Azahari Dahlan: Was SRT’s statement referring to a possible joint venture with MAS?

En Azahari Dahlan, the former Head of AirAsia Engineering, the now CEO of MAS Engineering
Tuan Azahari Dahlan, the former Regional Head of AirAsia Engineering. He is said to be the most HIGHLY qualified CEO of MAS Engineering of all times.

Tuan Azahari Dahlan, who was formerly the Regional Head of AirAsia Engineering and parachuted into MAS Engineering during the infamous MAS – AirAsia share swap, is the most qualified person in MAS Engineering to hold the post of the CEO. Rumour has it that he manages MAS Engineering like a well maintained engine and has also gained lots of respect within MAS Engineering for his great leadership. The pertinent question is, had MAS Engineering, under this highly qualified Tuan Azahari Dahlan, learn the lesson from all its failed joint ventures over the last two decades?

As it appears, MAS Engineering has a joint venture company known as GE Engine Services Malaysia (GEESM) for more than twenty years where it core businesses is just to service MAS engines as a monopoly without fair competition.

When YM Tengku Azmil took over as CEO of MAS, he took the decision to ensure that all work done by GEESM and other Joint Ventures are based on fair competition and no more exclusive right to maintain MAS aircraft by virtue of a MAS JV partner. Unfortunately, to date no serious attempt by the top management of MAS to re-negotiate let alone terminate the 25 years exclusive one sided catering contract with LSG Sky Chef – Brahim’s Sdn Bhd that cost MAS RM6.25 billion (RM250 million yearly)!

Once MAS decided to follow the transparent business model as practiced by all major airlines it adversely impacted all the monopolistic JV’s including GEESM, Honeywell (APU) and Hamilton Sunstrand (component).

On 15 January 2013 SR Technic issued a press release announcing the setup of a component repair shop in Kuala Lumpur to supplement the company’s existing repair network in Switzerland, Spain and Abu Dubai. For it full press statement please see below.


It was very co-incidental that on 18-1-2013 MIDA also flashed a statement in its website as follows:

“Aerospace industry development was one of the strategic and high technology areas identified by the Government. It include activities that directly and indirectly contribute to the design and development, construction, operation, maintenance and disposal of aerospace related products (spacecraft, aircraft, missile/rocket/launcher, and communication, navigation and navigation systems (CNS)).” For MIDA’s full statement please read HERE.

It would be helpful to the MAS staff and the nation if Tuan Azahari Dahlan, the famous expert who was hand picked by certain quarters to be the CEO of MAS Engineering, could shed some light whether MAS Engineering has any intention to set up a component shop under JV with SR Technic or any other companies. If there was such an intention, how such joint venture will help MAS to turn around when it is still bleeding and will it cost MAS more than RM300 million?

Perhaps MAS staff could help also help to shed some more lights on above. Thank you

55 thoughts on “Azahari Dahlan: Was SRT’s statement referring to a possible joint venture with MAS?

  1. Danny Boy

    Syabas YB Wee! Another good one. Azahari the greatest CEO MAS ever had! Ka! Ka! Ka! He was just another planted crony of you know who????

  2. Halim MAS

    Only qualified to look at fokKer propeller aircraft! He is just another brainless. No better than the latest import spin doctor, naj-mud.

  3. Amir MAS

    The staffs in the Engineering Department should be able to tell us how many times this Botak has called for tender for this sort of nonsense. I heard it was about 7 times. What a record! Aj, Md Nor, Dr Don, Azman Yahya and the other sleepy directors WTF are you doing? Still asleep? Wake up and tell us about this joint venture project.

  4. GE Man

    The press release is no coincidence .They are currently participating in a bidding for MAS A330 spare parts PBH ( Power By The Hour ) contract worth at least RM 300 million .

    The component workshop JV announcement is just a sweetener in which JV income base on assumption to show the would be JV is a profitable venture .

    Income base on assumption is not a real money but the RM 300 million contract is real money , our money @ MAS !!!

    If this contract and JV materialise it is going in for a double kill .

    The first Kill – Get awarded for this A330 PBH even thou’ their price is not competitive then others , MAS will loose .

    The second Kill – This JV co will charge MAS at cut throat price as always be the case in all MAS JV’s . and income of JV is from MAS alone not from other 3rd party business , MAS will bleed more .

