Azhari’s new reporting structure

The Azhari Mohd Dahlan’s new reporting structure

To:     All Staff Systemwide
Date:   23 August 2012 at 05:46:25
Ref:      CEO EM 003 A2/12

Dear Colleagues,


Following the announcement at the corporate level, I would like to share with you the revised organisation structure for Engineering & Maintenance (E&M) Division/MAS Aerospace Engineering effective 15 August 2012.

The lines of reporting have been streamlined for a stronger focus on our E&M’s core deliverables as a reputable Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) organisation that complies with and meets stringent national and international regulatory requirements. Key points of the revised structure are as follows:
  • Aminuddin Zakaria, formerly Senior Vice President, Airline Group Engineering, is now Deputy CEO. His area of remit is focused on core deliverables and role purposes to support Airline Operation besides deputizing E&M CEO in the day-to-day Engineering Business and MRO management.
  • Rashidi Saidin, who provided steer on Quality Engineering, now supports the Deputy CEO in managing aircraft End-Of-Lease (EOL) activities. We have achieved some progress in the redelivery of 6 aircraft as of this month and we are putting in every effort, focus and hangar space to meet the target of 36 aircraft redeliveries by year-end.
  • With the delivery of all six A380 aircraft by the first quarter of 2013, Mohd Nasir Abdollah, who was responsible for E&M KLIA operations, now manages the full A380 Entry-Into-Service (EIS) requirements. This is to ensure all technical requirements of the aircraft and cabin in our flagship fleet are kept up-to-mark, from the time we receive each aircraft to the date when it enters operations and beyond.
  • Khairuddin Hamzah, who led E&M operations in SZB, is now the head of a newly formed MRO JV Project department which aims to focus on Engineering & Maintenance (E&M) Division/MAS Aerospace Engineering revenue generation.
  • There are also adjustments to the various lines of business and reporting to support the core airline operations and manage third party operations. These can be seen in the attached structure.
Colleagues, I cannot emphasize enough the huge challenges that lay ahead for E&M in 2012 and beyond. In order to deliver, internally, our E&M team knows that we must work together as a strong team with a single focus to implement our Business Plan. In addition, E&M needs strong support from all colleagues and various divisions across the Malaysia Airlines Group. With these components aligned, we can look forward to delivering the results we desire in order to bring our Group back to a firm financial footing.

Together let’s work to achieve our goals quickly and build E&M as the Preferred Global MRO.

Azhari Mohd Dahlan

Yours truly just wonder what are the new found powers of En Azhari Mohd Dahlan in term of his approving authority for purchasing?

By the way, when En Azhari Mohd Dahlan was appointed he was not the DCA and/or EASA approved Nominated Post Holder as required under the Civil Aviation Act, as the Engineering Department involves safety, in HERE & HERE.

Who is En Aminuddin Zakaria? Another parachuted personality brought into MAS by you know who!

What had happened to the SVP En Rashidi, En Mohd Nasir and Tuan Hj Khairudin?

62 thoughts on “Azhari’s new reporting structure

  1. Malaysian

    I wonder why you keep hammering MAS. As an MP dont you have other things better to do as well or you just dont have anything to do other then some interest in MAS? Can you let the company roll and try to overcome this. Its an organization and your no one in that organization. It amuses me how you write all this but do you think you can do a better job then be constructive and maybe suggest rather then just critic. Typical politics constant critics but no one to put forward a good suggestion.

    1. When corruption is wide spread in MAS lots of ass licking in E&M what chance would MAS have?
      everything has 60% truth why it may hurt but nothing is done to correct it!
      Employment of expat engineers expat pilot and during the last week temp secondment of foreign staff at KLIA for Raya!

    2. Adnan

      Many suggestions have been put forward but they all fell on deaf ears. If not for YB relentlessly fighting those Pariah and the cronies, MAS would have been in deeper shit! MAS staffs have always been treated badly. THey work like hell and the idiot like AJ and Danny just spent. At the same time AJ will try us that MAS is bleeding.

      Until today, AJ the clueless is still unable to tell us what was the cst of re-branding and the newe stupid design that was supposed to be used on all aircraft.

      Bleeding only when it come to staff benefits but when it involves RM250k a month salary for the clueless, MAS is not bleeding.

      MAS is a national carrier and YB Wee is the only one that has been standing up for us and exposed what the pariah, Danny boy and the clueless have done.

      If not for YB’s psersistent, MAS would have been koyak by the pariah.

      Thank you YB for standing for our national carrier and for fighting the clueless and pariah gang.

      This botak must be tought a lesson. He must understand that the clueless cannot protect him all the time. We shall expose him.

  2. GE Man

    Second phase of Pariah plan now in place , Azhari’s have the absolute power controlling MAS engineering with the assistance of ex GE Man Aminuddin Zakaria ( hand picked by Atook Deen )

    With 3 SVP’s and 4 VP’s reassigned to special projects @ “cold storage” , no body will do check and balance of what Azhari doing now . Pegi main jauh jauh , duduk diam diam , jangan kacau ….

