DCA failed to withdraw the AOC of FAX / AirAsia X in 2007 (Part 3)

Inspection Report on FAX/AirAsia X Sdn Bhd aircraft registration No:
Inspection Report by Fokker Services Aisa Pte Ltd on FAX/AirAsia X Sdn Bhd aircraft registration No: 9M-MGC

The list of the cannibalized parts.
The list of discrepancies.
The list
The list of deferred defects.
The list
The list of CANNIBALIZED parts.
The costing
The list on the cost of putting this aircraft to be airworthy again.

For Part 1 of this posting, in HERE, and Part 2, in HERE.

33 thoughts on “DCA failed to withdraw the AOC of FAX / AirAsia X in 2007 (Part 3)

  1. Anonymnous

    41 parts of the aircraft have been canabalized by FAX/AirAsia X! DCA officers what have you been doing? Yet, the Sleepy Head allowed it to keep the subsidy of RM250 million for the RAS. the Sleepy Head should be shot.

  2. jack1960

    No short cuts in transport business

    Regardless of the maintenence program, in-house, out-source or “outhouse”, an orderly system is required, constantly updated & consistently adhered to, without exception. It requires carefully planned investment, no matter LCC or full-service model. This is the heart & soul of the company. The profitibility depends on it but more importantly, lives depend on it. Zero or full-fare, the aircraft must be able to complete its flight in one piece.

    The DCA as the steward to the aviation industry must apply the highest standards, firm & fair to all , without compromise. Its actions, the standard it sets, will instill confidence in our civil aviation industry, at home & abroad. The DCA already has a good reputation, why has this been compromise?

    There’s never any justification, for loss of lives. Vested interests or political hegemony has & still is a bain to the transport industry in the country, land, sea or air. We may have been very lucky so far, but for how long.

    There have & are good practices being followed, don’t let these go to waste just because of greed.

    BTW, we haven’t even talked about the technical crews, cabin crews, ground handlers etc. If history have shown that Malaysians are sought after be it in maintenence, technical & cabin crews etc, the DCA must have done it right before. WHY CHANGE?

  3. GUAM


    Protest Against Secret Ballot Exercise On MAS Cabin Crew & Claim of Recognition By National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (NUFAM)

    MASEU has been informed or given to understand that NUFAM has been registered and had sought recognition from Malaysia Airlines (MAS) to represent its cabin crew.

    MASEU is of the view that it is highly improper or right for recognition to be given by Malaysian Airlines to entertain NUFAM’s claim for recognition due to the following reasons:-

    (1) A “general recognition” had long been accorded by MAS to MASEU as a general body to represent its non-executive employees including its cabin crew (i.e. graded staff) since the establishment of MASEU as an in-house union in 1979, after the Airlines Employees’ Union, Peninsular Malaya (AEU), (which represented most of Malaysia Airlines’ employees including those of foreign airlines that operated to Peninsular Malaysia) was deregistered.

    (2) Giving recognition to two unions to represent the crew is not in the spirit of good industrial relations and would cause industrial disharmony among the cabin crew who are members of MASEU and members of NUFAM. This will conflict with the objective of the Industrial Relations Act 1967.

    (3) MASEU cabin crew are well represented for 33 years in its central Committee since 1979 and currently is represented by four duly elected Cabin Crew. MASEU had successfully concluded Collective Agreement (CA) covering all its graded employees including cabin crew from the time of its establishment including the 2012 CA which MASEU had concluded with MAS on 12.12.2012.

    After almost one year, we are puzzled to receive a circular via MH internal mail dated 20th December 2012 from Secretary General of NUFAM to MAS Cabin Crew that NUFAM and MAS have signed a Voting Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which will allow the National Union of Flight Attendant (i.e. NUFAM) to conduct a secret ballot exercise in MAS and this secret ballot exercise will determine whether NUFAM will be allowed to manage MAS Cabin Crew’s CA.