    Part II to come..,

  5. Husnan around MAS

    Don’t worry the Spin Doctor Datuk Naj will be spinning your way out from this mess. May be this Eager Beaver will create more mess than Nor Zalida. Lets see what he will come with tomorrow?

  6. Anonymous

    Since MAS has appointed a Spin Doctor, the Spin Doctor should provide answer about the new JV project if any. So many JV projects have failed and cost MAS hundred of million Ringgit. We would like to know how much have been lost so far for the failed projects.

    It would now appear that there is another one in the offing and it seems there is a concerted effort to get the SRT JV signed. If signed then another failed JV and MAS Topless management please stop the Botak from the nonsense that will cause MAS another hundred of million Ringgit again.

    Never seen a more incompetence CEO of MAS Engineering.

  7. Joe MAS

    Why are the top management is still quiet about this joint venture project? If this is not true or true, please say so. What we heard in MAS it was true that the Botak is very eager to get the joint venture through. If this JV is signed MAS will be in a shit hole in a few years time when all the topless management have disappear. Aj what are you doing? what good is there to appoint Spin Doctor when he is unable to address issue raised regarding such an important JV that will cost MAS at least RM300 million from what we have heard.

  8. Azizi MAS

    After so many JVs have failed and the failures could be seen from the record in MAS, why is the Botak and his master AJ are still trying another JV. By 2014 when MAS koyak, AJ will just retired peacefully and leave his legacies for another CEO to solve. This will go on and on. Under such circumstances, God bless MAS>

  9. Hashim MAS

    Syabas GE Man! Part 1 posted. Where is Part 2 of your comments. We would like to hear from you since the Botak and his bosses are all keeping quiet. Surprise the Spin Doctor is unable to spin anything about it. May be he is still having a honeymoon looking at the perks he is receiving.

  10. Lim MAS

    Exposed this former AA idiot and another gaji buta. He is so thick skin. He will never follow the footsteps of Danny boy, Shane Nollan, Rozman Omar and the like. We must all make life uncomfortable for him. He loves the salaries and the perks. We must make him earn for every single Sen. He will only leave MAS when he is thrown out. Anything he does that we feel he is wrong, put it into YB’s Blog. This is the only channel for us. forget about the bullshit Integrity Program. None of the top management can pass through the program if the program is administered transparently and fairly. Only a bunch of cakap tak serupa bikin lot.

    1. Anonymous

      You, and many others, please wake up. He will never be thrown out, don’t you know that 2 weeks ago, he invited AA and AAX for a big meeting. Objective, to do heavy maintenance, component overhaul, the whole works for the AA/AAX fleet. That’s why he is not pushing for 3rd party revenue, to make space for the AA aircraft. MAS is preparing quotations for all this. No need to guess if the rates are market rates or not. After all, this is part of the CCF which is still firmly in place.And, please further open your eyes, are you guys still working for MAS E&M, or are you unaware that you are all already “employed” by MAE, which a subsidiary of MAS (for now), and you all may even have different terms and conditions soon? Tony for all his cakap besar, don’t want to send his aircraft to MAS for maintenence, actually has not got much choice. You think the Singaporeans will give him credit, no way, they bring the cash only kerja jalan. So now, with MAS, guess what? Please refresh your memory, remember the Reaccomodation Agreement, something like that. Integrity for top management? They will sell the Company for a song, so long as they can keep their positions. Just wait after the GE13.

  11. Selva MAS

    This Botak needs to be shown the door of MAS! He has created a big mess in MAS Engineering. A good for nothing former AA’s creature. Just get lost like Rozman Omar and, of course, Nanny Danny. He looks so sickening to say the least.

  12. Izamuddin

    All the Botak’s friends from AA or aligned to the Pariah have disappeared from MAS. Botak is still hanging on despite being shun in MAS. He never had it so good in his life. That is fine but he is so incompetent and there are many more experience and qualified officers in MAS Engineering than him. Tak malukah Botak? Ptui! Ptui!Ptui!

    1. Kaki pukul Subang

      Saudara Izam,
      Boootak may be sooo incompetent but why so many ‘qualified’ people cannot kick him out?
      The answer is the whole bunch are dumb and even dumber than Boootak.

      He, he, he mampuslah MAS!!!

      1. wondering...

