AJ’s “People Engagement Survey” should be supported

To do the right thing, MAS had to put transparency and free flow of information as its agenda within MAS. For a start, AJ should tell us how much did MAS pay to Ogilvy & Mather and Landor Associates for its re-branding exercise and designing of the new pale blue logo of MAS.

Yours truly is glad that En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ as he is popularly known in and out of MAS) has heard the voices of MAS staffs loud and clear in his latest circular/e-mail below. It would appear from the said circular/e-mail that AJ wanted to instill a new spirit in MAS  which should be supported by all.

In short, AJ has made his battle cry to all MAS staffs, that is to instil confidence in the staffs.  However, after being taken for granted for so many years especially during the notorious MAS-AirAsia share swap hatched out by the little Napoleons in Khazanah, in May 2012 the morale of the staffs was boosted by YAB PM Datuk Seri Najib when he without hesitation reversed  the said share swap on 2-5-2012 against the wishes of then little Napoleons in MAS.  The said notorious share swap was reversed because the PM has heard the united voices of MAS staffs loud and clear in and out of Parliament. 

Yours truly believes that this People Engagement Survey will also boost the confidence in MAS staff to move forward in this difficult time.

For a change, it is now very necessary for the top management to look after the well-being of MAS staffs.  They are many loyal MAS staffs who have been with MAS since the day they left school.  They are many who have retired or left MAS for whatever reasons and they all have MAS in a special corner of their hearts despite earning pittance if compared to the parachuted few. A few of them have left voluntarily, one or two more are holding on to their posts.  

Yours truly still remember during the height of the said notorious share swap, a retired Captain of MAS, who is also a Harley Davidson biker, told yours truly that “YB, please look at my bike, do you know that all the bolts and nuts of my bike were bought with the salaries that I have earned whilst I was in MAS.  How could I “tahan” to see MAS being cannibalized and staffs opinions being ignored right in front of my eyes?”  

Yours truly believes that there were many retired MAS staff, who may not have been happy with the past managements, shared the same sentiment as the said Captain. Some of them have told yours truly that “my blood is of dark BLUE and chilli RED“!  That is the spirit of MAS staffs.

MAS staffs must be made to feel that they are an important component of MAS. For example, better transport allowance for those working in KLIA, which is quite a distance from their homes, should be considered. Better subsistence allowance should also be given to the crews when they are on duty.  When staffs are well looked after, they will no doubt return with the right working attitude and give all their best too. When that happened, MAS customers will no doubt benefit from the excellent services provided by MAS.

Despite the numerous complaints posted in this blog with regards to the welfare of MAS staffs, yet MAS cabin crews have been awarded with numerous awards like World Best Cabin Crew for so many years. Just imagine if their welfare has been properly taken care of, more international awards will be coming to MAS.

En Azhari Dahlan has the only “vast” experience in running a very limited engineering activities in AirAsia.

There are rooms for improvement for the other departments especially the engineering department, which is headed by En Azhari Dahlan, whose “vast” experience was restricted to running a very small engineering department of a low cost airline, AirAsia. Perhaps MAS staffs should not expect too much from En Azhari Dahlan as he was not the DCA or EASA approved Nominated Post Holder at the time when he was parachuted into MAS during the said notorious share swap!

We all want to see MAS back to its former glory.

Yours truly would like to take this opportunity to congratulate AJ for making another bold decision to instill a new spirit into MAS through his “People Engagement Survey”.  For this Survey to succeed, there must be transparency and free flow of information within MAS on the major decisions made.

Below is AJ’s latest e-mail.



To                    : All  Staff System-wide

Date                 : 01 October 2012

Ref                   : GCEO/CIR 028/12


Dear Colleagues,


We are inspired by the ambition to create a Winning Organization that places people at the heart of Malaysia Airlines. To help us do this, we want to hear from you! This effort will improve our understanding of people and organizational issues, and in turn will go a long way towards making Malaysia Airlines a better performing Company and a better place to work.

The People Engagement Survey will be conducted company-wide. With your input and feedback, the Survey can be an essential management and decision-making tool. I invite all employees to take part, to reach out to leadership and make a difference to the way our Company operates, addresses challenges, and grows in these turbulent times.

Do take a few moments and participate in MAS People Engagement Survey, so that we can make concrete strategic actions towards becoming the Preferred Premium Carrier.

I am also aware that over the years, we have had numerous surveys done to get your feedback. In fact, it is important to have people engagement surveys done every 2-3 years. The last survey carried out in Malaysia Airlines was 5 years ago. So it is time that we have one now.

For the Survey, we are partnering with Aon Hewitt Malaysia, a global HR consulting firm with vast experience in conducting surveys. I would like to emphasize that responses to the Survey questions are completely confidential. Completed questionnaires will be sent directly to Aon Hewitt, which will tabulate and analyse the results, and assist us to translate the results into tangible and measurable Action Plans.

