AirAsia’s X’mas Big Sale!

AirAsia's advertisement for tickets sale well after 31 March 2013 (see parts marked with arrow)
AirAsia’s ads for tickets sale well after 31 March 2013 (see parts marked with arrow). This advertisement appeared in the Star on 28-11-2012. Is this advertisement misleading?

17-12-2012 @6:30 pm: Yours truly has been informed by YB Datuk Ismail Sabri, Minister of Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism, that his Ministry has taken the necessary actions to stop AirAsia  from selling of tickets beyond 31 March 2013 as AirAsia’s AOC is only valid until 31 March 2013.

It has been widely reported in the newspapers recently that the Air Operation Certificate (AOC) of AirAsia has been granted by Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) for a six month period until March 31, 2013 due to failure to meet the regulatory requirement as reported in HERE. Normally, OAC is granted to an airline for a two years period. Up to this date, the said press report by the Sun Daily and New Strait Times have not been refuted by the management of AirAsia or denied by Minister of Transport or DCA.

The DCA is established as an agency under the Ministry of Transport (MOT) Malaysia to provide safe, efficient and orderly flow of air transportation, and to regulate aviation activities in Malaysia. The rapid expansion of Malaysia’s aviation and air transport industries is largely due to the pragmatic approach taken by DCA in ensuring compliance to standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in HERE.

Strictly speaking, as of now AirAsia could only operate until 31st March 2013.  It had to re-apply for a new AOC after 31 March 2013. The approval depends on whether AirAsia has complied with all the regulatory requirements by then. Only God knows what will happen the AOC of AirAsia after 31 March 2013.

Marketing is about making promises and then keeping them. Can AirAsia guarantee that it will be able to obtain an AOC after 31 March 2013 and fulfill part of the bargain by flying the passengers after that date?  Only God knows what will happen to the AOC of AirAsia after 31 March 2013!

Why must unsuspecting consumers be allowed to be seduced by such an advertisement?

In October 2012,  YB Datuk Ismail Sabri,  the Minister of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism, had announced that from 1 January 2013 those found to have put up misleading or false ads in terms of quantity, quality, price, effectiveness and availability of products could be fined up to RM5,000 or jailed up to three years, in HERE.

Malaysians welcome the announcement by the said Minister. In the interim, the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism should give warnings to those who published misleading ads so as to protect consumers. Of course, misleading ads are not confined to AirAsia only.

The above advertisement was one of the many advertisements by AirAsia in its website and the printed media. Below were the other ads that have been published previously.

2012 advertisement "10 SEN FARE"
2012 advertisement “10 SEN FARE”
Sale RM3
Sale from RM3 or RM16?

How many passengers got the bargains as advertised?

65 thoughts on “AirAsia’s X’mas Big Sale!

  1. Tony

    bloody Toni… he know he’s in trouble now and resort to tactics by selling as many tickets as possible, get the money and later ask the consumer to blame the govt if he didn’t get his AOC license

  2. Joe

    Tony & Guan

    I agree with both of you.

    The Ministry of Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism must stop such false advert where there is so much uncertainty after March 31 2013. Members of the public must be protected from such unscruplous businesses.Stop them now before they cause more problems for the people and the government. Enough of that low caste airline. Playing with beautiful report in the Star. Just wonder how he was appointed director of Star. The Star management must be blind by all the advertisement revenues.

  3. Joshua

    Just look at the advertisements posted here and those that have not been posted here. They were all more or less misleading.

    If we don’t travel, it is almost impossible to get refund of the airport tax. The administrative charges are just as much as the airport. Making it nit worth while to get the refund. By right the airport tax should be refunded to the untraveled passengers automatically. YB please get the Government to make it mandatory for airport tax to be refunded by AA for untraveled passengers. Ripping off is just the word to describe the modus operandi.

  4. Con Job

    Suddenly we don’t see the Red Indian cybertroopers coming in to defend the indefensible. As have been said so many times, SAFETY COST MONEY. Is it a surprise that AirAsia did not follow regulatory requirement of DCA? The moto is “If you price the ticket low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their lives”. Soon be careful so it will be “Now Everyone Can Fly and Die”.

  5. Palani

    May be the ZERO Fare was for 1 ticket only. The Ministry must stop such misleading adverts now. We cannot allow the public to be taken for a ride by unscrupulous businessmen.