        His day is numbered and he know it. Just wait and see . He will be answering all the contracts signed by him. No need to kick him out because when the day comes he will regret for the rest of his life the day he step in E & M.

  13. Penyokong Kereta Tempatan

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    1. weechookeong

      Penyokong Kereta Tempatan

      Terima kasih atas maklumat. Saya akan check perkara ini. Bolehkah sdr talipon pembatu khas saya, En Yacob, 0122186929 atau 41433322 di pejabat untuk maklumat lanjut.

      Terima kasih


      wee choo keong

  14. Economist Kampong

    Dr M has maintained a deafening silence on MAS because Slumberjack is the advisor. To get Dr M to start his comments on MAS and to whip this company into performing shape, (and not a national shame as it is now) YB Wee and his readers must campaign tirelessly to get Slumberjack out of MAS (and into AA may be?).


    1. Kaladin

      Sheesh – is Dr M an aviation expert?

      You might as well ask Dr Cheong C K, a former CEO of SIA, to come in and turn MAS around.

      But that’s a non-starter. For one, he’s of the wrong ethnicity!

      Two, the all-powerful MAS unions would take extreme umbrage at being compared to SIA. Imagine the cheek of it!

      Third, MAS has become a political football and a proxy for a hard line nationalist agenda.

      We all know what Dr M achieved with Proton. To the extend that it’s an object of ridicule to Jeremy Clarkson of “Top Gear” fame.

      Please don’t let Clarkson get started on MAS!

    2. Apek

      Yes, Mahathir started the mess in MAS but he cant do much becos pak lah is there and he himself got petronas n proton to play with. Najib can only interfere after he got the mandate in GE 13, itupun kalau BN do better than GE 12.

  15. Omar MAS

    Those in M & E in MAS must keep our eyes wide open to see what that bloody Botak is doing. As someone here has said he is keeping the bays open for the Pariah/low caste AA/AAX send their planes for repairs.

    We all remember very well that immediately after the share suap was reversed by PM, the Pariah severed ties with MAS and also categorically stated that AA?AAX will not send their aircraft to MAS for service or maintenance. Alhamdulilah! Kami semua bersyukur di MAS bahawa si pariah tidak akan hantar karpal mereka ke MAS.

    THe Pariah also said that AA will not move to KLIA2 when it is completed. Now obediently agree to move when it is completed. This pariah is full of publicity stance so we better be careful.

    We must watch the botak properly and make sure that his every move is properly examined. The moment he does anything in favour of the pariah or gave the Pariah/low caste airline special rates or favourable rates then lets exposed him in YB’s blog which is the only avenue for MAS staffs.

    Watch out Botak any wrong move by you and your kuncu-kuncu we will expose you without any hesitation. You hang on to do favour for hte pariah we will carry on to fight you until you follow the footstep of Danny Boy and Rozman Omar.

    1. le batard

      Wow, Pak Omar – here you are, passing yourself off as some sort of aviation expert who can pronounce from on high on the woes of MAS and the machinations of the “Pariah/low caste”!

      Incidentally, what’s with the racial epithets, eh? Are you getting your rocks by dissing Tony Fernandes instead of being man enough to confront him in public or through the mainstream media (I am sure that the New Straits Times or the Utusan would be more than happy to publish your critiques or op-ed articles).

      If you want to talk airline stuff, let’s go back in history to the days of MSA (as a possible MAS oldtimer, you may remember MSA) and it’s engineered breakup into MAS and SIA.

      Fast forward to 2013 and compare the relative positionings and strengths of the 2 airlines – MAS and SIA.

      Now reflect on all the wrong steps that MAS has taken since it came into being post-MSA breakup. You know, the bailouts, the retstructurings, the assets offloading strategy etc.

      Why aren’t you focusing your laser vision on all of that instead of knocking Tony Fernandes and AirAsia, eh?

      Is it because you are reluctant to admit that MAS took so many wrong turns after it was set up?

      That is understandable, given the predilection for MAS sympathisers (and AirAsia bashers) to find fault with everyone else except with those tasked with managing MAS from the time it was set up until now.

  16. Ulat Bulu

    You are so right….Kamal. This Botak know nothing except eat, shit and talk cock. Walk around MAS thinking he is the most handsome man in MAS….puit…puit.
    Another person is that stupid woman Nor Zalida….every month travel to Europe on the pretext of meeting. My questions are: Was the trips for meeting involving MAS or holiday and also to London to visit her kids there.

