Azhari cares to provide answers for the “technical problem”?

Only the “competent” En Azhari Dhalan could provide us with answers for the “technical problem”.

MAS experienced another “technical problem” for its flight MH181 from Chennai to KLIA yesterday. Thank God that the 195 passengers were in the able hands of MAS pilot and the aircraft made an emergency landing safely in Penang yesterday morning.

No much detail was given for the problems except that “… the diversion was due to low cabin pressure detected during the final phase of the journey.”, in HERE.

Yours truly has been reliably informed that the said MH 181’s right hand side of the air condition duct ruptured which has caused decompression in the cabin and the oxygen masks to drop.  The “technical problem” will no doubt be costly for MAS as it would have to replace the oxygen generators and masks, the air condition ducting and had to pay the direct expenses of fuel dumping, providing accommodation and alternative transport for the passengers from Penang to KLIA. There are about 300 oxygen generators and masks in the aircraft and the cost of each generator is about RM3,000.

The A330 aircraft had to be flown back empty to KLIA for repair work. If the necessary spare parts are not available then this A330 would have to be grounded for sometime. This will no doubt be a lost of revenue to MAS.

This “technical problem” was a costly affair which MAS can ill afford during this difficult time.

Question should be asked whether such “technical problem” could have been avoided in the first place.  It is only the “competent” En Azhari Dhalan, the Head of MAS Engineering Division, could provide us with the answers for this “technical problem”.  At the time of his appointment as Head of MAS Engineering, En Azhari Dahlan was not the DCA or EASA approved Nominated Post Holder.

27 thoughts on “Azhari cares to provide answers for the “technical problem”?

  1. MH Frequent Flyer

    On 15 Sept. MH002 from London to KL was delayed for more than 12 hours due to technical problem. Many passengers were given hotel accommodation in London. Delayed connecting passengers to Australia also had to be given hotel accomodation at Holiday Inn Glenmarie. I believed the cost incurred to MAS is high.

    I wonder why these technical problems are becoming regular incidents since Mas engineering got its new head.

    Appreciate if someone can highlight this. Thank you.

  2. shan

    This Botak is just incompetent. Fit to be in very low cost airline. Rozman Omar and Nanny Dany have disappeared. The Botak is still trying to hold on. Are you staying to help the pariah?

  3. Tony should learn....

    its all because of that pariah crony laaaa….. all those people has moved to Airod… see now MAS Engineering will collapse one by one…..

  4. GE Man

    Another one……..Aiyoooo… what a bad omen lah when this bo(otak) still around, 
    “mandi bunga” satu lori pun itu “suwey” tak boleh hilang, the only way is to leave and join your master lah.

    Since the formation of MAS , I had not seen such major incident happening at this alarming rate . It just keep happening again and again.

    Aircraft is sick lah when you are around bo(otak) head Azhari because you are only concentrating and shouting
    and saying MAS engineering people are corrupt, to justify it you send all the very experience people to the chopping block or
    cold storage them.
    The 6 pm , 15 Sept Ferry flight PEN-KUL cost money, re-accommodate the passengers cost money , it will cost a fortune 
    replacing this oxygen generators which cost easily MYR 3000 each , more then 250 of this oxygen generators is activated
    when all the passengers and our lovely cabin crew got to use it .

    Stock checked,  MAS dont have much of this oxygen generators in stock, now MAS got to pay 2-3 times more the market price 
    because of the immediate/urgent requirement.

    Easily more then MYR 1 million will go down the drain.

    This 6th major incident happen within 5 months lah (since April 2012) with the 1st one when B747-400 taking off from KLIA to London ,
     number 4 engine caught fire.

    Here’s the list of incident that already draining MAS blood , YB Wee CK should ask in the next Parliment sitting how much money 
    MAS had spend / lost on the listed incident below and what action MAS is taking to prevent it happening again .

    1) On 17 April, MAS Flight to London, registration 9M-MPM air turn back due number 4 engine caught fire on take off.
     Found out few nuts missing on the engine air control which cause the number 4 engine stalled and compressor blade broke off and punctured a hole in the engine casing and engine caught fire . 

    2) On 21 April 2012, after new engine was installed on same position ( number 4 engine ), again, MAS Flight to London, aircraft registration 9M-MPM, this new engine loss oil in flight and in flight shut down initiated and pilot decide to go back to KLIA. Found out this new engine drive shaft had broken, brand new engine shaft sheared ? Tak masuk akal !!!

