AirAsia did not meet regulatory standard?

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AirAsia granted 6 months to operate flights

Posted on 23 November 2012 – 05:36am

Presenna Nambiar

PETALING JAYA (Nov 23, 2012): AirAsia Bhd has been granted with an air operator’s certificate (AOC) by the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) to fly for another five months — instead of a two-year period — for not meeting regulatory standards, said sources.

The current AOC is valid until April 2013.

Sources told SunBiz that AirAsia had only obtained a six-month AOC — an approval granted from the DCA to an aircraft operator to allow it to use aircraft for commercial purposes — after periodical audit findings by DCA showed shortcomings in AirAsia’s flight operations procedures and practices including flawed communications between flight operations and pilots, an outdated manual and flight operations not in keeping with the manual.

The six-month period allows for AirAsia to work with the DCA to bring its flight operations procedures and practices up to mark.

It is also understood that AirAsia’s head for flight operations has been changed due to the action.

Three key posts in an airline are nominated with the approval of the DCA, namely the head for flight operations, engineering maintenance system and crew training.

“The fact that they have not grounded AirAsia aircraft shows that it’s not a serious safety issue, but this action still serves as a warning,” one source told SunBiz.

Scheduled commercial airlines based in Malaysia are awarded two-year renewals of AOC by DCA.

In other markets, depending on the track record of the airline, AOCs can be valid for up to five years before a renewal is due.

While the audit is a biennial affair, the DCA conducts inspections on airlines at least once a year.

According to another source, a two-year renewal is given if airlines meet standards set by the regulator. Otherwise they are given a period of time, depending on the issue, to comply before a renewal of AOC is given, or it is revoked entirely.

In the event of a withdrawal of an AOC, the airline can work to meet standards set and re-apply for an AOC which will have to be approved by the Cabinet.

AirAsia and DCA officials did not respond to questions sent via e-mail, as at press time.

An industry observer said it is unlikely that AirAsia will let the situation progress to an outright withdrawal of AirAsia’s AOC, ultimately grounding its flights.

“They (AirAsia) will definitely address whatever issues DCA have and make sure they bring in the right people and fire the wrong people, because too much is at stake.”

He added that while the action taken by DCA is unlikely to have any financial impact on AirAsia as a company, it may impact its reputation as an airline and its ability to secure the best deals for financing in the future.

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  1. Anti pariah

    Surprised that such news only appear in The Sun but not the Star. Star only published good news for the Pariah. Beware of what you read in The Star. Just more hypes.

  2. Kana

    When an airline has not complied to the regulatory standard, DCA should just withdrawn the AOC immediately as safety may be an issue. But our DCA is just a useless body and its officer is more interested in piloting plane for style like Captain Sumali. Our DCA is not like the British Civil Aviation Authority or other aviation authorities where such matters will not be tolerated as it involves safety.

  3. Kana

    Anti pariah

    Of course, the pariah is one of the directors of Star so what do you expect from the Star. Surely Star is not going to publish anything adverse even if it involves safety. This is the problem with the Star. DCA must act to ensure the safety of the passengers.

  4. Concerned Citizen

    The article above is only the tip of the iceberg. If the public thinks AirAsia is safe, they are only blinded by the cheap tickets. How do you think the tickets are that cheap in the first place? The Management team in Flight Operations, including the Head, has no previous management experience whatsoever. They are trying hard to keep the same cronies in place against the demand of the DCA but looks like DCA will give in & retract the demand as the Head of Flight Operations in DCA has 2 sons working for AirAsia.

    More stories on this can be found on;

  5. Do it right

    safety ……….safety…………safety…….. I had a good laugh folks…. Ask the Air Asia pilot will some of you please . There was a flight sometime ago the captain had to fly back alone from Bali as the co pilot vomited in the cockpit due food poisoning. This is really dangerous- this is the safety standard that Air Asia cannot effort to close ” one eye” , the phrase famously quoted by ex YB Jasin. Air Asia requires all pilots to bring their own meals as meals on board cost money. Enjoying a cup of coffee , bring your own 3 in 1 otherwise pay what the pax pay. . Luckily the flight landed safely otherwise another disaster in the Malaysian history. The cockpit starboard splatted with vomit – cleaned up by the cleaner. What a day man. I feel sorry for the co-pilot concerned. May be he is a captain today. The truth hurt ehhhhhhh……

  6. Mohd

    Why is the Star is deafeningly silence? Only positive news about Tony Fernandes and his outfits. Being a director of Star has obviously help to stop it from publishing adverse news on AirAsia. Ptui! to the Star.

    1. Average Joe

      One commentator nicknamed Gooberman has been deafeningly silent too. This chap will usually brag on everything if the article cover MH issues.

      1. The Gooberman

        Av Joe

        Aha, if only you knew….I have a couple of posts “awaiting moderation” by the blogmeister.

        I am not entirely convinced by a 6-month “stay of execution”. Why 6 months? Why not 3 months? Why not an immediate suspension of AirAsia’s AOC until the airline gets it’s act cleaned up?

        I mean, if the DCA wanted an example of how to do these things, it should have looked at what the Australian regulators did to Tiger Australia. All clear and transparent, with no ambivalence.

        So, is it politics or the DCA exercising it’s powers in a discreet and sensible manner?

        Your guess is as good as mine.

  7. Anno

    Kalau nak beli tiket murah Air Asia tahun depan, pastikan penerbangan anda tidak melepasi bulan April 2013. Manalah tahu AOC tak disambung oleh DCA. Nak claim refund bukannya senang..

  8. Kamarudin

    When an airline has not met the regulatory requirement, DCA must act to protect the passengers. Passengers safety is of paramount importance. We cannot take chances. The pariah can but not the people.

    What the hell is DCA doing? Why granting the low class airline another 6 months. Since AirAsia has not complied with the safety regulations, it should not be allowed to fly until it has done what is expected by the rules.

    DCA officers are just incompetent. The government must take actions against these DCA officers are just useless. We must not wait for lives to be lost then only take actions. It will be too late.