    All these bloody blood suckers, do nothing except to contribute to the bleeding.

    we know that these people are damn pissed off because they have been shit on by staffs and we know the top management have asked that bald security man to do witch hunting again. another Botak in security department, please try harder because you will not succeed and you will also be very popular for witch hunting.

  17. anti betrayal

    Dear YB,
    I need your favor. Last year I did commented on some of your post inclusive pilgrim(Tabung Haji) & Jeddah route. MH did closed the route last year. I’m so shock to see Air Asia had launced route to Jeddah. Do you mind invstigate this matter further? i.e. route right etc? (why Ak always stealing on MH route? so cheap ya? no need to create awareness as MH had spent millions on promoting new routes. AK just ‘cuci kaki’, no need to spend a massive expenses on advertising/promotion!! Sucks!! (look what AK did on Firefly’s route – KK & Kuching. Please reinstate for the sake of Sabahan & Sarawawakian ppl)!!!!

    1. Kaladin

      anti betrayal

      And here we go again….

      Sir – do you understand how the free market works? Do you understand the economics and realities of the aviation industry?

      No airline, be it full service, national “flag carrier” or low-cost carrier can survive for long (at least not without bailouts or subsidies) flying unprofitable or low-margin routes.

      Ask yourself the following:

      (1) was MAS making profits on the KL-Jeddah route?

      (2) is MAS “obliged” to operate the KL-Jeddah route for “national service” reasons, regardless of profitability?

      (3) which, then, raises the question of what are “national service” routes (shall we revisit the issue of rural air services in East Malaysia?) and what are “free market” routes?

      (4) is the Malaysian government obliged to subsidise passengers on MAS flights on the KL-Jeddah route (such subsidies being paid out of public funds) so that MAS doesn’t incur operating losses on this route?

      It’s easy to make gallery-pleasing populist comments without delving into hard economic facts and industry realities.

      1. Anonymous


        You conveniently omit to mention the Haj Charter.

        Oh I forgot, you are just filling your master’s traits.

      2. Anonymous

        Talk about free market?
        How many other LCC airlines operate here in M’sia?
        Try checking out other countries in the region b4 making that comment

      3. The Gooberman

        What’s this about the “Haj Charter”?

        Was it, essentially, subsidies paid out of public funds?

        Where was the transparency and accountability?

        And what were these subsidies supposed to do? To ensure that the Haj flights operated on a “break even” model, without incurring losses?

        If that’s the case, why not offer subsidies for “balek kampung” flights for Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali?

        Oh, wait – it was tried with the “Rural Air Services” imbroglio. Where was the transparency there?

        Kaladin asked 4 questions in his post. Why not answer them?

      4. le batard

        Anon 9:47 am

        A quick check on the Wikipedia entries for KLIA and Changi Airport shows the LCCs operating at each airport.

        Let’s do the tally:

        KLIA: Air India Express, AirAsia (including AirAsia Philippines, Indonesia AirAsia, Thai AirAsia), AirAsia X, Bangkok Airways, Cebu Pacific, Jetstar Asia, Lion Air and Tiger Airways

        Changi: AirAsia (including AirAsia Philippines, Indonesia AirAsia, Thai AirAsia), Air India Express, Bangkok Airways, Cebu Pacific, Firefly, Indigo, Jetstar, Jetstar Asia, Lion Air, Scoot and Tiger Airways.

        To my simple mind, it seems that AirAsia has plenty of LCC competition at KLIA, including the “biggies” such as Cebu Pacific, Jetstar Asia, Lion Air and Tiger Airways.

        It should also be noted that Firefly operates out of Subang Airport in KL – something that the airline is inordinately proud about.

        As to why Indigo, Jetstar (the Australian offshoot) and Scoot are not operating out of KLIA,perhaps the question should be addressed to Malaysia Airports (MAHB). Perhaps CAG is doing a better job promoting Changi Airport than MAHB is doing for KLIA?

        Maybe YB Wee could ask the hard questions of MAHB – like how is it that Changi Airport handled more than 50 million passengers last year? How is it that Changi hosts 109 scheduled airlines which make 6,544 weekly flights to 241 cities in 61 countries (Singapore Business Times, Feb 1, 2013)? How is it that LCCs accounted for over 25% of the air traffic at Changi last year, with nary a peep about “unfair competition”? Why is Changi boosting it’s capacity to 85 million passengers with the new Terminal 4 and upgrading of the existing terminals? How is KLIA going to compete with Changi, given that the latter is already “among the busiest and most connected international hubs east of Suez)?