    3) On 26 July 2012, a brand new A330 aircraft registration 9M-MTF, hard landing by the pilot with the RHS Main Landing Gear had recorded a peak load of 1160Kn, RHS gears was replaced on 10 Sept, 40 days after the incident due awaiting spares and tooling.

    4) On 9 Aug 2012, MAS B777 Registration 9M-MRL, in Shanghai Airport, MAS B777 ‘s right hand wing clipped the left elevator of Chine Eastern A340 during taxi out. Very bad damage and now still in Shanghai Airport, being repaired by BOEING team .

    5)On 17 Aug 2012, MAS B747-400 registration 9M-MPL, flight from London,  Number 2 engine heavy vibration during flight, and engine was shut down and returned to London Airport. On landing erratic auto pilot had caused the aircraft heavy landing which cause wing structure to buckle. A double blow!! New engine was installed  and aircraft grounded for at least 3 weeks for wing keel beam repair by Boeing team .

    Millions goes down the drain due requires new aircraft engine, new landing gears, lost of aircraft utilization as much as $100,000.00 per day, more then 300 ton’s of fuel got to be  dumped (3 air turn back) to reduce landing weight and passengers got to be given a hotel and food for few days .

    This few incident cost MAS millions of ringgit, fortunately no aircraft or lives is lost as yet , MAS still very lucky , but with this few pariah left over still around , MAS may soon be out of luck…………….

  5. Hashim

    If what the GE Man has stated are the true then the Botak must be sacked before lost of life. 6 “technical problems” in the last few months. How can these be condoned by the management. Just get rid of the pariah’s people in MAS.

    The Botak is just being planted by the pariah – just like Rozman, Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult.

    AJ must now know what to do with this incompetent and good for nothing botak. Get rid of this Botak and I am sure that there are more than enough qualified person to take over Engineering Department.

  6. Olek Skilgannon

    Why doesn’t anyone question whether MAS’s MRO standards have been subjected to external audit?

    Surely, the DCA has enough powers to call for such an independent audit if there are any doubts about MAS’s aircraft maintenance standards, has it not?

    I would believe that the civil aviation regulators are keeping tabs on MAS’s performance with regard to it’s aircraft availabiltiy and downtime.

    So, why is the DCA keeping quiet, if as the posts herein seem to indicate that there are problems in MAS’s MRO function?

    We are talking passenger safety here.

    Or are we waiting for an overseas civil aviation regulator to blow the whistle?

  7. CHAMPION Spark Plug

    Hoi anak Dhalan! Lu buat apa kat ofis? Sondol kepala botak lu kat j*b*r Tony ke? Wei pundek, lu blah la dari MAS ni. Xde sapa nak lu kat sini. Tiap2 hari kat hangar ni kitorang sumpah lu sekeluarga kaw2 punya. Lu ajak boyfren lu angkat kaki blah la woi! Klu mak bpk lu tau mesti menyesal bwk ko dlm dunia ni. Wa dah maki hamun lu ni, ada muka lagi nk stay dlm MAS? Berambus la woi! Berambus dgn penuh hina woi! Ptuiii wa ludah muka lu!

  8. vinnie

    Hi All,

    DCA have to take action when hundreds of people live at stake. Missing few screw on main engine is the worst think can happen on airplane. Caught fire on air because few screw should not be taken lightly. MAS pls fired Azhari and pls sacked the stupid engineer who responsible for repair. DCA wake up and do something before your family is listed on board crash aircraft. Pls do watch AICRAFT INVESTIGATION on NatGeo. Tq.

  9. tepuk dada tanya selera

    Wa mau tanya…when the Qantas A380 blew its engine, did its CEO resign?
    When the unfortunate SIA accident in Taipei happened years ago, did the CEO resign?

    When you are the head chef (CEO) of a bakery, and you assign a junior chef (engineering staff, pilot, check-in counter staff, baggage boy) and he was on facebook and forgot to check the temperature and the cake got burnt, who do you sack, the CEO or the junior chef?