  9. Jazlan

    Tony has said that AA will not send its aircraft to MAS Engineering for maintenance. Great news. We must watch the Botak (the only AirASIA’s rubbish left in MAS) in MAS Engineering what is he doing. We must not trust this Botak.

  10. Now Everyone Can Owe Maintenance Charges

    Don’t worry the Pariah has said in July 2012 that AA and AAX will send their aircraft to Singapore for maintenance and service. Hopefully Singapore company will give special rate like what MAS did after the share swap and of course service on CREDIT like owing airport taxes for many years. The pariah can always talk his way out. Lets see! I agree that we all must watch the movements of that Botak in the Engineering Department.

    1. Poseidon's Spear

      Well – we know, at least, that ST Aerospace’s MRO facilities are FAA-certified.

      So, are you implying that the Singapore company will compromise on standards and “cut corners” in carrying out scheduled MRO work on AirAsia’s aircraft?

      That would be a claim that I think YB Wee would be unwilling to countenance.

      So, spell it out – just exactly what are you implying under the cloak of anonymity?

  11. IT.Sheiss

    Now everybody can fly, now everybody can die!

    I always wondered whether these low-cost carriers cut corners in essential places to reduce cost and remain profitable and this episode seems answer YES.

  12. Hong Gee

    As a reader has commented that safety cost money. If AirAsia is charging for everything including phone call for checking on refund, check in at the counter and etc, what do you expect. The pariah has said that “If you the price is low, Malaysians are prepared to risk their life.” This is the mentality of AirAsia.

    In view of the 6 months AOC granted, Malaysians must not take risk in booking AA tickets beyond February 2012 in order to play safe. In fact, I wouldn’t travel on AirAsia or any of its outfit because I do not want to risk my life. I would rather pay a bit more to fly MAS at least I know that I am safe.

  13. Anonymous

    MAS penah crash kan? berapa mati? Airasia? MAS flight byk lipas….euww? Cabin Crew rm8 sejam….thats why best cabin staff maa, now malindo plak?

    1. Average Joe

      aku kata kau bodoh kang kau marah… woi samdol, sape suruh compare 1980s & 1990s punya record? compare the last 10 years lah… be current, stupid…!! bukan kau ke yg bawak lipas2 tu semua?

  14. Anonymous

    the head has been suspended at AA on account of this I AM SURPRISED.
    MOST HEADS at AA bhd are cronies relatives , sisters brothers, sons of judges, of media CEOs. of telekom companies.

    One touch of a internal button raises ripples across media and other disguised / masked government lobbyists or links.

    TONI TONI you got bloated bloated and built it in the sky Little did you realize you built it all on sand. Not yet all is blown away….. when people provided you the rock and true passion you stole it away or you damaged them and threw them away. Insulted them with your might and power.

    toni toni lied he cherished passion, he eyed good staff and valued true principles……………… The truth is Tony loved fame, he got carried away …….he forgot his religious fundamentals of building growth on rock ,,,,,

    tony tony engineered media to his advantage,,,more than any millionaire to make people believe to confuse the naive,,,,

    no industrialist had such passion and greed for fame as much as toni toni
    there are many many much sucesful that prefer to remain unheard unsung and humble……..

    today even kids i talk to say tony bloody air asia get out of u tube you are flooding it with your ads
    we are not interested get out of our space ……….

  15. MAS Boy

    Star has been used an insturment by the pariah to do damage control for him. Nothing was published by Star on the news about AA has been given another 6 months to apply for new AOC because of non-compliance to regulations. Is this information concerning safety of air travel not important? Surely Star should have reported this but not in this matter. At the same time, Star has space to stupid thing like quoting the Pariah and/or Aireen the new CEO on not importnat matter. We have seen it through the Star and its scheme re the pariah.

  16. The Gooberman

    Anon 4:16 PM

    And how is that different from MAS, pray tell?

    Just how many times has MAS been bailed out and restructured using the excuse of “national service”?

    Why is the government having to guarantee RM5.3 billion of Islamic notes for MAS to finance it’s fleet modernisation?

    Please educate us how AirAsia’s growth model is different from, say, Ryanair, easyjet, Southwest Airlines, Jetstar and the much-ballyhooed Lion Air.

    That isn’t too much to ask, is it?

    1. apecelup

      MAS is basically under government, and AA is own mostly by cronies government… so u think how the MAS rugi because of what… if the world can see how AA is truly operating and all the crash picture lately happened… do you thing AA can make a profit kaa?? stupid…

  17. Average Joe

    The whole article is about AirAsia’s safety issues. Apparently someone is trying to drag us off-topic by bragging again, again and again MAS-this and MAS-that. Obviously the pariah’s poor cybertrooper. This is about AirAsia safety issues, idiot!

  18. I Believe I Can Fly

    Relax Average Joe, let me respond to Gooberman..

    Yes, AA (Air Asia) has been successful like RyanAir, EasyJet, Jetstar, Southwest and Lion Air business wise! The only different is AA safety procedure. That’s why they were given only 6 month AOC renewal. AA’s growth is alike to Indonesia’s former AA (Adam Air). It’s a matter of time.. It’s a matter of time.. Thank God Malindo Airways is MA not another AA.

    Peace to all.

  19. Frank

    Gooberman/AA cybertrooper

    I agree with Average Joe that we are talking about AA safety standard and not about MAS. We know that you have a job to do to defend the pariah. But as far as safety issue is concerned, the 6 months AOC says it all. No other airlines in Malaysia being given 6 months by DCA except AA. Grow up beb and try harder next time.

  20. Johan

    No wonder AA was on a fierce publicity campaign in the Star asking public to buy tickets in advance until March 31 2013. Traveling public must take into account that the AA AOC granted until March 2013. Why take the risk?

    Now Everyone Is Open To Risk.

  21. Poseidon's Spear

    I am curious.

    Does it mean that other LCCs have impeccable and unblemished safety records?

    That’s something that can be Googled.

    The Gooberman raised a valid point. Why is AirAsia’s AOC renewed for 6 months?