        And here’s something that YB Wee could perhaps raise with the Transport Ministry. This is prompted by a report “More flights, lower fares between S’pore, Indonesia) in the Singapore Straits Times on Jan 31, 2013.

        It was reported that the Singapore and Indonesian governments “have agreed to allow their carriers to fly more often between Changi Airport and several Indonesian cities, including Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan”.

        It was also reported that Indonesian airlines like Garuda and Lion Air have been allowed to fly from Singapore to other parts of Asia, pending approval from the Indonesian government.

        The report noted that Singapore-Jakarta is Changi Airport’s busiest route, with over 1,000 weekly flights operated by 16 airlines. It is also the world’s second-busiest international air link after Hong Kong-Taipei.

        (Question: what are the corresponding figures for the number of weekly flights and airlines on the KLIA-Jakarta route?)

        The Straits Times report quoted Lion Air’s president director Rusdi Kirana as saying: “With more rights, we hope to double our dally Jakarta-Singapore services fromn 6 now to about 10 or 12…..From Singapore to Bangkok and Hong Kong are some markets we would be keen to explore.””

        Given the above, what will that do to the much-vaunted Mandala Airlines launch out of KLIA? At the time it was announced, there was much ballyhoo about how competition from Mandala would knock AirAsia off it’s peg.

        It looks as if Mr Rusdi is playing the Changi card well and keeping his options way open.

  18. Anonymous

    Kaladin,of course like you mentioned free market,it seemed that Air Asia X wanted to fight or find other markets that have not been tapped,u tell me about the bullshit ROUTE RATIONALISATION programme in 2006 and the recent share swap,just because Air Asia didnt know where to fly the aircraftsi wait for your reply here.

    1. le batard

      Anon 9:31 pm

      Tell me, Sir – are you an expert on the modus operandi of LCCs?

      Why not ask your questions of aviation industry analysts like Brendan Sobie of CAPA or any of the investment bank analysts that cover the airline industry?

      I am sure that our own home-grown aviation industry analysts in CIMB and Maybank IB would be happy to oblige if you asked them nicely!

      To my simple, unlettered mind, “route rationalisation” means precisely what it says – rationalise routes that are not profitable.

      Every airline in the world, that operates on a sound commercial basis, does it as a matter of course.

      Of course, in a fairy tale “never never land”, airlines get to fly unprofitable routes and chalk up losses while doing so. Why should they worry when the public purse stands ready with bailouts and subsidies?

      1. Isa

        le batard

        No need to be an expert to know how AA got to where it is today. The Sleepy/SlumberJack forced upon MAS to give away 96 profitable routes. When Chan Kong Choy was the MOT, Min of Transport was the second home of the pariah. AA got away with many things and MAS was not allowed to compete. Have you ever heard of MAS is unable to sell its fares below certain price – ceiling being placed upon MAS.

        Can owe more than RM100 million airport tax and upon payment got a 20% discount. No bad being associated with the people close to the Sleepy Head isn’t it?

        Not to forget about the RAS subsidy of RM250 million that was supposed for the operation of 2 years but it lasted a year and kept the rest of the subsidy. No bad lah! I also would like to be close to the Sleepy Head’s people to get this privilege.

        Then be allowed to operate AAX long haul.

        You call this competition? Stop trying to bullshit around. We know where you are coming from. Just another cybertrooper of the pariah.

      2. Kaladin

        Mr Isa

        You claim that MAS was “forced to give away 96 profitable routes”.


        – how do you know that these routes were profitable? Do you have access to MAS’s internal costings, audit reports or yield analyses?

        – if these routes were in fact profitable, then how is it that MAS kept incurring losses?

        Did the government dictate MAS fares? Did it also dictate the fares of those airlines competing with MAS? How could MAS sell cheap fares when it had a bloated cost structure and overheads? What was MAS’s CASK and RASK? Did it benchmark it’s operating revenue and profit per employee against it’s full-service competitors (e.g. Cathay Pacific or SIA)?

