Australian Court fined AirAsia A$200,000 for misleading advertisements

AirAsia advertisement on 17-12-2012 in The Star fro the period from 7 January to 31 March 2013. Indicated by arrow sign.
AirAsia’s advertisement on 17-12-2012 in The Star for the period from 4 January to 31 March 2013.

Thank you YB Datuk Ismail Sabri, the MInister of Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism, for taking immediate actions to stop AirAsia from putting up more misleading advertisements in The Star. Hence, we saw the sudden change of the AirAsia’s promotional period to 31 March 2013 as could be seen from the above.

Despite the fact that the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) granted an Air Operation Certificate (AOC) until 31 March 2013 for failure to comply with safety regulation but AirAsia saw it fit to promote selling of its tickets until 31 December 2013. Please read in HERE and HERE.

Below were the AirAsis’s advertisements:

Free seats
5000 Free Seats!
Free Flights to Langkawi
Free flights to Langkawi!
Free seats
Free seats
Free seats
Free seats
Free seats
Free seats


Free Seats1 Free Seats!

Big Sales!
Big Sales!
Big Sale! Big Sale!
Big Sale! Big Sale!

Just look  at all the above advertisements with the word “FREE” . How many really got the so-called bargain for “FREE”?

Luckily AirAsia did not publish the same advertisment (promoting the sale of tickets after 31 March 2013) in Australia otherwise it will face a fine more than A$200,000.  On 18 December 2012, the Herald Sun of Melbourne has published the decision of the Federal Court in Melbourne where AirAsia was fined A$200,000 for putting up misleading advertisement. Yours truly would like to thank one of the readers for the alert of the news from Herald Sun in Melbourne.

Below is the full report:

Herald Sun Melbourne 18 December 2012

LOW-cost carrier Air Asia has been given a hefty fine for not including taxes and other charges on its website.

The Malaysian airline was fined $200,000 in the Federal Court in Melbourne today for contravening the single pricing provision of the Australian Consumer Law.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said the case followed a ten month period during which the website did not display some airfare prices inclusive of all taxes, duties, fees and other mandatory charges “in a prominent way and as a single figure”.

The fine related to flights between Melbourne and Macau, London, Ho Chi Minh City, New Delhi, Hangzhou and Chengdu as well as from Perth to Taipei, Phuket, Osaka, London, Ho Chi Minh City and Hangzhou and from the Gold Coast to Ho Chi Minh City.

Justice Tracey said unless the full price is prominently displayed the consumer may well be attracted to a transaction which he or she would not otherwise have found to be appealing and grudgingly pay the additional imposts rather than go to the trouble of withdrawing from the transaction and looking elsewhere.

He said the company will also obtain an advantage over competitors who are compliant.

He accepted a court undertaking from Air Asia Berhad restraining it from engaging in similar conduct for three years.

“This ACCC action vindicates the importance of all inclusive pricing,” ACCC chairman Rod Sims said.

“Consumers must have accurate price information, and in turn, airlines require a level playing field on price representations in this competitive industry where consumers are price sensitive.”

For reference please read in HERE.

67 thoughts on “Australian Court fined AirAsia A$200,000 for misleading advertisements

  1. Jason Tan

    This is the best news for the week. The big mouth must be taught a lesson. I am sure that such important news will not be published by the Star, the publicity organ of the Pariah.

    I hope that our Ministry of Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism will take the necessary action to bring to court of the unethical practice of this low caste airline. Enough is enough. It is action now to protect members of the public from misled by this very low caste airline.

    I was one of the many victims of such misleading advertisement. I am glad that the low caste airline made a few hundred Ringgit from me and had to pay fine A$200,000 about RM600k. Great Great Great!

  2. Now Everyone Know About AirAsia

    I hope that our government will take drastic actions against unscrupulous businesses like AirAsia. Misleading advertisements by AirAsia and others must be stopped. The government must drag AirAsia to court like what had happened in Australia. So that Everyone Will Know About AirAsia. All victims of AA’s misleading advertisements and mistreatment must be elated by this news. Thank you Australia. Unfortunately, the fine of A$200,000 a bit low for the Pariah.