    Surely, if the DCA is concerned about the safety of AirAsia’s passengers, it should have immediately grounded the airline in Malaysia, thrown the book at it, made the findings public and communicated it’s concerns to regulators in other countries where AirAsia operates.

    AFAIK, none of this has happened.


    1. Average Joe

      Yes, the point is that why the heck Air Asia is still given a renewal (no matter 6 months or 6 weeks or anything) when it should have been grounded straightaway. Something to do with somebody in DCA having sons working for Air Asia?

      This is all about Air Asia’s safety concern, not MAS-this or MAS-that or anything else.

      1. Pak Zawi

        6 months is the threshold period when the oldest planes are due for heavy maintenance. Any period after that is deemed as beyond the safety limit. Nobody in their right mind will let their flesh and blood fly an aircraft beyond that period.

  22. Poseidon's Spear

    Av Joe

    You are missing the point.

    Is AirAsia’s safety record any worse than the other major LCCs, since you say that the issue is the airline’s safety record?

    Btw, it seems that everyone is assuming that things are hunky-dory and A-ok in MAS. Are they really?

    Back to topic, are you saying that the DCA has deliberately “fudged” the issue as far as AirAsia’s safety record is concerned?

    That’s a very serious accusation, as it implies that the regulator’s integrity is open to question.

    Why, YB Wee would be justified in raising it in Parliament if that were the case.

    So, spell it out in unambiguous language, and let the chips fall where they may.

    1. Average Joe

      The point of the whole article above is about AIR ASIA’s safety concerns, not of any other airline be it LCC or full-service carriers. Is it something too hard for you to understand? If you still want to compare, the I Believe I Can Fly chap above has already answered even before you ask.

      We’re not saying that everything is A+++ perfect in MAS or any other airline. You are the one who has been unsuccessfully trying to put words into our mouths. AT LEAST those other airlines (especially MAS) have mostly done their best to qualify for full 2-year AOC renewals again and again. The concern now is about Air Asia. Got it?

      1. The Gooberman

        Pak Joe

        Why are you not answering P Spear’s straightforward question: “are you saying that the DCA has deliberately “fudged” the issue as far as AirAsia’s safety record is concerned”?

        Are you scared to put your response to this question on record?

        Answer that and we can debate further.

      2. ” showed shortcomings in AirAsia’s flight operations procedures and practices including flawed communications between flight operations and pilots, an outdated manual and flight operations not in keeping with the manual.”

        This could, or could not mean a safety issue. The fact that you people already jumped the gun and brand it as a ‘safety issue’ says it all really regarding agendas and what not.

        The fact that some has questioned the integrity of the DCA is interesting to say the least. Is it temporary because of AA’s cronies at work, or is because it’s actually a minor issue which does not require an immediate suspension off operations?

        The eye will see what it wants to see, regardless of what is actually being seen.

  23. Prihatin

    Secara rasminya Air Asia hanya sah untuk beroperasi sehingga 31 Mac 2013 tetapi masih membuka tempahan tiket online utk penerbangan sehingga Disember 2013.

    Pada 22 Oktober yang lalu Kementerian Perdagangan Dlm Negeri & Hal Ehwal Pengguna telah menubuhkan Jawatan Kuasa keatas “False and Misleading Advertisement”. Dah jelas sekarang.. Tunggu apa lagi Dato Ismail Sabri? Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin..PRU dah dekat ni…

  24. Daud

    There shuld be a thorough investigation in the DCA by MACC before any air tragedy. If it is in UK or other country, AirAsia would have to be grounded upon discovery of non compliance with safety regulations. DCA officers are more interested to go on a joy ride than to ensure all safety rules are strictly adhered to by airlines. A good example is that stupid DCA officer Captain Sumali who was more interested in piloting the A380. Another shook sender. Captain Sumali should be face disciplinary actions. Piloting a plane is not his function.

  25. Ronald

    Safety measures cost MONEY! NOW EVERYONE SHOULD BE CAUTIOUS, When an airline is only interested in PROFITS, PROFITS and PROFITS. Hidden charges all over. Hope that the pariah’s cybertroopers understand this fact.

    1. Poseidon's Spear


      Which airline is not interested in making profits or being consistently profitable?

      Witness the wailing and weeping over MAS’s financial travails which started – wait for it – before AirAsia appeared on the scene.

      Or why is it ok for the likes of Ryanair, Jetstar, Southwest Airlines etc to make profits, but not for AirAsia?

      Maybe it’s because these other airlines are run by farang gweilos, but AirAsia is being run by an uppity Indian who has to be taught a lesson or two by his betters.

      1. Ronald

        Poseidon’s Spear

        By all means make the profits but not hidden charges all over. check in at counter had to pay money. Airport taxes collected from untraveled passengers not refunded automatically. When asked for refund, high administrative charge imposed almost equivalent to airport tax itself. Etc etc etc.

        By all means make the profit but passengers safety is of utmost importance. Therefore, DCA should have grounded it until all regulations have been met. Why the 6 months? If it is in UK, the Civil Aviation Authority would have grounded it.

        It was not about race, it is about the modus operandi. If it was about race then Slumberjack would not have taken away 96 routes from MAS and gave them on a silver platter to it. Are you sure that the real person behind it is an Indian? AA would not have been given all the time in the world to hold on to the Airport Taxes collected from the passengers for so many years. When was pressured to settle, a discount of about 30% was given. Airport taxes belong to MAHB not to AA. AA is just a collecting agent like other airlines.

        Please do your homework and you will no doubt find out the real position. May be you will because of the reason best known to you and the few others.

      2. kriskringle


        Ok, if it’s not about race (and I hope it isn’t, despite your protestations), then just how many times has MAS been “whacked” for it’s financial problems and resort to bailouts?

        Is MAS somehow “sacrosanct” because it’s a “national carrier”, because it has to do “national service” and because it’s “agenda” is more than pursuing profits?

        If it’s purely about safety issues, then why doesn’t DCA be totally transparent and spell out exactly what problems and deficiencies it found in it’s audit of AirAsia’s operations?