        Next, let’s address the issue of RM100 million in unpaid taxes. It’s presumed that AirAsia collected these on behalf of Malaysia Airports and/or the government. Was the alleged non-payments picked up in the audit reports on MAHB’s accounts and reported as material out standings? Was this detected by the Auditor General if the government was involved? Did either MAHB or the government institute legal proceedings to recover these alleged non-payments from AirAsia?

        Ditto for the RAS subsidy of RM250 million. In the first place, how was this figure determined? Was it to ensure that the airlines “broke even” on the RAS or was it to ensure profitability on the RAS routes? Why weren’t legal measures instituted to ensure compliance or refunds? Since the subsidy was paid out of public funds, was this picked up by the Auditor General?

        It would be enlightening indeed if all of the above were to be conveniently described as “bullshit”.

        Maybe the unpalatable fact, that you refuse to admit, is that MAS lost it’s competitive edge and it’s mojo way before AirAsia appeared on the scene.

        And if that isn’t a classic case of “denial syndrome”, then I don’t know what is.

      3. Kaladin

        And, Mr Isa – while we are on this topic, can you tell us what is your understanding of “route rationalisation”?

        Should airlines be compelled to operate unprofitable routes?

        To use Changi Airport as an example, if there are 1,000 weekly flights between Changi and Jakarta, with 16 airlines operating the sector, are all of them making profits on this route? Or are they “cross-subsidising” from their profitable routes?

  19. Isa


    For a start why MAS had to give up 96 routes to AirAsia when AirAsia is just a another listed company? Why was the Sleepy Head and/or Chan Kong Choy were so eager to help? Whether the 96 routes were profitable or not it did not matter. No other country will force its national airlines to give up route to another airline unless it is a subsidiary of its national airline.

    After having giving the 96 routes, AA just pick and chose the most profitable ones and dropped them at will when it was not viable to its business model. Why was this allowed? Do you care to ask yourself or your master?

    Until this date AA never denied that it did owe MAHB over RM100 million airport taxes and also it got a discount of about 30% when it was forced to pay up. Please check with your master first before you open your mouth.

    Do you know why AA has special right when no other airlines could airport taxes for weeks let alone for more than 5 years?

    How was the RM250 million be determined? Why splitting hair? MASWing was operating RAS with no problems why was there a need to give to Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd (FAX), whihc has now changed its name to AAX?

    When MAS was operating RAS, the subsidy was slightly more than RM100 million? Why the Sleepy Head Government had to pay double to a new company with no aviation track record to go by? Please ask your master provided he will tell you the truth. But the fact speak for itself.

    Just read YB’s posting what had happened to AA when it didn’t hand over the airport tax collected in Indonesia. AA was grounded until it paid over the airport tax:

    After taking over for a few months, FAKs screwed up RAS so much that the Sabah people and the Government were so angry so much so that the Sleepy Head and Chan Kong Choy had to stopped it. But no pro-rata refund was paid back to the government. On top of that out of the 12 aircraft 6 were grounded due to no maintenance and one was cannibalized for spare parts. Please read YB posting on the subject matter:

    Please check with your master why AA’s AOC was renewed until until march 31st, 2013? Due to poor maintenance record and/or not adhering to safety regulations? Ka! Ka! Ka!

    Don’t follow blindly what your master instructed you to do, please use your brain a little bit otherwise you will be embarrassed for nothing. Don’t just be a budak suruhan!

  20. Anonymous

    kaladin budak suruhan,tell your boss to give back the profitable routes to mas like bandung surabaya,kuching/johor baharu,kota kinabalu/johor baharu

    1. Kaladin

      Surely you know that air services between countries are governed by bilateral g-to-g agreements?

      Except when there are “open skies” agreements between countries.

      Like the Asean Open Skies Agreement that comes into effect in 2015.

      So, why is MAS deserving of special treatment? Just because it’s the “national carrier” doesn’t mean that it has a sacrosanct status.

      Nope, like the rest of us lesser mortals, MAS has got to pay it’s way and earn it’s keep.

  21. The Gooberman

    Mr Isa

    Let me be clear about this – you are now saying that “whether the 96 routes were profitable or not it did not matter”.

    That is not what you posted previously, when you mentioned “96 profitable routes”.

    So, are you saying that MAS has to operate routes, whether profitable or loss-making? And that it has the right of first refusal on these routes?

