MAS Integrity Programe NO:7



Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 5:47 PM

Subject: Integrity Bulletin Vol. 7

16 January 2013

Dear Colleagues,

We made good progress in 2012 to up the ante on building Integrity as a core value in our Group. The challenge going forward in 2013 is to keep the momentum going to strengthen the importance of Integrity in all that we do and really make Malaysia Airlines a preferred partner for doing business and more. This is so important as we double all efforts to improve our financial performance urgently and for the long-term.

Integrity is good business. We are accountable to perform and deliver on our responsibilities by adhering to the Code of Ethics, to Company policies and procedures. If you have concerns on any Integrity issue, it is your responsibility to highlight these issues. Use the proper channels and tools such as the Whistleblower Programme. With your support, we can further strengthen Malaysia Airlines’ strong foundations.

Let us work together to build a stronger culture of Integrity in Malaysia Airlines that will enhance our good corporate governance, performance and reputation.

Kind regards,

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya
Group Chief Executive Officer

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37 thoughts on “MAS Integrity Programe NO:7

  1. Ptuiii

    What integrity? If they have any ounce of integrity, the first thing they should do is to call YB Wee and rebut some of allegations reported here.

    1. Bang Toyib

      Bro Ali, no point asking AJ. He wont answer you. Just post it here with your evidence and let the whole world know about it. You will be the hero bro.. I am quite sure you will get a lot of support.

      Tapi janganlah main acah2 je.. Sorry bro, jangan marah.. Berani kerana benar! I believe you will do it.

      1. ali


        Bang Toyib tq for your support.

        I am organising a Press Conference after a report lodge with the MACC as requested by somebody.

        Tapi just to inform you I got 8 names in my list and 6 are MASkargo staff.

        Thanks again.

        Just to inform again the main guy is a SVP in MASkargo where many years ago he was just a clerk but due to his lobby and kipas he became a SVP and kalau dia ada terbaca blog ni he know its him

      2. Anonymous


        I just want to inform that any report lodge to macc are not allowed to be made public because will ganggu their investigation and I will sure ask them to trace siapa yg made comment about me on this blog as i am sure siapa yg makan cili dia terasa pedas and suka hati aku lah nak bagi tau nama ke tidak n jangan pulak nanti nama engkau pulak yg timbul

        Satu pesanan yg ikhlas saya tak berniat nak taruk pasir periuk nasi orang sebab semua yg makan rasuah ni orang islam dan dah berfamili dan kalau meraka tak bodek dan ampu dan tentu sampai skrg masih graded staff kerana qualification cuma spm sahaja tapi ada sampai dah jadi svp,manager pun ada.

        cuma nak cakap sini salah sorang ni adalah seorang perempuan berpangkat controller pulak n jgn lah makan duit haram kerana di dunia boleh lepas tapi di padang mashar nanti macam mana.

        skrg sesiapa nak bagi komen buruk tentang aku silakan lah kerana allah akan mencatatkan dan akan di adili di hari akhirat nanti dan aku rasa ada lah lebih baik di serahkan kepada pengadilan allah swt di mana tidak ada pembohongan boleh di buat di situ cuma nak bagi tau yunus … maskargo awaskan lah staff you sikit n jgn kerana mereka pandai bodek dan ampu bagi promotion.

  2. European

    Jeeeee… talking water, drinking wine…
    some messages are just simply unnecessary as everyone knows who was in charge when some jokers were NOT and some still not adhering to
    the Code of Ethics, to Company policies and procedures.

    Walk the talk and do something that has some value to MAS… a black sheep is a black sheep and burned is burned..

    1. Abu…ali tu cakap je tu, sebenarnya ‘tin kosong’. Kalau betul ada.. tk pyh la nk cerita kt sini..buat press conference terus laaa..paling cantik depan ofis MACC. Baru ‘anak jantan’…kalau kt sini ‘anak betina’.