  3. Jamal

    BIG X’MAS PRESENT FOR AIRASIA. I was expecting a tweet from TF but none. Let see whether The Star will publish such a bad news about AirAsia in tomorrow newspapers. I bet you we will not see a word about this news. What a fantastic Xmas present for AirAsia and Malaysians. At least Australian authorities and Court have taken action to protect the public. Hopefully Malaysian authorities will do the same.

  4. anti penyangak

    The ular is not concern about airasia anymore. He just want to collect his commission from another 100 more airplane and dump them to airasia to nurse. Now can you see the `ular` in him.

  5. Ng

    Low cost airline! my foot! It is a low caste or pariah airline. I have so many friends who booked on the low caste airline and when it comes to refund they have problems. Those untravelled passengers airport taxes were treated as its profits. Bloody hell! Don’t expect Star to publish such news about AirAsia. Instead The Star will come out with a damage control piece to make that pariah smell like a rose. Hope the government in Malaysia will take similar actions like in Australia!

  6. A Happy Malaysian

    How come there was no more tweets on the A$200k fine in Australia from TF? He should tweet his excuse so that The Star could carry it as a news for him so that Malaysians could be fooled again.

  7. Anonymous

    Let us see how arrogance can the big mouth Tony could get the main stream papers to cover up this news. He has been successful for those crashes in East Malaysia. I think that this A$200,000 fine by the Australian Federal Court has gone viral. This news has made many Malaysians. Congratulations! Australian Federal Court for dispensing justice for the Australians as well as many Malaysians.

  8. Tony Pariah

    Fully agreed with you Ng. AA/AAX are Not Low Cost airline but in reality a Low Caste Airline !!! Plse say NO to Air Asia !! I just hate Air Asia very very much !!!

  9. Ken Liew

    Where are the TF’s cybertroopers? Don’t tell me that they are running out of ideas. Just cook up a story to save TF mah! Unfortunately, we could smell down from far. This is one of the fantastic news of the week.

  10. MightyMo

    What does it say about our various authorities, when it takes the legal/regulatory bodies of another country, to finally take action to protect consumers ??? The whole system is rotten to the core … Shame on our government … Great showing leading up to a general election ….

  11. Air Asia Ptui !

    Hey, you guys think Tony cares about a meager 200k Ozzie bucks? The guy is buying hundreds of Airbus to expand his business. Pretty soon he’ll monopolize low-cost airline market in this region. He’s already gloating now coz nothing will stop him, not even this blog or whomever commenting nastily to this article. Suck it up, will ya.

    1. Anonymous

      He may not care about the AUD200K fine, but it is a slap on his face, AK can’t do it in Australia any more and the other countries are watching. Tell me now that he doesn’t care.

  12. Anonymous

    Its all out in the open now with their pants/skirts down. Let see what TF and all his followers going to say. May be he can asked for discount frm australian gov just like he did in malaysia. Now everyone know how they make money. Merry Christmas TF, looks like Christmas comes early this year and you are Mr Santa, Ho ho ho horey…….

  13. Anonymous

    wah..had kena one..YB…i would ask about adv at malaysia AA website…include air asia go holidays…it’s its same as their publish at australia AA…?..if so…our gov should take the same action againts them…- huang

  14. Rama

    If one or two got free tickets as advertised, they should thank their lucky stars. The ads contained misleading statements as as we can see from YB’s blog. It had to be for this same reasons that the Australian Court found AA liable and imposed a fine of A$200,poo. Plus AA lawyer had to agree on behalf AA for an injunction restraining AA from putting further misleading statements. Hope that after 1-1-2013 our Ministry of Trade in Malaysia will monitor not only AA ads but also other companies to protect the public from misled.

    Great decision by the Australian Court against AA. Hope the decision will take the culprit a lesson.

