YB Liow Tiong Lai assisted in deceiving the rakyat

The chair thrower
Datuk Yew Teong Look (Yew), aka as “The Chair Thrower”

On 23-2-3013, YB Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai (Liow), the Minister of Health and Deputy President of MCA, has officially announced that Datuk Yew Teong Look (Yew) is the “winnable candidate” for Wangsa Maju. Liow had also announced amongst other things that Yew has won the support of the coalition of 120 NGOs in Wangsa Maju. Please read in HERE.

It would appear that the above statement was made by Liow to re-enforce what Yew has been trying so hard to impress the rakyat that he has the support of all the 120 NGOs in Wangsa Maju. It was just another spin by Yew with the predominant purpose to deceive the rakyat. Yours truly will produce the evidence in the later part of this posting of how Yew had deceived the rakyat.

It was typical of Yew, who will do anything to deceive the rakyat that he was the man behind most, if not all, of the important developments in Wangsa Maju when in actual fact he was merely thriving on publicity stances to the extend of claiming credits for things that he didn’t even lift a finger to do. Solving problems for Yew were by way of press conferences and thereafter, the problems were considered as solved with little or no follow up thereafter. More often than not that the problems were never solved and yours truly was left to pick up the pieces.  

The Danau Kota Uptown nightly Pasar Malam was a clear example where it was allowed by Yew when he was the MP of Wangsa Maju.  The residents have sought Yew’s assistance, when he was the MP, to relocate the pasar malam traders to a another location far from residential area. But Yew did not take any step to resolve this matter.  After yours truly was elected MP, yours truly took it up and DBKL and the Minister of WP, YB Raja Nong Chik, have kindly agreed with yours truly to reduce the trading period to 5 night weekly until it is finally re-located in the foreseeable future. 

There were too many  incidents of claiming for credit to list. For a few glaring examples please read HEREHEREHERE HERE.

By the way, Yew has been credited with playing a key role in the throwing of chairs and creating chaos during the AGM of MCA. In fact, Yew rose to stardom in the MCA during YB Datuk Ong Ka Ting was the President of MCA.

Dr Liow Tiong Lai was helping Yew to deceive the rakyat

Yew & YB Datuk Seri Liow are the "winnable candidates"!
Yew & Liow are both the “winnable candidates” of all times! The “abang-adik” smiling away thinking that they have succeeded in their pursuit of their hidden agenda to deceive the rakyat.
The winnable candidate
Was this “winnable candidate”, thinking of ways to master the art of deception or his beautiful plate number WWW 15?

On 13-12-2012 Yew and his “budak-budak suruhan” were happily distributing Booklets to a group of selected participants. In the said  Booklet  Yew was declared as the “Penaung” of the coalition of the 120 NGOs.  The meaning of the word  “Penaung” in Bahasa Malaysia dictionary is: “Orang Yang memberi lindungan (bantuan, galakan), pelindung.” (A person giving protection [help, encouragement], protector). It was a very impressive title in deed for Yew! 

Of course, the Booklet contained Yew’s “Kata-Kata Aluan” as its “Penaung”.  The said Booklet was very impressive with beautiful photographs highlighting Yew as the star rather than the coalition of the so-called 120 NGOs. The said Booklet also contained a full list of the 120 NGO, three of which were duplicated. Therefore, the total number should be 118 NGOs only and not 120 as claimed in the said Booklet.

Official search from ROS showed 73 out of 118 were unregistered societies

An official search from Registrar of Societies (ROS) showed that out of the 118 NGOs in the said Booklet, only 45 were registered with ROS and the remaining 73 were not registered.

Below are the extracts from the beautiful and expensive Booklet:

The launching of the so-called coalition of 120 NGOs. The official address of this coalition sharing the same address as Yew's office.
The launching of the so-called coalition of 120 NGOs. The official address of this coalition of NGO is sharing the same address as Yew’s office.
Yew's "Kata-Kata Alaun"
Yew’s “Kata-Kata Alaun”. Yew, the “Penaung” (Protector).
List of Yew's so-called coalition of NGOs
List of Yew’s so-called coalition of NGOs. Those marked with BLACK underlined are the duplicate and RED the unregistered societies.
List of Yew's so-called coalition of NGOs. Marked in RED were the unregistered societies.
List of Yew’s so-called coalition of NGOs. Marked in RED are the unregistered societies.

Below was the “Senarai Pengesahan Pertubuhan” from  ROS:

Search results from ROS. Registered society marked a tick and unregistered with X
Search result from ROS. Registered society marked with a tick and unregistered with X. Page 1
Search result from ROS.
Search result from ROS Page 2.
Search result from ROS
Search result from ROS Page 3
Search from ROS Page 4
Search result from ROS Page 4

It was crystal clear that as a minister, Liow, knew or ought to have known of the above facts (i.e. out of the 118 so-called coalition of NGOs which Yew is the “Penaung”, 73 were unregistered societies) and yet he saw it fit to assist Yew in deceiving the Rakyat by giving a false impression that Yew has enjoyed the full support from all the 118 NGOs when 73 were non-existence and the majority of the remaining 45 NGOs may not have held meeting to decide on the issue of joining the coalition or endorsing Yew as the “winnable” candidate.