The Reach Out survey will be conducted in phases for different employee segments starting from 8 October 2012. Your divisional head will reach out to you with the Survey details. They will ensure that you are provided with adequate time to complete the Survey away from your normal day-to-day tasks. We target to get maximum participation from our employees because you can make a difference.

33 thoughts on “AJ’s “People Engagement Survey” should be supported

  1. Anak MAS

    Another sandiwara, wasteful and futile effort. If AJ is dead serious on transparency, he should reveal his salary, otherwise no deal!!!

  2. MH LAE

    Of course we have and will continue to work our a**es off for the sake of our beloved company. But how can we give 100% if we just can’t even bring ourselves to trust our CEO?

    We will remain sceptical as long as “Upin & Ipin” are at the helm of engineering & maintenance.

  3. anonymous

    How to support AJ when he is still keeping the incompetent botak? If one were to look at the background and qualifications of the botak one would not have put the botak any where near the management.

  4. jack1960

    Survey . . . .

    No amount of surveys nor consultants can improve “people engagement” without clarity of thought, vision & direction by the leadership. Maybe this is a start of getting industrial relations back on track, still the leadership needs to instill confidence to the employees, be seen to be fair, be seen to listen BUT not to be dictated by them.

    However, don’t let this survey end up as just another “lip service”, ….. waste of money.

    1. Anonymous

      Exactly, five years ago, the same consultants were hired to do the very same thing. Reliable sources say it cost about RM1 million then, and the consultants presented a 12-page report on the steps needed to be taken by HR, as expected NOTHING came of it. To save everybody’s time, the consultants should just reproduce that same report, after all the same issues that affected staff morale then are the same issues now, only its become much worse. And what’s so mysterious about what staff feel today, there are ample Townhalls and “engagement” sessions, the issues highlighted are the same, across Divisions (except HR which lives in their own syok sendiri cocoon) and across all levels of staff. Why, are AJ and the leaders selectively deaf or what? When the Company is bleeding so badly, no amount of surveys is going to help, its urgent affirmative action that’s required, and AJ and even the Board know what these actions are. A Winning Organization is a result of years or decades of positive, structured , HR interventions and programmes, not ad-hoc, shot-in-the-dark, disjointed costly exercises, and sloganeering. HR in MAS is the weakest link in the business, instead of supporting the business, which by and large they do not bother to understand in the first place, they behave like big Napoleons, and they have been allowed to do so for decades. Come on AJ, high time you see and acknowledge your HR division for what is really is, as it is seen through the eyes of thousands of your staff.

      1. concerned blue red

        well, either your reliable source have unreliable memory or, – sources. the last survey was definitely more than 5yrs ago. and definitely not with this consultant. as for the money paid, i have no idea la. maybe your unreliable source have some use afterall, but even then i know the report was more than 12 pages. while i respect your concern for good leadership and management (we all do), and i am certain you are raising this out of genuine concern, i wonder if by including easily validated but inaccurate facts like the above distracts us from the crux of the issues and paint the rest of our crew as alarmists and incapable of putting our views across in a rational and positive light.

      2. Anonymous

        concerned blue and red
        MORE than 12 pages? What a waste, when nothing came of it where HR issues were concerned. Never mind when the survey was conducted or by whom, what is certain is, none of the HR issues raised were ever actioned or resolved, or else why after so many years the same issues are raised by staff in every Townhall or staff engagement? I know that the Comms people acted on the findings by coming up with the intranet MHPulse that we have today. But, years later, staff are still raising issues on talent managing, sucession planning, career planning, etc etc. HR can loyar burok all they want, but the fact remains that none of these exist in a workable and effective form today.
        So, why try to question the reliabilty of sources or dates, are you trying to detract from the key issues?. And, if your memory serves you well, isn’t this newest “survey” supposed to roll out on the 8th of October? 2012, I presume?

    2. MH LAE

      Survey after survey, CON-SETAN after CON-SETAN. …. it’s all the same old s**t on a different day. The CON-SETANs get paid so much to go around asking the staff what can be done then gathers the staff feedback and presents it to the management. Before this when the staff puts in a suggestion it is simply ignored but when the same suggestion is presented by a CON-SETAN (after getting it from the very same staff) only then it is considered by the management. It’s extremely frustrating.

  5. Hassan

    Why is it difficult for AJ to be transparent with regards to the cost of re-branding and designing of the new logo? Was he trying to protect the little Napoleon in MAS? or the cost is hard to justify?

    I agree that confidence will only be restored if AJ and the other management team are transparent in their decisions especially on the subject of spending. Re-branding and designing of new logo were unnecessary at this time. What MAS needs is a proper business plans.

