Is MAS serious about its Whistleblower Programe?

The Whistleblower Programe

This Whistleblower Programe should be supported by all in MAS. The question is whether the top management is serious about this programe. There were many comments in here that complaints have been lodged under the Whistleblower Programe but no actions have been taken against certain personality.  In view of the many adverse comments, the top management of MAS should request for an officer of MACC to be one of members of the committee in charge of this programe so as to stop the adverse comments.

It is hoped that there will be no selective prosecution under the Whistleblower Programe. 

Parliament will resume tomorrow. Yours truly hopes that the top management of MAS will reveal to Parliament the exact cost of re-branding and designing of the new pale blue livery, which has now been used on the A380. Hopefully the total cost paid to the advertising firms Ogilvy & Mather and Landor & Associates.  Read in HERE. The little napoleons in Khazanah have been known to play with the answers to parliament. The Parliament Questions of yours truly are in HERE.

22 thoughts on “Is MAS serious about its Whistleblower Programe?

  1. Jala of MAS

    What Whistleblower program AJ was talking about? Just look at the case of Nanny Danny’s abused of power for upgrading his maid and yet no disciplinary action was taken against Nanny Danny. We only hear of attempts to cover it up.

    YB was correct to express with concern about selective prosecution. I fully supported the appointment of an officer from MACC to sit on the committee without which don’t expect too much from the Fatty biscuit lady in HR!

  2. Tengku Yusof

    Yes,MAS has internal corruptions and many knows it very well what and who are involved.

    Just that no one is unable to do anything as there are merely reports that went under the table.

    When u posted one of the very Tak Berani officer having shares in the IT company that was involved in the MAS IT business, MAS management knew that but continue to promote him to a Director now.

    So what is MAS all about? Driving the ikan bilis out and keeping those big fish and promoting them?

    AJ and MAS HR Head should resign from their positions for their inaction.

    Note: Very sorry for having to edit a little to avoid unnecessary problems.

  3. Frequent flyer

    Seorang Cpt beritahu saya, selepas kes “maid upgrading” tidak diambil apa2 tindakan oleh pihak atasan, lebih 80 kes upgrading dibuat dalam penerbangan. Agaknya tindakan “silent protest” oleh cpt2 yg meluat dgn AJ. Bayangkan apa akan berlaku dgn MAS sekiranya puluhan cpt terbabit dikenakan tindakan disiplin.. Mungkin arahan terbaru ini dikeluarkan kerana AJ dah terjaga dari tidur dan telah mendapat pengalaman lebih setahun mengendalikan syarikat penerbangan berbeza dgn loji janakuasa tenaga.

    Walau bagaimanapun jengok2lah selalu bahagian MAS Engineering tu. Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin!

    Semoga MAS kembali ke zaman kegemilangannya!!

  4. Nanny Danny

    Whistleblower Programe. Why no actions taken against that bloody nanny Danny, who has damaged MAS so much during his short tenure. It would appear that he was working for the Pariah’s interest. We don’t want to see one set of rules for the staffs and another for the top management.

    Glad that Nanny Danny had gone but there is one more pariah’s man to go. Lets throw him into the monsoon drain. Let him go in disgrace like nanny Danny.

  5. Ahmad jahanam

    What is the issue here? Lets all follow my lead by the following….
    1. Don’t bother about the staff as there are a hinderence in moving forward to bankruptcy.
    2. Completely disregard the Chairmain and ignore him at all public events
    3. Abuse my position as much as possible with duty travel to all corners of the globe while the Company unravels.
    4. Tell my friends how horrible it is to work in MAS
    5. Wait for my tenure to expire as its only another 2 years. Even if I am asked to seek new challenges, I will be paid off for my full contract.
    6. Seek other business opportunities whilst my house is on fire. Great multi tasking skills
    The whistle blower programme is a nice tick the box exercise which I will ignore any real issue as the people involved are themselves tainted by numerous previous actions.

    All in all life is rosey and nothing will change until the next GE. Then I can soot and leave this behind like a bad dream and trot down to Jakarta to catch up with my friend there, just like the good old days.