        I don’t think that there is anything on the DCA website on this subject. Which is strange, given that the topic would be of tremendous interest to the travelling public. Instead, what we have is newspaper reports quoting unnamed DCA officials about problems in AirAsia, resulting in a 6-months AOC extension.

  26. Frequent Flyer

    Before the issue gets overboard, let’s clear the air a bit – it is actually a requirement of the aviation regulations that for every aircraft type registered in Malaysia, an officer of DCA is trained & qualifed on that particular aircraft type. This is to faciltate them in carrying out their duty & responsibility in overseeing the operation of these aircraft types in Malaysian airspace. This practise is not peculiar to Malaysia only but also practised in most of the countries around the world.These officers are responsible to ensure that the instructors, pilots and cabin crew of these aircrafts are trained & qualified in accordance to the required standards therefore how are they suppose to carry out this responsibility if they are not trained & qualifed on the aircraft type themselves? On top of their day to day duties as a DCA inspector, they are also required to study the aircraft systems, operating procedures, keep abreast with any new revisons to the procedures etc., just like their counterparts in the airline but all the while earning a Government salary which is in most cases a quarter of what their counterparts in the airline gets. They do get to claim for mileage to and fro the airport, parking charges & a hundred odd Ringgits perdiem for everyday they are away from home but that would hardly be enough for a decent meal in places like Europe, Japan or Australia. So what do they get out of this?….nothing much I assure you.

    Touching on another issue asking why it is not ok for AirAsia to make a profit – I’m sure it is ok, not only for AirAsia but also for any business establishment anywhere.What is NOT ok is for these businesses to neglect their morale & social obligations to maximize their returns. What is NOT ok is for them to endanger my safety so that they could turn a profit. It is then up to the public to make an informed decision whether to continue patronizing such a business. So the questions beckon;

    1) how bad is the safety standard of AirAsia? Do I need to redo my travel plans after the 31st March?

    2) why are the mass media such as the Star not reporting this issue but would rather report the news of AirAsia possible purchase of an airline in India? That news might interest a handful of Malaysian but this news affect the livelyhood of the 10000 Malaysians that works for AirAsia & safety of the 30 odd millions of passengers that AirAsia claimed had carried.

    3) Has AirAsia brought in the right people & fired the wrong ones as demanded by the authority or are they trying to b/s their way out of it?

    I personally think it would not be wrong for YB to bring these questions up with the right authority or even bring it up in Parliament as it is not only of public interest but also public safety.

    ‘Now everybody can fly…but getting to your destination safely is not our business.’

    1. You’re absolutely right bro!!!!…yang duk complaintttt tu..macam la pandai sgt…tp semua tu tin kosong saja…ada kerja pun sudah cukup bagus dah..kalau tkdk AA n MAS kerja syarikat bas Toong Foong blm tentu dpt lg.
      Manusia tk tau bersyukur…

      1. kriskringle

        Oh, poop…is that the best argument that you can come up with?

        Are you an industry expert on the issues of “safety” and “airworthiness”?

        Maybe Airbus and ST Aerospace Engineering are better qualified to comment authoritatively on these issues than laypeople with their 5 sen worth of instant fame!

    2. Retired Airliner

      @Adam, Anon 10:55 and Kriskingle,

      I think after having spent 36years in the airline engineering does make me a qualified person to comment on airworthiness and safety. I suspect some of the commentators here of are similar to me.

      But the issue at hand is not about being a qualified person or not. I do not believe the issue is at all about MH. Nor is it about the financial performance of Air Asia or MH. So lets not detract the discussion by bringing in these side issues. Having followed the discussion, I also do not detect any complaints to warrant the call to buy our own planes.

      It is about an airline meeting the safety standards for it to operate.

      In this case, the entire air travelling population are all equally qualified to have their opinion on the matter.

      When a person buys a product or a service, the minimum expectation is that the product functions or the service meets the specifications promised. That is why we have the competent authorities to determine that these products or services meet the set standards or expectations of the consumer. If they do not meet the specifications, then there are specific remedies available. Lets also remove race and politics out of this discussion.

      In an airline, irrespective of whether it is a full service carrier or a low cost carrier, the world accepts that at the minimum a passenger can expect to be safely carried from point A to point B in a reasonable level of comfort.

      Yes if an airline does not meet the minimum safety standards, then the AOC would be immediately suspended or even revoked. In simple terms, the airline is no longer safe to fly. When an airline has its AOC only extended for 6 months, the authority must have found lapses in its operations that if remain uncorrected, would cause the airline operations to degrade to a level where the airline is no longer safe to fly.

      It is unreasonable for the travelling public to personally audit the airline to determine whether it is safe to fly but it it is reasonable for the travelling public to expect that an airline is safe to fly. So it is reasonable for the travelling public to expect the airline to meet the safety standards and the relevant authorities to police these standards. If the safety endorsement of the local authority is challenged or is not accepted by the other authorities in other countries, then the airline will not be allowed to fly in these countries’ airspace. I think we have seen this happen recently to our neighbour.

      I am confident that Air Asia will remedy those lapses in order to regain its AOC.

      But the fact that it has come to this stage does concern an aviation safety expert and air travellers alike. I do not believe that an air traveller can expect a lower safety standard from a low cost carrier. The minimum safety standards must be met at all times. But in this age of cost efficiency, the lines of the safety standards are significantly lower then yesteryear. In the old days, the maxim of to err on the side of caution seems to be tha mantra of all those involved. These days of walking the tighrope, a small miscalculation or indiscretion, can have catastrophic consequences.

      In the end, it is the travelling public who has to decide whether they are comfortable with the safety standards of Air Asia. But remember it was Tony who said “I know Malaysians, give them low fares, they are willing to risk their lives…..”

      1. Average Joe

        And still, the only thing toni’s cyberpoopers can do here in trying to divert public attention from AirAsia’s AOC certification concerns is by harping MAS-this, MAS-that, over and over again, that too by switching from one pseudonym to another. is this the best measure toni’s cyberpooper can come up with?

        kudos Retired Airliner for your thoughts.

