Danau Kota Flat owners paid for their water supply, yet Danau Kota Management owed SYABAS RM190, 619.85

Mr David Lim Kok Chu, the manager in charge of Danau Kota Flats
Mr David Lim Kok Chu, the manager in charge of Danau Kota Flats

Yours truly has given notice to Mr David Lim Kok Chu, the manager of Danau Kota Management Services Sdn Bhd (Danau Kota Management) to clarify by yesterday whether it was going to settle the electricity and water bills incurred for the Danau Kota Flats off Jalan Renting Kelang. As expected, he didn’t bother to respond on the total debt of RM674, 009.35 owed to TNB and Syabas. Please read HERE.

It is the practice that Danau Kota Management will issue invoices for Sinking Fund, maintenance chargers and water charges and the residents/owners will have to pay for these charges. As for the water charge, the owners/residents will pay according to the usage of the water supply as can be seen from the invoice and receipts below.

Under such circumstances how could Danau Kota Management chalked up such a big debt of RM674, 009.35 of which RM483, 389.50 for electricity and RM190, 619.85 for water supply.

According to the calculation based on the total owners/residents of  1, 914 units of flat, the Danau Kota Management Services was collecting an average of  RM88, 044.00 for maintenance charges and RM7, 656.00 for Sinking fund from the owners/residents monthly.

Assuming that the Danau Kota Management commenced the said collections in 2007, the total collections until 2012 for the maintenance charges should be RM5, 167, 800.00 and Sinking Fund RM551, 232.00.

Mr David Lim Kok Chu and/or the directors of Danau Kota Management Services namely, Tan Seng Kee, Lim Chin Huat and Woo Siew Lan should explain to the owners/residents of Danau Kota Flats what had happened to the maintenance charges, Sinking Fund and the water charges that have been paid by the owners/residents.

Below are the sample for the invoice, receipt for payment made for water supply and receipt for payment of maintenance charges. The residents who provide the invoice and receipts below have requested that their identities be protected.  Hence, yours truly has deleted the name, address, unit number, receipt  and invoice number.

Invoice for Sinking Fund, maintenance and water charges
Invoice issued for Sinking Fund RM4.00, Maintenance RM45.00 and water charges RM2
Receipt for payment made for water charges
Receipt for payment made for water charges RM110.00
Receipt for payment of  water charges
Receipt for payment of water charges RM24.00

9 thoughts on “Danau Kota Flat owners paid for their water supply, yet Danau Kota Management owed SYABAS RM190, 619.85

  1. Hong Prima Setapak

    This David Lim Kok Chu is also managing a few other apartments that are controlled by a certain politician. The residents there must make sure that the condos are not owing Syabas and TNB.

  2. Krishnan

    David Lim – Where are the money for the sinking fund and maintenance charges? YTL should help his macai David Lim to resolve this problem. The flat owners have paid the maintenance charges and sinking so where is the money. Why still owing RM670,000 to TNB & Syabas?

  3. Lim Danau Kota

    David Lim just settle the TNB and Syabas bills. you are responsible because you have collected all the maintenance charges and the water charges from us. How can you do this to the residents. Stop playing your MCA politics in Danau Kota Flats. We want a proper manager but not a politician or someone trying to play YTL’s politics. Just pay up.

  4. Lim Danau Kota

    Oh by the way, you know how to make donations to YTL’s project but you do not know how to pay the TNB and Syabas bills. where are our money from maintenance charges and sinking fund. Where is our money that we pay to Danau Kota Management for the water bill???

    Don’t tell me that you have used up all the money! You better do something quick before we take actions against you and YTL. nYou better get your YTL here to solve this problem.

  5. Tony Tan Danau Kota

    David Lim has no reason to owe TNB and Syabas so much money unless there was a mismanagement of the maintenance fees and Sinking Fund. We the residents did not know about this previously. You are exposed. Put right the accounts and let us know the balance of the Sinking Fund. No point keeping quiet, David Lim will have to face it sooner or later. He is fond of running to his political master (Datuk Yew) for help. Now it is the time to go to him to get help to pay up this RM674,000 debts.

  6. Lee Block C of Danau Kota

    YB do you know that David Lim Kok Chu has charged each resident of Block C RM500 for the replacement of one of the lifts. 2 of the 3 lifts were spoilt for months. The Rm500 collected was collect many months ago. It was only now that David Lim kok Chu was trying to do something.

    Some of the residents protested about the high charge of RM500. David Lim had no choice and reduced it to RM320. We should not be paying for the lift. David Lim was have used the sinking fund to pay for the lift. Please help us to expose this David Lim the crony of Yew Teong Look (the MCA fella). Please help us as we have been short changed by this David Lim.

    1. weechookeong

      Lee Block C Danau Kota

      Dear Ms/Mr Lee

      Your comments are noted.

      I am aware of this matter. I will take it up with the Ministry of Wilayah.

      have a nice day.

      Thank you


      wee choo keong

  7. Block B Resident

    Thank you YB for helping the residents. When there are problems faced by the residents we don’t see Datuk Yew Teong Look around. He will only appear with David Lim to fool us. He only tells us beautiful picture of David Lim and the management company. David Lim and Koay Teow Lim are all his men. Both David Lim and Koay Teow are busy cari makan at Danau Kota Flats and they don’t take care of Danau Kota Flats properly. Police report should be lodged against David Lim and the management company. WHERE ARE ALL THE MAINTENANCE FEES AND SINKING FUND COLLECTED? Bloody con men!

  8. Michelle Tan

    Hi YB,

    Very good day, understand that this has now almost 2 years. However, the problem is getting worst, and it seems David Lim and the management team did not manage well of our flat. Block D lift’s is always down, either only 1 working or either always got stuck. It is so dangerous for the residents / kids / old folks as the lifts are not maintain it properly.Yes recently the Insurance has now increased and this may cause some burden for lower income family. Moreover, the management is really suck as they did not clean the rubbish and the parking or walking pathway did not clean as well. Too many for us to complaint, yet they will yewling at us if we do complaint. Hope can hear from you for the above feedback.


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