      1. ali


        Tak payah PC kalau dia org islam yg takutkan Allah sumpah atas quran kitab Allah bila aku bagi nama dan sumpah tu buat kat depan reporter yg aku boleh arrange kat dalam masjid.

        Lagi satu yang aku cari tu aj yang engkau pulak sibuk sangat tu apahal sedangkan dia pun tak jawab soalan aku tu.

        Engkau terasa sangat apahal sebab orang yg makan cili dia yg terasa pedas so kalau engkau ni salah sorang aku tak tahu lah and be careful dengan bahasa engkau sebab nanti kalau aku report kat MACC dah tentu boleh trace engkau tu siapa walaupun engkau pakai nama lain kat sini.

        Negeri ini ada law yg di panggil criminal intimidation so bahasa tu harus di jaga lah kerana tujuan aku nak tolong MAS bukan nak suruh ada orang kena buang kerja so kalau engkau tu MAS staff suruh lah aj reply message ni so aku boleh bagi details kat dia.

    2. ali


      I got the full list and dah lama bagi kat MACC and engkau ni kerja dengan aj ke pasal sepatutnya dia yg reply tapi si abu pulak.

  3. jack1960

    Integrity starts at the top, fullstop…..

    constant reminders on code of ethics….. means mistrust…… both ways, as good corporate governance & reputation….. also starts at the top…… performance, financial performance, immediate, short or long term….. also depends ultimately, on the BOD….. win the hearts & minds, based on unwavering integrity and lead “colleagues” to the promised land….. not the garden path

    1. Kamarudidn MAS


      You are absolutely right when you said everything start from the top and not from the bottom. Just look at the top management now. Tan Sri Md Nor, AJ, Tan Sri Azman Yahya and Tan Sri Krishnan Tan. They all have too much to answer when they were sharing the same pillow as the pariah.

      Tan Sri Md Nor and Tan Sri Azman Yahya were on the top management of MAS when MAS was made to sell 70% of MAS Catering to Datuk Hj Ibrahim Badawi. Then MAS signed the 25 years catering contract with Datuk Ibrahim’s company now know as LSG Sky Chef Brahim’s Sdn Bhd.

      Tan Sri Krishnan Tan, Tan Sri Azman Yahya, Tan Sri Md Nor and AJ were all involved in giving in to the Pariah. Rubber stamping decisions made by the pariah, Danny Boy and Kamarudin Meranun. Sponsorship of QPR, termination of Firefly service from Johor to KK, MAS route to Bandung, Dubai and giving up the additional Sydney route.

      Now they are not sitting up there and enjoying all the salaries and perks happily when MAS is bleeding. Shameless lot. They have the cheek to talk about integrity when they have none.

  4. MAS Boy

    What does AJ know about integrity? If integrity is of importance to him then he wouldn’t have given the additional flight to Sydney to AirAsia X. No wonder he needed a spin doctor to do magic for him now. The spin doctor is just a Mr Nice Guy and he can’t do much because we have top-less management.

  5. Brainless management

    The top management has no moral ground to talk about integrity. Examine yourselves first before you want to preach to us. Stop of the spinning about profits. Just look at the share price of MAS which is hovering around 70 Sen. So what profits the idiots are talking about?

  6. Pak Man MAS

    I agree with the Brainless management. The top management of MAS should ask themselves why is the share of MAS only worth 70 Sen now before they talk about INTEGRITY. If they cannot answer then how to talk about integrity with the staff. Stupid or incompetence?

  7. Danny Boy

    No program or spinning by any spin doctor can help if the share price of MAS is at 70 Sen. It is a waste of money to get an expensive spin doctor to spin so that MAS can look good. But the share price will tell it all. Please listen to the staff and the people at large. Stop doing all the nonsense. When MAS is bleeding we do not need a Spin Doctor like Najmuddin Abdullah., We need professional who know the aviation business.