  15. Juice

    Why is that this country allows undermining ads to be published and why are the public being duped by these ads?

    Are the consumer rights being protected in this country? I guess the ministry have to step up and ensure this wont happen in our country.

    Consumer protection is a must and a law in other countries, Malaysia is still weak in this issue.

    Time for YB to engage with the relevant ministries to step up their act.

    I also believed the papers should be liable for posting such ads to deceive the public.We know Air Asia maypay milllions for such ads and thats why the got scot free.

    1. Genga

      If had to pay for fuel surcharge and etc then it is not FREE. The ads says FREE seat. Therefore, the ads was misleading. We all know AA too well. It strife on publicity hypes to give the public a false impression. We appreciate you are trying to help the pariah. Please try harder next time.

    2. Isa

      Adam Yahya

      If had to pay for other charges then it is not FREE. Why the AA ads stated FREE? Just to mislead. Why the AAX promoting sale until May 31, November 31 and December 31, 2013 when its AOC valid until march 31, 2013? Just to mislead. If AOC not granted after March 31, 2013 what will happen to those holders of ticket? can ask for refund! Refund in AA style that the rakyat had to go through tremendous inconveniences and wait for months for the refund. Come on! stop fooling us. A fantastic news from Australian Court! Pandan muka to the big mouth and arrogant snake. Ka! Ka! Ka! Please try harder next time and none will believe the pariah’s cybertrooper.

      1. Adam Yahya (@mdnizamy)

        Definition… merely definition. Fares being they payment charged which is agreed between you (the buyer) and the airline to take you from point A to point B. That fares can range from 0 which is advertised to 1000 (or whatever number you can pull out of your arse).

    3. Anonymous

      It’s like this, a cinema advertises free seats for a hot movie.

      The ad says, FREE seats. T&C applies (catchall).

      Attractive!!!!!!! So you and a thousand others queue up.

      After 2 hours, you and your aching legs get to the counter.

      You get the 2 free seats because the T&C says one person is limited to purchase only 2 seats. Total price of each ticket is RM11, RM5 for Aircon, RM5 for sound and RM1 for goverment tax (except that they dont remit to the government). You say “Macam mana free?”

      Tiket agent Adam Yahya says “Carpet free, Stairs FOC, seat cover, roof, sumore no charge ma. Want ticket or not. Next time read fine print. Dont want dont buy, your money ma”.

      But you need 4 tickets, Adam says “Buy 2 “free” and 2 normal price tickets, la”. Your wife and children are so looking forward to the movie.

      The 900 others behind you find that by the time they get to the counter, the free seats are sold out but the normal tickets are available. In very fine (most times invisible) prints – limited seats available. Again you forgot to read the invisible fine print.

      So do you and the 999 others abandon it and go to another cinema or fbuy the normal or “free seat” priced tickets? I think you know the answer.

      During the movie, you bring in 4 packets of peanuts and 2 bottles of drinks. The ushers confiscates it and points to a sign on the wall saying “NO FOOD ALLOWED”. You run off to the pop corn counter to buy pop corns and drinks at twice the outside vendor price.

      You have some shopping bags with you. The ushers say, sorry, you cant bring them in. They exceed the size and weight restriction and points to the sign on the wall. But you can keep your shopping bags in the locker. The locker is free but the key to the locker will cost RM5.

      When the movie is played, the projector rosak. You submit for a refund. The invisible T&C says refund seat cost only i.e. RM5 but must pay a refund admin fee of RM10.

      Remember what Adam says:

      “First come first served”
      “T&C applies”
      “You agreed to and accepted the T&C”
      “Free is only for one portion of the price”
      “The refund admin fee is stated clearly in our website”
      “The size and weight restriction is not our rule. It is dictated by the DCA”

      Adam’s boss says “I know Malaysian, give them low fares, they are willing to risk their lives”.

      Lets cal purposeful misrepresentation or willful concealment, misleading.

      Lets call a spade a spade. Dont try and dress up a pig.

