Azhari Dahlan to explain on safety issues

The famous En Azhari Dahlan, who was from AirAsia and handpicked to head Engineering Department of MAS.
For the past few days, the A380 was delayed in departing from Heathrow/KLIA because of the delay in taking off from KLIA due to mechanical faults.  The said delays must have cost MAS a lot of money as MAS had to give out meal vouchers of 15 Pound each to its passengers, in HERE

Yours truly has been informed that on 2-9-2012 there was a twelve hours delay and that MAS had to provide hotel accommodation for its passengers. It must have cost MAS quite a big sum of money to provide hotel accommodation. Such cost could have been avoided had the Ground Operation gave advance notice to its passengers. This is a form of leakages that MAS needs to plug if it is serious in its plan to turn around. 

More importantly, there are several pertinent questions had to be asked because the A380 is a brand new aircraft of 2 months old and the A330 (Registration No: 9M-MTF) also a few months old.  

Were the said delays caused by incompetency of the Engineering Department headed by En Azhari Dahlan, formerly from AirAsia, who was appointed after the MAS-AirAsia share swap? 

Since En Azhari is the head of the said department, he should explain whether the allegations/comments below by GE Man were true as far as the A330 is concerned .

Silence is not an option especially when the SAFETY of the pilots, crews and passengers is at stake. It is hoped that the former AirAsia’s Azhari Dahlan will have the courage to respond to the e-mail below which was sent to yours truly by GE Man.   The DCA should also investigate into the allegations/comments. 

The faulty landing gear of the new A330.
This almost a brand new aircraft had an incident of heavy landing on 26 July 2012 .

Airbus Industries, the aircraft manufacturer, had told MAS engineering that the landing gear must be replaced at or before 30 days from date of incident ( e mail trail from Airbus Industries as attached.) as it is considered un-serviceable.

MAS can still fly the aircraft within 30 days if MAS Engineering give dispensation by carrying out the special inspection as per Airbus Industries instruction every 5 positioning flight.

Some how, as the CEO of MAS Engineering,  Azhari had allowed the aircraft flying EVEN after 30 days which is illegal and had put the aircraft, crew and passenger under extreme danger, as the gear may collapse or fail at any time.

DCA should investigate this as Azhari  who’s qualification is questionable as an accountable person had allowed this to happen.

With god grace, fortunately nothing happen.

Under what authority did he allowed the aircraft to fly since Airbus Industries had clearly said RHS Gear component is considered un-serviceable and must be replaced.

Azhari should be sacked for this !!

Please refer the web for flight conducted by MAS A330 9MMTF from 25 Aug 2012 to 30 Aug 2012.

55 thoughts on “Azhari Dahlan to explain on safety issues

  1. Pussy Galore

    9m-MTF is an Airbus A330 whereas you are linking it to incidences of delay associated with the A380. If you look back at GE Man’s earlier post he reported the aircraft was in hangar awaiting gear replacement. You should check your facts before you blindly accuse. Due the many inconsistencies your credibility is questionable and our motives impure!

  2. Anon


    Pls do not confuse your readers by combining the A380 delays with the saftey issues raised by GE Man which is an A330. Those who do not read carefully will think that GE Man is talking about the landing gear of the A380 which is not the case here.

    At the very least you should clarify that in your post. Please be more responsible as this is damaging to the airline and i hope this is not your intention.


    1. Ahmad

      No confusion here. Both and many other unreported incidents cost delay and delay cost money. MAS has been damaged even before YB wee came in , thus onus is on MAS to clarify and not YB.

  3. Pussy Galore

    Safety and Security of its passengers, employees and assets have always been paramount priorities of MAS. No aircraft would have been certified for service if there were any pending major safety issues associated with the aircraft or its associated equipment. Delays and incidences are a fact of life for any airline. How the airline deals with the delays or incidences whilst ensuring the comfort and safety of its passengers and employees are the measure of a good airline. Your post on the A380 and A330 delays is riddled with inconsistencies and inaccuracies. Your intent to damage the credibility of a single individual is way off mark and will only serve to damage the credibility and reputation of MAS as passengers will get the impression that MAS is an unsafe airline. This will in turn impact commercial performance and further impeed MAS return to profitability. Please be more responsible in your postings and consider the impact to the airline of your misguided postings.