    Integrity starts from the top down and not bottom. Stop treating us like idiots. When Danny Boy was exposed of abusing his power when he unilaterally upgraded his maid to First Cabin, what action did AJ, Md Nor, Azman Yahya and the like did. Nothing but cover up. What integrity you are talking AJ? when he had none in the first place.

  8. David Sullivan

    other airlines at the brink of bankruptcy have embraced change…banded together. They chose to rally and throw their support around a new livery, a new brand.

    but at MAS, certain quarters are still more concerned about where the wau faces.
    All those months of bickering about livery, and the share-swap…Malindo has quietly come in.
    Malindo is offering full-service flights out of KLIA at almost low-cost doesn’t take a genius to realize who will be the first to suffer. MAS.

    you talk about needing an expert in aviation….u guys had 2 of them before this but you had already formed your prejudice before any work started. you’re worried the Red people would steal MAS secrets.. Yeah sure, a profit-making company stealing money-making secrets from an airline that has never posted an operational profit in the last decade.

    But actually, you guys have nothing to worry about. You know MAS will not crumble, so why bother changing… annual increment greater than the world’s inflation for doing the same job…not a bad bargain.

    you guys are more interested in digging up dirt about everyone..MAS’ issues have been the same for the past decade, managements have changed…the only thing that hasn’t is the mentality…

    and if it wasn’t for the election..the turnaround plan would have saved MAS.

    ps-surprising how money can help create stories…well-documented stories filed in the crew log!

    1. xAirliner

      Dear Mr Sullivan

      I do implore you to read all the previous postings in this blog and other before passing judgement on the staff of MAS and the people who post here. It is my firm belief that there is intense loyalty and good intents towards the company amongst the staff and those who post here.

      I suggest, that there is a big difference between rallying or banding around the company/brand/livery and rallying or banding around the leadership. You have failed to appreciate the message, pains and issues beyond the point of where the logo faces.

      What you also failed to state about the American Airline case is that Tom Horton, spent a considerable amount of time, effort and money to get the AA staff and the market to support his new recovery plan which includes a new brand or more correctly a new livery. In fact the the video you posted is one of the corporate communications video that came out of the the communications plan just yesterday. Despite this a large portion of AA are not supportive and the market is skeptical of the recovery plan put forward by Tom.

      You also failed to state that as at September 2012, the American Airlines recovery plan which was initiated some time earlier is in jeopardy. In Oct 2012, AA faced major financial disaster and pilot strikes threats. This led to yet another recovery plan rolled out by Tom a few days ago. This is a sign that not all are banding and rallying around the leadership.

      The jury, the staff and market analysts are still out on the latest plan from Tom. So I dare not speculate where you get the notion that “they chose to rally and throw their support around a new livery, a new brand”.

      Tom has two good points over Ahmad Jauhari, CEO of MAS (AJ), firstly is ability and willingness to speak publicly and the vast experience he has in the airline industry.

      The MAS population will support leadership where leadership is shown. This you will gather if you read some of the comments and other online blogs.

      AJ has failed to to communicate and and win the support of the staff, not only on the new brand but also on many other initiatives. this has led to an ever-spiraling loss in confidence in him. I feel your posting and the video should be directed to AJ.

      The recent past actions and developments do not give the staff and the market many of the acts are downright against all norms of corporate governance. this is what the staff are highlighting. These are not dirt. It took their collective effort together with YB here to force some action to some of these misdeeds. This includes the two aviation “experts” you mentioned.

      You are unaware that the high annual increment is accorded to a minuscule proportion of the MAS population. This inequity is what pains many, especially when these fortunate few have not yielded the results expected of them.

      You are absolutely wrong in thinking that the MAS population have nothing to worry. They do worry. They worry everyday. But they soldier on doing their job everyday. Unlike you, this is their veritable rice bowl. Many have given their life to this company

      On Malindo, any new entrant into this market will impact all the existing players. The extent of which will only be apparent when the full business plan is revealed. Although there will be some cannibalization of MAS’ market share in the competing sectors, based on the business model revealed, the greater impact will be on Air Asia.

