Questions Time 11 October 2012: “MOT tak pernah menerima maklumat rasmi AirAsia tidak akan berpindah ke KLIA2”

KLIA2 untuk masa depan.

YB Tuan Wee Choo Keong (Wangsa Maju) minta Menteri Pengangkutan menyatakan sama ada sehubungan dengan niat AirAsia untuk tidak memindahkan operasinya ke KLIA2 adakah Kerajaan akan tunduk kepada “ultimatum” ini atau Kerajaan akan menghentikan operasi LCCT apabila KLIA2 beroperasi kelak?


Tuan Yang Di pertua,

Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat, Kerajaan tidak pernah menerima sebarang makluman rasmi dari AirAsia yang menyatakan pihaknya tidak akan berpindah ke KLIA2. Selain daripada itu, KLIA2 tidak hanya dikhaskan untuk satu-satu syarikat penerbangan tambang murah sahaja. Mana-mana syarikat pernebangan tambang murah dari dalam atau luar negara yang berminat boleh mengunakan KLIA2.


I hope that YAB PM Datuk Seri Najib bin Tun Razak will look at the standard of the Ministry of Transport in providing answers to Parliament.

I have seen press reports that the Ministry of Transport responded to press statements published in the newspapers.  I have read Minister of Transport responded to Tan Sri Tony Fernandes’s comments in the press, in HERE.  There were many more of such responses by the Ministry of Transport.  The little Napoleons in the Ministry were playing stupid by giving the above answers to Parliament. They treated Parliament with contempt. 

It was public knowledge from reports in the press that AirAsia has threatened not move to KLIA2 when it is completed, in HERE.  Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, the then CEO of AirAsia, has also been reported to have said that AirAsia will not use aerobridge in KLIA2, in HERE .

It would appear to be unclear from the above answer whether LCCT will be closed upon KLIA2 in full operation. Yours truly shall pursue the answer from the Ministry of Transport during the reply stage next week and/or during the debate at the Committee Stage in November 2012.

29 thoughts on “Questions Time 11 October 2012: “MOT tak pernah menerima maklumat rasmi AirAsia tidak akan berpindah ke KLIA2”

  1. Hazrin

    If the pariah doesn’t want to use KLIA2, just close down LCCT. The pariah can use JKT airport instead. As simple as that.

    When AirAsia goes to Bangkok and other international destination, it should also demand that it will not use aerobridge. Lets what is the respond it will get. A two fingers I think. The pariah should understnad that the Slumber Jack was over for years and the 4th floor is no longer in the PMO!

  2. Tony should learn....

    That macha can go to hell….. He was so afraid of Malindo… Let see how will he survive next year. Rudi Kirana has taught him well..

  3. MasturaBsiduri

    YB, I simply do not understand why passengers are willing to be treated unfairly. All things considered Air Asia fares, on the whole, are not cheap. Consider all the hidden charges – use of credit cards, check in fees, check in bags… plus the incovinience of goong to LCCT. Check the fares and more often than not all the three domestic service provider – Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines and Firefly – charge about the same fare. For those living in the western part of KL, PJ, Shah Alam and Klang, it is more convenient to fly Firefly from Subang.

  4. blue sky

    TF will ask for the moon before moving to KLIA2. Lets not forget the hundreds of millions of ringgit AA owed to MAB where the government gave a big haircut before AA finally pays. If AA wants to stay in LCCT so be it. Let them run LCCT themselves including customs and immigration.

  5. Anti Pariah

    MOT should not waste time with the demands from AirAsia. Once the KLIA2 is completed and operational just TUTUP LCCT. Kalau si pariah tak happy pergi aja ke Indonesia.

    Jangan kompromi mengenai facilities. Aerobridge is a basic amenity for modern airport. We must think of the safety, elderly, pregnant women, handicaps, children and convenience for passengers in general. We cannot allow the pariah to dictate terms to MAHB/Government.

    The little napoleons in Khazanah must not interfere to help the pariah even though they are part of the Tingkat Empat.

    The Government must be firm with the Pariah and stop dancing to his selfish tunes. He wants everything for himself. If he could his way, he would want to be the PM of Malaysia and at the same time President of Indonesia.

  6. Kang

    Tony and the man behind AirAsia have been spoon fed by the Slumber Jack government for too long and they have forgotten that AirAsia is a private company. It is about time that the government must put them in their place.

    MAHB must follow its counter part in Jakarta. The moment airport tax and other charges are not paid on time, MAHB should withdraw all facilities like what happened in Jakarta recently otherwise the pariah will be arrogant as ever.