    Or in the same wave length, if the junior chef did everything he could have done and ticked all his check list, but the oven went hay-wire and the correct 150 deg selection became 200 deg on its own, who do you blame? Best of it all, the last batch of cake baked 1 hour earlier came out just nice as expected. Now who do you blame? The Chef? The Junior chef? Or the machine?

    Or have you seen for yourself that your kitchen light / car light / motor light was ok last night, but tonight when you want to use it, your light won’t switch on?
    I am no fan of the present kepala, but in each case you have highlighted here, there are causes to it.

    Some are human factor causes, some are mechanical causes. All of which investigations will be done to address the underlining issues. The procedure is clearly laid down in which DCA is fully aware and will be getting to the bottom of this. Every event mentioned must be reported to DCA via the Mandatory Occurence Report within 24 hours.

    Yes, these are serious matters that involves lives – I agree. I honestly do not want to be on those flights mentioned, but looking at it constructively, can we learn from it? What good will it do if we don’t learn anything from those incidences.

    On the part of the oxygen masks, there is no doubt that there is no airline in the world who would keep the whole stock of oxygen masks for a just in case incident. A stock (i.e. buying ahead) will only be kept if you plan for a replacement say 1 year down the line – and if you plan, you get it cheap.
    If you plan to buy from Giant during your monthly shopping, your pack of 5 Maggi Mee will be cheaper.
    But if you don’t plan about the Maggi cause no one eats Maggi at home but for example your pregnant wife / daughter / daughter in law suddenly craves for Maggi at 2 am, what else can you do but run to the 7-11 store. Is it cheaper or more expensive? I don’t know about your local 7-11, but mine ada mahal sikit lar.

    So, same jer with the masks. They are not normally replaced, not normally used (which we all hope we don’t have to), in fact these don’t get replaced until its life is expired.

    Even so, if there was a failure of parts on new aircrafts, to whom do you point your finger to? The manufacturer? Or the CEO? In the case of Qantas, I am sure Rolls Royce paid heftily for the incident.

    Same lar if you buy your new kereta and your nice cabin masuk ayer because of normal rain. You blame the salesman kar? you blame the manufacturer? if you blame the salesman (in this case – CEO), i don’t want to sell a car to a buyer like you lar. tak dapat itu sales komisen pun tak per lah.

    Regarding the clipping of wings in Shanghai, did you know that the United States FAA is suggesting that camera aid is used for taxiing aircrafts?

    Ok ar. Again, I am no supporter of this fella. Just an observer lar. So don’t tembak me lar. Ten Kiu ar.

    1. Anak MAS

      He he he , somebody bontot Sudah panas. The issue here is not whether accident canhappen or not, the issue here is whether the new parachuted heads can make things better or not. Normally, you can see an improvement trend after 6 mths but now you see nothing and things are getting worst. Tak caya, check your insurance claims and premium and compare with last year. No cover up or we will bugger you up.

      1. tepuk dada tanya selera

        who bontot panas eh? enlighten me lar.
        again ar… some time… we forget to look inside. salah salah…. sendiri pun banyak cacing.
        what i am trying to say is, before we point fingers at others, are we ourselves blameless (in apa jua isu – not only this MAS fiasco lar)?
        is it the management didn’t do anything or is it the management did something but change could not happen because they don’t have the support from the floor? And is support poor because depa sumua dah very comfortable sangat that we forget that the whole world dah move forward jauh sekali?
        tak tau lar misteri ini

  10. GE Man

    I had high lighted the following incident before and do not know if Malaysian DCA or EASA or FAA will or had investigate this .

    MAS A330 aircraft registration 9M-MTF had an incident of heavy landing on 26 July 2012 .

    Airbus Industries, the aircraft manufacturer, had officially send an e mail to MAS engineering with instruction that the landing gear must be replaced at or before 30 days from date of incident ( e mail trail from Airbus Industries as attached.) as it is considered un-serviceable.

    MAS can still fly the aircraft within 30 days from the date of heavy landing if MAS Technical Service Engineering department give dispensation by carrying out the special inspection as per Airbus Industries instruction after every 5 positioning flight.

    Some how, as the CEO of MAS Engineering,  Azhari had allowed the aircraft flying EVEN after 30 days which is illegal and had put the aircraft, crew and passenger under extreme danger, as the gear may collapse or fail at any time.

    DCA should investigate this as Azhari  who’s qualification is questionable as an accountable person had allowed this to happen.