Regrettably this was the standard of the “winnable candidate” in the eyes of Liow and Liow himself.  Both Yew or Liow have all the rights to believe or dream that they are the “winnable candidates” but definitely not by using such method to deceive the rakyat.

Well, since Liow took great pain in declaring a member of his faction as a “winnable candidate”, let us all agree with Liow for he knows better in the furtherance of his own political agenda.

However, yours truly feels that Liow is more “winnable” especially with his ministerial status and vast capabilities including the above deceptive acts, he should seriously consider coming to Wangsa Maju to join in the fray soon.

To both the “Abang and Adik”: “BO LA WEII … !”


16 thoughts on “YB Liow Tiong Lai assisted in deceiving the rakyat

  1. Syed

    With such evidence how could both idiots be qualified as “winnable candidates”. The MCA minister is definitely not fit. He is just another gaji buta. Not fit to hold any post.

  2. kg Tradisi

    cmne nak jadi calon..kg tradisi pun tak pernah nak jengok-jengok walaupun dijemput!!!
    Kalau datang pun bila ada menteri yg datang melawat ke kg tradisi.




    Tong-sampah Liong has a few skeletons

    in his cupboard too. Remember ‘the Alphard’

    which was given to him by a contractor?

    MACC did not take action. But nothing to stop

    you from using this story to enlighten your

    wangsa maju folks, yes?

    Use all the lies Tong-sampah Liong had put

    up as a poison pill , YB.

    It might choked them [ Yew N Tong-sampah L]

    with their toxins.

    Good luck to you, YB and take care



  4. Lee Danau Kota

    Even on such simple matter the Minister was still trying to mislead or deceive the people. The facts presented by YB speak for themselves. Shameless idiots. How to be winnable like this?

  5. Con Liow

    Liow Tiong Lai, have you sold your WVV 15? If you can cheat the people on such matter what!else you cannot do to us? A real con job. You call your self the MCA Deputy president when you allowed your self to be fooled by this idiot . As a Minister how could you show such bad example to support a person who deceive the people by listing 73 unregistered societies which are non entities. You are not fit to be a Minister -not even a candidate. Winnable my foot.

  6. Leong

    The Minister of Health and Datuk Yew TL should come up and deny the record from ROS were not true and all 120 NGOs are all registered. Just carry on to lie and the rakyat may just believe again. ha!ha! ha!. The stupid Minister got caught with his pants down.

    YTL is just a Bookkeeper and not an accountant as what he has telling us. If he said that he is an accountant ask you to produce his certificate.

  7. Shameless Liow

    Unregistered societies equivalent to “Kongsi Gelap’. The minister and his macai are winnable in their own eyes. Pui! to both of them. On simple matter like NGOs they are trying to play politics.

  8. Warga TSIWM

    Yew TL….how can you be a winnerable candidate when you have brought the Uptown Bazaar to Danau Kota and causes so much of trouble and inconvenince to the residences here.

    Yew TL….you not only created unhealthy living for the residents around the area but also encouraging “Budaya Lepak” among the youngsters. Take a look if you don’t believe us…..youngsters who should be at home are found to be lotering at the Night Bazaar and also at the A-Malik mamak restaurant at 3.00am.

    There are so much of littering and people are also found to park their vehicles hazardly at places which are not meant for parking and causes lot of traffic congestion in Taman Setapak Indah and people going to the Night Bazaar are also found throwing litter at our front gate.

    Yew TL…..tell us how often did we see your face since you were the MP of Wangsa maju compared to YB Wee? If you can’t remember…let us tell you.
    It’s NONE at all……if you were to asked me…DO I KNOW U….the answer is I DON’T and I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT U LOOK LIKE….A MONKEY, PIG OR COW SHIT!!!

    Don’t need people like you to represent the people of Wangsa Maju and shame on you. If I were you YEW TL…..right now I think I akan cari lubang and stuff the face there. You memang buat malu kaum only. Instead of running for MP Wangsa Maju….baik you run for the position of MP Tandas Awam which is more suitable for you.

    Lagi-lagi you stupid MCA office at Danau Kota, why can’t you buggers used your bloody stupid brains (Maybe all your brains are located at your buttock). Not all chinese speak mandarin or read chinese, whenever you distribute booklet, all the booklet are printed in Mandarin…….puittt. let me teach you idiots something, Malaysia is a multi racial country, so print your booklet in 3 languages namely chinese, malay, english and even in tamil. Don’t just speak in Mandarin assholes……not all chinese knows what the hell you are talking about.

    Now Yew TL, do you know why now that you didn’t win in the last GE…..if you still do not know…then you are really a damn stupid idiot. Well anyway whether you know or not….you are still not going to get any vote from me and my family at all.

    YB Wee, we are in for you. Keep up your good work. It doesn’t matter whethe your are from the opposition or indenpent party as long as you are for the RAKYAT….we will vote for you. YB Wee, we are depending you very much to move the stupid Danau kota Uptown which was brought in by that stupid asshole idiot YEW TEONG LOOK.

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