Singapore have made clear where their allegiences are, but not so for Malaysia. We have ‘cautious friendships’ with America & Australia and ‘friend-with-benefits’ status with China. Malaysia’s scalp is a trophy to be had – any which way is seen as a fair game (for ‘them’ and a ‘U ulang I saman’ honchos in Malaysia *wink*)

  3. Foreign Agent

    we have to be more careful if the news portal is funded by foreign agencies. of course, we had to careful with what we read. it would be better if we have knowledge of its background. For example whether is funded by NED of USA or George Sorros.


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