      2. Anonymous

        @Retired Airliner,

        Tony has fooled too many people too many times. His lies are being uncovered constantly. This is just another one of his lies to fool the public to part with their money.

        God only know what other transgressions he is hiding. It is also by God’s grace that nothing untowards has happened.

        The public deserves to know that Air Asia is unsafe airline.

        I fear that the DCA unwillingness to take more punitive action against Air Asia is purely out of fear of the ramifications.

        Thank you YB for exposing this.

  27. Now Dare Not Fly AA

    AA still selling tickets after March 2013 eventhough they officially have no AOC on that period. Committee on False and Misleading Advertisement under Domestic Trade Ministry are still keeping quiet although the law (Fine of RM5000 and jail up to 3 years) are already in place.

    1. Anonymous

      Playing chicken with the authorities again. They must be thinking that the DCA would not dare cancel their permit if they did not manage to fix the problems by mar2013. They will use the angry voices to their advantage when the time comes.

      In any case, isn’t is typical of them selling think air.

  28. Average Joe

    “Maybe Airbus and ST Aerospace Engineering are better qualified to comment authoritatively on these issues than laypeople with their 5 sen worth of instant fame!”

    Instant fame? Kriskingle, i doubt yours is even worth a single sen. pity you pariah’s cyberpooper!

  29. Now Everyone Can Risk Their Live!

    The pariah’s cybertroopes could try to twist and turn but the fact remain that the AA’s AOC has been granted until 31 March 2013. Until this day not a single officer in AA dares to come out in the open to announce that it was not true. As we know that the pariah and others in the outfits have been very good in their publicity stance and the Star is always willing to lend a hand in publicizing what they uttered. Now Everyone Can Risk Their live!

  30. Ngan

    What is the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is doing about the AA’s advertisement promoting sale well after the dateline 31 March 2013. The Ministry must take actions to stop such misleading advertisment to protect the unsuspecting travelers from buying tickets beyond March 31.

  31. Mohamed


    Consumers must be protected st all times from unscrupulous advertisers. The Ministry of Consumer Affair must not only taking action against the advertiser like AirAsia, it must also take action against Star for publishing misleading advertisement that will expose the public to risk.

  32. Anti Pariah

    That pariah once said: If you price the fare low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their life. This speaks volume. This is the attitude and the business model of that pariah and his outfits. Now is the the time for the public to be aware of getting cheap fare when it is unsure whether you will finally reach the destination. Why risk our lives. Soon Everyone can flt Malindo. Then we will see whether the pariah could still open his big mouth. DCA should just ground them until they have fully complied with all regulations. Bloody unscruplous …

    1. le batard

      Wow, Anti P. You’ve really got your knickers in a twist and then some!

      There was an interesting report in the Singapore Straits Times on 6 Dec 2012 on the current dogfight in Qantas between it’s CEO Alan Joyce and his predecessor Geoff Dixon over the future direction of the Australian airline.

      What’s relevant here are comments by aviation analyst Neil Hansford from aviation consultancy Strategic Aviation Solutions.

      According to the report Mr Hansford said: The shareholders (of Qantas) are getting a fairly rough rewardon their investment at the moment…It would be a good idea to acquire the company and then float or sell the frequent flyer scheme which is one of its more valuable assets…..”

      (anyone see any parallels with MAS here?)

      The report also said: “Mr Hansford said Qantas had continued to persist with its international routes, even as the Australian public showed little loyalty towards the brand”.

      “Australians all want to have a national icon but if they can get a cheaper fare with any other airline, they will travel with them…They think, ‘It is nice to have Qantas so long as I don’t have to use it with my money.'”

      (which is the situation with MAS and the LCCs – including AirAsia).

      And it’s quite possible that Mr Neil Hansford is just as knowledgeable about the aviation industry as those who post on this blog!

      1. Anti Pariah

        le Bastard

        “If you price the fares low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their lives!” The only criteria here was low fares. Other issues like safety is of lowest priority. Why drag Qantas into the picture. Qantas has no issue with its AOC whereas AA has been granted AOC until March 2013. If this was not true why there was such a deafening silence from AA officers including the pariah who have been known to be excellent publicity seeker. Surely the Star is at his disposal to help to put the record straight or twist it to his whim and fancy. Right?

        No one in the airline industry had said “If you price the fares low enough, Malaysians are prepared to risk their lives!” hank you

      2. Poseidon's Spear

        Anti P

        Since we are on the subject of “deafening silences”, what are we to make of the Malaysian DCA’s sphinx-like attitude on this reported 6-months extension of AirAsia’s AOC?

        Given the blogosphere’s interest in this subject (which is being whipped up by certain parties for reasons best known to themselves), surely it would have behoved the DCA to issue an official statement or press release or even hold a press conference.

        Instead, their preferred modus operandi seems to be to divulge unattributed statements to selected contacts in the mainstream media.

        If there’s a deficiency or shortcoming, then be open and transparent and make it known to the public, with full attribution, instead of hiding behind a bureaucratic veil and letting the blogosphere indulge in “cutting down the tall poppy”, as our Aussie friends are wont to do as one of their national pastimes!

  33. John Tan

    Airworthiness of airplanes must not be compromised. Lets leave the cybertroopers of the pariah to fly AirAsia. We better not to fly AA until after 31 March if we had to. If Malaysians give the pariah an inch he would demand for a yard. Keep him and AA in Jakarta. Lets see whether AA can owe airport taxes and make such a huge profit. And whether he could get the Indonesian government to take away 90 routes of Garuda for AA Indonesia.

    Don’t you all observe that the Pariah is noticeably very quiet after the AOC issue was exposed. No more tweet or blog on the subject of AA’s safety. Of course, he sent out his cyber monkies to do damage control by diverting attention by attacking MAS.

    1. The Gooberman


      You are just rehashing the same old tired cliches. Same old, same old.

      Compare the share prices of AirAsia and MAS on Bursa Malaysia.

      Or analysts’ opinions about both airlines, safety issues and all.