  6. Franky


    We should start a boycott campaign against AA.How could AA sells tickets after 31 March 2013 when there is no certainty that it will be granted AOC after that, We all must be cautious with its misleading advertisements and what are published in the Star. Star is just AA’s publicity tool. Star never published anything adverse about AA.

  7. Hanifah

    The advertisements were to lure consumers tot its website and hope that they will forget about the Zero Fare or ! Sen fare and etc. The Ministry of Trade and Consumerism should monitor the AA’s website and see whether they were misleading. Just a click or two will tell the whole story. Consumers have been warned and please be cautious with the advertisement.

  8. Tony Pariah

    I ve been boycotting air asia for a long time already. AA give misleading info. Look at when we want to book the flt ticket on-line. They came with the default payments for insurance, seats selecton etc etc with such a confusing n tricky english. I m sure a lot of consumers being cheated by this it they are not carefull enough during on-line purchase. In normal situation when the question came out i.e You dont want to buy the insurance ? We usually click as YES. In the case of AA way it is to trick the consumer. We have to select CANCEL if we read it carefully in details. If we clicked YES, the insurance cost will be added to our ticket. Same as seat selection n extra weight etc etc. Just be careful. To me AA is not honest in their business. Long time I stopped flying with Air Asia n rather pay extra fare to fly other airlines like MAS, FireFly, Garua, SIA etc. LET SAY “NO” TO AIR ASIA !!!! I HATE AIR ASIA !!

  9. AirAsia Ptui !

    It is a despicable. Their business model is based on trickery. If there is anything I can think of representing its brand – the words like cheat, tricks, pigs and liars would come to mind. And if he thinks his Air Asia brand value is worth a lot of money – dream on you ass. It’s not even worth my saliva to spit on it.

    Note: Sorry for the edition. It was done to avoid unnecessary problems.

  10. Gan

    where are the pariah’s cybertroopers coming in to defend that AA has been very ethical and good in its business model? AOC got until MArch 2013 and yet it dares to advertise sale of tickets until December and yesterday unit 31 May 2013. Public must be extremely careful if they want to deal with AA. I wouldn’t touch it with 1000 yards pole. I have stop flying AA for a long time and promise myself will never touch AA again.

  11. Now No Longer Flying AA

    Tony said today his QPR season is stop short of “Disaster”. His Caterham F1 team is already one. Hope his AA is not next in line because so many ignorant passengers had already bought tickets way beyond 31 March 2013. Perhaps the government need to step in to protect these people.


  12. The Cheat

    It is all about musical chair. The music must go on all the time otherwise PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS and PROBLEMS. Just look at what happened in other parts of the world, low cost airlines have gone bust. America, India (latest Kingfisher), Oasis in Hong Kong just last year. It has been clearly written on the wall.

    The Ministry of Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism must step immediately to stop the misleading adverts to ensure that the rakyat are protected at all time.

    1. Auto Cheat

      What a joke AirAsia X is fine. For a start the AOC of AirAsia X was given to Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd (aka FAX). It was set up during Slumber Jack was in power. Then FAX fought for the Rural Air Service (RAS) in Sabah and Sarawak, which was operated by MAS and Slumber Jack Government gave the RAS to FAX. Of course, FAX was given AOC on the silver platter plus RM250 million subsidy to operate the RAS for 2 years by Slumber Jack.

      Within a few months, there were too many complaints from the Sabah and Sarawak State Governments and the people, FAX gave up RAS but didn’t return the AOC to DCA after all FAX couldn’t operate the RAS properly. FAX kept the subsidy of RM250 million and the Slumber Jack Government did not ask for the refund.

      Out of about 14 aircraft 6 were found to be un-airworthy and 1 was cannibalized for spare parts! Two or three months later after given up RAS, FAX changed its name from FAX to AirAsia X Sdn Bhd.

      This was how AirAsia X came into existence. There are many articles written about AirAsia X in YB’s blog. Hope that Autothrottle will read them for his own knowledge and not made a fool of himself.

  13. AA are more expensive once you add all ad onS. Fly MAS, Qatar or KLM they are the best and the cheapest. No hidden charge like AA. MAS, Qatar,KLM no baggage, seat, meals, etc etc issues………. all inclusive.
    Do not get con by AA

  14. In aviation too...

    The next time u wanna fly AirAsia, please think again. To me they are not safe! Ok, screw the air fare, I am talking about their operations. From ground handling, baggage loading in the aircraft & all the way to pilot’s standards, they are not safe. I’ve seen it, I know.. So rethink..

    If by saving probably RM20 worth your life, then go ahead fly with them.