    Since it has moved its hq to Jakarta, let it get all the helps from Jakarta. Let the pariah demands from Jakarta authorities that AirAsia is not going to use the aerobridge, reduction of airport charges and more routes from Garuda like what he has been doing in Malaysia.

  7. Rakyat Bangkit

    just let him operate CGK (Jakarta)…the government should have not TUNDUK to him…KLIA 2 is for the rakyat in general…not only for AirAsia…Malindo is coming…TF definitely TERKENCING…

  8. Anonymous

    Can’t wait for Malindo to commence operation because I would like to see how the pariah is going to act. Malindo will put his arrogance where its belong i.e. the low caste airline.

    Public must not be taken in by the advertising bullshit and the constant Star reports to prop him up. It is just a house of cards waiting to collapse. When that happened we must make sure that there will be no bail out. Investing public please be cautious when you want to invest in a company that relying on publicity hypes in the Star and the help from Slumber Jack.

    A piece advice, please be cautious with the publicity hypes by the pariah. Invest in good shares. Don’t be cowed into buying cheap tickets, just fly by MAS where there is no hidden charges.

  9. Save AirAsia

    Go and close down Kota Kinabalu BKI airport LCCT too, the main terminal has been extended without aero bridge for AirAsia but they refuse to move!

  10. Zain

    Tutup LCCT tengok dia boleh buat apa! Nanti dia kena meletut aja. Malindo mulakan operasi kita semua support nak lihat si pariah hebat sampai tahap mana.

  11. Anonymous

    Close LCCT once KLIA2. Don’t bother about AirAsia. Give the ungrateful idiot a dose of his medicine. Lets hope MOT will use their heads on this matter.

  12. ANTI AMOK...

    Air Asia batal ambil alih Batavia Air di saat akhir
    Written by IPOH MALAY
    Saturday, 13 October 2012 15:13

    Air Asia membatalkan pengambilalihan Batavia Air setelah kajian pembelian memasuki peringkat akhir. Demikian lapor akhbar atas talian terpopular di Indonesia.

    Pembelian penerbangan yang menanggung hutang yang tinggi itu merupakan usaha Air Asia Indonesia untuk mengembangkan sayapnya.

    Jangan-jangan, Tony Fernandes akan kembali berpindah ke Kuala Lumpur selepas ini.

    Ini Alasan Batalnya Pembelian Batavia Air
    oleh AirAsia Feby Dwi Sutianto
    – detikfinance
    Sabtu, 13/10/2012 13:12 WIB

    Jakarta – Rencana akuisisi maskapai lokal yaitu Batavia Air oleh AirAsia asal Malaysia dipastikan batal. Apa alasan di balik batalnya pengambilalihan Batavia Air oleh maskapai asal negeri jiran itu?

    Direktur Komersial Batavia Air Sukirno Sukarna mengaku, terjadi proses yang alot saat penilaian akhir oleh AirAsia untuk membeli Batavia Air. Hal tersebut menurutnya sebagai penyebab utama batalnya pembelian 76,95% saham Batavia oleh AirAsia Berhard senilai US$ 80 juta.

    “Mereka akan melakukan auditing, mungkin di auditing tidak ada kesepahaman,” kata Sukirno kepada detikFinance, Sabtu (13/10/2012).

    Namun Sukirno menampik tudingan tingginya harga yang ditawarkan oleh Batavia yakni senilai US$ 80 juta atau sekitar Rp 720 miliar untuk pembelian 76,95% saham Batavia. “Enggak dong, kita jual dengan segini,” tambahnya.

    Dihubungi secara terpisah, PresCom Indonesia Air Asia, Pin Haris mengaku porses akuisisi Batavia oleh AirAsia berjalan cukup alot. Menurutnya, belum ada keputusan final terkait rencana akuisisi 76,95% saham Batavia.

    “Minggu depan sudah ada keputusannya,” tambahnya kepada detikFinance.

    Terkait informasi batalnya rencana akuisisi Batavia, Haris menjelaskan, pihaknya belum mau berkomentar lebih jauh. “Belum, masih ada pembicaraan,” pungkasnya.

    1. Nik

      No wonder that Red Indian is soft pedaling over KLIA2. MAHB and the Government shouldn’t entertain the Red Indian no more. He has taken the country for a ride for too long. MAS had to give up more that 90 routes for them.

      After the share suap, MAS had to abandon Bandung, Surabaya, Dubai, additional Sydney and a few others for stupid reason – not profitable. Thank to the Nanny Danny, Md Nor and AJ.