      1. Adam Yahya (@mdnizamy)

        My boss ? *sigh* Let’s call a cinema a cinema and let’s call one own choice of how to use their own money their own choice. The issue is not misleading or even misunderstanding but one’s inabiilty (by choice or others) to be misinformed. This blog or whatever one call it is worse by not informing the whole story. Presenting any news without the full context is also ‘misleading’.

      2. Anonymous

        Slight Correction, the sign should say “NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED”.

        Try multiply the numbers by a factor of 100, except your pay.

        Now tell me that you could swallow it and that it free is just mere definition.

        Anon 12:30

    4. Adam the Budak Suruhan

      Adam Yahya

      Are you the Botak Head from AAX or the new cybertrooper recruit. You are not doing a good job for the pariah. You have not be able to reply to so many questions posed by the readers.

      For a start, you have quote the so-called ground of Judgement of Judge Tracey. Ops! sorry you have blindly quoted the statement from the Botak Azran of AAX. Where is the full Judgment of Judge Tracey. We also like to know what the you have quoted and what the Botak Head said were true and not cooking up by the pariah’s kuncu2.

      We have read in YB’s blog that AAX was formerly knowns as FAKS. FKAS was running the RAS and failed. 14 aircraft were used for RAS in Sabah and Sarawak. Out of the 14 aircraft 6 became un-airworthy and 1 was cannibalized for spare parts. Then FAKS gave back to MAS with a a repair bill of RM35 million. FAKS change name to AirAsia X right? Kept the FAKS’s AOC given during the Slumberjack was the PM.

      With such glaring facts, the AOC for FAKS/AAX should have been withdrawn as early as in 2007 when it was discovered that FAKS/AAX could not even operate properly the RAS in Sabah.

      Now AAX got a limited AOC for 6 months.

      What have you got to say Mr Cybertrooper? Please try a little bit more harder may be we might just believe that you are not a budak suruhan as has been said.

      1. Adam Yahya (@mdnizamy)

        None of the above. Neither related nor affiliated. At least I don’t hide behind anonimity. I don’t know and care about FAX or what. Only what I can read and gather from the news and make my own judgement and not assumption, either for or against.


    As expected The Star played their role as the emperor apologist. It gave the story a slant that AirAsia has no intention of misleading the potential passengers. THis news was published in its Business page. Shameless Star. We all know that the AA ads are a lll misleading to attract public to buy tickets from them. AA BEING SLAMED WITH A$200,000 FINE IS NOT WORTHY OF NEWS FOR THE NATION BUT A TWEET FROM THE PARIAH HAS BEEN PUT AS NEWS FOR THE NATION. WHAT A JOKE! A BUNCH OF MERCENARIES!

  17. Gooi

    Shameless Star

    Don’t worry we all know about the agenda of the Star. It can try but it can no longer fool us. TF is the director of Star so the Star had to protect its director’s interest mah! That is the professionalism of the Star for all of us. Even on such news that the low caste airline was slapped with a A$200,000 fine, the Star was trying to slant the story to influence the people that the low caste airline is ethical. What a load of bullshit.

  18. Maria

    The Ministry of Trade had to also take similar actions against the advertisements by AA. They were very misleading from the very outset. We must stop the business model of AA that based on misleading advertisement to lure the public. Then take them for a ride. I was a victim of its misleading advertisement. I am sure that there are many others like me. Getting a refund from AA is almost impossible. It will make life very difficult to a point that you might as well give up. It is a hassle dealing with AA. I have stop flying with AA. It is a real low caste airline. Low caste is too mild a word to describe it.

  19. Anonymous

    Dear Sir please look into this blasphemy
    Can we get some answers or expert opinions

    In TONYS blog front page he poses a question “”””is there conflict of interest with Kazanah owning both MAS and MAHB””””?
    9-8-2011 until cancellation (reverse) transactions on 2-5-2012 Tony used this time to get Malaysian airlines more business . This sounds patriotic.