    MASEU protest to the proposed secret ballot exercise and MASEU request that the following action be taken by the Industrial Relations Department:-

    a) To permit MAS not to entertain any claim of recognition by NUFAM to representatives cabin crew members on the grounds given above and it is improper for MAS to sign a Voting MOU with NUFAM on 19th December 2012 especially when there is already an existing in-house union i.e. MASEU that governs MAS Cabin Crew’s CA successful for 33 years,

    b) To seek the good office of Director General of Trade Union / Minister of Human Resources to direct the NUFAM to amend its constitution to prohibit MAS cabin crew to join NUFAM on the ground that there is IN EXISTENCE an in-house trade union to represent MAS cabin crew, as evident from the Collective Agreements concluded with MAS SINCE 1979 and WHICH had been taken cognizance by the Industrial Court,

    c) To advise the Director General of Trade Union to withdraw or cancel the certificate OF registration of NUFAM, under Section 15 (2)(a) of the Trade Unions Act 1959 (Act 262) as MASEU has the largest number of MAS employees as members of MASEU if NUFAM refuses to amend its constitution,

    d) To cancel the proposed secret ballot exercise involving MAS Cabin Crew, as by allowing this exercise, would cause a conflict of interests or division of loyalty among MAS Cabin Crew, who are members of MASEU if they are invited to participate in the secret ballot.

    e) To advise MAS to revoke the Voting MOU where MAS and NUFAM signed on 19th December 2012 as this contravenes Article 8 of the Collective Agreement (CA) between MAS and MASEU. An extract of Article 8 is reproduced below:-


    The company recognized the Union as the sole collective negotiating body representing its permanent employees in Peninsular Malaysia referred to in the Employees Classification Table set out in Schedule IV.”

    MASEU views this matter seriously as the action of MAS management in signing the Voting MOU is tantamount to inducing MASEU Cabin Crew to refrain or resign to be a member of MASEU and this contravenes Section 5.1. (e) of the Industrial Relations Act 1967 which is reproduced below:-


    5.1. No employer or trade union of employers, and no person acting on behalf of an employer or such trade union shall:-

    (e) Induce a person to refrain from becoming or to cease to be a member or officer of a trade union by conferring or offering to confer any advantage on or by procuring or offering to procure any advantage for any person.”

    MASEU believe that since the registration of NUFAM was under political pressure, we also believe that the secret ballot exercise is subsequently under political pressure to grant recognition to NUFAM to represent MAS Cabin Crew is an attempt to annihilate sustainability/survival of MASEU. This practice is highly undesirable and bad for fostering good industrial relations.

    MASEU object strongly to the stand of the Ministry action and demand the Ministry to act rightly within the legal framework of the Industrial Relations Act 1967 and the Trade Union Act to foster good industrial relations in not only MAS but in the Country.

    MASEU further believe if such practice is condoned or continued, it would encourage other categories of MAS graded employees to form another National Union in MAS, which would not be in the interest of MAS and its employees.

    MASEU request that DG industrial Relations and DG Trade Union to take immediate action to accede to our request.

  4. The Low Caste

    It was obvious that the cannibalization of parts was not for emergency but it was their business model. Hopefully DCA will redeem themselves this time with the stringent control in granting the full AOC to AA and its group. We don’t want to see air tragedy in Malaysia. Safety cost money, as usual the pariah will cut corner. Always remember what the pariah has said before: If you price the fares low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their life.

  5. X-MAS

    When the ill-fated and ill-intended CCF was formulated, it was touted that MAs can learn a thing or two from the success of Air Asia.

    I put it that it is Air Asia that can learn much more from MAS. Besides being privy to the internal secrets and business plans,Tony can incfluence the direction of MAS to benefit him.

    The evidence now shows that Air Asia has more to learn from MAS on how to operate an airline to achieve a reliable OTD, how to maintain a safe fleet of aircraft, how to serve customers both on board the airctaft and on ground.

    Shame on you Tony and Air Asia.

  6. Masturabaiduri Ahmad

    The real reason for MASEU’s objection is nothing more than fear of loss of bargaining power for MASEU’s top office bearer to milk something from MAS for their personal gain. All these years they have more or less sold the cabin crew for some personal gains. It is a well known secret that some top brass in MASEU were awarded contracts – like cabin cleaning or office cleaning contracts, in return for accepting less than favourable benefits for cabin crew. The other trump card in MASEU’s hand is the LIcence Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAE). Without Cabin Crew and LAE, MASEU is reduced to nothing, as unlike cabin crew and LAE, other employees do not have certification or licencing requirements. Thus can be readily sourced.

    1. usman

      U r so right Mastura.Guam…are u free lancing for maseu,think u guys are on a wrong blog!Dont use Wee’s blog for cheap publicity!Duhhh….