    Let me ask you another question (and I will address this to YB Wee as well) – should the priority of the Malaysian government be to develop Malaysia (and KLIA as the country’s flagship airport) as a premier regional air hub or should it be to protect MAS at all costs?

    I think that most unbiased analysts would agree that these two priorities cannot coexist in harmony.

    Why should Malaysians be denied the benefits of competition in the airline industry if it results in more choices, better service and lower fares?

    Next question – what is your take on the future of premium “full service” airlines like MAS, given the ever-increasing competition from low-cost carriers (LCCs)?

    Also, why should the Malaysian government use public funds to subsidise unprofitable domestic air routes and rural air services? And, if there are compelling reasons to do so, why not do it openly and transparently?

    I await, with great interest, your answers to the above.

  22. Isa

    The Gooberman

    The MAS 96 profitable routes were given to the low caste airline under the name of air rationalization program during the Sleepy Head / Fourth Floor Administration. Why just picked the word “profitable” and ignore the rest. In any event, the majority of the routes were and are still profitable otherwise the low caste airline wouldn’t want them unless coupled with subsidies like the RAS with a package of RM250 million.

    Of course, MAS had to provide national service as and when needed.

    We welcome competition but not the type of “Competition” during Sleepy Head/Fourth Floor time. What competition when MAS was servicing its routes with no problem suddenly it had to hand over 96 routes to the low caste airline. Just like the RAS why must it be taken away from MAS and gave to an inexperience company (FAKS and now AIrAsia X) with no track record and after a few months when it was causing problems for the people in Sabah/Sarawak, it was dumped back to MAS and MAS had to carry out the RAS. The low caste group was allowed to keep the subsidies of RM250 million.

    Then why must the Sleepy Head/Fourth Floor Government subsidized the low caste airline by not taking actions for owing more than RM100 million in airport taxes when the taxes have been paid in advance by the passengers. There was no reason for the low caste airline to owe from the start. No other airline was given such privilege.

    What competition? The moment the share suap was inked, the pariah did everything he could to killed Firefly. Starting with the termination of Johor to KK route and others. MAS had to stop dubai, Bandung, Surubaya routes. Thereafter, the low caste airline tried to fly to Dubai but was not entertained by Dubai airport authority. It increased its frequency to Bandung from one flight to two after MAS terminated it.

    During the share suap, MAs (under the brainless AJ) had give up an additional profitable Sydney route for the low caste airline. When the low caste couldn’t sustained its London, Paris, Delhi and other routes leaving more than 30,000 passengers with uncertainties, MAS under the brainless AJ and Nanny Danny obediently took over the responsibility and charging fares for the 30,000 passengers at well below market rate.

    What competition you were talking about?

    On the question of the Government subsidizing unprofitable domestic routes and the RAS, it is the duty of the Government to do so that Malaysians can move around more easily. MAS is the national icon and ambassador, it is also the duty of the Government to assist in whatever way it could. Unlike the Sleepy Head/Fourth Floor Administration which was finding ways to stifle MAS in order to pop up the low caste airline at the expense of MAS.

    Please try harder to convince us on the issues owing of airport tax and thereafter gave a discount of about 30%, RM250 million subsidy for RAS, Sydney routes and others. By the way, LCCT cost more than RM250 million during the Sleepy Head time and the contractor, Fajah Baru Rembau appointed not through open tender. Who is connected to Rembau under the Sleepy Head Administration?

    We await your reply after you have consulted your Pariah.

      1. Kamal

        Anonymous & Isa

        Good one. For a start this pariah’s cybertrooper or budak suruhan should start his own blog and he can praise sky high the low caste carrier in his own blog. I bet you if the Gooberman start his own blog it will be visited by a handful of readers one of which will be the master, the pariah.

        Lets the cybertrooper, Gooberman, will have anything to reply to the comments reply Isa. Everyone know what the Sleepy Head or Slumber Jack had done for the low caste airline. Concession after concession. The then Minister of Transport Chan Kong Choy had to lean over backward to spoon feed the pariah’s set up. Yet, he had the bloody face to talk big as though he single handedly bring up the low caste without any help from the Slumber Jack.

        The Slumber Jack had contributed more problems for MAS and caused major problems for the country. Thank God that Slumber Jack is now history which will soon be forgotten otherwise the pariah will be more arrogant. Let wait for Malindo to commence operations. By that time the Pariah will have to run for cover. But with no more concession from the Slumber Jack.