      Owed airport tax more than Rm120 million for donkey years and after being pressured to pay, the Slumber Jack government granted more than 30% discount when it should be paying interest for using the fund.

      Now the Red Indian is going into all kinds of business. We must all be cautious. Expansion may not necessary be good! May be it is a case of 10 holes with 9 covers only.

  13. IT.Sheiss

    Dear YB. Wee,

    In response to your blog on MAS A380 configuration and AirAsia, my Thai friend e-mailed me:-

    “Thank you for information supplied. There is also a competition
    between Thai Airways and AirAsia (Thai AirAsia). The same things hapened in M’sia also happened in Thailand. Thai AirAsia is, or was I am not so sure, a Thugsin’s brain-child. It was launched on a bed of roses, with many profitable routes taken away from Thai Airways. Phuket, Hatyai, Chiangmai, Chiangrai etc.

    The not so much travelled routes are left for the National Airway (Thai) to cope. After all, the profit does not come directly to the share holders pockets. You can guess who are the share holders.”

    So looks like similar “modus operandi” in other countries.

    Is there more to why the Batavia Air acquisition did not go through, than it’s failure to meet due diligence criteria?

  14. adam schandler

    YB, terima kasih.

    Adakah Menteri Pengankutan MEMBELI “insuran nyawa” sama seperti Timbalan MEnteri yang menggunakan platform Malaysia Kini (agent Asing / Soros) untuk membuat pengunguman kepada rakyat Malaysia?

    Ini bukan Napoleon YB !!!. Ini Menteri Bangsat. Kalau ini taraf nya jawapan menteri, baik bagi pada Tony Phua (Seorang Incompetent Singaporean businessman) !!!!

    Harap PM Najib segerakan PRU 13. Kita dah berazam nak hapuskan once and for all kepada segala munafik (hypocrite) ini.

  15. 777

    This free flying Tony Fernandes with British Football Club and Formulae 1 and AirAsia (AA) has placed Malaysia in possible meltdown mode ahead.
    “….As of 31 March 2011, based on data from their 1st Quarter report, AA’s capital commitments stood at RM 19 billion. With the above announcement, an additional RM 54 billion will be added as Capital Commitments as implied in this article:
    the proposed CC of roughly 75 billion will be spread over a 15 year period ending 2026. In other words, AA has to ratchet up its earnings to an average of 5 billion per annum to meet its future dues. From 2006 to 2010. AA’s revenue grew by 10 fold from 110 million to roughly 1.1billion, an average growth of RM 200 million per annum.
    ….Its cash trove rose 6 fold from approximately 300 million to 1.7 billion but its debts skyrocketed from 1.05 billion in 2006 to 7.7 billion in 2010, an increase of 700%. One gets the ghastly feeling that this is a debt burden that is spiraling out of control.
    …To compound the issue, the world economy including Asia’s will be into another maelstrom and air travel will invariably be hit.
    Of course AA can cancel orders but contract penalties will be onerous. In any case, TF is betting on the assumption that being a big borrower will shield him from foreclosure as banks will be leery of bearing heavy losses! but then a sizeable chunk of those loans are being held by Malaysian banks and in the worst case scenario, the government and the taxpayer will have to pick the tab to avert a financial meltdown cascading down the AA slope….”
    And on the outcome of the BN leaders letting bunch of airline industry novice British IVY League Khazanah boys toying in the airline industry with MAS.

    A humongous financial fiasco is brewing. The share suap was an amateur devilish scheme to chain to a potentially massive bail out of both Air Asia and MAS is on the card. Who really are suckers – the pathetic Malaysian tax payers, the marginalized minority equity owners, the ignorant peasants and working class chained to EPF.

    1. Juhari


      Tak lama lagi lingkuplah. Nampak elok dengan propaganda dalam Star aje sebab si pariah sudah director dalam Star.

      Dengan hutang yang besar tanpa bantuan dari si tertidur/Tingkat Empat mana boleh tahan lama lagi.

      it is a matter of time the bubble will burst. Just see how many airbus he is going to cancel. ka! ka! ka!

  16. Jamil

    Ehhh why our govt so STUPID, under Slumber Jack we now understand but now its no more SlumberJack…. play by the book laaa. AA don’t pay then dont let him use the facilities…U think that trouble people?.. We should have alternatives….Personally from me, the often bullied man in the street, TF is now shitting in his pants…with MALINDO, aborted deal with AIR BATAVIA, world economy slowing down… now please ahhh gomen, don’t you guys in EPF and what other institutions go and pandai pandai use OUR MONEY to buy AA shares that will be offered…go kill that blardy Red Indian….too much too much too much already……

    1. EPF Watch

      I just don’t understand why is EPF investing its fund in the pariah’s company as though there is no other share left in the market. MOF must must investigate what were the reasons EPF investing in the counter when the counter was about publicities by the Star engineered by a few cronies in it.