    We can see that until this date there was no proper business plans and everything was done in a haste and piecemeal basis. No proper planning at all and no transparency. How to support a directionless management?

    1. MH LAE

      The new logo is not practical as the top end is forward of the bottom end (slanting forward) if it is painted on an aircraft tail it would have to be a bit smaller compared to the old logo currently painted on the tail as the aircraft tail leading edge slants backwards from the fuselage to it’s tip.

      Other observations on the new logo :

      1. It looks like it is slowing down (top end forward of bottom end)… compared to the old logo which looks like it is accelerating (bottom end forward of top end)

      2. It seems to signify a “top heavy” organization as it seems to be toppling head-first.

  6. Johan

    Cosmetic exercise will not work. It must be done with the intention to implement what the opinions of the staffs. We have been in MAS for years and we know what is wrong. Those who were parachuted into MAS only know how to take fat salaries. The botak is a classic example. Until today there is no business plan from him. Just another gaji buta contributing to another form of leakages in MAS.

    AJ just get rid of him if you are really interested in the Survey. There are enough material in the comments in YB’s blog for you to take actions. To begins with, tell us how much is the cost of re-branding and designing fees of the new logo. Why are you still keeping quiet.

  7. joe

    most probably this People Engagement survey will be another futile exercise. The problems in MAS are so glaring. For a start MAS has a useless botak in the Engineering but no actions from the CEO. Not much things are happening in the department. No business plan. For heaven sake just kick the botak out. This botak is the last waste from AirAsia that has been dumped upon MAS by the pariah.

  8. KL Ang

    You can run survey but you already know the problem. Here in YB WCK blog got alot already. but nobody in the board of directors or management want to admit many decisions taken has been wrong decisions. My freind in Mas say Top management sweep things under carpet. Also CEO cannot even come with clear business plan for staff to follow. We investors also want to know when Mas can make money. We want dividends. Staff want bonus. This month loss less than last month mean no profit made. Loss is still a loss ma.

    CEO always talk about new aeroplane 380 and join 1World will make money. When? is 380 full everyday? can 1World make it full? How much is Mas losing every day? What action is taken on this? What is the income when 1World is available? Can anybody answer? Nobody can answer. No wonder Mas share is half prrice under par and staff morale is still low. What a shameful way to celebrate MAS 40 birthday on 1 Oct 2012!

  9. MAS admirer

    Ha..ha..ha.. heard that before….
    Do you public know one of the company that have conducted many surveys is this !
    They never tired of doing so… everything to do survey.. survey! End result God knows?
    However guys you employee of the company.. do what is best, lets see what is the outcome… If I’m wrong.. that’s good. At least your boss is keeping his words.

  10. Bodoh Bodoh!

    Bodoh punya semua!!!!…. pairing up with answering patterns and choice of words, this so called anonymous survey is to weed out all you WCK bloggers…..
    Wah… so very sly…..

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  12. GE Man

    AJ , you should conduct a survey if MAS Engineering staff wanted this two useless bo(otak) head Azhari and Aminuddin to be their leaders ..

    Its very unfortunate that we are living in a civilised 21 st century other wise this “Ipin dan Upin ” would had been skinned alive for the way he is running MAS engineering as if this is his grand father company , he has no respect to others and the four letter words is words of the day everyday in any of his meeting .

    Not to mention of what he had done and what he is planning to do which is detrimental to MAS which was and will be expose again and again.

    This bo(otak) head Azhari is only a Fokker 27 hangar foremen when he left MAS before joining Transmile Air and then Air Asia .

    Bo(otak) head had no prior experiences at all running a vast engineering set up like MAS MAE. That’s why he is lost , don’t know what to do @ clueless .

    In AA , their engineering needs and support is thru a 3 rd party service providers / vendor. AA component / spare parts support is by PBTH ( Power By The Hour) and AA A320 hangar maintenance job is by ST Technologies Singapore .

    Small AA engineering set up and staff is only for line maintenance rectification and certification .

    Bo(otak) only know how to shout and push this 3rd party service provider .

    An example is that , AA A 320 Honey Well APU ( Auxiliary Power Unit) service field technical rep name Hussain Shah had quit from giving service to AA coz he can’t stand the behaviour of this bo(otak) head , who only know how to use the four letter words and abusive. Hussain had since join EK.

    Not even a single soul wanted this “Upin” in AA , thats why the pariah had taken the share suap opportunity to get rid of him and dump him in MAS MAE .

    “Upin” replacement , Anaz is 10 times better then him .

    Sebusuk busuk ex CEO MAE Mr Roslan and ex team pun , they manage to bring MAS MAE to be the best MRO in Asia Pacific and world class MRO , with not less then MYR 400 million annual turn over .