  7. Cannibalize King

    Cannibalized for parts is the business model of the pariah. No wonder no more tweet or press statement to his favourite newspapers, The Star. The pariah mouth piece.

  8. le batard

    This Wee feller is going on and on about AirAsia.

    It’s as if he’s a big-time pundit on the airline industry, the way he opines.

    Sheesh – the guy has never run a business, let alone started one.

    It’s easy to preach. Every half-past six itinerant politician and demagogue can put in his or her 5-sen worth.

    But running a business, making profits, creating jobs, keeping shareholders happy – that’s not given to everyone on a silver platter.

    So, what exactly is the Wee feller’s agenda? Is he a closet racist? Someone who takes a vicarious delight in cutting down tall poppies? Or a frustrated politician who is angsty because his messages don’t resonate with the masses, let alone the cognoscenti?

    It’s time the Wee feller nailed his colours to the mast and declare what exactly he stands for, instead of using his blog to be judge, jury and executioner.

    1. Anonymous

      @le batard,

      I am reminded of a sign at the entrance of the specil forces camp in Cameron Highlands, and it is very apt for you. The sign says ” Kedatangan mu tidak di undang, jika ragu sila pulang”.

      If you are not poficient in Bahasa Malaysia, allow me to translate. It says “You are uninvited, you don’t like it leave”.

      You dropped an “s” in your nick.

    2. That bastard

      Cannibalization of more than 40 parts of 2 aircraft so far. This must be the pariah business model. The truth always hurt. The Fokker’s report speaks for itself and yet certain aviation “expert” was trying to defend it.

      Thank God that the Sleepy Head era had gone otherwise there will be of such nonsense.

      Thank you YB for exposing the pariah. Please publish the remaining report so that it will pick it on record what is the actual business model of the low caste airline. Lets hope that other aviation authorities will pick up and inspect the low caste airline. Ka! Ka! Ka!

  9. Nizam

    What are the DCA doing in 2007 when all the cannibalization were taking place? Thank God there was no air tragedy at that nothing. Hopefully DCA will redeem itself this time and examine stringently before approve the AOC after March 2013. Air safety is of paramount importance for the aviation industry.

  10. Anonymous

    some one needs to make a police report against the dca to question how this was allowed? who got kickbacks at dca to allow it ? AND MOST OF all make a police report against Tony F for accountability to the public.

  11. Jarang Terbang

    YB WCK,

    Setahu saya AA masih lagi belum mendapat menyambungan AOC yang tamat pada 31 Mac 2013. Hari ini saya terbaca iklan AA yang menjual tiket murah untuk penerbangan bermula dari Ogos 2013 hingga Februari 2014. Saya amat keliru setelah mengikuti posting YB yang lalu mengenai perkara ini. Harap YB dapat memberi sedikit penjelasan untuk pencerahan kepada semua pembaca blog yang sangat informatif ini. Terima kasih.

    1. weechookeong

      Jarang Terbang

      Sila baca posting yang berkenaan: https://weechookeong.wordpress.com/2012/12/08/xmas-big-sale/

      Saya telah dimaklumkan oleh YB Datuk Ismail Sabri, Menteri Perdangangan, Koperasi dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna, pada bulan Disember 2012 bahawa beliau telah mengarahkan pegawai Kementerian untuk mengambil tindakan supaya AirAsia tidak menjual tiket penerbangannya selepas 31 Mac 2013 kerana ia tiada AOC.

      Saya akan melaporkan perkara ini kepada Kementerian dan saya berharap pihak tuan dan semua pengguna meemlaporkan perkara ini kepada Kementrian supaya hak-hak pengguna dapat dipertahankan.

      Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa pada 1 Januari 2013 Peraturan khas untuk mengawal iklan palsu telah dikuatkuasakan. Adalah amat sesuai pada masa sekarang untuk memlaporkan perkara ini kepada Kementerian supaya Kementerian dapat menggambil tindakan yang sewarjanya.

      Sekian, terima kasih

      Yang ikhlas

      wee choo keong

  12. Observer

    Complaints against false ads should still be lodged with the Ministry of Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism to investigate. Until now we do not know about the actual state of affairs with the AOC of AA. It would be quite impossible for AA to meet the requirements of the DCA in such a short span of a few months before 31 March.

  13. Air Taufan

    Assuming AA did get the AOC extended to Sept 14th., the recent advert is for flight from August 2013 untill February 2014. Still breaking the law, isn’t it.

