Questions Time 15 October 2012: Fi konsultan Landor Associates dan Ogilvy & Mather adalah rasiah!

The new logo of MAS

YB Tuan Wee Choo Keong (Wangsa Maju) minta Menteri Kewangan menyatakan atas alasan apakah pengurusan MAS “re-branding” MAS dan menukarkan warna corporate iaitu biru tua dan merah kepada biru muda dan sila memberikan jumlah kos utuk “re-branding” ini (baryaran kepada Landor Associates di UK dan konsultant lain?


 Tuan Yang di-Pertua,

 Untuk makluman Yang Berhormat, MAS kini sedang giat melaksanakan pelan pemulihan syarikat dengan sasaran untuk mencatatkan keuntungan menjelang tahun 2014. Antara strateginya adalah untuk menarik semula penumpang melalui penjenamaan semula MAS dan memperkenalkan logo baru eksklusif untuk pesawat Airbus A380 yang merupakan New Flagship Aircraft. Warna logo MAS bagi pesawat tersebut ditukar kepada biru bagi memperingati pelancaran pesawat super jumbo milik MAS yang mula beroperasi pada 1 Julai 2012. Pesawat-pesawat lain MAS masih mengekalkan logo korporat dengan wana merah dan biru.

Tuan Yang di-Pertua, 

MAS tidak dapat mendedahkan maklumat mengenai kos penjenamaan semula kerana terikat dengan peruntukan kerahsiaan dan non disclosure dalam kontrak berkenaan. Peruntukan berkenaan merupakan peruntukan standard dalam mana-mana kontrak untuk melindungi kepentingan pihak-pihak yang terlibat. Oleh hal yang demikian, pendedahan sebarang maklumat yang dilkasifikasikan sebagai rahsia dalam sesuatu kontrak oleh mana-mana pihak tanpa persetujuan pihak-pihak lain boleh memberi implikasi perundangan kepada pihak yang mendedahkan maklumat berkenaan kerana tidak mematuhi akujanji kerahsiaan sepertimana yang dipersetujui.


1.  Was the initial plan for the new logo strictly for A380? The obvious answer was a NO!. Please read in HERE and the pictures of all the aircraft of MAS speak for themselves.  The little napoleons in Khazanah and MAS were trying to fool Parliament and Malaysian public with the first part of the answer above.

2.  As you can see that it was a standard condition in all contracts that MAS cannot reveal the fees paid to consultants/advertising firms due to non-disclosure and/or secrecy clause. This was the second part of the answer. It is understandable that MAS could not reveal the contents of the report of the consultants/advertising firms. The question here was related to the consultant fees paid to the the advertising firms namely, Ogilvy & Mather and Landor Associates for the re-branding and designing of the pale blue logo. If this was an acceptable answer then all government contracts involving payment of fees to consultants/advertising firms and contract amount can be kept secret by invoking the non-disclosure or secrecy clause. Surely, YAB PM would never agreed to such a stand taken by the little napoleons.

2.  Surely, the above answer was prepared and tabled in Parliament without the knowledge of the Minister of Finance. Yours truly hopes that the YAB PM will look into the way in which the little napoleons presented stupid answers to Parliament in order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment to the Government’s policy of “Rakyat Didahulukan” and “Pencapaian Diutamakan”.

14 thoughts on “Questions Time 15 October 2012: Fi konsultan Landor Associates dan Ogilvy & Mather adalah rasiah!

  1. Economist Kampong

    YB WCK
    Via your blog, we the concerned Malaysians are sending the very clear message to the MOF and PM. Enough of these nonsense. Confidentiality clause??.

    What is so confidential that an elected rep (wakil rakyat is denied from knowing). We are not fools. Remember this if you cannot trust us Malaysians with the information, CAN we TRUST you to be the next Government?

    THink carefully Mr MOF / PM. You know the answer. The sooner you ask the Min of Transport to be truthful in Parliament, the bigger your victory will be in coming GE13.

