Once YM Tunku Aziz was a Malaysian “PAR EXCELLENCE” & “TOWERING MALAY”

YM Tunku Aziz has been hailed

YM Tunku Aziz has been hailed by the Supreme Leader of DAP as a Malaysian A “PAR EXCELLENCE” and another crony as “Towering Malay” during the “marriage ceremony”

On 24-8-2008 when welcoming YM Tunku Aziz into the DAP under special “Fast Track” facility in the DAP, only enjoyed by its Supreme leader, YB Lim Kit Siang, who has said in his blog:

Welcome Tunku Aziz into the DAP.

Tunku Aziz, Malaysia’s most famous crusader for integrity and transparency, has been appointed a DAP national vice chairman.

Tunku is a Malaysian par excellence with an impressive c.v. and glittering public service record. He was formerly vice chairman of Transparency International and founder President of the Kuala Lumpur Society for Transparency and Integrity, the Malaysian Chapter of Transparency International.

He was also formerly Bank Negara adviser, Group Director of Sime Darby and Director of Commonwealth Secretariat.

Tunku is one of the ten members co-opted by the Central Executive Commitee (CEC) this morning.”

28-8-2008 YB Lim Kit Siang published the above in his blog

24-8-2008 YB Lim Kit Siang published this in his blog, HERE

YB Tony Pua, the appointed DAP National Publicity Secretary via DAP “Fast Track” system, was equally elated as his Supreme Leader when DAP has managed to entice YM Tunku Aziz into the DAP. Incidentally, YB Tony Pua, who was the former CEO of Cyber Village Holding Ltd in Singapore and known to have also been hailed to be a person of integrity, who had sacrificed the post of CEO for the Malaysians.

Yours truly was, of course, impressed with his credentials especially that of his sacrifice by giving up the post of  CEO in  the said public listed company in Singapore. Yours truly has been told that Cyber Village Holding Ltd was doing EXTREMELY WELL then before YB Tony Pua hastily disposed of his shareholding in Cyber Village Holding Ltd and thereafter the name was changed.  In the spirit of Competency, Transparency and Accountability, YB Tony Pua should tell all of us the “success story” of Cyber Village Holding Ltd i.e. at that material time was Cyber Village Holding Ltd a flourishing company as what it was made out to be?  Why was it necessary for its name to be changed? Whether his wife was connected to the transactions at that material time?   Lets leave the detail discussion of Cyber Village Holding Ltd for another day. 

This was what YB Tony Pua has published about YM Tunku Aziz in his in his blog:

Our search for talent, regardless of race or age, to join DAP has not ended in the last elections. And the latest talent to have joined DAP is certainly no small fry, but instead someone whom many would regard as a towering Malaysian, and he is none other than Tunku Abdul Aziz.” .

YB Tony Pua

YB Tony Pua published in his blog in HERE.

No wonder, the result of the recent DAP CEC Elections held on 15-12-2012 was amended after some three weeks later under very strange circumstances i.e. due to “computer software glitch” that affected only candidates No: 20 and 36.  Rumour has it that the so-called “computer glitch” was accidentally or wrongly programed to accommodate another another “success search for talent” for “Malaysian Par Excellence” and “Towering Malay”!

Tuan Zairil Khir Johari Abdullah, another "Towering Malay" with a very special name

Tuan Zairil Khir Johari Abdullah, another “Towering Malay” with a very special name.

Everyone should have read or heard about another famous Malaysian Par Excellence and/or Towering Malay by the  name of Tuan Zairil Khir Johari Abdullah. It is unusual or even unheard of a Malay would use the full  name of his father in his official name.  In this special case, Tuan Zairil Khir Johari saw it fit to include the full name of his his “late father” YB Tan Sri Mohamed Khir Johari, a former Cabinet Minister, for reasons best known to him.

If for one reason or another, some readers may have not read about Tuan Zairil Khir Johari, who is the Special Assistant to the Penang Chief Minister, YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng, please click HERE.

After YM Tunku Aziz ended his “marriage’ with the DAP which was expected as early as at the time during the “marriage ceremony” with the DAP. His divorce with the DAP took a bit longer than what was expected by yours truly and the others who knew about the dynastic system in the DAP under its Supreme leader then and now together with the “TOKONG”, as described by by the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, YB Datuk Mansor Othman, in HERE.

When YM Tunku Aziz announced his divorce with the DAP officially, suddenly his credential of a Malaysian “Par Excellence” and “Towering Malay” had vanished in thin air and he is now worst than a “demon” to certain quarters.

At last, YM Tunic Aziz has spoken his mind over his unholy “marriage” with the DAP and long awaited “divorce”.  Glad for YM Tunku Aziz.

On 4-2-2013 YM Tunku Aziz has been quoted in Free Malaysia Today to have stated  the following:

Tunku Abdul Aziz, 78, is not your average politician.

For starters, the former Transparency International vice-chairman has spent most of his life battling corruption and promoting good governance in Asia.

He was special adviser to Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Anan, from February 2006 to January 2007, during which he set up the UN Ethics Office.

Despite numerous invites from Umno to be a member, Tunku Aziz had over the years declined its offer, holding on to his belief in multiracialism and inclusiveness.

“That is why I joined DAP in August 2008, because I believe in multiracialism and they aspired to be just that,” he said.