    With god grace, fortunately nothing happen.

    Under what authority did he allowed the aircraft to fly since Airbus Industries had clearly said RHS Gear component is considered un-serviceable and must be replaced.

    Please refer the web link for flight conducted by MAS A330 9MMTF from 25 Aug 2012 to 30 Aug 2012 , on which this aircraft suppose to be grounded @ not allowed to fly .

    The landing gear was finally replaced on 10 Sept 2012 .

  11. tepuk dada tanya selera

    about that aircraft flying post 30 days ar… the qa manager also directly reports to dca too. u think this guy with anak bini dare to put his head on the chopping board for dca to sembelih ar? i dont think so lar.
    i would think that some one has done some home work and spoke to airbus and probably gotten some thing called the No Technical Objection or a concession / dispensation or authority to proceed (these are letters of authority from either manufacturer or aviation authority) and with probably reduced interval (that means arr… may be from every 5 landings before, you must inspect every landing) to satisfy that the aircraft is still selamat to fly.
    so maybe what dapat is half baked caked lar. the complete story tak habis.

  12. Anonymous

    Itu air Asia skid off runway kat BKI tu tak nak investigate jugak ke?
    So far no official report has been disclosed to the findings, to my knowledge
    Kalu MAS Itu STAR pariah mau heboh satu dunia…
    Lepas tu gooberman la, Olek la biking komen bodo mau kasi manipulate the story to pariah advantage
    Ini AA propaganda lagi motor dari Nazi & komunis…
    Typical low class carrier… Even lower class business ethics…

    1. MH LAE

      Itu AK A320 skid off runway kat KCH lah bukan BKI. .. yang kat BKI tu dulu masa AK pakai B737-400 yang cat kartun Lat tu. Tapi yang mushykil tu dalam paper keesokan harinya ada cuma satu report kecil kat muka dalam yang menyatakan “Kuching international airport was closed for several hours yesterday due to an aircraft skidding off the runway.” (tak mention pun sapa punya kapal)…. cuba kalau kapal MAS. .gerenti front page headline menyatakan “MAS aircraft skids off Kuching airport runway causing chaos” or something like that. Anyway, masa tengok gambar A320 yang kat KCH tu I noticed that the main landing gear doors remained open with the landing gear down and locked which means a free fall landing gear extension was done. This is only done when the aircraft has lost hydraulic power. I did hi-light the matter to a DCA representative but I donnolah what was the ourcome of the investigation. .

  13. he he

    Say if Azhari just disappear…will it make any difference?I dont thnk so.Mas is long gone ..only surviving on bailouts and bailouts and bailouts …….Management past or present prove to be total failures in business.
    IIn other countries they just go autoshutdown ….close shop…dont waste the rakyat money.

    1. tepuk dada tanya selera

      Betul betul. Look at JAL. Mampus and bungkus – but now fuyoh… biggest IPO after Facebook mar. Mati hidup balik because of painful decisions.
      So MAS… tak tau lar…rekod bail outs kot. Can MAS (and its konco konco, staff staff tak berdosa) make painful decisions too?
      One thing lar… management change berkali kali oredi
      , but the key change belum ada – attitude. cukup. tak mau ciakap lagi lar. banyak syakit hati wor nanti.

  14. tukar culture mas.

    correct.pity whoever come in or take over. tak boleh repair lagi dah.semua culture tebal.cari bala saja.kena tukar culture dulu.

  15. MAS admirer

    Putting blames of others is typical cultures of sick society. Yes it is easier and an easy way out.
    Some improvement needed and fast as it is jeopardising safety and time.
    You need to work together like it or not !
    Reading the comments it looks like everyone is trying to expose their dissatisfactions,
    But do we really need that?

  16. enrich silver

    I am a frequent flyer plying Xiamen-Guangzhou and it is
    pathetic that MAS is using an old,outdated infact substandard aeroplane
    on these sectors. I have written to MAS umpteen times complaining about
    the non existance entertainment system, old uncomfortable seats and
    meal choices that is poor. Mind you I occationally fly business and paying
    4-5K for an old aeroplane is outright short changing its customers.
    I understand that the flight to India that developed problems was using this very same aeroplane type.
    I hope that MAS will retire this aging fleet and quickly replace them with newer A330-300’s before God forbid any untowards incidents happen.

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