      I suspect there’s an agenda here, and it’s not entirely altruistic and driven by a touching concern for the welfare of the travelling public.

  34. Everyone can speak

    Heard that one Air Asia A320 skidded off slightly from edge of runway in Sibu on 2nd December 2012.The aircraft still grounded on the apron in Sibu

    1. Subra

      Everyone can speak

      Surprise, surprise and surprise! Not a word in the Star, the mouth piece of the pariah. DCA must take drastic actions on safety issues with AirAsia. We cannot allow the pariah’s dream come through that if AA price its fare low enough, many Malaysians will take the risk.

      The Ministry of Consumer Affairs must also take actions on the advertisement that promoting sale of tickets after 31 March 2013. As of now AA has no AOC after 31 March. therefore, it must not be allowed to mislead members of the public.

  35. Anonymous

    Here’s another juicy conincidence.

    Air Asia Chief of Operations and Planning is one Mr Bo Lingam.

    Google Alingam and you will find that it mean the phallus.

    …. And “bo” in chinese is…..

      1. Anonymous

        Is that all you can bring up The Gooberman or by whichever name you go?

        Out of points to counter. In which part is it racist?

        You have finally been put in your place by a simple posting of a point which is even spoken internally in AK.

  36. patrick

    i am glad that by March 2013 we have to put up with that airline that does not bother about safety. Can’t wait for the launching of Malindo because i have had enough of the pariah’s arrogance. After getting all the help from the Slumberjack government the pariah was making all kinds of statement trying to tell us that he achieved everything on his own without any help.

  37. Heng

    Until now a total siolence from AA and also the pariah on the issue of AA not meeting the regulatory conditions and AOC was granted until 31.3.2012. Even the Star, the subsidiary, is also very quiet. I rest my case.

  38. Average Joe

    MAS-this, MAS-that, and now even Qantas’ issue is being brought in here, all in (futile) effort to divert the readers’ attention away from AirAsia’s only-6-months AOC certification concerns. We are going to hear tony’s cybermonkies bring more non-related issues regarding other airlines, perhaps Thai Airways, Garuda, Air China or even Air India in order to divert from AirAsia’s AOC certification shortcomings.

  39. Izazudin

    Average Joe

    You are spot on. The monkies have been working very hard to divert attention about the AirAsia AOC has been extended for 6 months until 21.12.2012. As have been pointed by so many readers here that why are the officers of AA and the pariah are keeping very quiet about this. If this is not true, I am sure that the pariah will tweet and the tweet will be published by the Star prominently. Until now not a word about it except from the monkies trying to divert attention.

    DCA should have grounded them in the interest of the passengers. AA was lucky that it is dealing with DCA and not the British Civil Aviation Authority otherwise already BUNGKUS!

  40. Pak Azmi

    Betullah tu. Kalau AOC untuk 6 bulan tidak benar kenapa pegawai AA diam aje. Diam kerana perkara ini memang benar. Kementerian Hal Ehwal Pengguna perlu mengambil tindakan terhadap AA diatas iklan untuk mempromosikan jualan tiketnya selepas March 31 2013.

    Monyet2 cyber si pariah udahlah. Kami nampak dengan jelas dah. Tak payah sibuk nak mengelirukan orang awam.

  41. Kiru

    Pak Azmi and others

    What do you all expect AirAsia to say about the AOC? Id there is room to twist and turn, you will definitely read the tweet and/or statement from AA to say that it was not true because they would want to instill confidence in the prospective customers. Just like the issue about owing airport taxes, there was a denial under the pretext of AA disputing the airport charges, which was a totally different matter to airport tax. But they were still trying to twist and turn. Fortunately for this issue, there is no room for twisting except sending out the cyber monkies to confuse by talking about MAS, Qantas and other airlines.
    Please try harder MONKIES!

  42. MightyMo

    There are a 100 ways to skin a cat … why is everyone getting so hot’n’bothered about this ?? If everyone was genuinely concerned about this issue instead of simply talking about it and making heroes of themselves by blowing hot air over this blog, it’s a very easy issue to pull the trigger on … question is, how many of you out there have the will and desire to do something about it ?? And what might that be ?? Well, if the M’sian DCA is useless and refuses to do anything about this issue – probably because they are on AA’s p..roll – then the DCA’s in the countries that AA flies to might have a different view of it. For example, Indonesia, Thailand, China, HKG, Taiwan, Vietnam, India and especially Australia – the list is endless – I’m sure they will take an interest and not ignore this issue. Safety is a cross border/international issue – it is not something that just the home based authorities concern themselves with. Start a campaign bombarding their websites with these stories and you’ll soon see how quickly they act – putting to shame the M’sian DCA who refuse to act. Our DCA might not give a shit about the welfare of it’s citizens, but other govts – who are not in the pocket of the pariah – will have a different view. Look at how the Australian authorities fined AA for misleading advertising of heir fares … They had to eat a shit sandwich on that one and as usual, The Star – who by the way, we should call AA’s PR dept – said didly squat about it …
    So stop your whining my fellow Malaysians and lets do something about this, particularly when our limp wristed gov’t chooses to keep their heads firmly up their backsides …
    Anyone who really feels passionately and strongly about this matter – and every single M’sian should – lets start gathering and sharing the email address of every DCA that AA flies to and then start bombarding them with the facts that AA is a dangerous airline and only has a AOC until March. Lets also hit the press in these countries and in Australia, we should hit the same Consumer body that fined AA for misleading advertising, because they are selling fares in Australia beyond March and they don’t have an AOC to operate beyond that.
    You see, why waste energy venting here in M’sia and on this blog, when it brings about no change at all ?? Let’s actually do something that can make a difference … We can hit 2 birds with 1 stone – cause disruption to AA’s business and then bring shame on our authorities and govt for doing nothing about this, while other govt’s do.
    This will really show this govt for what it is and how all it peddles is empty rhetoric about caring for its citizens …
    CEPAT !!!!!!!!!