“I joined because they offered me a platform to continue my work, to fight corruption and provide integrity in both the government and corporate sectors,” he added.

“But within two months, I realised I had got myself in the wrong box,” said Tunku Aziz.

He explained that the party had not provided him an avenue to fight corruption and believed DAP was not as multiracial as he thought it to be.

Tunku Aziz said he wanted to resign from the DAP immediately, but was persuaded to stay on by party leaders.

“I stayed because of my respect for (DAP parliamentary leader Lim) Kit Siang. There is something about honouring a friendship,” he said.

“But my break came when Bersih 3.0 wanted a street demo. I have seen what happens during these events. It always starts peacefully, but ends in the spilling of blood,” he added. For full report in HERE.

Your truly has been in the DAP for almost 25 years and could appreciate the above sentiments expressed by YM Tunku Aziz. In fact, what YM Tunku has expressed was just the tip of the iceberg. To summarise it all, it was a case of “Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin” or “Do as I preached but don’t do as I do”!

Speaking from yours truly’s own experiences in the DAP for over 20 years, YM Tunku was right and stated the truth of the actual situation in the DAP.

Hence, yours truly was sacked for obvious reason of not showing love and affections to the Dynasty. Glad it was all over for yours truly!

Lastly, permits yours truly to state:

“ALHAMDULILAH! Bersyukurlah kita semua kerana akhirnya YM Tunku Aziz telah mendapat ilham yang sebenarnya dengan berhijrah …  Kami juga berharap yang lain juga mendapat ilham yang sama tidak lama lagi untuk ‘nation building’.  Sekian, terima kasih”.


17 thoughts on “Once YM Tunku Aziz was a Malaysian “PAR EXCELLENCE” & “TOWERING MALAY”

  1. rahmatdaud

    Its refreshing to know that there are people as honest as YB, an independent MP, acting as check and balance, for the sake of all Malaysian. Hope, some day we will be truly be multiracial.

    I wish you & your family, a very happy Chinese New Year.

    Hidup BEBAS.

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  3. Ulat Kayu

    Apa yang dikatakan oleh Tunku Aziz dan pengalaman YB selama bersama dengan DAP sepatutnya menjadi “iktibar” kepada kita semua supaya lebih mengenali siapa sebenarnya DAP.

    Apakah yg lebih berharga drpd “sebuah negara” jika dibandingkan dengan DAP, yang cemerlang menyalahkan orang lain sahaja…

    Terima kasih atas pendirian Tunku!!!

  4. Kee

    Tunku Aziz wasa towering Malay only when they thought that he could be made a puppet like other Malay in DAP. The late Ahmad Nor was used to the maximum. The DAP is just a private business should have been known as Lim Sdn Bhd and nothing more than that. Good informative article YB.

  5. Kang

    Zairil KHIR JOHARI looks very Melayu in the photograph posted here. Lim Guan Eng must have thought that he has satisfied the Melayu that there is one very Melayu, who is the son of Tan Sri Khir Johari, to represent the Melayu in the DAP CEC. Lets all have a good laugh at the poor attempt of the pathetic Chief Minister.

  6. Bongek

    I have 3 childrens and one of them I adopted from the age of 1 day. Adopted childrens are identified by special birth certificate. When turned 2 years old, you could change their name but you cannot put your name for the bin or binti.

    The pejabat pendaftaran are very strict and impossible to go around it. My problem will start soon, when my children attending primary school. I am still searching for an answer when being asked this question “papa, how come your does not appear in my birth certificate or who is Abdullah that appeared in my birth certificate”.

    My question to you is, Why the towering Malaysian Tuan Zairil Khir Johari could use his adopted father’s name and his adopted datuk’s name as well. Ini tidak adil YB. You should ask this question in parliment.

  7. Tokong the dictator

    A tokong can do no wrong ok. This bloody Tokong should be taught a lesson by the voters. That is the only way he will learn. Many of us in the DAP are not happy with his dictatorial way in doing things. He is worst than his father. The tokong is surrounded by his cronies who are not from Penang. I hope that he will loose his seat like how he lost his elections in the DAP Malacca state committee. Lets see what we can do to the tokong this PRU13.

  8. Mohamed

    There is no Towering Malay or Chinese, Indian or others in the vocabulary of the Tokong and his father. To them, there is only one Towering Tokong in Malaysia!

  9. Anonymous

    Te Father & Son only knew how to make use of people for their own family interest. What Towering Malay? Only used the Malay in its CEC to fool the Malay. Now it back fire upon themselves.

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  11. Joseph Lee

    There is not a single Towering Malay, Chinese or Indian in the eyes of the Tokong. The is only one Towering Chinese in Malaysia name Tokong. That’s why he is so proud to be called a Tokong and acting like a Tokong. Hence, his Christmas message was aim to create unnecessary religious unrest amongst Muslims and Christians, Chinese and Malays and etc. In a multi-racial society like ours, we do not need a racist Tokong like this fellow but a decent human being to be our leader.

  12. Helmi

    Only Towering Tokong to the Lim Dynasty in the DAP. They are just playing with the people sentiment. We must be careful with their sweet talk especially the Tokong and his cronies. Helping the Malays? What a joke! Just look at the Malays in the DAP so insignificant except this so-called Malay, Zaril,whose background is just a laughing stock.


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