AES was awarded to Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd and Commercial Circle Sdn Bhd as early as in 2005/6 when Chan Kong Choy was the MOT

Redflex AES used by Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd

Automated Enforcement System (AES) has been a hot topic in Parliament during the  policy debate for Budgeet 2013 yesterday.  There are pro and against from both divides in the HOUSE.  The same in the cyber space. They are some who are blindly  supporting or against the AES without knowing how was the AES project awarded to the two companies. Yours truly has spoken about the AES in Parliament during the 2011 session.


Yours truly is for any AES that will ensure safety for the motoring public. All Malaysians want to see less accidents involving death especially during the festive seasons.  No one should object to the AES except on the RM300 fine and the way in which the fine was apportioned between the two companies and the Government.  The issue here is about transparency in the way in which the AES was awarded to the two companies in 2005/2006, during the Badawi’s Administration.  The law was only ameneded for the implementation of the AES during the last session of Parliament in June 2012. 


The two companies that have been awarded to carry out AES were:


BETA TEGAP SDN BHD which was incorporated on 07-02-2004.

It is a dormant company with no account submitted to the SSM.


The directors are: 

Nik Ismail bin Nik Mohamed

To’ Puan Roazana binti Hj Redzuan

Dr Andreas Teoh who is also the manager. 


The shareholders are:

Nik Ismail bin Nik Mohamed  3,080,000 shares

Dato’ Mohd Yunus Bin Othman  280,000 shares

Yap Kim See @ Yap Ai Lin            700,000 shares

To’ Puan Roazana Binti Hj Redzuan  5,740,000 shares

Dr Andreas Teoh   4,200,000 shares


It is using the AES by Redflex, which is based in South Melbourne, Australia.



COMMERCIAL CIRCLE (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD which was incorporated on 06-06-1985.  

It has been submitting its account yearly in accordance with the rules. 

Its nature of business are:

License holder and supplier of Defense and police equipment to Government Departments

Supplies amd installation of traffic surveillance camersas and law enforcement equipment as well as the maintenance and servicing of such equipment.


The directors are:

Wong Ah Nooi @ Ng Siew Bee

Foong Yook Seng @Lawrence Foong Yook Seng

Norsiah binti Abu Asid

Md Sepian Bin Ramli


The shareholders are:

Foong Yook seng @ Lawrence Foong Yook Seng    120,002 shares

Michael Foong Ka-Meng  240,005 shares

Norsiah Binti Abu Asid    240,005 shares             


It is using the Robot system which is from Germany.    


It was strange that these two companies were awarded the AES in 2005/2006 when YB Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy was the then Minsiter of Transport.  Recently he has been charged with three counts of cheating the then Premier Abdullah Badawi by deceiving him into approving the turnkey project in PKFZ . He was alleged to have committed the offence at the famous 4th FLOOR in the PM office in Putrajaya. The case is pending in court.


These two companiues are using two different AES. Therefore, there was no uniformity in the AES in Malaysia. 

Initially when the AES Bill was tabled in Parliament the proposed fine was RM1,000 per offense, all vehicles will also had to replace the existing number plates to the costly electronic plates provided exclusively by certain companies but the MPs of BN Back Benchers Club (BBC) strongly opposed to the said proposals and the said Bill was withdrawn.  Hence, the fine was finally reduced to RM300 and the implementation of the electronic number plate was abandoned due to strong objections from MPs. 


Yours truly, has questioned the Deputy Minister of Transport during the Budget debate yesterday why was these two companies selected in 2005/2006 at the time when the AES  was not even tabled in Parliament and why two different systems of AES (i.e Redflex  and Robot) were used. The Deputy Minster of Transport did not provide answers to the said questions.

Even if due diligence has been carried out in 2005/2006, the data obtained 6 years ago would have been outdated by 2012 due to changing circumstances. Therefore, the Government ought to re-look into the way the project was awarded. It would not be too much to ask for a new tender to be carried out in the spirit of transparency. If the tender is carried out in a transparent manner and there are merits, it is still not too late to award the AES to the above two companies. Yours truly will definitely support the decision as we are all for public safety in general.


Yours truly is certain that AES will be a hot issue during the Committee Stage of the Budget debate which is coming up next week.