  6. Stan

    Mas whistle blowing program is a joke. In a company where senior management have relatives all over there cannot be any justification that matters of private and confidential will remain so. For e.g it is well known that the head of cargo has his son in Treasury. Dato Salleh has his sister in law in payment operations (the head of payment operations) and A.. himself has someone in Hr.
    If the program is to work senior management must first disclose such ties.

  7. GE Man

    Qoute – “Whistle Blower Programme – Key Incidents & Resolution.
    1) Diciplinary action recommended due to leakage of information by staff to external party “. Un Qoute.

    I may be part of the statistic soon , time will tell .

    If Danny Nanny goes unpunished , of course top management like bo (otak) head will go scott free too for sharing MAS business information with the pariah group . He come and goes to A.. engineering at SAE Hangar like his grand father’s company .(This is after the share suap)

    Again, after the unwinding of share suap , How about this bo(otak) secret dinner meeting on 10 May 2012 with the pariah , Anas … / A.. engineering director and LHT guy at Bangsar Sea Food restaurant, is disciplinary action can be taken against him for breaking 2 company rules at once ?

    First offence – MAS business trade secret / information is exchange between them .

    Second offence – Having secret dinner with the bidders LH… which is against corporate procurement manual .

    It will be the ikan bilis that will be deep fried just to make the colourfull statistic graph look awsome .

    “Can’t whistle blow as it will blow the cover “

  8. Hantu Kak Limah

    So AJ, GE Man has spoken. What else do you want? Go dig out la the issue. You don’t bother small2 things down here la wei.. Go catch the big fishes first then all the corruptions down here will stop. Leadership by example bro!

    Unless you are one of the fishes lah…

  9. Fuad

    It is just a blow job by the management. They are only interested in after the ungraded staffs but when it comes to the management all will be swept under the carpet. Nanny Danny is a clear example. I agree that MAS should invite MACC to send an officer to be a member of the Whistleblower Program if the management really wants to instill confident within the staff.

    The mere appointment of the MACC officer tot he committee will itself an immediate boost to the status of the program.

    1. cerita benar

      cerita benar,

      Fuad dont waste time with anybody from MACC to come to investigate anything bcos there is a chinese guy ex MACC working in Business Integrity dept and also your security vp is an ex officer from PDRM but my compain went on deaf ears.

  10. Fuad

    Cerita benar,

    Maybe your complaint is only on the blog and not through whistle blower. Blow the whistle loudly, sure they will hear you. If you had complaint through them before but no action taken till date, then ‘yes’ they are not transparent and only move on selective cases.

  11. Anonymous

    What do you expect? Security itself is full of guys who are tainted, and we are not talking about the lower ranks here. The definition of Integrity in MAS is a very subjective one, simply because its enforcement is applied very selectively. 99% of staff do not believe in the WB programme anyway, who wants to be the messenger who will get slaughtered, especially if the person you are WB-ing against is from HR or has godfathers/godmothers in the system. Most staff will rather shut up and watch, so what if the lack of “integrity” is costing the Company millions? Start at HR, how many negligent decisions/actions have been made that has cost MAS plenty, either directly or via cases lost in the Industrial courts – has anybody in HR ever been made accountable? None. And the HR Head is in the WB committee! Who wants to bother with WB-ing?

    1. Joshua

      That is the main problem with WB Program. The selected people will be protected all the way. The good example is the case of Nanny Danny. I hope that AJ will learn from his obvious mistakes.

  12. may i suggest sending (anonymously of course) to the Audit Dept of MAS (as they form the whistle Blower Dept), copy to HR, AJ, and the MACC, ministerial depts and the news media. Once they all know that every other person has been informed, something has to be done. not everyone reads this blog, u know.

  13. harap pagar .

    Audit dept??? you must be joking. The audit head has cases also.Check with MAS security. They are doing the check.So what . No result so to date.

  14. srirah

    saya ada satu kes ni. orang dari jabatan saya hantar email kapada suppiyer spare parts. purchasing hantar internal email tentang langkah penjimatan dan supplier amik untung besar. foreman hantar emAil ke supplyer, forward ini mail suruh counter purchasing punya orang. kami disuruh taat kapda foreman kalau tak kerja pon susH. forman mintak tolong union sbb dia exco masa graded.

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