    1. Hashim

      Airbus has informed MAS that the landing gear had to be replaced within 30 days. Obviously for safety reason, any responsible person would have replaced the landing gear well before the 30 days. Why was the aircraft concerned was allowed to fly with the faulty gear after the 30 days???

      If the delay was due to known faults a day or two before and the departure was also delayed, isn’t it the duty of good airline to sms or e-mail its passengers to avoid unnecessary inconveniences and safe cost. After all MAS is bleeding and need to save cost. This is the type of cost that MAS should be saving.

      The DCA should investigate into this matter as it involved safety for all in the flight.

      1. Pussy Galore

        Is it just me but doesnt the picture posted by YB show the faulty landing gear being replaced? So what are you people going on about laaa?

    2. xMAS


      Bak perpatah Melayu, kerana nyamuk, kelambut dibakar.

      Please be careful what you wish for and what you say people. nanti makan diri.

    3. Ilham Putra

      Pussy Galore, your opinion is great but its Botak that should have been more responsible by leaving the organisation and not YB.

      Thats where you erred.

      MAS staff can’t stand any form of body-odour from the pariah in MAS.

  4. Anon

    Thank you for updating your blog and making it clear that you are talking about 2 different aircraft. Can you respond to Pussy Galore too?


  5. shamsul

    All the AirAsia’s imports (TF, Kamarudin Meranun & Rozman Omar) have disappeared from MAS except this thick skin botak. Just wonder why he is hanging on when we all knew of his capability. When what do you expect that when he was appointed he was not even the DCA approved Nominated Post Holder.

    DCA should commence investigation into what had been revealed before it is too late.

  6. Anon


    Can you tell me which airline disclose all their incident reports and delay costs to the public? You are completely missing the point here. YB is a Member of Parliament who is fully aware that there his blog has many followers. He should therefore ensure as far as possible that his blog is accurate, factual and write them in a way that is not misleading. Failure to do so will damage the airline and we all are shooting ourselves in the foot. It’s all about doing things responsibly and professionally and not just following emotions.

    YB, care to comment? Your silence is deafening here.


    1. Ahmad

      To all misguided souls, a good advice from ‘A Brick in the wall’,

      “To those right winger type, questioning or raising anything negative against any national leader even if it is corrupts like Tan Sri Nor …, waywards like Dato Khaled … and his Deputy Dato Saifuddin …, sore thumbs like Dato Nurjazlan …, devious and control freak like Dato Rais Yatim, etc is considered as unpatriotic.

      While to those aspiring for a clean Government, raising and exposing wrongdoings in Government, corruptions, power abuse, cronyism, etc is a patriotic duty of every Malaysians.”

  7. Economist Kampong

    YB WCK

    I just do not understand what this Pussy was up to. Instead of addressing the issues that you have raised, i.e. safety and airworthiness of MAS planes, this pussy was more interested to attack you. This is a classic example of ‘killing the messenger because you do not like the message’. I hope the MAS management and board had nothing to do with this pussy.

    I read your posting rather quickly because i was trying to finish my work. Even at first reading, i got the distinct impression that YM WCK was referring to two incidents – 1 involving the A380 and another incident involving the A330.

    YB WCK

    We appreciate what you have done. We salute your efforts in getting MAS into shape. When MAS is rescued, I hope you would focus on other GLCs, that are equally distressed as MAS.

    KEEP up the good work. Don’t allow this pussy to bother you. It is only a pussy!!

    1. MAS Boy

      That pussy cat must be one of the budak upahan of that incompetent boy. The issues were clear but the Pussy cat chose to pretend to be an idiot. We all want to put MAS in the wrong track under good management. We don’t a management that is clueless as can be seen in their decisions for the past one year.