      1. Pak Ngah

        Well put, kawan. Allow me to share something that came from the horse’s mouth. MAS is being run by PL n gang, even MM cannot penetrate. So need to wait after election for the clean up.

      2. The Gooberman

        Alas, if it were only that simple.

        Cast your mind back to the days of MSA (Malaysia-Singapore Airlines) and it’s orchestrated break-up into Malaysian Airline System (MAS) and Singapore Airlines (SIA).

        Apologists for MAS have often made the point that SIA, being based in a city-state, had different perspectives and priorities from MAS.

        That may have been true back in the day, but it’s a shop-worn and time-worn excuse that has outlived it’s relevance and validity, especially with regard to the realities of the global aviation industry and the increasing competition being posed by LCCs to “full service” legacy airlines and flag carriers.

        The loyalty and diligence of the majority of MAS staff is there to see.but the same can be said of worker ants and worker bees, can it not?

        The question is what has MAS managements and the Malaysian government done to cement and enhance MAS’s and the country’s position in the global aviation pantheon?

    2. pak pandir

      hahaha we had 2 airline “experts”, yeah right, and these experts brought in the likes of Shane Nolan and PlaneConsult. If their ideas were any good, how come we are now dismantling them one by one? Example, terminate all GSAs, what happened? No prizes for guessing. Now, we are reappointing GSAs again. AJ, please explain why this flip flop? Oh, and the logo, which way its facing? You’re right, why should we care? With all the “expertise” brought in by the 2 airline “experts” we now have like, 5 different logos out there, talk about identity crisis! That includes the “retro” one , of course, a case of too little, too late trying to appease the staff, right?

      1. xMAS

        @Pak Pandir

        I agree with you totally. Please add the thing they did like QPR Sponsorship, giving away routes, selling assets like the Simulator…….

  9. Abu

    Haha..betul tu Ahmad..Ali ni tin kosong je..aku rasa dia ni Ali Baba parang kontot ni..dah lama bagi pada MACC konon..

    Ali, kalau betul anak jantan pegi la buat press con mcm Ahmad cakap tu..tunjuk report MACC engkau and tanya dia orang apasal tak ambik tindakan walaupun engkau dah bagi list dan bukti kukuh..wakaka..engkau ingat AJ takde kerja lain nak layan komen tin kosong engkau..pigi dah..

  10. GE Man

    Listen , listen , listen , listen , listen , listen AJ , this new spin doctor Pak Nujum-din wont help MAS recover nor can predict which route to give away….

    Integrity in MAS? Its macam ketam suruh anak nya berjalan lulus tapi bapak nya sendiri berjalan serong .

    No one trust the top management who manage the whistle blower programs , today you report against your boss wrong doing , esok the whole world knew who complaint , so why bother to complain , write it in YB blog lah the only best way to expose….

    .kalo setakat nak tangkap bebudak “palsukan” sijil MC atau tangkap staff ambik surat khabar lama dari pesawat , tak payah lah susah susah buat whistle blower ni…perabis boras ajo…

    Yang A330 component support power by the hour contract worth RM 300 million pun bo(otak) dah re tender 7 kali , masih tak dapat decide who will get the contract , kalo integrity ada , satu kali buat pun dah boleh decide who are the best bidder base on the best submission/offer…

    Yang membuatkan MAS rugi ia lah , during the early bidding the average bidder put around RM 200 million , bila dah 7 kali re tender , harga dah naik jadi RM 300 Million , MAS akan rugi RM 100 million just because of the ding dong ding dong…

    So , we don’t need Pak Nujum-din to predict MAS boleh untung atau rugi…,

    1. Charlie B

      Parachute in yet another SVP for Strategic Comms, eh, does this mean the other parachuted-in VP not doing a good job or what? Ok ok silly question, obviously not la. So why not add to the already high staff cost, VP no good, bring in new SVP! Long sad story of MAS, so much for all the talk on succession planning and extending the HR VP to do this, in the end, it’s just one big con. What integrity are we talking about?

