Datuk Bandar KL: Which GLOBAL-ly known company was awarded the new ITIS Project?

"ITIS the way to go" but go where?
“ITIS the clear way to go” but go where?

The Auditor General has made a damning report on the Integrated Transport Information System (ITIS) handled by DBKL in its 2011 Report.  The failed ITIS with its visual image sign (VMS) has been reduced to displaying “Selamat Hari Raya”, “Selamat Deepavali”,  ”Selamat Tahun Baru Cina” and other greetings. The ITIS/ VMS was not meant for displaying festive greetings but to gather, share and make available accurate and up-to-date traffic information to road users to help ease their traffic woes in Klang.

ITIS have been widely and successfully implemented in major cities around the world and have been operating with no major problems. Unlike the ITIS under DBKL which was a failed system that cost DBKL and the Federal Government RM365.74 million!

The failed ITIS should have cost less than RM365.74 million but upon handing over the ITIS in 2005 the generous DBKL saw it fit to award a maintenance contract worth about RM30 million a year. One would have thought that this so-called maintenance contract was totally unnecessary as all products including CCTV, VMS, computer system and etc were under warranty at least for the first year.

The failed ITIS was awarded to a so-called consortium consisting of Intelligence Technology Services Sdn Bhd (company number 203316-K) and two other companies Elelink Sdn Bhd and Anekasaga Resources Sdn Bhd. The family of En Mohd Muazam bin Abdullah Bukhari of Pasir Mas, Kelantan, were involved in both the companies Elelink Sdn Bhd and Anekasaga Sdn Bhd.  Perhaps someone in  DBKL could provide more information whether DBKL was dealing with officers of these three companies or so-called consortium or other more influential players.

DBKL top ranking officers and those in Jabatan Pengankutan had to be appraised of the actual state of affairs of the failed ITIS.  If they do not know, then DBKL top ranking officers should seek help from MACC and other authorities to uncover who were the key players in the failed ITIS. Just thinking aloud, maybe there were TWO very significant key players involved in the failed ITIS. Don’t read too much into this. Yours truly was thinking aloud only!  

On 6-11-2012 yours truly brought the matter for the attention of Parliament, in HERE. During the meeting on 30-11-2012 between Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur, Yg Bhg Datuk Ahmad Phesal bin Taib, and the MPs in Wilayah Persekutuan, yours truly did bring up the failed ITIS for discussion and Datuk Bandar KL did address the issues brought up but he has given an assurance that an open tender will be called to appoint new operator for the new ITIS Project and that the said three companies will not be considered in HERE. Syabas!  What a comforting reassurance indeed.

Did DBKL learn from the way in which the failed ITIS awarded?  Yours truly had to think aloud when dealing with ITIS and the like because no detail information could be found within DBKL bulletins or website.

Ir Dr Leong Siew Mun, the Pengarah of Jabatan Pengangkutan
Ir Dr Leong Siew Mun, the Pengarah of Jabatan Pengangkutan

Rumour has it, yours truly meant RUMOUR, that Jabatan Pengangkutan under the highly qualified hands of IR Dr Leong Siew Mun and his special committee looking into the new ITIS Project. This special committee has shortlisted FOUR companies eligible to be considered by top ranking officers and/or Datuk Bandar KL. If this rumour was true then the shortlisting of the FOUR companies was in accordance with TRANSPARENCY.

But no one outside the inner circle knew the shortlisting for this so-called new ITIS Project costing another RM200 millions (thinking aloud again ok) was for two separate tenders for MAINTENANCE of the ITIS under DBKL Tender No: 2011/A058) and CCTV (under DBKL tender No: 2011/A059) in 2011. The two said tenders must have been evaluated and shortlisted but no decision was made for reason best known to those concerned. Yours truly is thinking aloud again here that no decision was made because the shortlisted companies were not the “RIGHT” companies to be selected! Maybe only ok!

Yours truly is thinking aloud again here that a FRESH tender was called on 3-9-2012 under ONE DBKL Tender No: A/2012/A212. The new tender must have been done in a transparent manner. Strangely enough the said Tender Number was for combined scope of work for ITIS/VMS and CCTV. Please don’t read too much into this. It was just a matter of liking. Clever people always have clever ideas in tendering out project especially with high value like this new ITIS Project cost of about RM200 million!

Rumour has it again that the thoroughly considered ITIS Project costing another whooping RM200 million to DBKL has been awarded to a well-known company under the usual PRACTICE in DBKL. Rumour has it that this well-known company has well known person behind it and he is a “well-known” expert in IT IS!