    This bo(otak) and another botak @” Ipin dan Upin ” cant even answer how much business they bring in after a year being parachuted/dump by the pariah’s .

    AJ , There is still few good experiences senior MAS MAE staff who will be able to replace and take over this ” Upin dan Ipin” if you kick this useless duo out .

    AJ , if you still keeping this “Upin dan Ipin ” , they will one day bring you down along with them in disgrace……

    1. Blowjob gang

      Der, you are wasting yor time hoping AJ to do anything. He is as clueless as upin and Ipin. The lesson learned here is if pak lah can be the pm, Anybody can be MAS MD and that is how AJ n gang got the job.

  13. Landing Gear

    Dear AJ,
    Please come to your sense! UPIN and IPIN are at the verge of bringing down MAS MAE. When they collapse, you will be part of the debris.. So please act now! Save MAS and your a** most definitely.

  14. CEO Wannabe

    This is an interesting opportunity for staff to share and contribute towards making MAS successful. I do hope though that the survey is not in “multiple choice” format, which would somewhat constrain the feedback.

    The objective is to help MAS “make concrete strategic actions towards becoming the Preferred Premium Carrier”.

    If I was to be the CEO of MAS, I would welcome the following thoughts from you:

    The MAS Experience
    1. Which airline do we think is better than MAS, and why? And how can we better them?
    2. How can we attract their customers to fly MAS instead?
    3. Once we have attracted them, what can we do to capture their hearts, forever?

    The Business
    1. How can we increase the revenue (individually for the passenger, cargo and MRO businesses)?
    2. How can we manage our costs and risks better? e.g. with respect to Jet-A1, manpower and catering?
    3. What new ways of working, tools and/or equipment that will make you do better in your job and increase productivity?

    The People
    1. What sort of people (across the board) do we need to help MAS become the “Preferred Premium Carrier”?
    2. Very likely not all staff will be able to contribute towards the new goal. How should we then handle these staff?
    3. For staff who can and will contribute towards the new goal, how can MAS help you achieve even greater results?

    BTW YB, I think you have wonderful space here. I am not from the airline industry but I am certainly attracted to it. I was 6 years old when i had my first flight. My dad had taken me on a day trip from Subang to Batu Berendam (Melaka), on a Fokker F 27. That was really nice.

  15. cerita benar



  16. Ilham Putra


    The staff in MAS produce very low productivity. Do you really need to waste your time conducting the survey? Don’t tell us the “biscuit lady” had convinced you come out with this to cover her shortcomings?

    We really don’t understand you. When pariah was onboard, staff was of low productivity. Now, since the pariah is gone, you suggest to be transparent. But behind your ass, you sign-up with Expedia which connected to pariah.

    Don’t you think enough is enough. The government would loose the election for having citizens like you and amok. God bless Najib.

    1. Anonymous

      Despite some shortcomings and constraints, I believe that AJ has the sincere desire to do things right. Unfortunately, many of the key people in his senior team are pulling him down. Start with the biscuit lady, for a salary of reportedly RM110k(per month!) and after 8 months, what exactly has she delivered and contributed to the turnaround effort? Hey, even lowly paid officers have deliverables, how come she can still get away with posturing, rhetoric, sloganeering, new fancy sounding names for departments under her (eg Discipline is now Strategic People Management!!) and business as usual when HR departments can close shop early for farewell parties (what double standards is this – when HR talks about productivity!!). So , obviously, this survey is another “delaying tactic”, cannot come out with a comprehensive HR strategy la, because need to know what staff are feeling/thinking first, so this survey exercise, when completed, and results shared, it will end of the year or early next year. So, one year of her tenure will have passed, and what is there to show for it? The bicuit lady, for all her big talk, has still to prove that she is worth her salary. Or is she too busy gallivanting to focus on the job at hand?

  17. free talk .

    Remind me of a song by R Azmi. Cakap salah tak cakap salah. Semua nya sereba salah.Faham faham saja ye.Talk is cheap and free.

    1. Anonymous

      hahahahahaha, but please do be fair,there are other departments in the same building, and they function very well, thank you, like the Legal people. Its just HR that sucks people into their “culture”, so even competent ones can be quickly “transformed”.

  18. Jala

    That Fatty is another gaji buta. AJ please look into the HR Department. She is suffering from obesity that’s why HR is not moving.

  19. fs.

    the company is good,but the poeple who run it are not. i hope the management people will read this shit. Cant stand work like a donkey but the end got unpleasant salary. “I reap what I sow”.

    1. Sunny

      MAS with poor manpower planning…..1st they retrench crew or make life miserable by throwing them to GL now short of crew and here comes recruitment session all the people who left MAS in above manner sincerely CURSE to the HC AND STUPID TEAM…

  20. RAJ


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