      They did re-branding by changing MAS corporate color. charging the AAX 35,000 passengers with extreme low fare. It cost RM1100 to fly to London. How stupid can one be. Anyway we can blame the clueless!

  8. Anti-Gay

    Pussy tu Azhari kot… Don’t bother this little pussy lah.. To management,if any of you reading this article, why not clear the air? Azhari, i’m damn sure you follow this blog. Explain la! If you are not wrong, this is your chance man!

    1. Fliers

      Come on… the delay is due to mechanical fault and the aircraft is new. If you need to blame someone it should be Airbus and not Mr Azhari or MAS for that matter. Ever heard the phrase ‘ If it’s not Boeing I ain’t going’ ? No doubt Boeing aircraft most probably are more expensive than the Airbus but for those who are into aviations can tell you Boeing aircraft are far better built than Airbus. For those who have driven Citroen car can relate their them..

  9. MAS admirer

    I don”t know much about all these issues but by reading this blog it gave me a clearer picture how every responded care for MAS.
    Somehow every interest is for a betterment.

    I get to know there was an incident involves a pick-pocketing on one of MAS flight? Anybody know? And there was also cigarate smuglling incident recently in MEL.
    Why…? Is it a sign of employee underpaid?

  10. Anonymous

    Dear YB,

    Your postings here are misguided and gives a wrong picture. First you have mixed the A380 and A330 together. 2 different aircrafts, 2 different issues altogether.

    As an Engineering certifying staff, I take offence of your post on this. This is because, as far as I know in my over 15 years in aircraft maintenance, engineering has been strict in keeping to limitations effected by the manufacturer(s). Any intention to exceed the limitations must be communicated to the manufacturer(s) and agreed by them in writing. Depending on the situation, the aviation authority (in this case our Malaysian DCA and sometimes the originating manufacturer’s aviation authority e.g. European EASA) MUST be sought to exceed this limitation.

    YB, your posts can be quite entertaining, but this post is full of errors and full of myths and inaccuracies. It is embarassing to know such erroneous input without proper consultation / advise is done by a respectable person such as yourself.

    We need persons like you, but we need credible information which in this particular case, is not. Don’t get me wrong, as I for one am supportive of your previous ‘fights’. I appreciate your highlights of wrong-doings. We all need constructive criticism to improve.

    My best wishes to you in your continuing crusade is righting the wrong.

  11. GE Man

    Dear anonymous / MAS engineer @ LAE

    I totally agreed with you that maintenance, engineering has been strict in keeping to limitations effected by the manufacturer(s). Any intention to exceed the limitations must be communicated to the manufacturer(s) and agreed by them in writing. Depending on the situation, the aviation authority (in this case our Malaysian DCA and sometimes the originating manufacturer’s aviation authority e.g. European EASA) MUST be sought to exceed this limitation.

    YES , that is before bo(otak) head is parachuted into MAS as CEO of Engineering .

    I have a tangible evidence in form of e mail trail from Airbus Industries CLEARLY said that 9M-MTF RHS Landing gear component is considered un-serviceable and MUST be replaced at or before 30 days of the heavy landing incident ( 26 July 2012) .

    MAS should ground it / not continue flying it after 25 Aug 2012 .

    Base on the record , 9M MTF still flying till 30 Aug 2012 .

    Within that 30 day limit , MAS had to carry out a special inspection as advice by Airbus Industries if MAS wanted to fly it .

    Its was inspected as per TSI/33/AA/12/362 and clear to fly within the 30 days limitation .

    What we are querying is on what authority do engineering department with bo (otak) head as accountable head had certified and release the aircraft for service after the 30 days limit given by Airbus Industries ???

    1. FED UP

      I am not a technical person, but what is written here and the spirit in which many of the posts are written is extremely worrying. What I cannot understand is, what the hell is MAS doing retaining this Azahari when it is so clear that he is never ever going to get the support and trust of his people? More postings like these are going to damage MAS further, and yet AJ thinks this Azahari is worth it? I was told Azahari is retained to so-call “clean up” Engineering, but so far, has anyone been charged with anything? Has Azahari actually got any evidence, or is he merely casting aspersions to justify his own existence? As for Pussy Galore, dont keep provoking, there may be more cans of worms that may be dished out that even you may have trouble “defending”.

