Dato’ Najmuddin Abdullah is the new MAS Head, Strategic Communications

Datuk Najmuddin Abdullah, the newly appointed MAS Head of Strategic Communication
Dato’ Najmuddin Abdullah, the newly crowned MAS Head of Strategic Communications. He was the former CEO of Kontena National Global Logistics
From: “YOUR VOICE ONLINE” <UVOICE@malaysiaairlines.com>
Subject: Circular from GCEO: Dato’ Najmuddin Abdullah is Head, Strategic Communications
To        : All Staff System-wide

Date     : 14 January 2013

Ref       : GCEO CIR 001/13

Dear Colleagues

Dato’ Najmuddin Abdullah is Head, Strategic Communications

I am pleased to welcome Dato’ Najmuddin Abdullah, as Head, Strategic Communications of Malaysia Airlines effective today (14 January 2013).

Dato’ Najmuddin brings with him a wide spectrum of experience in the field of communications. Prior to this appointment, he was the CEO of Kontena Nasional Global Logistics (KGNL) the freight forwarding arm of Kontena Nasional Berhad, a subsidiary of Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) Group ; also a Government Linked Company (GLC).

Over the last 15 years he has worked in a number of key corporate organizations including Celcom Axiata Berhad where he was Vice President, Corporate Communications, responsible for news & media relations, government relations, internal communications, community relations and events management as well as the Managing Editor & Head of News of NTV7, leading the news and current affairs division. Dato’ Najmuddin holds master and bachelor degrees in Economics from the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA.

Here I would also like to thank Nor Zalida Ahmad who has been the Acting Head, Strategic Communications in the interim. She will continue as Vice President, Strategic Communications and will report to Dato’ Najmuddin.

I look forward to Dato’ Najmuddin’s leadership in strategic communications for the Group. I trust that all of you will provide the support and cooperation as well as a warm welcome to Dato’ Najmuddin.

Thank You

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

18 thoughts on “Dato’ Najmuddin Abdullah is the new MAS Head, Strategic Communications

  1. Nizam

    Any idiot can do better than Nor Zalida Ahmad. Hope all will be well from now on. No email will be sent out at midnight when it was clear to everyone that it was a poor attempt at damage control. Congratulation Dato’ Najamuddin and wish you all the best.

    1. Mas Merah

      Agreed wth Jamal. Why still keep the ineffective Nor Zalida? This is the time to cut cost by removing one Vice President. Now looks like MAS has to pay another high salary personnel. Wonder how much! Mr AJ, have not you learned anything yet?

  2. Anonymous

    I would rather hope that this is not another case of a new broom who thinks he can sweep cleaner than the people before. Like so many the last couple of years only to leave and mask their own failure on the the MAS culture.

  3. Another half past six

    As usual he must be paid a handsome salary when MAS is bleeding. One does not need a spin doctor if the company is properly managed by professionals with good aviation experience.

    Employing a highly paid personel and at the same time keeping the dead wood like Nor Zalida Ahmad. What a joke!

  4. GE Man

    Since the share suap reversal, MAS still needs the damage control to regain the public and staff confidences, thats why this Najmuddin is parachuted in.

    Yes, we don’t need a spin doctor if the company is properly managed by honest and sincere professionals with good experience in the aviation sector.

    In 1990 when Tan Sri Mohar was MAS Chairman MAS share are was at RM 11.00; during Tajuddin Ramli’s tenure it was RM 8 and during Idris Jala/Tengku Azmil’s period it was still at RM 5, surprisingly just a few week before the share suap was announced, it slipped to MYR 1.50.

    Now with the few remaining key protege of the Pariah still around at MAS, it has further slipped to 75 sen a share , NEVER in MAS history it goes so low , memang sesuai lah kalo orang kata AJ ni cluless, memang tak tau nak run an airline, making thing worse is the twins , bo(otak) head Azhari and bo(otak) head Amin running MAS engineering department.

    Gone are the days when MAS is considered as a blue chip company. But some say that the share price does not reflect the company’s financial health and performance.

    AJ proudly announced that the 3rd Q 12 MAS performance improved and expecting the same for 4th Q 12, bahlol mana pun boleh buat company untung kalo hutang hutang to the vendors since June 2012 tak bayar lagi………

    For the two bo(otak) head stooges in engineering, I am sure MACC is monitoring you guys by now since MAS had signed corporate integrity pledge with MACC .