    1. Mo (and Joe), nice sentiments bro but have to pick a better example than Australia to nail the Pariah/AA. Civil Aviation Safety Authority down there only has jurisdiction over AirAsiaX and AirAsiaIndonesia – these two (like all the others) have their own AOCs and in the case of AAX their AOC is “safe” for two more years after the last DCA audit. Yeah sure, the management people of AA and AAX might share the same office space and lepak with each other and could be loosely considered as one in the same but in black and white they are chickens and ducks. I’d suspect even the ACCC while cracking down on “AirAsia’s” misleading advertising only has the reach to get AAX and not AA itself in any significant way, but it’s a tricky world cyber-advertising and not my area of expertise.

      But don’t worry, CASA is watching AAX closely after ETOPS violations early on and the Coolangatta incidents (descent below legal approach minimums and terrain infringement if not mistaken) which earned them fines, warnings, some bad press (but not much here of course) and multiple annual audits – something they don’t often do. One of those incidents (the more severe one) was piloted by the then Chief Pilot Operations… a post he no longer holds.

      Some gossip after the AOC extension went public was that the period was actually shorter (3 months???) but you know who went begging for 2 years (because of the impact such an announcement would have) and got the 6 months instead on condition that with immediate effect something was done about the DFO. True? Who knows, but in spite of the perceived hand-in-glove relationship between AA/AAX/DCA, DCA does have some lines drawn in the sand that can’t be crossed. Goes to prove if you piss into the wind…

      The 6 months is effectively a warning not a promise. It has grave consequences if it times out but it gives AA some room to wiggle and make a few adjustments. Will they be significantly different when the news is proudly announced “AirAsia Passes The Test – Two Year AOC Approved By Regulator”? Not very likely. You can’t change a (deficient) safety culture in 6 months. I think DCA has been quite gracious in a sense. Show “Just Cause” or we’re yanking your licence… 6 months. One reason the Australian regulator is somewhat draconian (eg with Tiger Airlines) is that they have been burned before (yes a Govt body) in court over not acting fast enough in a number of cases where regional/charter aircraft crashed killing all but the regulator long knew of several deficiencies in the those operator’s organisations. Caused a big shake-down in the then CAA: cronyism, secret arrangements, rubber-stamping etc. Can’t see that happening here sadly.

    2. I’ll spare you all looking…


      CASA’s primary function under the Civil Aviation Act 1988 (the Act) is to conduct the safety regulation of civil air operations in Australian territory and the operation of Australian aircraft outside Australian territory, by means that include ‘developing effective enforcement strategies to secure compliance with aviation safety standards’.

      CASA takes enforcement action when it detects non-compliance with obligations imposed by the Act, the Civil Aviation Regulations and the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations, other instruments made under the Act or the Regulations and relevant parts of the Criminal Code. Non-compliance in this context may involve contravention of the Act or the Regulations, but it may also involve a breach of a condition attaching to a licence or certificate, or acts or omissions which indicate that a person no longer meets the standards required by the legislation for the holding of a licence or certificate.

      CASA has a range of enforcement options and takes an holistic approach to safety enforcement by utilising the most appropriate enforcement remedy or remedies given the facts of the particular breach and its safety implications. These enforcement options are exercised in accordance with the procedures set out in the Enforcement Manual.

      More interesting if you read this:

  43. Rosli

    What a deafening silence from the pariah on the 6 months extension of the AOC for AA! Surely if it was not true the pariah and its cybertroopers/monkeys will be out denying. The very best they could do was trying to confuse with MAS. Say what you want about MAS, MAS has a good track record as far as safety is concern. But we know the low caste airline too well.

  44. Derek


    I do agree with you that we should all write to the relevant authorities where AA advertise widely and fly to. Can you or someone supply e-mail addresses or website with links so that we can write to them as well.

    Public safety muist come first. If DCA officers are not interested to take action because they are more interested in piloting commercial airlines for “shiok sendiri” like Captain Sumali then we should get other authorities to act.

    1. MightyMo

      So here is the organization in Australia that previously kicked AA in the nuts – ACCC (Australian Competiton and Consumer Commission) (

      Their website cites among other things, the following:

      Report a business if you think it may be:
      • misleading or deceiving a consumer or doing something that is likely to be misleading or deceptive
      • selling a product that is unsafe or does not comply with mandatory product safety or information standards

      There is an online form that needs to completed – the link to it is as follows:

      Let’s get cracking !!!

      1. See my post above – CASA can’t touch AirAsia because AirAsia don’t fly to Australia… AirAsiaX does. The AOC in question here is the local AirAsia. Better you try writing to CAAS (Singapore) or DGCA (Indonesia) or DOA (Thailand) – basically ASEAN lah. That may kick the Pariah where it hurts.

    2. Ummm, whatever some of you guys personally think or feel about “Captain Sumali” (that’s not even the correct spelling), know these points…

      He was the one conducting the DCA audit of AA. He was the one “uncovering the discrepancies” (probably knew already but so it goes…). DFO went out of his way to pi$$ Sumar off and he issued the limited AOC (obviously after consultation with the powers in Putrajaya). Bear in mind he is #2 in DCA and will be the Director General most likely in 2013.

      1. Now Everybody Want To Pilot A380

        Even if “Captain Sumali” was not correctly spelled, it makes no different. The fact is that he is a DCA officer. His job is to do safety audit on AA and other non-IATA airlines. What was he doing when he was exposed to have piloted the A380.

        Of course, we are appreciative of him uncovering the discrepancies after so many years! No wonder DCA was asleep all these years because you have officer like him who was more interested in piloting a plane or taking a joy ride than carrying their duties as DCA officer.

      2. Won’t comment on competency other than the Deputy Director of DCA knows his stuff. How he discharges his duties is for his peers to assess.

        However, as Frequent Flyer said way back in this thread, somebody in DCA would have to be rated A380, it’s a basic requirement which you will find stands in most country’s regulatory bodies. So who is a likely choice Dato Yahya – close to retirement, or Sumar Lee – next DG… pretty obvious in my book. It’s may seem like a frivolous perk, but it part of his job lah.