    Why cant just the Ministry haul this AA up. Why need to have an official complaint/report before taking any actions. The government of other countries do not wait. Australian government do not wait for any reports to charge AAX because their officers are monitoring all business manouvering all the time. If a policeman sees a person being robbed, does he has to wait for a report before he chases the robber? Perhaps it is in Malaysia and I hope it is not.

    Please do something quickly Dato Ismail Sabri!!!

    Fed up…fed up..

  14. Anonymous

    to le batard,even though YB Wee didnt run the airline,but if someone liked him didnt fight for all these nonsense things by Air Asia,what will happened to all the people rights,simply being conned by tony,what do u know about aviation.u tell the people here what tony has done good to people,do u think Air Asia really made profit,pay up the amount dues to MAB and u will see the PL.Understand

  15. Anonymous

    le batard,to make up shut up here,let me recalled what is YB Wee trying to prove here.In 2006,Tony called for MOT for Route Rationalisation programme,in order to have same level playing field with MAS,so he set up FAX to serve Sabah and Sarawak,so now he has abandoned the FAX and destroyed the aircrafts that have been mentioned in this post,greedy set up monopoly MAS let go Kota Kinabalu/Johor Bahru/Kota kinabalu,Kuching/Johor Bahru/Kuching.Sponsored Manchester United team,painted the aircraft,asked MAS to stop flying into Manchester and until now Air Asia X not even flying to Manchester,flew to London Stansted/Gatwick unable to continue,leaving Manchester markets to Emirates.Etihad and Qatar to carry the passengers to north part of UK.Is this called 2 national champions.Rubbish.If you want to fight about YB Wee who has done a lot of good things,forget about it

  16. Kaladin

    So, folks, how is it that Tony Fernandes has been appointed, along with Michelle Yeoh, at the WEF meeting in Davos?

    In the presence of the PM, no less!

    And how is it that “Euromoney” magazine has described AirAsia as one of the best-managed companies in Asia?

    A honour that has eluded MAS. Now, how could that be?

    Maybe YB Wee could take a time out and comment?

  17. Kaladin

    “Batavia Air ruled as bankrupt” (The Straits Times, Feb 1, 2013)

    “Indonesia’s commercial court has declared budget carrier Batavia Air bankrupt months after AirAsia, South-east Asia’s top low-cost airline, aborted a deal to buy it. A bankruptcy petition filed by US-based International Lease Finance Corporation was approved after the airline failed to pay a US$4.7 million debt due on Dec 13.” (Associated Press)

    Didn’t Tony Fernandes and AirAsia get a lot of criticism for pulling out of the Batavia Air deal? If I remember right, certain parties used this to claim that AirAsia was being “targetted” by the Indonesian authorities yadda yadda.

    In hindsight, they (AirAsia) did the right thing by pulling out of a dodgy deal.

    Let’s see now if Batavia Air manages to restructure itself and exit bankruptcy a la Japan Airlines.

      1. The Gooberman

        US$1.00? That would have been a good deal….lol

        It removes one competitor from the Indonesian market, and allows AirAsia Indonesia and Lion Air to further ramp up their competition, with Garuda’s LCC unit coming in a strong third.

        Incidentally, the more I read what Rusdi Kirana is saying, the more it appears that he seems to be more interested in Changi Airport than KLIA.

      1. le batard

        Not really. Any investment banker or corporate lawyer who specialises in M&A (mergers and acquisitions) will tell you that there’s such a thing known as “due diligence”.

        It is possible that AirAsia carried out a due diligence exercise on Batavia Air and discovered enough material to cause them to pull out of the deal.

        Would AirAsia’s shareholders have expected the company’s management to do anything less?

        Perhaps, to be on the mischeivous side, I wonder what will be uncovered if a potential acquirer (say airline X) carres out a due diligence exercise on MAS, including delving into MAS’s books and finances and all it’s corporate transactions?

  18. usman

    DCA DG is a sure sweet n smooth talker
    .a man of talk but no action.He is gelled with those operators who kaki bodek him.Go ask his second man too..those two shud be kicked out from DCA and bring in ACA to chk their backgrounds.

    Each AOC costs ….eheeemmm.

    1. Taib

      All will be well only when there is no problem. When accident happened then all hells will break loose. They will have to run for cover. In the mean time, the DCA fellows better pray hard for no mishap.

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