    Thank you

  2. Mohd bukan pariah

    YB please understand the little napoleon in Khazanah and MAS. Not that they don’t want to tell Parliament the figure. The real reason is not about “rasiah” but the con-sultantcy fees may just too high for the public especially at at time when they have been telling the world that MAS is bleeding. So when the little napoleons in MAS and Khazanah were doing stupid acts then MAS is not bleeding. So that they can suck MAS with their kuncu-kuncu.

    So give chance sikit. mereka ni kena cover up sikit.

    Saya berharap PM akan mengambil tindakan terhadap little napoleons yang memberi jawapan yang bodoh dan didalam Khaznah dan MAS. No wonder Al-Ishal Ishak sudah resigned dari MAS. We demand the answer from AJ and the Board of Directors of MAS about the cost of re-branding and designing otherwise please FO from MAS. Aj please wake up because we do not appreciate your Rahsia over such matter. We need you and the other idiots on the Board including Tan Sri Md Nor to be transparent in such matter.

    yB please tekan for the exact cost of the re-branding and designing. It must be to the tune of many million Ringgit. If the government makes us look stupid then we will make them more stupid in PRIU 13.

  3. Razak of MAS

    I just cannot believe that the idiots in the top management of MAS and/or Khazanah could think of such stupid answer to fool the people. If this is what the clueless top management of MAS thought he could get away with such stupid answer then they must be dreaming.

    This was not the way to instil confidence in MAS staffs to work with the topless management when they have not been transparent in matter of such nature. AJ, Tan Sri Md Nor and the directors of MAS can forget about getting the staffs to work together with them if they are seen to cover things up. We all want to know who were responsible for the re-branding and what was the cost to MAS.

    Could not believe my eye when I saw the answer that consultancy fee was a secret due to non-disclosure. If the topless management of MAS could do could things from Parliament then I am sure that they are capable of hiding more things from the staffs.

  4. tak malu botak

    At lat Al Ishal Ishak has joined AirAsia. So it is clear that quite a number of key posts in MAS have been allotted to people who was from AirAsia or connected to it one way or another. Look like Azhari Dahlan is the last of the lot that is hanging on.

    Azhari must come clean to tell us whether there was any negotiation to service AA aircraft and what is the rate charged. Hopefully AA aircraft will not be given special preference like the 35,000 AAX passengers. The staff in engineering department must keep an eye on this botak,

  5. AWAS

    I think it is time to stop flogging this dead horse and to move on to other issues. By continuing to focus on this branding issue, which clearly no one is prepared to provide any transparency on – incl the PM – let it go lah and focus your effort and energy on the millions of other things that are wrong wth MAS and require fixing. That’s where the value of your blog is and through everybody’s input, we can help bring pressure to bear to improve and change the culture.
    Let’s look at the interesting news regarding the former SVP Marketing – Al Ishsal Ishak. How is it that he can resign from such a senior position at MAS at the end of September and then less than 1 week later, jump into a senior position at Air Asia ???
    Where is the restraint clause in his contract, to prevent him and others, from jumping to a competitor and taking with them, all sensitive knowledge and insights ?? For any senior hire in any country and in any industry, this should be the “norm”. Yet somehow, this has been allowed to happen …
    Who let this happen ? Why did they let it happen ?? Clearly, HR and the MD were asleep in discharging their responsibilities in leaving MAS exposed in this way. This should be commonplace for ALL senior executive roles.
    Yet again, MAS has showed itself what a second rate organization it is, when something like this can be allowed to happen.
    Which immediately begs the question – how many other senior executives do not have similar “gardening leave” clauses, thereby leaving the airline exposed to other similar defections ??
    This is a question worth asking and in holding somebody to account for not doing their job …..

    1. xMAS

      MAS staff of any substance have always exercised self restraint against such moves. MAS has long had a mutual moratorium on cross-hiring of each other’s staff with all our business partners.

      So I guess the ungentlemanly conduct of Air Asia is to be expected. But then again MAS is also guilty of pinching high level Air Asia staff in recent past. So on this count, the score is even. MAS once even wanted to employ someone from Air Asia who some time ago left MAS employment under dubious circumstances.

