Danau Kota Flats management owed TNB & Syabas a total of RM674, 009.35

One of the blocks of Danau Kota Flats
One of the blocks of Danau Kota Flats

Danau Kota Flat, off Jalan Genting Kelang, consisting of Block A, B, C, D and E.  They have been classified as the low cost flats. This development has changed hand many times with a very colorful history. Many squatters from Kampung Pasir have been allocated a unit in the said flats. All the five blocks of flats has been managed by Danau Kota Management Service Sdn Bhd (Danau Kota Management), whose appointment as the management company for the said flats cannot be ascertained.    

Despite the JMBs have been formed, they have no say in the management of the said flats. They have been asking the management company for the past years annual audited accounts and the balance of the Sicking Fund but their repeated requests have been ignored by the management company.  The JMB members and residents have sought the help of yours truly because they are extremely concerned with the ways in which the said flats have been managed and no accounting records have been made available to them.

The management company has been collecting the monthly maintenance charges RM45.00 and  Sinking Fund RM4.oo from about 1,914 owners/residents. If we were to go by the above, the monthly total collections for the maintenance charges should be about RM88,044.00 and Sinking Fund RM7,656.00.

Assuming for the moment that Danau Kota Management Sdn Bhd assumed the responsibility to collect the maintenance charges and sinking fund from 21-08-2007 (date of change of name of the company from the date of incorporation until 2012), the Sinking Fund should have a balance of about RM551, 232.00 (from 2007 to 2012 at RM4 x 1,914 residents/owners x 12 months x 5 years ) and total collections of the maintenance charges should have a total of about RM5, 167, 800.00 (RM45 x 1, 914 owners/residents x 12 months x 5 years). These calculations were based on the assumption that all the owners/residents paid up all their maintenance charges and Sinking Fund.

As at January 2013 the Danau Kota Management has chalked up a total debts of RM674, 009.35 for the electricity supply with TNB and water supply from Syabas.

The detailed bills for the said debts are produced below.

Electricity supply debt of RM483, 389.50

The average monthly electricity bill for the common areas for each Block of flat is between RM6,000.00 to RM7,800.00.  If one were to take RM8,000 as a flat rate for the monthly charges, the total cost of the electricity for the common area is only RM40,00.00 (RM8.000 x 5 blocks) and there is still an excess of RM48,000.00 to pay for the other expenditures.  Yet the Danau Kota Management chalked up the total debt of RM483, 389.50 with TNB.

The TNB’s bills:

TNB bill for Block
TNB bill for Block A. Total RM84, 840.80
TNB block B
TNB Bill for Block B. Total RM80, 170.20
TNB bill for Block C. Total RM108, 813.65
TNB bill for Block C. Total RM108, 813.65
TNB's bill for Block E. Total RM106, 409.85
TNB’s bill for Block D. Total RM106, 409.85
TNB bill for Block C. Total RM108, 813.65
TNB bill for Block E. Total RM106, 409. 85

Water Supply debt of RM190, 619.85

As for the water supply charges, it is the usual practice that the management company of apartments or flats will have separate meter for each apartment/flat and the owners/residents will be charged according to the usage.  If no payments are made for the water supply over a certain period of time then the water supply to the said unit will be cut off until full payments are made.  In view of this, there is no valid reason for Danau Kota Management to have chalked up a total debt of RM190, 619.85 from Syabas.

The Syabas bills:

Syabas bill for Block A & B. Total RMN64,345.00
Syabas bill for Blocks A & B. Total RMN64,345.00
Syabas bill for Block
Syabas bill for Block C. Total RM46,055.20
Syabas bill for Block
Syabas bill for Block D & E. Total RM80, 219.65


Yours informed that Danau Kota Management Services Sdn Bhd has powerful connections. It is also managing other flats or apartments in the Setapak area. The JMBs must take note that if the said debts are not settled by Danau Kota management Services Sdn Bhd, TNB and Syabas may hold the JMBs responsible. Ultimately, the owners/residents may be held responsible for the said debts.

The relationship of Mr David Lim Kok Chu & Danau Kota Management Services Sdn Bd

Yours truly has also been informed that Danau Kota Management Sdn Bhd and/or its manager Mr David Lim Kok Chu, is also managing other flats or apartments in the Setapak area. It is hoped that other flats or apartments are not owing such huge debts to TNB or Syabas.

Yours truly has written a letter to Danau Kota Management Services Sdn Bhd for the attention of its manager Mr David Lim Kok Chu, who is also a colourful personality in Wangsa Maju, to ask him when Danau Kota Management Services intends to settle the said TNB and Syabas bills, and also to provide all the annual audited accounts for Danau Kota Flats.

Mr David Lim Kok Chu has hold himself out as the chairman of the JMB of Danau Kota Flat Parcel 2. He is so deeply involved with the Danau Kota Management Services Sdn Bhd and at the same time he is also the chairman of the said JMB. He is also playing an active role in the recently set up “Gabungan Badan Bukan Kerajaan” (Coalition of 120 NGOs) by Datuk Yew Teong Look, who has been hailed by YB Liow Tiong Lai, the MCA Deputy President and Minister of Health.