      Those officers in EPF that made the decisions to invest in that Pariah’s company must be removed as they are not looking after EPF Fund. Transfer them out from the committee so that others will not dare to make such stupid decisions. We can understand when the Slumberjack was in power they had to do it. Why now?

      EPF fund belongs to the people not to the investment committee

  17. jangan sombong

    Why all comment above againt the pariah? maybe he is too arrogant, cocky, malaysian but too shameful to cakap bahasa malaysia, hutang tak mau bayar yet talk big and make excuses not to pay ie salah invoiced lah pulak. Kepala atas sudah besar lupa diri gomen tolong sekarang mau gigit tu tangan
    yang menolong, think highly of himself but actually a thief in suit and tie . Next time be humble la macha people will hate you less

    Just one word to describe him. Pariah

  18. The Gooberman

    Let’s see if you care to comment on Lion Air’s reported moves to set up an airline in Singapore and set up a hub at Changi Airport.

    What are the implications of these moves vis-a-vis Malindo Air, KLIA/KLIA 2 and MAS?

    Also, what are the implications of the big 3 Middle Eastern airlines (Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Air) making strategic moves to dominate air traffic between Asia/Australia and Europe using their ultramodern mega hubs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha?

    What will be the impact on MAS? Will it joining the Oneworld alliance make any difference to it’s fortunes or will it see it’s market share and profits being steadily eroded by more aggressive full service airlines and low-cost carriers?

    What will be the impact on KLIA (KLIA 2 notwithstanding), seeing as how the Middle Eastern mega hubs and, closer to home, Changi, Hong Kong and Seoul Incheon Airports are upping their game?

  19. Tony Pariah

    i just hate the pariah vely vely much n bcoz of him i hate air asia vely vely much too and will try as much as i could not to fly with air asia. let’s boikot air asia lah kawan kawan. he always talk big n arrogant. always pukul gendang dulu sebelom jadi. tgk itu batavia air. pukul gendang banyak kuat n lepas tu tak jadi. typical pariah big headed, arrogant, n lupa diri. lupa sama gomen yg tolong dia kasi berjaya n now mahu ugut gomen pulak to follow his demand. pergi mampus lah lu pariah n balik india lah where u belong !!!! i hope our Gomen will not bow to him anymore … go to hell with him!!!!

  20. Poseidon's Spear

    Tony Pariah, MAS faithful

    Alas, if it were only that simple!

    MAS and Firefly don’t exist in a hermetically sealed vacuum, where completion is non-existent.

    Remove AirAsia from the picture? That’s easier said than done. And it’s not going to remove competitors from the mix.

    And in the case of Malaysia Airports, it doesn’t exactly give KLIA/KLIA 2 a free ride to air hub status.

    Exactly which aspects of the global aviation industry don’t you understand?

  21. Poseidon's Spear

    YB Wee

    Can we look forward to an in-depth report on the runway blackout at KKIA on Thursday.

    The Transport Minister has called for an investigation. He said that no one would be spared and warned of stern action against the “careless party”, be they individuals, local authorities or the airport operator.

    Sabah’s Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Masidi MA Jun said the reputation of MAB and KKIA could be tarnished because of the problem.

    There are also unverified reports that renovation works at KKIA are badly behind schedule.

    So, what’s the real story?

    1. weechookeong

      Poseidon’s Spear

      I do agree with the Minister of Transport that a thorough investigation into this matter and drastic actions must be taken against the person or persons responsible for the failure of the runway lighting. It is premature to hold any particular person responsible before the investigation. However, as the runway is under the care and control of MAHB, therefore, MAHB must take the initial responsibility until the result of the investigation.

      Thank you

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  22. Poseidon's Spear

    YB Wee

    Thank you for your reply.

    I hope that MAHB will be completely open and transparent about the problems at KKIA, including the recent runway blackout and the reports of renovation works at the airport being badly behind schedule.

    Also, can we look forward to a comprehensive statement from MAHB about the reported cost overruns in the construction of KLIA2, as there have been many accusations being traded between MAHB and AirAsia.

    Perhaps MAHB could learn from the PKFZ scandal and commission an independent audit of the whole KLIA2 project, so that the matter can be resolved once and for all.

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