  15. Thumb Logic

    You can say what you like. He has created a business that many want to takeover, Godd Luck. As the Eastern Europeans countries found out too late , the expropriators will be expropriated.

    1. Anonymous

      @Thumb Logic

      You have got us all wrong. We are not here to take away what businesses or the wealth he has created for himself.

      All we ask is that he does it with concience and honesty. Stop the lies and deceit. Stop being selfish. Give back to the very people who got him to where he is. He did not do it on his own. Pay up what is owed. Give what is paid for.

      1. Now Everyone Can Talk Big

        Thumb Logic

        Without Sleepy Head/Sumberjack, he will not get the 96 routes from MAS. No government in the world, will slash 96 routes from its national airlines and give it to a low caste airline. So what was there to shout about the achievement. Anybody could have done it if one was given immunity to collect and keep the airport taxes collected from the passengers for MAHB for many years totaling more than RM100 million. It was like an interest free loan for many years and on top of it all, when pressured to pay, the Sleepy Head gave a discount of about 30%.

        How about the RM250 million subsidy given for the Rural Air Services as pointed out by Auto Cheat above.

        Not a bad start isn’t it? I am sure that many company would like to get a kick start the way he and his outfits got it.

  16. Bulshitter

    In the Star papers today that fella was bragging away again. Purchased of 100 airbus aircraft. last year he purchased 300 airbuses. Total 400 by now. Where is AA going to fly its 400 new planes to? KL to Kajang???

  17. Nujum Pak Belalang

    If you all happen to meet TF and a cobra at the same time, you know what to do, dont you?.. Only then NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY SAFELY.

    1. weechookeong

      Anonymous 11:54 pm

      As far as I know Expedia itself has no license. It was using the license of AirAsia Go Holiday Sdn Bhd.


      Wee choo Keong

      1. Ex-Airline Distribution Epert

        It was initially stated that the agreement to distribute tickets online was with Expedia Malaysia.

        Then someone clarified that it was with Expedia Inc. which is a foreign entity, to get around the sensivities. I stated that this runs contrary to the law.

        Now it is back with Expedia Malaysia using Go Holidays licence. Since Expedia Malaysia has no license to sell tickets, Go Holidays is acting as a ticket consolidator. MAS is stupid cos not only have they to pay Expedia a commission for every ticket sale but also to pay Go Holidays to act as a ticket consolidator.

        It is rather messy affair by people who are just not conversant to the local conditions or maybe they choose to remain ignorant.

      2. Anonymous

        YB…can like that?..using AirAsia Go Holiday Sdn. Bhd license?if there is no license..can use the license belong to other agents? any comments?

      3. weechookeong

        Anonymous !0:14pm

        I believe that it is improper to all someone else to use one’s license. It is now in the hand of Ministry of Tourism to take the necessary actions.

        Thank you


        wee choo keong

  18. KrystalClear

    Out of curiosity I flew with AA from Kota Kinabalu to LCCT Sepang just one way and came back using MAS. That was the first and last time I’d fly with the crappy airline. The difference in fares with MAS was not that much but AA service was atrocious.

    1. Say NO to AA


      You are spot on but the horrible service was nothing new. There is not much a difference in the fares from AA, MAS and Firefly. AA is all about publicity hypes by the Pariah with the help of the Star. Ever since he became a director of the Star, the Star became its publicity organ. Even a tweet from the Pariah became news worthy for Malaysians to know. You will never read anything adverse about AA in the Star.

      They are many uninformed Malaysians out there that are impressed by the publicity hypes of the Pariah. No one in the Star care to evaluate the numb er of airbus that the Pariah is buying and the number of routes that it has. With the RM50 billion debts and its average annual income of only RM5 billion, how could it sustains for long. We only read in the Star that AA is expanding but not how it is able to sustain especially when so many airlines, especial low cost, have gone under. Latest, Kingfisher in Indian had already gone under. Please don’t tell me that AA is exempted from all the global problems in the aviation industry.

      If an airline that is doing well which we have been told many times over by the Pariah and the Star then there will no need for constant advertising campaign published mainly in the Star.

      The public must be forewarn that buying AA tickets in advance for months is at your own risk. Always remember, what the Pariah has said before that if you price the fares low enough, Malaysians will risk their life.

      Take care. I stay clear from AA or AAX.

  19. The Brainless

    Ex Airline Distribution Expert

    If MAS Topless management was not stupid, they wouldn’t have given the Sydney slot to AirAsia X. Well, when you have the brainless looking after MAS, what do you expect!