Mr David Lim Kok Chu has been listed as number 49 in the list of the said “Gabungan Badan Bukan Kerajaan Wangsa Maju” the purportedly consists of 120 NGOs of which 73 were unregistered societies as confirmed by Registrar of Societies (ROS) [No: 48 in the list provided by ROS] as shown in “YB Datuk Liow Tiong Lai assisted in deceiving the rakyat”.

The background of Danau Kota Management Services Sdn Bhd

Danau Kota Management Services Sdn B hd was incorporated on 17-07-2006.

Its manager is none other than Mr David Lim Kok Chu, who was responsible for the collection of monthly maintenance fees of RM45.oo and RM4.oo toward Sinking Fund from each owner of resident of Danau Kota Flat.

It has a paid up capital of RM30,000.00 only.

The Directors are:

Tan Seng Kee of 63-A Taman Mahawangsa,  Kampung Berjaya, 05150 Alor Setar, Kedah

Lim Chuan Huat of 47 Jalan 10/26, Taman Seri Rampai, Setapak, 53300 Kula Lumpur.

Woo Siew Lan of T 12, Setapak garden, Jalan Gombak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.

The shareholders:

Tan Seng Kee (I/C no: 501`123-71-5053 )               3, 000 shares

Lim Chuan Huat (I/C no: 600829-07-5653)         10, 500 shares

Woo Siew Lan (I/C No: 610302-05-53580)             6,000 shares

Cheng En-Tzu (I/c no: 800108-14-6075)               10,500 shares

Its last audited account was lodged with Company Commission of Malaysia was for its financial year ending 31-10-2007, which recorded a huge income of RM433,558 and profits of RM32,203.00.

Since there are no other account for years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, we can only assumes that it must have made more profits because it has not been settling the bills from TNB and Syabas for years!

Danau Kota Management Services Sdn Bhd and Mr David Lim Kok Chu must be held accountable for all the debts with TNB, Syabas and others, and all donations made on behalf of the Danau Kota Flats and/or its JMBs to organizations connected to a particular person.

If yours truly and/or the JMBs do not receive a satisfactory reply together with the audited accounts from Danau Kota Management Servcices Sdn Bhd and/or Mr David Lim Kok Chu within the stipulated time then  all actions deemed necessary will be taken against them in order to protect the interest of the JMBs and the owners/residents of the Danau Kota Flats.

8 thoughts on “Danau Kota Flats management owed TNB & Syabas a total of RM674, 009.35

  1. Chiang Danau Kota Resident

    David Lim is the man behind Danau Kota Management Services Sdn Bhd. He is Yew teong look’s man to control Danau kota flat and its finances> Wau! RM5 million collection and sinking funf RM500k. where are the monies?

  2. Resident of Danau Kota

    Expose his dirty tactics of trying to use the unregistered societies/”kongsi gelap” to show that he got support from the NGOs. Majority of the committee members are YTL macai in the MCA. This was the bullshit NGO that he was talking about. I knew that many NGOs committee members were upset that their NGOs have been used by a member or two to support this shameless YTL.

    The Danau Kota flats management has been used by his macai to cari makan at the expense of the Danau Kota Flats residents. David Lim Kok Chu is one of his macai. You are very right to state that until today the residents of Danau Kota flats have not been given a copy of the accounts of the money collected and the Sinking Fund. David Lim run the mangement company like his grand father company with no regards of the interest of the resident.

    At the moment at Block C the lifts are not in working condition. The management was very badly organised. They have treated the residents as non-existent. What the hell are they doing in Danau kota Flat?

    I am very shocked that the management company has already collected more than RM5 million in maintenance charges and more than RM500,000 in Sinking Fund. Yet, they did not pay the TNB and Syabas bill of more than RM674,000!

    The JMBs must join hand to take this matter to the police, MACC and other authorities before the residents are faced with the TNB and Syabas bills.

    YB please help.

  3. Rama Danau Kota Flat

    David Lim Kok Chu or Yew Teong Look must explain why Danau Kota Management Services Sdn Bhd did not pay the electricity and Syabas bills for so many months or years. Where are the maintenance charges and Sinking Fund collected? Where are the account? We asked for these information but no accounts being given. Ask David Lim about the balance of Sinking Fund he just said no money already. Even no money he must account them to the residents.

  4. Mohd Danau Kota

    Tiada alasan untuk hutang sebanyak RM674,000. Wang yang dikutip untuk yuran bulanan dan sinking fund perrgi ke mana? David Lim perlu menjawab soalan ini kepada penduduk-penduduk. Ini adalah jawapan yang kita perlu.

  5. Michelle ~ block d resident

    Really appreciate YB help, we as residents really happy that you can spend that much of time for us! Hope this round on we can fight back as much as we can ;)

  6. Block B Resident


    we must stand up and fight against this David Lim, Koay Teow Lim and Datuk Yew TL. They have been filing us about the management of Danau Kota Flats. David Lim and Koay Teow Lim are only interested in collecting money from us. Lets join up with YB to get rid of them. They have been manipulating the JMB and got only their cronies to occupy the seat to defend them. We must get rid of all the useless JMB members who were keeping quiet about the TNB and Syabas debts of RM674,000.00

  7. im one of the owner of block D flat..never fail to pay my maintenance fee..if this is true, im really really upset bout them..please hunt them hard YB!

  8. sam

    Hi, can i know what is the status of the case currently ? My parents are one the owners there and i just find out this dirty case from your blog. What can us owner do now ?

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