Happy New Year and Success to all Malaysians for 2013

Happy New Year to all Malaysians
Happy New Year to all Malaysians

Today being the last day of the year,  yours truly would like to take this opportunity to thank the readers and contributors of this blog for the support and encouragement to part take in the process of our nation building.

In the New Year, we always wish all our friends the best and that each year will always be better than the last. However, we must also take stock of what had happened to us and the nation in 2012.  As we reflect on the past, we must look forward to the future with certainty.  Naturally, nothing could be certain in life.

What is certain is that foreign powers will “INVEST” more heavily in Malaysia for 2013 in order to satisfy their lust for power and control via “REGIME CHANGE” in total disregard of the social fabric and wellbeing of our beloved nation, MALAYSIA.

As we all usher in 2013 in a few hours time, we must usher in the New Year with new sense of hope for the future of unfolding opportunities to fulfill our unfinished vigour for success and a stable nation for all.  Let us all make Malaysia a better place for all Malaysians.

May the ALMIGHTY continues to give us Blessing, Success and Happiness in 2013 and more importantly, a peaceful and a stable Malaysia.

One thought on “Happy New Year and Success to all Malaysians for 2013

  1. Anonymous

    The super power wants a regime change because they want a REGIME that takes instructions from them. I will not want that.

    The American have laws to prevent foreign interference in its internal affairs. Why do they want to do this to other developing countries? The Middle East countries that underwent Arab Spring are the classic examples.

    Be cautious in what we do and be cautious before it is too late.

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