  11. Pak Din

    The integrity Programe itself was a tin kosong in the first place. It was just to pull wool over the eyes of the staffs. What the point of reporting under the Whistleblower Programe. Nothing will happen after the report and then the news of who reported will be out. The one reported will be victim in one way or another. This is how the staffs feel about this whole episode.

    Just examine the Engineering Department headed by the Botak.

  12. Kaladin

    Paranoia reigns supreme!

    And the “it’s not my fault, let’s blame someone else” syndrome!

    I wonder just how long these apologists and excuses-seekers for MAS will continue to persist in their state of denial?

    But, then, they are very good at denying realities, aren’t they?

    Maybe, just maybe, MAS doesn’t have what it takes to compete in the global arena, oneworld alliance membership notwithstanding.

    And isn’t that an unpalatable truth?

  13. Thumb Logic

    What are we talking about. Have you ever checked in on a MAS flight. Even after you have checked in through the Internet you have to stand in line to get your boarding pass reissued and your baggage checked in. And by the way can MAS explain why MAS checkin counters are all the time with hundreds of passengers at check in counters C and D while the rest of the 15 countersinKLIA are empty. And do not care too much for 1st Class and Business class pasengers. It is the economy class passengers who sustain an airline..

  14. Ulat Bulu

    Talking about Premier Airline Service but look at ticket office in KLIA now. AJ, aren’t you going to do something about it. When MAS have got a beautiful ticket office on Level 3….you got your stupid staff by the name of Parimalar who was formerly from ticketing to closed that office. She should know what service is all about and your plus Salleh tak Berani listen to her stupidity….you buggers closed the level 3 office.
    Now the passengers whether First, Business or Enrich have to stand in a Q just to get their ticketing transaction. Give your passengers some comfort and open up the ticket office in level 3 again. The passengers are the one paying your salary and they should get some comfort while waiting.
    AJ you have and still have got too many deadwood in MAS. All these deadwood does nothing except polish your bloody balls. I know you are still going witch hunting till today. Don’t just look and hunt the graded staffs, you should look at your VP and above because they are the biggest culprits.

    1. Anonymous

      You are 100% correct. KLIA ia MAS’ home base, and the ticketing counter is a disgrace! Heard it was part of some cost-cutting, but whoever thought of this should be shot. Where is the so-called Malaysian Hospitality when you don’t even offer a seat for people who want to give you money? There are many other ways to cut cost, like not hiring more and more highly-paid people from outside.
      Anyway, heard they are now going to make a ticketing office again. Are we giving JKR a run for their money or what, tutup office, buka office like all this doesn’t cost money. On top of that, did they think of the ticketing staff safety and comfort when they moved them to Level 5? And we expect them to serve our customers with smiles?
      Why doesn’t AJ come down and see for himself? On one recent Sunday morning only 2 staff were manning the ticketing counter, and about 20 customers were standing waiting for their turn, and many were seen to be increasingly agitated. The poor staff were doing their best, but one cannot expect them to smile under such pressure. One of them also doubled up as the “enquiry counter” where people were coming to ask all sorts of questions. Talk about multi-tasking, and AJ, do you know what these staff, who are right there at the front line, getting in the revenue for the Company, actually earn and what grade they are? If you want to have a Premium airline, it starts with taking care of the staff who are actually doing the donkey work at the front end, being paid peanuts for it, and most times not even seen as human beings by your top management. AJ, stop listening to your top people only, get down to the ground, incognito, without your entourage and hangers-on, see and hear for yourself.

  15. Ulat Bulu

    Anonymous…..BRAVO and well said. MAS is going to be part of the ONEWORLD by tomorrow 1 FEB 2013, so AJ you better put on your thinking cap and do something about reallocating your ticket office at the previous premises again.
    Every passenger who visit MAS ticket office are actually your pay master. they deserve better service.