    I hope MACC will put their eyes on the current Airbus A330 component support service contract worth about RM 300 million on PBH (pay-by-the-hour) basis presently being finalised after re-tendering for the 7th time, bo(otak) head, are you trying to “favour” a company xxxx ? Even thou there is other bidder who had offered better…don’t try it bo(otak) head !

    On another contract, your bo(otak) twin is planning to go for direct nego with the GE for Boeing 737-800 aircraft engine life time maintenance contract compromising the interest of MAS and overlooking the benefit that was proposed during the last tender for PBH engine support participated by 6 engine repair companies (one of you bo(tak) was their regional sales director before parachuting in MAS by the Pariah).

    Mana ada orang buat life time contract kat dunia ni , LSG Sky Chef catering contract pun 25 tahun ja….

    Life time contract…. Hebat hebat hebat hebat hebat hebat….listen listen listen listen listen listen AJ , dont be part of it…..

    Both of you BO refuse to re open the bidding / continue with the bidding process which was initiated before by previous engineering MD.

    MAS will loose hundreds of million of ringgit if this is allowed to happen, and it is contrary to MAS strategic procurement guidelines which requires 3 or more bidders to be invited to ensure wider participation to benefit MAS with the most responsive and competitive proposal.

    This Boeing B737-800 aircraft engine model CFM56-7 support contract is expected to be worth a whooping RM 1500 million ( USD 500 million ) based on the last tender prices put in by the 6 bidders .

    No wonder why both of you bo(otak) head is still sticking around when all other pariah parachutist are long gone from MAS ..

    With this clueless AJ and this two bo(otak) head still around, I wonder how much will MAS share be worth by year end.,,,kalo 1 sen , may be I am able to bought over MAS this time too….and bought over MU football club…

  5. Anti Crony

    We do not need a Mr Nice Guy or spin doctor. MAS needs a good professional with enough experience in the aviation industry. We do not need crony of certain people.

  6. Azmin

    Didn’t know that MAS needs a spin doctor. By taking in this spin doctor, it is evident that Nor Zalida is useless. Why keep her? what a waste of space and money.

    1. Anonymous

      Correct, correct, correct. Since this new SVP already accepted this job way back in SEPTEMBER 2012, there was ample time to ask the VP to hand in her resignation, no? Or pay her off , after all they did it to another VP not too long ago. Sigh, some more money flowing out………

  7. Hamid MAS

    AJ, why do you so desperately need a spin doctor? if you cannot perform there is nothing this spin doctor can do for you. Just get professional with vast aviation expertise will be better than getting a useless spin doctor and pay him top money to bullshit.

  8. no need for vast experience..

    can we stop this crap about vast aviation experience. airline job is not rocket science.previously malaysia airlines had management with vast aviation experience. they were no better.just people with integrity and allow malaysia airlines to be independant.not anybody cash cow aya….no need vast lah

    1. Anonymous

      Agreed, we are 40 year airline, no shortage of VAST experience. So, what happened? AJ, when are you going to finally believe, and take action, on the root cause of this dismal state of “people” problems, start overhauling the HR Division NOW! 2102 is gone, you have not made firm decision on the PMS, now HR expect the PMS 2012 to be submitted, based on what? The very process itself, that is, planning and setting KPIs, and getting understanding and agreement on the KPIs was not done, now you expect PERFORMANCE appraisal 2012 to be done, retrospectively? And worse, you allow HR to introduce new rules, like putting in 50% of the ranking based on the Corporate “scorecard”. That’s like setting new rules AFTER the game is over, its worse than changing the rules when the game is still on. This is clearly unethical, unfair, unproductive, and not to mention a complete waste of precious time. In one Townhall, when asked about KPI, what did you say AJ? We have only one KPI – make money. Now, apa sudah jadi? Walk the talk, AJ.

      1. xMAS

        @Anon Jan19 10:07

        PMS has been there for more than 10 years now. I remember having to do the performance planning and assessment since before Idris Jala’s time, even during Dato’ Kamaruddin’s time. Since there is no circular sent out to deactivate PMS, it is still enforce.

        On the common corporate scorecard, this is also not new, Idris Jala introduced it to ensure that everyone carries some responsibility towards the company’s overall performance instead of just focussing on their individual KPIs. We ALL had to carry the corporate scorecard as part of our own individual KPIs. The weightage in decremented with level, EVP – 50%, SVP – 40% and VP- 30%, magagers downwards and so on. The weightage can be adjusted to reflect the company’s state, as have been done now.

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