    Is it true TONY got MAS to pay millions of GBP to sponsor his very own QPR team? is the figure paid by MAS a secret?
    TONYS reasoning was MAS advertised on the uniforms of his QPR team. This incited many travellers to fly MAS airlines and MAS sales increased immediately.
    TONY TONY any one with any sense can tell that this is a lie.
    If it isnt a lie then the truth is TONY is not patriotic enough.
    If Tony were patriotic enough then you may have suggested MAS to advertise on Tshirts of Man U or Arsenal or other much better teams for BETTER MAS sales revenues.
    Any ways wasnt TONYS workout of share swapper gangnam style and getting his own team QPR paid gangnam style a conflict of interest ?
    How cool was that no marketing no efforts required to go out and look for sponsors, cash etc . You had the cash cow where you wanted it right in your stable. More importantly you had your fingers on its urders.

  20. Tony Pariah

    I totally agreed with you Mt Anonymous … saya harap orang malaysia dan juga kerajaan malaysia buka mata apa yang telah di laku kan olih TF. Orang lain buat business juga tapi buat lah cara yang betul. Jangan tikam belakang orang dan kacau periuk nasi orang hanya untuk mencari keuntungan sendiri. Juga bersyukur lah pada bantuan yang telah di berikan olih kerajaan pada AA.

    Lihat saja apa yg telah TF lakukan. Mati kan jet service firefly dari klia, curi laluan sydney dari mas, dan yang paling bagus nya berhenti FAX AIR selepas dapat bantuan kerajaan dan lesen untuk AAX. Ini hanya sebahagian daripada sikap tidak ikhlas TF dalam business nya. Nothing but LIE LIE and LIE !!!!

    Saya juga dengar dari teman saya yg punyai Travel Agent dan kata nya MAS tidak dapat gunakan pesawat A380 nya yg baru untuk laluan kuala lumpur ke sydney ke kuala lumpur kerana load factor nya sudah di berikan pada AAX. Benar kah ini ? Jika benar apa guna nya mas mempunyai pesawat sebesar A380 yg pada tujuan nya untuk laluan london-kuala lumpur dan sydney. Benar kah cerita ini ? Jika benar, sebagai rakyat 1Malaysia saya kecewa sangat dgn sikap todak ikhlas TF. Bukan nya untuk bantu MAS tapi untuk mati kan MAS. Moga Allah lindungi kita dari sikap jahat orang yang mahu aniaya kita. Soma our beloved PM dapat betul kan semua keadaan ini demi kabaikan rakyat malaysia. Tiba masa TF di beri pengajaran sewajar nya.

    1. Headhunter

      The information from your Travel Agent is accurate. Apparently during the CCF, TF got MAS to write a letter to the Ministry of Transport telling them MAS no longer require the extra landing rights in Sydney and they have no objection if it is given to Air Asia.

      The situation now is that MAS can operate the A380 to Sydney but they are restricted to carry B747-400 passenger load only. With the A380 carrying an extra 140 seats it makes no economic sense to land in Sydney. It is annoying alot of Sydney bound passengers as they were expecting to travel on the A380, especially the First and Business Class pax, when they paid premium fare.

  21. Joseph

    The Ministry of Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism must seriously monitor all adverts by companies especially AirAsia and AirAsia X which were known to put up MISLEADING ads in their preferred Star. Now of course, the Star got TF as a director which is a minus point. AA/AAX have been successful to fool Malaysians with ads with ZERO FARE, FREE SEAT, from 11 Sen and so forth but AAX got caught with its pants down in Australia. Fine of A$200,000 was too low for unscrupulous AAX. Lets the foreign authorities teach them a good lesson. We must lodge complaints to all the authorities where they fly to with regards to the misleading ads and not meeting safety regulations in Malaysia. Once the foreign authority acted against them, kurt Ministry of Trade had no choice built to also take actions. Now Everyone Can Laugh out Out!