This issues here are about the transparency in the award of the AES to the two companies before the AES law was even passed in Parliament, whether a proper study and due deligent was made before awarding to the AES Project and whether the implementation of AES is predominantly about profits.

Hopefully no one will be charged for deceiving the then Minister of Transport, YB Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy, and/or the then Premier YAB Tun Abdullah Badawi at the 4th Floor of PM Office into awarding the AES projects.

There is an interesting article on Redflex in HERE.

24 thoughts on “AES was awarded to Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd and Commercial Circle Sdn Bhd as early as in 2005/6 when Chan Kong Choy was the MOT

    1. Aiyah…just make use of the traffic police to catch speedtiers…we have thousands of trafficpolice on bikes which can put to nab car speeding…are they good escorting VIP only meh…tuu laa makan gaji buta!! if they are mobilize correctly we don’t have to invest so much on such AES equipment which can run into millions outflow and goes to useless people’s pockets…bodoh punya gomen…budak sekolah rendah pun leh pikir camne nak buat…phhuiiih!

  1. Gan

    How shocking! Projects awarded in 2005/6 and the AES was passed in 2012. It must be another Slumberjack/4th Floor project like the 25 years LSG Sky Chef Brahim’s catering one sided contract that MAS had to suffer with until this day. Najib should stop this and call for a new tender and get the best system for the nation.

  2. Ikhwan

    Another thing That made me feel irk is that i heard that there was a company among the tenderer that uses malaysian based technology….not the german or the australian…why wasnt it given to this company? I thought we are proud to be malaysian and proud to use malaysian product???

    Another one, check merdeka tower consultants? I heard most are overseas consultant…it is ironic isnt it? The name is merdeka tower but the expertise seems ti indicate that we are still being invade?

  3. go, go go ahead and implement the system. it is good to catch speeding cars or those who breaks the law and is a nuisance to others. I like speeding so i pay the fine , no questions about , you speed you pay.
    But th ei issue is the way th eproject were awarded is something everybody should look at. So in the future before any new projects are proposed please ensure that all angels are covered.

  4. Shan

    It would appear to be profit first and safety second. The government must re-examine how the contract was awarded to these two super companies. It was not transparent at all. contract awarded with no law to implement it in 2005/2006. Thank you for providing the details.

  5. Menantu Hantu


    harap PM Najib akan chek semula perkara ni…harapkan menteri semua tak boleh pakai.

    PM bukan bodoh macam badawi harapkan Tingkat Empat je..

  6. Motorist

    The AES contracts for the two companies cannot be allowed to go on because it was most improper under the present circumstances. I agree with YB that data presented 6 years ago will not represent the current status of the AES. First it is due to the advancement of technology and secondly the present circumstances of the status of the two companies may have been difference in 2012.

    PM must look into this AES contracts with the view to call for new tender. Enough of the Slumber jack and his 4th Floor set up. They have given the country enough problems.

  7. Economist Kampong

    YB WCK
    During the time when Tun Ling was MOT, he wanted to abolish the samam ekor. There were over 200,000 summonses. The then IGP, Rahim Noor replied rather immediately (strangely) .. Tak Boleh. Kena tanya Treasury dulu.

    What has the Treasury got to do with traffic summonses. We all asked. No answer.

    We can only put 2 and 2 together.

    The police always maintained traffic summonses are issued to discipline motorists, — to slow down and as a result .. we reduce traffic accidents.

    But the police allowed all of us to speed gila gila. The even hide behind pillars along the PLUS highways, lest you see then you would slow down.

    So we put 2 and 2 together. Police don’t care if you speed gila gila on the roads. They want you to so they can issue summonses. If they have to consult the treasury when the MInister of Transport suggested they cancelled the saman ekor — it can only mean one thing. The summonses are their revenue source.

    NOW — wow. The MOT (or ex-MOT) in in the game too. Appoint a few companies and let us split the revenue. Ini sikit atas lah!!

    Another thing about traffic accidents is this. 80% of total accidents happened on regular roads.

    Just look back at the traffic accident statistics the police proudly present to us during ops Hari Raya, and ops Chinese New Year. Traffic accidents on PLUS and the other highways did not even exceed 15%. Does any one know why the announced that they will not publish the 2012 raya accidents traffic??