    Whoever come out with the idea of VLP is really an idiot and those boss weho released their staff on VLP are equally an idiot too.
    When they agreed to letting the staff goes on VLP, have it ever cross their mind that they might be running short of staffs specially at the frontline. How do you expect your staff to perform when they have to work their ass off.

    So AJ don’t just talk about joining ONEWORLD but make sure that they service and other things are also at par with other airlines who is already a member in ONEWORLD.

    One thing I can say here is I am PROUD that finally MAS is a member of ONEWORLD and BRAVO to those who are involved in the preparation prior to joining ONEWORLD. AJ, you should give due recognition to those staffs from all grade who have contributed in making the joining of ONEWORLD possible for MAS, it doesn’t matter how big or small their contribution is.

  16. melbo

    “building Integrity as a core value in our Group.”. Integrity is a virtue and along with other virtues like trust, honesty, loyalty and courage come from company wisdom and person wisdom. This wisdom is developed over time through training and observation of others. To build on Integrity you must also build on the other virtues at the same time. This must start at the top and percolate down through each layer of the company so every department and staff member has the same attitude and methodology until it becomes the heart and soul of the company’s culture.
    “deliver on our responsibilities by adhering to the Code of Ethics, to Company policies and procedures”. To adhere to the code of ethics is to ask staff to observe “strict obedience” to your code of ethics and this can only lead to “malicious obedience” or working to rule which no company looking to improve financial performance short or long term needs. If you are drive the company forward through integrity would not an “interpretative obedience” be better. This would allow the staff to react to new information or unusual situation better. Thus improving the customer’s satisfaction and helping build greater trust and loyalty leading to great integrity.
    I find it funny that a company that has a whistleblowing program is building integrity as a core value. If integrity is a core value and the core values it comes from the top down. For there to be internal whistleblowing someone in higher management must have done a serious misconduct and other management around this manager must be ignoring this misconduct. If this is happening that management are ignoring misconduct then how can integrity be a core value and how can staff below management learn the value of integrity if management are not passing this wisdom down.
    In have a whistleblowing programme and promoting it to your employees you are sending mixed messages. We want integrity in our company but we know that there is employee in you company that do not have integrity. I am not saying to that its bad to have a whistleblowing programme as it gives subordinates an opportunity to have integrity but I think it bad to be actively promoting a whistleblowing programme when you’re trying to bring integrity to a company’s culture.

  17. Pak Azman

    What integrity the brainless top management was talking about. Integrity should start from top down and not bottom up. The brainless management has been talking about integrity for us mainly the downline staffs. my answer to them is to shaft the integrity into where they would like to in their own bodies.

    Whitsleblower Programe is a non starter. Once a staff lodged a report then victimization of some sorts will start like the whole department will know who lodge a report against who.

    A good example when a crew done up a Voyage Report on a flight like what Ms Joyce had done during the Danny, the Nanny, scandal, no actions were taken against this Danny boy because he was part of the brainless management but the crew concerned was hauled for questioning not about what he she had written but how the Voyage report was posted in YB’s blog.

    How could the brainless be serious about the Whistle Blower Program. It is just a cosmetic and a propaganda exercise to “tutup mata perkerja’ only.

    The brainless management should show us their sincerity and do what they intended to preach.

    The new Spin Doctor, Dato Najmuddin should advise the brainless lah if not also another gaji buta.

    1. Anonymous

      Pak Azman
      Heard they victimized Joyce by digging up all her records with a fine tooth comb, found a “suspicious” Medical Cert from god-knows-when, put her through the works, and demoted her two ranks down, from Inflight Supervisor to Leading SS on the narrow body. That is supposed to serve as a lesson to all la. So next time, if see something wrong, just close one eye and shut the other. No need to have integrity. And never ever be stupid enough to whistle blow. It is NOT WORTH IT. Anyone one with a little brain, just park integrity where the sun don’t shine OK

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