AJ gave Martin Barrow the boot?

Mr Martin Gilbert Barrow. The highest qualification he has held was a GCE “A” Level.

Rumor has it that the services of Mr Martin Gilbert Barrow, who was appointed as Advisor after the MAS-AirAsia share swap, was terminated last week by En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), the CEO of MAS . Can someone confirm this?

If this was true then it must be a great relief to MAS in every sense of the word as Mr Martin Gilbert Barrow was just another “dead wood”.  Due credit must be given to AJ for making a bold decision in the best interest of MAS which should be supported by all in MAS. A feather in the cap for AJ. 

It is the duty of all Malaysians to ensure that MAS must not fail as MAS is one of our international ambassadors, national icons and, most of all, national institutions.

Beside the obvious remnant from the infamous MAS-AirAsia share swap, there are still many more “dead wood” left in MAS that must be rid off in order for MAS to function like a premier airline.

It is hoped that Mr Martin Gilbert Barrow will not be the last of the “dead wood” to be given the boot. Good show AJ.

19 thoughts on “AJ gave Martin Barrow the boot?

  1. Yacob

    Good riddance to and rubbish! A dew more in the Board of Directors should also be given the boot. That good for nothing Azman Yahya and Krishnan Tan should also be booted out since they are still holding on so tightly their directorship. Orang yang tak mall dan tiada maruah.

    Good for yu AJ. At least you have began to act against this useless mat salleh.

  2. sunken wood ...

    You cannot believe the number of dead woods that need to be given the boot in Malaysia Airlines.They also contributed to the mess that MAS is in now.problem is how to get rid of them,

  3. Yuzli

    Martin Barrow shouldn’t have been appointed in the first place. He merely put his nose every where pretending to show that he was working. In actual fact he has zero contribution and enjoyed his First class free travel.

  4. GE Man

    For the last few years, This use less Wheel Barrow who claim to be an aviation expert and con-sultan use to nose around in engineering department asking question to get fact and figures how we work and then suppose to make recommendation for improvement .

    Few round of his turun padang and many session of question and answer , nothing happen . Don’t know what did he contribute that are beneficial to MAS.

    Meanwhile , He keep enjoying his free first class travel , especially London – Kuala Lumpur vv.

    AJ , be a man , open your mouth and lift your finger , boot off this sweaking old wheel barrow .

    AJ , Kesian tengok you asyik kena “bambu ” je , you may make your biggest mistake in your life by accepting the position as MAS GCEO not knowing what is the pariah geng are up to at that time but its never too too late for you to stand up and correct it .

    Look into engineering seriously , dont just swallow what this two bo(otak) head Azhari and Aminuddin feed you .

    I had never seen engineering department are in such a mess now .

    Some predict that the spare / component / materials supply from vendor and other MRO services will came to a grinding halt in 3-6 weeks time , which will affect aircraft operation .

  5. cerita benar

    cerita benar

    its not very nice to keep using the word pariah just because hes a good businessman with cronies with vested interests helping.

    The one to blame are the corrupted staff of MH which includes MASkargo.
    Kat MASkargo pandai bodek naiklah pangkat walaupun ada makan rasuah sampai sekarang dan yang jadi sampai SVP pulak.

    Ada yg takde otak boleh jadi head of a section dari kontrak kerani.

    MASkargo Yunus nak nama saya boleh bagi with proof tapi u must give a black and white u must sack them.

    Apa macam SF Power… lagi nak jadi ground handlers for next 100 years ke
    bila nak panggil tender yg genuine bukan drama.

  6. GE Man

    Dear Cerita Benar ,

    Please expose if any , the wrong doing in MAS Kargo especially SF Power , tender scrap metal pallet and container , ex ground handling agent and accomodation in Tashkent , the leasing of ATF B747 etc etc

    You can provide the info and tangible evidence to YB Wee , mesti ada yang panas bontot punya.

    Most of the time you can see MAS Kargo A330 F and B747 F is on the ground , not flying , tak da business ke ?

    Tapi CI cargo tambah 2 daily flight from KLIA to Chennai ….. Heran…,MAS Kargo tak da customer ka?

  7. Hangar4

    Cerita benar, apa ni? Main tanya2 plak nk report ke tak. If you really wanna help the company, step forward lah. Jgn simpan sorg2 pastu bitching around bout the company. Might as well you just keep quiet. Go straight to SPRM bro! If you have balls laa… Otherwise you are no difference than them…

  8. Sham

    This good for nothing mat salleh should have been out long long time ago. |I don’t understand how could \aj borught him back after the share swap.

  9. antitamak

    should c what happened in Engg who taken care of spares.One of the acting Mgr threaten stf..if u are given choice either family or work.u choose family…find other dept or left the company…he;s new there but looks like belanda dapat tanah….

  10. The Gooberman

    This “GE Man” is voluble about the alleged “raw deals” dished out to MAS Engineering. At least, that’s the impression I get from reading his posts.

    I am surprised that he doesn’t see the need for MAS Engineering to benchmark itself against its competitors. Offhand, I can think of two – SIA Engineering and ST Aerospace Engineering.

    For those not in the loop, ST Aerospace Engineering does MRO work for AirAsia’s A320 fleet.

    SIA Engineering’s main customer is its parent, SIA. It is a public-listed company in its own right on SGX (Singapore Exchange), and has consistently shown good financial results.

    But here is the kicker – SIA Engineering has to compete for SiA’s business. SIA has the flexibility to look elsewhere for its MRO requirements, and SIA Engineering has to submit a compelling business proposition every time their SIA contract comes up for renewal.

    But, to the best of my knowledge, SIA Engineering hasn’t, or isn’t, complaining about this. Instead, it has “upped” it’s game, increased its expertise and vendor tie-ups and sourced for business from other airlines.

    Whereas, the impression I get of MAS Engineering, is that they are sitting back and expecting business to fall into their lap, while complaining and nitpicking at every possible opportunity.

    It’s time that MAS Engineering realised that in the aircraft MRO business, it’s just not good enough to rely on parent companies or past glories.

    1. MAS Management

      Gooberman….I think this is the best statement so far. Very true. MAS Engineering has the biggest no of staff and as far as I’m concern, many of them is still dreaming.
      Many of MAS Engineering staff has the reputation of “Big mouth”. They talk a lot and the loudest but usually the tong kosong produce the loudest sound.

      1. Anonymous

        I see a lot of support for boogerman & pity the fools for doing so
        All he does is spout facts that i would rather find in an aviation journal
        Air asia cyber troopers trolling around perhaps?
        Take your garbage elsewhere
        Tony n gang will face recompense one day for all the selfish damage he has inflicted to our aviation industry…. What goes around, comes around…

  11. The Gooberman

    Anon 10:22 pm

    Could you please provide examples where what I have posted has also appeared in “aviation journals”?

    Which “aviation journals” and when?

    And if you are emoting about “Tony n gang”, what about targeting those individuals who managed MAS into restructurings and bailouts way before Tony F appeared on the aviation scene?

    That’s a dubious roll call of “honour”, isn’t it?

    And, pray enlighten us, exactly what “aviation industry” are we talking about?

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