      Given the already well known sensitivities in the relationship between MAS and Air Asia, the act of jumping straight to the competition does in itself speaks loads about the person concerned. Having come in under such mercenarial circumstances, his jumping to the competition should not be a surprise. I guess, the time he spent in MAS was too short for him to build any bond of loyalty to the organization. So MAS does not need such persons.

      Like other employers, there are specific clauses to cover such circumstances in the MAS employment contract. Even a retiree is legally obligated to observe a confidentialy clause regarding MAS information which virtually and practicably rules out employment by any MAS competitors. I stand corrected if such clauses are removed from the employment contract of this person.

      If such clauses are indeed contained in the employment contract, the question that one has to ask is whether MAS has the apetite to enforce the terms and conditions or whether such terms and conditons are indeed enforceable.

      It is really down to the person………..

  6. pengurusan harapan

    Did anyone see today’s announcement from Emirates Airline’s regarding its flight schedule to Malaysia ?? Well, here it is ….
    “From 3 December 2012, the Dubai-based airline’s Kuala Lumpur flights will be increased from three times a day to 25 flights per week, rising to 26 per week from 6 February 2013”
    From 6 Feb, that means EK will operate 4 flights a day, except for 2 days of the week, which will see them operate ‘only’ 3 flights a day.
    EK can operate 26 times per week – presumably profitably, or else they wouldn’t be increasing their capacity into KL- while MAS says that it cannot operate any flights to Dubai profitably.
    What does this say about the management team currently steering MAS through these troubled times ?? Are they serious ???? What this tells me, is that they are incapable of doing the most basic and simplest of things.
    After almost 12 mths in the job, other than putting a lot of effort into publishing org charts and many versions of business plans, what tangible change has AJ delivered ??
    Forget about trying to do the multitude of things that sounds good but delivers nothing, think of 1 tangible thing – like picking 1 route to fix – that AJ and his team have done and you soon realize that it is like a Seinfeld episode – all about nothing.
    He has focused on his org charts and business plans and delivered nothing, while competitors have taken advantage and actually grown their share of the market – just like EK.
    It is impossible for MAS to return to this route, as EK and EY have too much scale, dominance and market share for MAS to ever have a chance of getting back in ….
    Awesome effort and great vision from our MD …. Imagine if we actually had someone who was genuinely working to fix things ?? 

  7. Filkri

    The reason for hiding the cost of fees paid to the CON-sultants for the re-brnading exercise must be due to a very figure. There is no good reason to say that con-sultant fees is a secret.

    AJ and the Board of Directors must come clean and reveal who made the decision to re-brnad and to appoint ogilvy and Mather and landor Assoicates and the cost involved. Stop bullshitting that this had to be kept secret.

    I am sure that YB will press for the real answer to this question. The lueless top management you can’t hide thing no more. Al Ishal Ishak joioned MAS for a few months and involved himself in hte re-branding and now cabut to AirAsia shows that something strange has happened during his time.

    We still have another botak in the engineering who is trying his best to say to carry out more things for the pariah. I hope the clueless management must be beware of this botak.

  8. The Idiot

    Stupid answers given by idiot not fit to be little Napoleon. Can’t believe that you such stupid people in MAS and Khazanah. PM should take actions to remove such idiots in Khazanah and MAS.

  9. G m

    Adoi, macammana monyet monyet ni terlepas dari zoo Dan terus jadi ketua GLC? Malu lah sikit kat anak cucu, saudara Mara sahabat handai ooi chairman n MD. BAnyak rahsia Dan Pekung dah pecah!

  10. Franky

    AJ and the other topless members of the management, if you cannot be transparent over such matter where you have caused MAS to spend unnecessary money for your whim and fancy by re-branding, then you can forget about the People Engagement Survey.

    Non-disclosure and secrecy clause is a bullshit reason. If Parliament can be deprived of such information then all spending by MAS should also be kept in secrecy. AJ should also keep the losses secret by invoking secrecy.

    Bloody stupid reason. The answer by the TOPless Management made my blood boiling. If AJ and the topless idiots are going to treat us this way then they should not expect to get our supports.

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