      1. Pak Long

        Well said, Fed up. MAS must officially clarify to the public, the people are demanding answers and these exposures are not healthy at all. YB and the public have every right to continue digging since MAS and the government chose to maintain their elegant silence.

  12. Khalil

    The incompetent botak must go! His rightful place is AirAsia. He is holding on even though Rozman had left. Perhaps he wants to leave in disgrace like the Nanny Danny. Let us give him what he wants, the BOOT. Lets us all throw the botak in disgrace!

  13. Hola

    Maybe waiting for a 9M-MMR like gear collapse like in KCH! imagine it it happened during landing or takeoff as opposed to during transit!

    1. Fliers

      Is Azhari really incompetent? Not from what I heard from my LAE’s cousin. According to him, Azhari is doing a great job trying to clean up Engineering department and obviously those affected are not too happy as it is effecting their ‘side income’ and thus a plan are made to kick him out… is this true?… It is only fair for our YB to start listening or looking for other informer as well since his current one seems to be giving him most probably false or one sided informations.

      1. Anonymous

        Fliers, as has been said many times in this blog, after one year, IF it is true Azahari is “cleaning up” Engineering, where the hell is the evidence? Has anyone been charged? Has the MACC been called in? I believe that Azahari’s “side income” could probably be outnumber the so-called “side incomes” of everybody put together, looking at the deals he is signing with his Godfather… Or else, how do you explain the replacement of SS brakes with carbon brakes for the 738s inspite of technical evaluations expressing reservations for this? How many other questionable deals has Azahari entered into with …? Your LAE cousin must be really living under some rock to even think that Azahari is competent. Do you see Tony trying to get him back? No way, his replacement is already in place at AA, so as usual MAS is stuck with the duds.

  14. Pussy Galore

    MAS as approved organisation would not have released 9M-MTF for service without rectifying the defect or obtaining dispensation from airworthiness authority with concurrence of the OEM. The aircraft approval and certification processes in Engineering would have prevented such an occurance. No individual can over-ride these approval requirements so the allegation that CEO of MAE allowed the aircraft to enter service with major defects is at best mischievious and seeking to portray the airline in a bad light. The negative impact is damaging to the airline rather then the individual that the original poster sought to malign. MAS would be perceived to be an unsafe airline with MAJOR breakages in its maintenance processes and practices!!!

  15. The Gooberman

    Just look south of the Causeway where SIA has just taken delivery of it’s 19th A380.

    There’s plenty of A380 expertise in SIA. The question is whether MAS is willing to stop re-inventing the wheel and send it’s engineering people to SIA to learn and compare notes? Or will misplaced pride and prickly national sensitivities get in the way?

    There’s no harm in learning from people or organisations that have more practical hands-on experience than you have.

    In terms of re-fleeting, it should be noted that SIA has placed firm orders for 20 Airbus A350s, 20 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, 15 A330s and 8 Boeing 777-300ERs, all of which are “long-haul twin-aisle planes seating less than 400 passengers” (Bloomberg). SIA also has options for 20 A350s, 20 Boeing 787s and 6 A380s.

    Note also that SIA retired it’s last passenger Boeing 747-400 aircraft in April this year, while MAS still has to soldier on with long-in-the-tooth B747s in it’s passenger aircraft fleet.

    How is MAS ever going to catch up, let alone compete?

    1. Anonymous

      Gooberman, you hit the nail on the head again. MAS is dead in all but name only.So long as they keep recycling the same stale wine , either in the form of people or ideas, MAS will forever be behind the curve. The A380, touted to be the “flagship” to turn MAS around is already “flagging” behind on all fronts.No amount of hype, rebranding or having the world’s best cabin staff can do the trick so long as the internal structural rot is not tackled. As for learning from SIA, it was taboo at one time to even attempt to compare or use SQ as a benchmark. Now, we cant even begin to compare ourselves with AA!!