    1. Adam Yahya (@mdnizamy)

      What needed is actually the change of rules in advertisement in Malaysia in line with Australia. No Ministry can take any actions if it’s not against the law. Law needs to change first, then only actions can be taken.

      1. Joseph

        At last you have been educated about the unethical practice of AA/AAX. Just to help you a little, the Ministry of Trade, Co-operatives and Consumers has put in place a set of Advertising Rules which will take effect on 1 January 2013. Please try harder and show your ignorance. We will keep on educating the cybertrooper, if there is any.

  22. Anonymous

    Good Good news! A$200,000 fine was not enough for such an organisation like AA. It has made so much profits at the expense of the people of all countries. Now Everybody Can Be Happy!

  23. Now Everyone Can Bullshit

    We must all write to complain to other countries about the unethical advertisements by AAX and non-compliance of the safety regulations of DCA. See whether the pariah can still talk big that he has ordered 100 Airbus. Previously already ordered 300 Airbus. Have taken delivery yet and now he is ordering another 100 airbus. Good for him if could do it. Now Everyone Can Bullshit.

  24. Padan Muka

    Anonymous 12:30 pm

    You are right. In short, the ads by AA were to lure customers with FREE, FREE, FREE and FREE. Yet every year AA accounts will show PROFIT by the hundred of million RM. But from its date of inception until now, not a single dividend has been paid to its shareholders. Now Everyone Can Brag!

    The Red Indian@pariah has been extremely silence. Instead that Botak budak suruhan Azran was trying to do damage control with his crap. He purportedly quoted from the Judgment of the Australian Court trying to absolve the low caste airline of its bad business model but the actual Judgement could not be found. Perhaps that Botak was citing those sentences from figment of his imagination.

    A$200,000 fine was too little for this low caste set up. It should have been a A$2 mil then the Red Indian@pariah would behave. I do agree that we should all write to other authorities about their unethical practices and non-compliance of the safety regulations of the DCA.

  25. Beware of AirAsia

    Adam Yahya

    AA ads were all full of deception. The sole intention was to LURE customers to its website and then the unsuspecting customers will be slaughtered with its hidden charges. Now the pariah’s cybertrooper Adam Yahya was trying to defend and bullshit his way around.

    Adam please try harder and be seen as a fool. We could identify the pariah’s cybertrooper because you are trying to defend the indefensible.

    What a relief to see that toilet paper The Star without AA’s ads or news items quoting the tweet of the pariah or his macai.

    1. Adam Yahya (@mdnizamy)

      LOL! Name calling ? *geleng-geleng kepala* I don’t work for Tony or even AA. What I write is base on my experience as a customer. I always know what I have paid. Never sought to influence others or anything.

      1. Joseph

        You don’t work for Tony but you swallowed every words of Tony’s boy without even thinking. A clear example was you repeating what Azran Omar was in great pain to do damage control by quoting extract from the Australian Judge’s judgement without providing the full Judgement for us to read. Until now, you yourself could not produce the full Judgement for the A$200,000 fine and the injunction.

        “Pening kepala” because your boss didn’t tell you what you are in for when you ignorantly defending the low caste airline. Well you deserved to be penning kepala!

        Please ask you boss to produce the full judgment to read lah since you saw it fit to quote Azran’s verbiage.

      2. How much I get is is the same amount you get paid for posting here. In any case here’s my experience with AA so far.

        FEB2011 – total RM 90 for 6 to Kuching return
        MAY2011 – total RM 50 for 2 to Medan
        SEP2011 – total RM 390 for 5 plus an infant to Brunei return
        OCT2011 – total RM 45 for 2 to Penang
        NOV2011 – total RM 132 for 3 to KK return
        OCT2012 – total RM 140 for 2 to Langkawi return

        Less in 2012 actually since they reintroduce the fuel surcharge. The point is I read from all and make my own judgement. What do I get ? All of the above and some in 2010 (sorry no record any more). Those are all the bookings that I made where I can actually get the 0 fares. The rest I paid for some optionals + compulsory airport tax. I know what I’ve paid and that’s the only important thing for me.