    1. Scout

      Agree, agree, agree. After all the clueless AJ is still having his regular “meetings” with Tony, must be for the “advice” that he claims he misses after the Share Swap was cancelled. Well, since the Share Swap is cancelled, anybody care to confirm if the CCF is also cancelled? Don’t remember any anouncement to that effect. And, anyone in MAS care to share how much revenue is AJ making for MAS with his almost weekly jaunts to London? One trip was to talk to the media in London, and the “media” was RTM and TV3 correspondents!! If the Group CEO has to accompany media to London, what is MAS paying a equally-well-travelled Head of Communications for?

    2. MH LAE

      There were plans to operate the MH A380 into SYD to replace the B744 but as the quota for the number of pax that can be uplifted out of SYD is limited and a sizeable chunk of MH’s share was simply given up to the Red Idiots during the “share suap”, it is now not a viable option to operate the A380 as our quota of pax uplift will not make the flights profitable. In other words, we “shot ourselves in the foot” when we gave up the SYD operating rights to the Red Idiots (but of course during that time Tony and his cohorts had their fingers on the trigger as were MH board members thanks to the “share suap”)

      1. Shamsul

        Thank the brainless Top Management of MAS for giving away the profitable Sydney route to AAX. Can’t get anymore stupid management that this one. No airline will give away a route even if it is breaking even. In this case, MAS was stupid enough to give away Sydney. Stop flying to Bandung, Dubai and other cities. The moment MAS stop Bandung, AA increased its flight and the fare to almost double. If it was unprofitable then why AA increased and double its fare? The brainless please pause for the moment and ask yourself what you have done to MAS? Bloody idiots!

  20. Stop Flying AA

    No wonder AA is well behaved now. Today it published an advert for ticket sale up to 31 March 2013. I have stopped flying with AA. Had enough of their services and the hidden charges. It was not as cheap as what it has made it out to be.

  21. Adrian

    I dont get what is your issue with Air Asia, they provided jom employment opportunities, do you regularly do your job?
    I had an issue with Air asia last time, but i got over it,people like you continue bringing them down, I just flew MAS and i still fly Air Asia..

  22. Now Everyone Can Laugh

    No wonder the new ads of AA was for promotion of its tickets up to March 31st, 2013. So now could only use ticket sale until March 31 as working capital. Ho Ho Ho!

    1. Anonymous

      Airasia fined AUS 200,000 by ausie court, news from Australian papers… Bila pulak la Malaysia nak take action… What will STAR comment???

      1. Anonymous

        i saw at,inc by AAGH? is air asia go holidays?..or another company..after that…do online should have license?aloooo

  23. blue sky

    Very easy for AA to solve problems for tickets after March. Just ask MAS to fly them like they did before. I hope MAS is not stupid anymore.

  24. xMAS

    This is just out:

    “MELBOURNE, Dec 18 – A Federal Court in Melbourne said today low-cost-carrier AirAsia Berhad had been given a hefty A$200,000 (RM645,000) fine for not including taxes and other charges on its website, a violation against the Australian Consumer Law.
    Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) said the site did not indicate whether the ticket prices included taxes, fees, loads or other additional costs “in a prominent way and as a single figure”.

    The violation involved flights from Melbourne to Macau, London, Ho Chi Minh City, New Delhi, Hangzhou and Chengdu, flights from Perth to Taipei, Phuket, Osaka, London, Ho Chi Minh City and Hangzhou, as well as from the Gold Coast to Ho Chi Minh City.

    Unless the full price is prominently displayed, the consumer may well be attracted to a transaction which he or she would not otherwise have found to be appealing and grudgingly pay the additional imposts rather than go to the trouble of withdrawing from the transaction and looking elsewhere, said Justice Tracey in his judgment.

    Therefore, Tracey noted AirAsia’s actions had given them an unfair advantage compared with other companies who comply with the rules.

    In addition to the fine, AirAsia had also given an udertaking restraining it from engaging in similar conduct for three years.

    “This ACCC action vindicates the importance of all inclusive pricing,” ACCC chairman Rod Sims said.

    “Consumers must have accurate price information, and in turn, airlines require a level playing field on price representations in this competitive industry where consumers are price sensitive.””