  45. Marcus

    Average Joe

    Thank you for the address. We should start to get going. Lets start with the Australian Civil Aviation Department. Lets see whether DCA is still asleep or still taking “sleeping pills’?

  46. Mighty Mo, Derek, Average Jo and Marcus,

    pls do your homework and get the actual facts first b4 comment or take any actions. If its true, i think by now Australian authorities is laughing at you….and at the same time all of you will become laughing stock to the people here in M’sia…hahaha. If really wanna become champion to people, pls come forward and declare urself in public and take legal action on AA. the more u talk, it shows the more stupid u r…

    try harder all bro’s…

    1. mightymo

      nice try Adun – or should we call you “AA Cybertrooper” …. we could all put this issue to rest – if only someone from AA came out publicly to strongly refute the media reports. And why haven’t they done so ? because they can’t, knowing it is true. the Fatman is usually the first person hosing down any negative media reports, no matter how trivial …. his silence on this issue is deafening .. all the more reason why there is truth to these reports. and if the aust dca or any other dca investigate and find nothing there – all the better bcoz we know that no m’sians will be put at risk. you my friend, should put the safety of everyone, before your need to collect petty cash frm AA in doing their vacuum cleaning across this and other blogs …. problem is, you cant’t clean what can’t be cleaned … no matter how much elbow grease you put into it ….

    2. mightymo

      btw “bro” …. the only stupid person here is you …. if you can’t write in English using the correct grammar, then don’t write at all … stick to BM – it’ll serve you better next time, as well as help you to better make whatever point it is that you are trying to make ….

    3. Average Joe

      Encik “ADUN”, seriously you’re the one who is really, really stupid.

      “pls do your homework and get the actual facts first b4 comment or take any actions. ”

      THE FACT : AirAsia got only 6 months worth of AOC renewal from DCA, far short of a full 24 months certification usually given to an airline which fulfilled all the requirements. AirAsia’s AOC is only valid up to 31st March 2013 but AA is already selling tickets for flight WAY BEYOND that deadline when there is NO certainty that the AOC will be renewed.


      1. So does this mean all other airlines should not (or must not) sell tickets past their current AOC? Interesting.

        If Airline A’s AOC is expiring end of this year, should they stop selling tickets for next year while awaiting their AOC to be renewed, regardless of how long it may take?

        Pretty dumb if you ask me

    4. Guys, guys, guys… cool it. Adun is partly correct even if he/she didn’t word it nicely. The Aussie authorities probably wouldn’t be laughing (well they might have a chuckle) but if you haven’t found out already they’ll most likely say “we can’t really help you, but you could try forwarding your grievances to … “. CASA will love you if you give them something juicy on AirAsiaX but end of the day they can only act upon what is legally provable and enforceable. Giving them a heap of trash on AirAsia does not permit them to “take it out” on AirAsiaX (no matter how much they might like to). What you are asking/hoping of CASA to do is akin to your condemnation of DCA here. C’mon lah bro, be rational.

      And FYI, when Tiger was fully grounded in Australia they continued to sell tickets for flights in advance of the present date… how? Because the “promise” of travel to which your ticket is proof is only broken when the purchased flight fails to commence. If Tiger knew they would never fly again then there is a case, but if they honestly believe they will be able to fly in the not-too-distant-future they can still make those “promises”. Of course they must abide by the rules of breaking that promise to the consumer should it occur in any event, but you know what… they got your money already. Even if they have to give it back to you at some point they have it right now and it becomes part of their operating revenue. How on earth do you think AA survives from day to day in the present, largely in part due to forward sales. This is how all LCCs operate. It’s the airline equivalent of buying property development off-plan/pre-construction. Normal airlines wait months to get the revenue from non-internet ticket sales (goes through IATA clearing accounts) sometimes even after you have travelled. That’s why Fernandes hates IATA and AA for a long time wasn’t a member. But I digress.

      1. And Mo, your heart’s in the right place bro, but mind who you accuse of poor English when yours is a little off the mark. Emotion is getting the better of your argument.

    5. Hendry

      Faris Pakhi

      Yes you sounded pretty dumb. You trying to defend the indefensible.

      Who is going to be responsible if after the AOC expired and not renewed? Do you know how difficult it is get refund from AA?Do you know how difficult just to get a refund of airport tax from AA? Please wake up.

      You know pretty what is the business model of AA. It is all about sale and not safety. You should know that safety cost money.

  47. Everyone can speak

    YB Wee,maybe you are the only person who can investigate about the Air Asia A320 skidded slightly off the runway in Sibu on 2nd Dec 2012 as there is still tyre marks and also the debris come out from the grass area.As this matter about AOC is getting heatedly discussed in this blog,not even newspaper report in Sabah or Sarawak.

  48. The Con Man

    Mightymo & Average Joe

    The cybertrooper were still trying very hard to bullshit their way. Why did DCA give only 6 months? No official announcement? But This news was published in The Sun but the Red Indian silence is very deafening. Where are the tweets? Normally his tweets get reported in the Star! Now he was caught in his own game.

    1. DCA gave the six months coz the AA Mngt didn’t show due respect to the auditing officer, as the saying goes if you play with fire… I’m not saying DCA has one eye closed, but as we all know AA gets away with a lot of things, but even that must logically come with a price to pay (even if it is only to stoke one’s ego). MAS isn’t stupid, they know exactly what DCA is capable of and come audit time the top brass are out in force, that’s just the way it goes.

      Tony, he likes to say a lot of things. Especially when he knows he can get away with it no matter how controversial – more the better. But once in a while AA Legal whispers in his ear and he suddenly shuts-up. He may have a big mouth but he’s sensitive to litigation. No I take that back, he has a big mouth and OTHERS are sensitive to litigation for him.

  49. everyone can speak

    Dear readers,sorry out of the topic,anyone of you realised especially Malaysia Airlines staff here,do u aware that KWSP has shares in Air Asia and did KWSP got the consent of the contributors to have the stake in Air Asia and it seemed the Malaysia Airlines staff who have salary deductions into KWSP are supporting the Air Asia financially

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