  26. Peng

    The Australian Court was not right to penalize the angle low caste airline AAX for putting up misleading advertisements. This was what that cybertrooper of the pariah and Azran omar were trying to convince us. My question is: Why didn’t AAX appeal against that “Unfair decision” of the Australian Court? Why AAX lawyer happily consented to the injunction to stop AAX from advertising misleading statement for 3 years?

    It has been for too many years that Malaysians have been victims of the misleading AA ads. Now it is the paying back time.

    What have been said by Azran Omar have not clear the rotten image of AA or AAX in Malaysia. Now in Australia. Soon it will be widely known in Thailand, Philipine and Japan.Then the pariah has no more place to operate. Timbuktu might be a new place for him to start his new hub.

    We have seen through the pariah’s modi us operand of using the Star to do the propaganda job for him.

    Glad that Christmas came at the right time for the pariah and his outfits. Hope that it will get more presents like the A$200,000 fine. Now Everyone Can Laugh! HA! Ha! Ha!

    1. Adam Yahya (@mdnizamy)

      Because it was true at that time. When they introduce the fly-thru service the price for Australian sector to KL already include the base fare + airport tax + fuel surcharge BUT not the connecting sector from KL to other (different advertising rules). That why I believe AAX did not contest the judgement.

      1. Joseph

        Your low caste airline did not contest the judgement or appeal against the judgement by Australian court because it was true that their advertisements were very misleading. If different rules apply then why didn’t your low caste airline contest or appeal. Didn’t contest or appeal because your boss knew too well that misleading advertisement was their business model. They need to lure people to their website. Ha ha Ha

  27. Rodney

    Merry Christmas Tony. I really hope that you will get more presents like the A$200000 fined in 2013. Make no mistake 2013 will be your Waterloo. We are all waiting to celebrate your D day. HO! HO! HO!

  28. A Con Job

    It was a con job after all. It is slowly unfolding but surely. What a great X’mas present for the pariah. Unusually quiet from the pariah. The truth hurts, I supposed.

  29. Halim

    Adam Yahya

    Where is the full judgement of the Australian court? You know how to quote Azran press statement but you chose to keep quiet why you are ask to produce it. If you are a budak suruhan as siad then just admit lah! What is the problem? No need to feel malu when you are doing a job for your boss. you should be proud that you are hand picked to do the dirty job.

  30. Sharom

    Let him put up the misleading advertisement. Lets all boycott AA/AAX until it is on its knees. What a pre-Xmas present, worth RM640k, for the snake.

  31. grumpy76

    Dear YB,

    Kudos for the good job exposing the misdeed of AA. What about Ramly Burger? How on earth when more than 70% of buffalo meat used in their ingredients and change to daging lembu at their packaging?

  32. Danny

    Adam Yahya

    Don’t talk so much. You quoted that Azran Omar’s press statement. We are asking you to produce the Australian Court’s Judgement that has been quoted by Azran. Where? or it was just a figment of that Botak;s imagination or just another cooking up story? Stop bullshitting.

  33. Joseph

    Ever since the fine of A$200k has been exposed, now we see less or no advertisement from AA in the Star. Thank God for that. Less victims of misleading statements for a start. I hope that the Ministry will also penalise the newspapers that published the misleading statements by companies. AA has been getting away with impunity. Soon we will no longer see advertisement of FREE, FREE, FREE unless it is really free. We will soon see BANKRUPT, BANKRUPT, BANKRUPT!

    TF is very lucky! He got his X’mas present very early. Ho!Ho!HOI!

  34. Kaladin

    Sheesh….didn’t a whole bunch of airlines pay penalties (and fairly substantial ones too) for “price fixing” and “participating in cartels”?

    Including MAS and SIA, among others?

    How come no one has kicked up a fuss about this?

  35. Anonymous

    Now the white feels cheated by the pariah..what a crap! Then to apologize this AA will give 1000 free tickets to Australians. What’s next?

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