    1. Adam Yahya (@mdnizamy)

      ** I guess many people don’t read this part :

      The salient terms of the judgment are as follows: * AirAsia was charged under s48(1) of the Australian Consumer Law of not specifying in a prominent way a single figure the price of its air fares even with inclusion of words “Fares shown EXCLUDE fees and taxes”

      * The conduct although inadvertent was strictly and technically in contravention

      * The ACCC sought a fine of between A$520,000 and A$650,000

      * The Court came to finding that the appropriate fine was only A$200,000.

      The findings of the Court were that a fine of A$200,000 was sufficient because:

      a) There was no intention to mislead the consumer

      — The conduct in question was inadvertent not deliberate or reckless

      — A consumer has to undergo 9 steps in making an online booking. Only on page 2 of the booking process would the customer see the statement “Fares shown EXCLUDE fees and taxes”

      — The Court noted that pages 3 to 9 the single total price was displayed sometimes in more than one place, thus the consumer would have become aware of the full price to be paid before committing to a purchase

      — The Court found that there this was only a single breach and not multiple breaches

      b) The contravention did not cause loss or damage to consumer — A consumer could not complete the booking process without being informed of the actual total price for each flight

      — The Court noted there was no evidence of any consumer dissatisfaction or that any customer of AirAsia has suffered any economic loss.

      1. Joseph

        Read what part? The part of the press statement issued by Azran of AAX. That were said by Azran and you were repeating it like a parrot. You are taking Azran’s words as gospel truth. Show us where is the reference to the original Judgement of Judge Tracey. No one going to accept the explanations from an interested party with known behavior of twisting the situation and a party to the misleading advertisements in question.

        You want us to believe that AAX are angels and the victims of unfair decision of the Australian Court,. Why then AAX lawyer willingly gave the undertaking to the court that AAX for 3 years that it will not repeat with misleading advertisement?

        The fact was that AAX has been fined A$200,000 for publishing misleading ads that were against the public interest. FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE. EVERYTHING FREE but pay the hidden charges.

        How about AOC valid until 31 March 2013 and AA selling tickets until 31 December 2013. Isn’t this misleading? Isn’t this unethical?

        Selling something now that may not exist after 31 March 2013 is very misleading and unscrupulous. Such tactics must be wiped out from Malaysian market and every where else.

        Please try harder again but we will never believe in cybertrooper!

      2. "The Good will Eventually Win"

        Are you the Botak masquerading as someone else? We are not as stupid as you think. Joseph was spot on.

        You were singing away like Azran Omar Rani (the CEO of AAX). What do you expect from Azran Omar to say when AAX was fined for A$200,000 due to its misleading ads in Australia. It was just a damage control exercise in futility. No Malaysians will believe in what he said because he is the CEO of AAX. Azran was trying to give an impression that he was quoting from the Judgement of the Federal Court and at the same time he couldn’t produce the Judgement in his press conference. At least give us the link to where we can read the Judgement in full.

        God is always great. I remember a posting of YB re the spinning by TF. To borrow the words of TF’s tweet: “… The good will eventually win” . This was how he began after the High Court in London adjourned the Lotus. He tweeted to give the impression that he won the case.
        Please read:

        in the Australian case, GOD is always great to the good and honest people every where. good will eventually win. So the ultimate consumers have won and the unethical advertiser, AAX, has been exposed and punished with a fine A$200,00-00. As a fellow reader has rightly put it: Christmas came a bit early for TF and his outfits. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry X’mas to all Malaysians.

      3. Happy Malaysian

        Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas and New Year came much much too early for AAX and hopefully AA too. What a big Ang Pow! A$200K (RM640,000) ang pow is definitely a big ang pow. It is also equivalent to a Big Sale for X,MAS. Lets hope that more foreign authorities will give AAX ang pow for the coming New Year.

  25. Adam Yahya

    From 1st April 2013 I guess everyone here will be happy. No more cheap flights domestically. Now we get to fly twice or thrice the cost now with MAS.

    1. xMAS

      They are expensive when you add it all up anyways. So how can you lose cheap fares when they weren’t cheap.

      We are happy because he is finnaly made to do the right thing.

      1. Adam Yahya (@mdnizamy)

        It depends one one needs. I have booked almost 20 flights with them all on 0 fare. If I cannot get the fare I never buy. However since the reintroducing the fuel surcharge I never bought any more though. There are cheap and there are expensive as all budget carriers (not just AA) have multi tiered fares. It depends on how fast you book the tickets. Legacy airlines on the other hand sells expensive full fare tickets first and reduce by discounts nearer the dates to sell more seats. There’s no cheating in AA from what my experience. I know what I buy and what I’ve paid. You buy AA tickets 2 weeks before the flights of course you’ll find MH flights especially not popular route to be more cheaper. Not when you buy one year in advance.

