Why is DBKL shy to announce RM200 million ITIS contract awarded to GTC Global Sdn Bhd

"ITIS the way to go" but go where?
“ITIS the way to go” but to go where?
Securing the ITIS Ccntract worth RM200 million
Securing the ITIS Contract worth RM200 million

Yours truly has posted an article calling upon DBKL to announce the name of that “GLOBAL-LY” known company that was awarded the Intelligent Transport Information System (ITIS) contract worth RM200 million, in HERE. Unfortunately, DBKL chose to keep this award under wrap until now. Why? Why? Why?

It is now an open secret that since January 2013 the ITIS contract worth RM200 million has been awarded to that “GLOBAL-LY” known company, GTC Global Sdn Bhd (GTC Global).  GTC Global was formerly known as Gapurna Technolgies Sdn Bhd, the off shoot of a property development based company.

It is mind boggling that DBKL is so shy to make an official announcement that GTC Global has been awarded with the ITIS contract. It is just a wild guess that DBKL may be a bit shy to announce the award because GTC Global is dealing with only the installation of  CCTVs and surveillance system and with no experience with the Visual Message System (VMS). Please read the company profile in HERE.

The previous ITIS that cost DBKL RM370 million was a total failure because it was awarded to a company that has no or little experience in ITIS.

Yours truly has been informed that two weeks ago there was a kick-off meeting held in DBKL where GTC Global did a presentation to DBKL and other government agencies. When questions were asked by Dr Leong, the Pengarah of Jabatan Pengakutan of DBKL, with regards to the ITIS, the officers from GTC Global were unable to answer the simple questions. What a joke?

We do not want to see another ITIS that works for a few months and thereafter KL motorists will only read festive greetings like “Selamat Hari Raya”, “Selamat Tahun Baru”, Selamat Deepavali” and the like from the VMS.

DBKL must be transparent about the award. It must make an official announcement of the award of the ITIS contract and what are the pertinent terms of the contract. We must ensure that there must be sufficient safeguards in the contract to protect the interests of DBKL. There must be Performance Bond of sufficient amount to ensure that GTC Global could perform the contract for at least the next ten years.

Warga KL do not want to see another failed ITIS that cost RM200 million. The ITIS Project in KL has now cost DBKL a total of RM570 million!

Keeping silence is not an option for DBKL.  


6 thoughts on “Why is DBKL shy to announce RM200 million ITIS contract awarded to GTC Global Sdn Bhd

  1. Izamuddin

    If the award to GTC Global was true then ITIS will be another white elephant like what happened to the previous ITIS. YB please get DBKL to officially confirm this. YB was right that GTC Global is a company dealing with CCTV and other security equipment and dnot ITIS. ITIS is a specialised field. These bloody little Napoleon in DBKL must be shot for awarding this ITIS to GTC Global.

  2. The Gooberman

    Gapurna Technologies?

    Is that a unit of the company that is involved in a complicated deal with MRCB for the proposed “PJ Sentral” project?

    Questions to ask DBKL:

    1. What is ITIS meant to do?

    2. How does it benefit the public?

    3. Who drew up the system specifications for ITIS?

    4. Did DBKL call an open tender for this project? If it did, how many companies responded? How many companies submitted proposals?

    5. Were external consultants involved at any stage (such as doing a feasibility study, preparing the system specifications, evaluating the vendor responses and preparing recommendations for the DBKL)?

    6. Does Gapurna Tech have the in house expertise to program and implement ITIS, or will the contract be “farmed out” to a 3rd party?

    These are basic modus operandi for any major IT contract?

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