  16. Mohamed

    I just wonder what is the intention of the botak to hold on when his gang like Rozman, Shane Nollan and Danny boy. What is his agenda after all? Can anyone help?

  17. Honeywell

    Fliers, u heard from ur cousin? Dats all ur source is? Mati2 wa igt lu frm engineering side. Ntah2 not even an employee in MAS. Come on, shut your mouth lah if u know nothing. These people commenting here are MAS staff, mainly engineering personnel.. So tak payah ssh2 bising lor..

    1. Fliers

      Well if you want to seek for the truth you basically need to look for it and not listen to just one side… and that’s what I am trying to do… obviously we can’t expect azhari to answer or explain all his action in this blog do we…
      And Honeywell for your info I’m a MAS staff and I do love this company just like you. I too want to see MAS succeed. It’s a pity that we still have few arrogant people working in this lovely company who think he knows everthing and like to belittle others. Most of us know what kind of person this type of peoples are and what they are called…

      1. Fliers

        Most of us has forgotten how long
        it takes to settle TR case. And what was the final verdict? With all the evidences and yet what happen to him? You think you can clean up all the rubbish that has been going on for years just within 1 year? It’s easier said than done… Furthermore in our country even with a mountain of evidences it will not guarantee one will be found guilty…
        Please ,I’m not saying Azhari is good or competent…I’m hopping to get the answer here and I’m curious why are people in this blog wants him out ASAP? I’m part of the organization ,am I not entitle to know what’s going on ? But with
        certain type of characters in this blog I doubt will know the truth… and I am just wasting my time here… adios

    2. Anonymous

      Honeywell, well said. And if you are from Honeywell, please tell MAS staff (esp the Engineering staff) what Azahari said about them in one of Honeywell’s board meeting a while back, and Azahari was representing MAS in the meeting? He bad-mouth the staff, claiming they are all corrupt. Azahari, if you have any guts, I dare you to repeat what you said at that Honeywell meeting, which by the way is open knowledge by now.

  18. Concerned

    There were complaints during the previous botak. There are complaints during this current botak. And there will surely be complaints for any other botaks who might take over in the future (maybe less if he’s not from AK). No matter on who’s side you are, divulging our documents online is worrying and just plain wrong. If any laws were really broken, please make a police report. Heck bring along the bulletin utama guys if u need to since its quite a trend nowadays.

  19. MAS Boy

    Enough have been said about this botak. His best place is still AirAsia where he will excel because it has no proper engineering department like in MAS. ka!ka!Ka!

  20. Mustafa

    When the botak was in MAS, he has nothing to show. Now that he has been parachuted into MAS after the share suap, I don’t see any progress in the Engineering Department. In fact, the department is retrogressing under him. For your own sake, please go back to AirAsia unless you want to leave MAS in disgrace like Nanny Danny.

  21. born looser

    no one man can make the changes in mas,its simple, ownership each and every staff irrespective from the lowest to the highest positions must be a contributor to make the differance, simple AJ or AD can do nothing to make changes it is the staffs
    1.openess in position and promotions,
    2.choose the right people, to lead the team irrespective of their race,
    3.maintain the seniors as mentors, to advice,troubleshooting,handling complex issue
    especially decision making.
    4 reward for commited staffs, especially long service awards.
    5. dont fill shy to seek the aircraft engineers advice for task beyond your scope,
    6.clooser relationship between staffs and middle management, staffs and higher management.
    7.organize open discussion mind boggling subjects between staffs and management,as our airline has been cornered by low cost carriers.
    8.value each and every staff for their contributions, dont ignore,they are like our
    eyes and mouth,a selling vessel.
    9 for mas to get to its glory it has to wake up, seriously make the changes immediately.

    1. Nora

      Wellsaid born loser! Simple step by step instruction and yet they cannot follow.Why lah AJ so stupid. Either he is dumb or we are dumb because bayar gaji buta dia.