      2. xMAS

        There you go Adam, your untruth. How can you pay a sum of money for the ticket (like when you pay for public toilets) and yet you call it ZERO fare.

        I guess what TF says is correct, you are one of those who are willing to risk your life for the LOW fares he throws out. In your case, you see still see it as ZERO. You have swollowed his bait, hook, line and sinker. He loves you.

        Or are you one of his cybertroooper.

  26. everyone can speak

    Mr Adam Yahya,it is not that people will be happy that will be no more cheap flights but the advertisements must be right and try not ti blind the people,especially in Malaysia,people easily been cheated by the confused advertisement.Furthermore that Air Asia AOC is only valid until 31March2013 as discussed in YB Wee wordpress.Thanks.

    1. Adam Yahya (@mdnizamy)

      I still honestly did not get the idea which part of the advertisements is incorrect ? Do people really expected the whole seats in a flight to be free ? Public toilets also need to pay what ? In any case the AOC if for the Malaysia AirAsia only I think and does not affect operations for others.

      1. Now I Will Never Fly Dangerously Operated Air Asia

        You are most definitely spot on bro Adam. The subject AOC is on Malaysia Air Asia only and not AAX. It shows that Air Asia (the group) knows how to operate an airline in compliance with the foreign regulatory bodies albeit misleading adverts, knowing very well that any operational shortcomings like what AirAsia Malaysia is practising will get an immediate suspension.

        So why are they doing it in Malaysia at the expense of safety to the passengers? Because they are GREEDY, ARROGANT and they think they are so great and could hold the government by the balls (pak lah oh pak lah!! you gave an inch to the guy who was never satisfied with even a yard).

        So Adam or whoever you are, go on idolising this pirate of the modern era and be part of the party. The end is inevitable..a matter of time!

  27. Kunang Kunang Mas Malindo

    If Air Asia do not get AOC extention after 31 March 2013, passengers will have to pay a little more flying Mas, Firefly & Malindo Airways. If AA gets the extention, they may still be able to fly at cheaper fares (not sure really after the add ons). Either way the passengers will fly SAFER after 31 March 2013. I am sure the AOC extention to AA if any, will come with strict safety conditions by DCA. As for fares and services one has to decide one’s preference.


  28. not viable business anymore. .

    Low cost or high cost airlines. With fuel price sky high whatever type of airline cannot make money. period.the model gotta change.gotta real changed.
    no need for more polemics. no magician can do the job.

    1. Kunang Kunang Mas Malindo

      You must be some aviation business expert. Perhaps ETIHAD AIRWAYS, the 2012 World Leading Airline (recently awarded the title for 4th time in a row at The World Travel Awards held at The Oberoi, Gurgaon New Delhi) would like to seek your advice. Or may be MAS and AirAsia would be the more appropriate airlines that would require your expertice in fuel hedging.

  29. critic

    The DCA giving the airline 6months does not absolve DCA from liablility. If the airline is not safe and is given 6months THIS IS UNFAIR. Some one needs to lodge a police report to hold the issuing body liable too.. that way the public can be secure from underhand activities and put lobbyists out of thier jobs…

  30. Subra

    Now I Will Never Fly Dangerously Operated Air Asia

    Spot on. I never flown AirAsia after I read the pariah said that “If you price the air ticket low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their life”. This is his mentality and business model. Therefore, Malaysians must be careful when dealing with the pariah. No wonder AAX had to give up all European flights because the civil aviation authorities there are very strict and the pariah knew that as a matter of time his outfits will be koyak there.

    At last there was no AA’s advertisement for the past one week in the Star. Thank God for that.

  31. Parameswara

    Now that the offers have been revided to valid till 31 March 2013, what about those customers who bought tickets for travel after 31/3/2013? Do they get full refunds?

    Championing an issue is good, but complete the loop please.

    Since the Ministry has intervened, now is the time to get the above also addressed.

    If no one is strict about this, then it means AA still has room to take customers for a ride (even if it does not operate flights).

    1. KITOL.COM

      I believe you may get your refund in full. You just have to:

      1. Call AirAsia and speak to customer service personnel (RM2.75 per min & normal telco charges apply. Minimum waiting time is 12 minutes. Maximum is at your convenience).

      2. Visit and go to refund procedure.

      3. Tweet TF and ask him how..

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