    How come more than 80% of the summonses (over speeding) were issued for motorists using the highway.

    To really reduce the traffic accidents — focus on the regular roads NOT on the highways. Yes here will be accidents on the highways too. But even if we reduce the accidents in highways to ZERO, it will not bring down down the total number of accidents very much.

    In any other city, they will erect at least at least 5 to 10 signboards to warn motorists to slow down

    But why the pre-occupation with the PLLUS and other highways. Is it not strange the police used the term SPEED TRAP or PERANGKAP had laju. IN psychology tis is called games people play. The game is given a name NIGYYSOB (now I got you, you son of a bitch). The perangkap is nothing but a game. How can we play games with traffic accidents which caused harm to life, limbs and properties. Ge serious, please!

    Now with the AES, we have just added another game to NIGGYSOB. THis game is called – who will laugh all the way to the bank?

    Let us stop with these games.

    The GE is coming. If the game is not stopped, the PM and his ministers must know — there is another game in town we would like to play.

    Thank you.

  8. Anonymous

    This was part of the 4th Floor Project. The Slumber Jack should be shot for the AES. Najib is suffering from the legacy of the Slumber Jack and his 4th Floor boys.

  9. Ragunathan

    Just halt the AES and have re-tender it. The data in 2006 were all outdated in 2012. We want the best. We don’t want rubbish. Please press on during the Committee Stage.

  10. Pak Ngah

    mana boleh mengunakan data 2006 untuk 2012. Kerajaan jangan memperbodohkan rakyat. Batalkan tender Slumber Jack dan panggil tender semula untuk sekarang.

  11. wondering...

    So… The sleepy head really mess up our country … From MAS catering contract ,special treatment for aa and now the AES … Hope no more suprise for malaysian in the future from his legacy ..

  12. Thumb Logic

    The Principle is wrong. Privatization of government projects was meant only for those that had high infrastructure cost. In the case of AES the start up cost is low in the contexet of the wealth of the State. The monies collected from this should by right go into the Consolidared Fund and used by the state for social dvelopment project. In the event this is implemented all government functions will be up for privatization. Even the preparation of Cabinet Papers need not be spared.

    I am afraid that the MPs elected by the people have failed in their incumbent duty to protect the citizens of this nation.

  13. Zahrain

    AES is just a front for a few to make money. They are connected to the Sleepy Head and the 4th Floor boys. The government must stop this contract awarded to these two companies since 2006. The Sleepy Head was the cause of all problems in the country. Najib must be brave enough to start it like what he did to the MAS AirAsia share suap.

  14. adamant

    Dear YB,
    Just my 2cent opinion.. I’ve been to few Europe countries and it’s proven the AES can minimize the road accidents and educate the public. Malaysian motorists are extremely rude when it comes to driving. (Drive me crazy huh) AES in Malaysia is currently manage by PDRM and also JPJ(Zon A- Ates & Zon B-Beta Tegap). Why we want to tolerate the ill manners with RM300 if you compare between lives? Furthermore, the accidents not only cause a financial impact on public facilities(road, lamp post, traffic lights, divider etc) but also can wasting other people precious time too!

  15. Adamant,

    I must say your comment is the best there is in this comments thread.

    I hate cronism, I hate and I hate sham faces in tender awards in government circle. I hate ‘wayang’ and hidden business deals.

    But if I have to choose between waging war against cronism or supporting effort for road safety and uphold traffic rules, I would choose to save lives on the road. Anytime and I would do anything to save precious life on the road and to protect myself and my family from irresponsible and arrogant road users in this country.

  16. Slumberjack Project

    This is the Slumberjack project. It was awarded in 2006. A new tender should be called because 6 years is a long time and more advance system would have been invented by 2012.

    This Slumberjack was the cause of the many problems.

  17. BN Losers

    Another Joke of Malaysia. How come 6 years ago the project never implemented, but only today.

    I guess BN are think, they are 100% lose in PRU13, so they plan to take all Malaysia & Malaysian Money away, even PKR ruled it will ruled like Obama (Talk Only)

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