  22. born looser

    to run an airline you need foresight, how many guys have that in our industry, seriously, to run an airlines it must be in your blood,passion for the lifeless machine,
    how many have got that, seriously AD leadership is a big question, nor AJ a good leader please dont forget is it in their blood ask, most of our leaders are choosen not for their knowldge that is my observation, who can ensure a380 is a reliable flying machine, have we made a mistake, i fill mas is sinking and in an tunnel without light
    mas should seriously consider bringing in applicants or new staffs who have desire or passion for aircrafts not from felda,felcra,or any plantations

  23. MAS Boy

    A very constructive suggestions which AJ and other top officers in MAS should start to think along this line. If not, the future is bleak.

  24. born looser

    Engineering Department is an goldmine section if it is well managed we can see the harvest, let me relate my experience i have worked with europeans and japanese leaders as an engineer in my pervious company i do face difficult times my DE director of engineering will be by my side to ensure problem is solved technical or non technical, bosses must have sound knowldge and understanding of your job he has to turun padang how many of our so call bosses turun padang the truth our guys lack experience,maturity ,knowldge, qualification simply they were promoted to satisfy the policy of leaders, will these policy be changed if it does then good for our nation.

  25. born looser

    I heard from my friends MAS ENGINEERING has the best HANGER, INFRASTRUCTURE, LOCATION best EQUIPMENTS but not CALIBRE LEADERS to GUIDE,LEAD and NAVIGATE, because the leaders are very young,lack business
    knowldge and understanding shy away from competitions, giving reasons,blaming culture for their own doings.

  26. Anonymous

    alamak, eja hangar pun x betul mau komen ka? I was frm MAS. When i joined early1990’s, office at old hangar makan at old canteen dpn old T1 or once a while d Airtel or tgh bulan pekena teh tarik sama roti sardin abg ishak-ASU, jalan kaki naik bas 47 turun batu 10 balik usj……. good old days. , proud to see MAS catering even tough some friend jual liquor setiap kali kapal nite stop, – it prove that I deserved to give my silly comment here….
    That time, World Airways under MAS, later, MAS send people to set up Air Maldives, Schrineer Airways, Jet Airways. MAS was at the peak. MHS (Soo Huat Lai/TR) part of this success story but they also part of failed mission. Most of senior MHS group are from MSA, later MAS and disappointed and keluar to setting up MHS which later bought over MAS.
    Same goes to AD, he was from MAS (new zealand apprentice batch), not happy later join Transmile, and AA.
    They all having the same spirit and passion. But they failed not only because of their stupidity but also all MAS staff blindly and stupidly & thoughtlessly either support and condemn AD or old MAS regime.

    Hello !!! Your ship is sinking!!! Be united, identify the SWOT, carry out due diligence – support & give support for those who can save MAS not only sembahyang hajat by ustaz saifuddin yg terjerit-jerit sbb org tidur sbb tak dgr khutbah…..

    or I would suggest let the ship sinking……you must realize, the failure of MAS contributed by MAS staff too….those tipu OT, take commission, MJO setengah tin dah buang dlm tong sampah, ambik brg dr toolcrib mcm brg free….etc….


  27. born looser

    MAS is run by a bunch of small minded young inexperience boys, dont have the human contact and every young man wants to be a manager or boss and filling their pockets, as a public i see the staff themselves are lacking the aviation glow in them simply because of the policy, mas has stop so many sectors but singapore airlines is increase its flight to the mas sectors, simply because commercial and marketing of malaysian airlines are simply complaing not fair these group of people are choosen by leaders hoping one fine day we will be like others this selected people have no confidence,lack wisdom,no understanding,,and tiadapa attitude, the forfathers of malaysia airlines will be crying if they were to be alive, seriously mas will never reach far until the company changes its policy engage seriously intelligent,talented,young people who work with great passion stop feeding fulls who come to work saying cari makan……………………

  28. born looser

    last not least do you guys think it was AZ brought about AIRASIA please, has an x mas staff what did he AZ really do during his days with mas he was just an aircraft engineer nothing special he did nothing then what would he do now only he got older and balledy he wasnt a visionary, nor had any mission he was choosen simply because of his stars

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