    1. The Gooberman

      Mr Isa

      I don’t need to consult anybody to understand the economic absurdities that you are trying to peddle.

      I am glad that you have stated that it’s the duty of the government to “subsidise unprofitable domestic routes and the RAS”. This is an absurd argument as it mandates the government to use public funds to subsidise those who want to fly domestic air routes and the rural routes in East Malaysia.

      Why stop there? Why not subsidise long-haul express bus fares in the country?

      It’s the “freebie entitlement” mentality writ large, with all the profligacy it implies.

      As for MAS, how many years was it in existence before AirAsia was set up? For how many of these pre-AirAsia years was MAS profitable? How many “bailouts” did MAS go through?

      Another question: wasn’t AirAsia’s licence approved during the administration of Dr Mahathir? Why isn’t Dr M being castigated and excoriated for allowing AirAsia to be set up, when common sense would indicate up that it would compete with MAS?

      Just answer these questions, if you can.

      I have more to come…..

  23. Kaladin

    Mr Isa

    I await your response to my posting on Feb 3, 2013 at 10:00 pm.

    Also, if you can, please respond to my posting of Feb 5, 2013 at 7:26 pm.

    And while you are about it, let’s debate about the history of MAS after the break up of MSA (Malaysia-Singapore Airlines).

    Which was when, pray tell?


    MASEU said
    “This is not the way to revitalise MAS. We should straighten out our own affairs starting with the decision makers”

    Tan Sri Abdul Aziz said
    “Firstly, it was due to lack of good management over the past 15 years and secondly, it may be caused by the government’s failure to have an orderly air transport policy.”

    Tun Tony said
    “MAS is a good airline. There’s no cost problems in MAS. The problem is revenue”

    Now, who is the “clever people who cannot understand simple arithmetic.”

    Gooberman, all the answers to your dumb questions are mentioned below (if only you know how to read).

    1. le batard

      Why mention only Tan Sri Abdul Aziz?

      Is there an agenda here?

      Why not go back to the days of Saw Huat Lye and the principles he laid down for MAS?

      I note that you have omitted to mention Tajudin Ramli and his role in MAS. Why is that?

      And, with all due respect, I don’t think that YB Wee is an expert on the airline industry or on matters regarding free markets, competition and aviation policy.

      Are you any or all of the above?

  25. Kaladin

    Spot on, Gooberman.

    Let’s not forget how the IPPs were brought in to compete with Tenaga Nasional.

    When did that happen and on whose watch?

    What’s the difference between Tenaga Nasional and the IPPs on the one hand and MAS and AirAsia on the other hand?

    Isn’t it all about competition?

    And the Darwinian law of the free market where inefficient companies get weeded out and culled?

    Who remembers Burroughs, ICL and Sperry Univac now? Or BOAC or Pan American World Air?

    Incidentally, I note that no one, as yet, has replied to the points raised by “le batard” in the posting on Feb 3, 2013 at 3:37 pm.

    Now, why do you suppose that is?

  26. The Gooberman

    This debate seems to have gone quiet.

    It appears that every time the subject of the MSA split-up is raised, there is a deafening silence from the pro-MAS camp.

    Maybe, in hindsight, the split-up into MAS and SIA wasn’t such a good idea. Perhaps political considerations and nationalistic agendas trumped business logic and commercial considerations.

    But, then, no one could have foreseen the rise of LCCs then, and their impact on full service carriers.

    Fast forward to 2013 and MAS joining the oneworld alliance.

    How will this benefit MAS and the travelling public in Malaysia?

    Will it result in oneworld member airlines increasing their flights to KLIA or starting flights to KLIA?

    Qantas, for one, has already stated it’s intentions to move the “kangaroo hub” to Dubai and retain it’s regional hub at Changi Airport.

    Does oneworld mean merely MAS “handing off” it’s passengers to Qantas, British Airways or other oneworld airlines at Changi Airport?

    1. The Gooberman

      Ah, yes – a pithy reply.

      Now, how about answering my questions, especially in the light of MAS’s latest financials?

      The airline still hasn’t turned the corner, in spite of reducing it’s losses.

      The competition hasn’t gone away.

      Neither have the “risk factors” that affect the entire airline industry.

      So, how about it, xMAS?

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