Rumour has it that this well-known company with well-known person behind it was not one of the FOUR companies that have been shortlisted by the special committee under IR Dr Leong.

Surely we cannot rely on rummours. It is opportune moment for Ir Dr Leong Siew Mum or Datuk Bandar KL to publicly confirm the name of the company that has GLOBAL reputation has been awarded the said ITIS Project and whether this company with GLOBAL reputation was part of the FOUR companies shortlisted by the Special Committee under IR Dr Leong.

Hopefully DBKL could clarify the above rummours in the course of the next few days.

Thank you

17 thoughts on “Datuk Bandar KL: Which GLOBAL-ly known company was awarded the new ITIS Project?

  1. Chung KL

    Datuk Ahmad Phesal please give a detail explanation who actually got the ITIS contract. This is serious. RM370 million had gone down the drain. We do not want DBKL to waste another RM200 million.

  2. Fong

    It seems that it is going to be another failed ITIS Project in the offing. What is DBKL/Datuk Bandar were doing? They just never learn. DBKL needs another adverse report by the Auditor General. Another case of Harapkan Pagar Pagar Makan Padi!

  3. Zain

    YB, I think you are trying to tell us that name of the company is GLOBAL …. Right? Datuk Bandar (AHMAD PHESAL) Please don’t pretend to be stupid. The cat is out of the bag already.

    I believe that YB knew what is the name of the company and the person behind the com[pany otherwise the article wouldn’t have been written in such a way.

  4. Pang

    YB from your posting we know that you have knowledge of the name of company and the person involved. We know for sure that Global is one of the name of that company. Lets hope that Datuk Bandar will have the conviction or balls to announce which company was awarded the ITIS project for RM200 millions.

  5. ITIS sucks

    What’s the point of having ITIS if the best advice they could give is ‘JALAN SESAK, SILA GUNA LALUAN ALTERNATIF’. My dog can also give this advice for free, no need to spend hundred of millions.

    1. adnan

      ya betul… ape tu ITIS ..?? xde apa2 kesan pon ! guna la duit yg bermilion2 tu atasi masalah banjir dulu, tu punca utama trafik jam.

  6. Anonymous

    DBKL better stops all the nonsense. Previous ITIS was scandalous and it was a clear con job. We do not need another ITIS for certain person to make a quick buck. Get a proper company that have the backups to do the job and not a company that will sub it to others.

    YB, What a bullshit Global Company?

    YB, just publish the name of the company in your next posting. We know you know the name and the person behind it. Why keep us in suspense? Just publish it and let them run for cover.

  7. Mahadi

    Kalau ITIS untuk mesej Hari perayaan sahaja tak payah membazirkan wang sejumlah RM200 juta lagi. Datuk Bandar jangan pura2 senyap buat bigung. Ini syarikat Global .. Istiharkan nama syarikat yang Global itu. Kita semua nak tahu siapa dibelakang syarikat ini.

  8. Scandalous ITIS

    RM370 million already down the drain because of the greed of a few well connected individuals.DBKL better learn that if you are going to try again then all hells will break loose.

  9. Shan

    I am ITS Engineer at Middle East past three years and before 3 years at Brunei Darulssalam, implementation ITS system is a costly affair but i am surprised of the maintenance cost……how….i am managing 300million project single ITS project………..and the maintenance cost….less than 5 million and middle east, the standard of cost here almost 4 times higher than Malaysia….
    I believe they need to revamp the whole working system………..

  10. Subramaniam

    We want an ITIS that work and not another white elephant. We don’t need VMS for festival greetings but information about traffic follows and other important information. Why is DBKL still keeping quiet about this? If the ITIS has been awarded please be brave enough to publish the name of that famous company? Why is Dr Leong, the Pengarah of Jabatan Pengangkutan is still keeping silence?

    Since DBKL is trying to play game, the government should step in to investigate into how the ITIS contract has been awarded. MACC should also come in to investigate the previous ITIS contract. The paper trail should show who were the person behind it and how they screwed DBKL and which DBKL officers were involved.

  11. CCTV a waste of taxpayers money!

    Well Wee Choo Keong, Ahamd Phesial Talib has announced the 200 million contractor for the project in NST and STAR.
    Why does it cost 200,000 per camera when you can easily get one for RM1000?
    Please help campaign to stop these projects.
    It is a waste of taxpayers money!

    Read UK study, camera dont stop crime. they just take place outside the cameras..

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