    This 3 SVP’s and 4 VP’s have more then 30 years experiences in engineering and they are part of the team who had bring MAS MAE’s MRO to a greater height in which in year :
    2011 – Rated ‘World’s Largest Airline MRO’ & ‘World’s No. 3 Aircraft MRO Provider’ by Aviation Week.
    2009 – Awarded “Asia Pacific Airframes MRO Center of the Year” by Frost & Sullivan.
      – Aviation Week’s Overhaul & Maintenance 2009 Best Asia-Pacific Airline MRO Operation. 

    With bo(otak) head Azhari around , he cant even secure own Fire Fly ATR 72 maintenance contract which was lost to SAE .
     Lion Air and Batavia Air maintenance contract lost to AIROD. The list will go on if this bo(otak) still around.

    Ada hati kata konon ,” Together let’s work to achieve our goals quickly and build E&M as the Preferred Global MRO ” , you must be talking thru your hole.

    Interview for the nominated appointed  DCA and/or EASA approved Nominated Post Holder as required under the Civil Aviation Act pun you fail , MOM pun tak tau what is it , memang betul bo(otak) lah.

    In the engineering material for spare purchasing/procurement there will be a back log due hundreds and even thousand need to vet thru and approved every month , with bo(otak) head alone approving every MYR 10 K and above purchases, this will cause service interruption and even aircraft grounded.MAS will loose competativeness.

    This few managers bo(otak) head hand picked who will assist him in the purchasing/procurement don’t even know how to read a balance sheets, parachuted from operation who only know how  to push and shout at people to get aircraft go out on time .

    Kalo musim bola world cup , “tidor- bola , makan- bola” , now bo(otak) Azhari will “tidor-invoice , makan -invoice” , no time to over look on the daily running of MAS Engineering.

    That why this bo(otak) put another bo(otak) head Aminudin Zakaria as his deputy.

    This bo(otak) head Aminudin is another “clueless” who know only how to sell aircraft engine and services , parachuted for 2 years after which he will be back to his ex. 

    Trying to secure a MYR 1 billion CFM56-7 contract for your ex ??Direct nego ? Don’t even try it , we are monitoring all your moves, you can be charged , conflict of interest in decision making. 

    Both of you bo(otak) head, it will never be forgiven or forgotten that you both are parachuted by the pariah with a mission and you shud leave and follow the pariah, Rozman and the Nanny boy , all of you are NOT wanted here in MAS.

  3. Mohd

    Those brought in by the Pariah like Rozman, Nanny Danny and Shane Nollan sudah cabut leaving this botak. He must be out before the engineering department lingkup. When he was in MAS he was never a performer. That speaks volume.

  4. Anonymous

    Why are you attacking MAS management? Aj and his team are trying to turn around MAS with re-branding and etc. Mistakes may have been made when Tony was in MAS but Tony already gone. So was Rozman. Please give him a chance to turn around MAS.

    1. There were many teams trying to turn around MAS for the last 22years since i have been in employment. what has changed? Logo slogans colours job designations crew transport van etc. Md but this this it’s a big screwup!
      This time the staff has a voice! Collectively things can be done but corrupt maseu officials etc unions have got staff morale low. where is Dr Don on the board doing bollocks!?

  5. Anonymous

    I really like the opening sentence…”FOLLOWING the aanouncement at corporate level…” this Azahari must be studying a new science, since when did 22nd August come BEFORE 15th August, same year? Belum tengok corporate level punya, dia dah boleh design dia punya and backdate pulak tu? wahh , terror, man.

  6. malaysian also.....

    Yes I agree with Malaysian why you keep hammering MAS. Are there no other issues in Malaysia beside MAS. Given MAS is a cash cow for almost everybody and that all the past BOD and MD,s condoned them. So in spite of that MAS is still struggling to be on firm footing.It is a very difficult balancing act trying to put MAS right, not with you playing this with staff.There are so many other issues that needs your attention. Like for one… good and cheap education, cheap housing,cheap medicals,lessen crime and many others. Go for them baby. MAS is not your only game or is it together with the GLC’s. Are there your only games.

    1. Truly Malaysian

      The topic posted by YB is on Azahari reporting structure. If you want to talk on other matters, go to other sites. There are plenty from either devide. Dont waste yours and others’ time who are interested in seeing the national asset prudently managed by the right people.

  7. Hopefully this negative sentiment does not lead to another sabotage of aircraft in the future. It has been done before ie cutting of wires etc during Tajuddin and Fuads time. Only capable by engineering personal! Don’t mess with E&M they can override captains authority to ground aircraft system wide where else flight crew can choose not to extend duty for engineering delays or chose to divert flights when the weather does not permit in the interest of safety.

    1. With well trained pilots within 3 months B744 flights had engine fire ex-KUL and also ex-LHR all inboard engines. What has E&M slacking under a junior LAE trained in NZ who betrayed Mas left for Air Asia only to return as head of E&M with his more senior being his subordinates from AST etc.nJust because he is the brother of former MD Fuad. Looking at previous manta history this has been the worst under his watch.

  8. stan

    I heard the latest plan probably with the blessing of the govt is to create an Aerospace city in Subang. This requires the evacuation of Mas administration buildings.

    However the absurd plan is to include a mall besides terminal 3. Citra mall with Lee Ki Shing (Hk billionaire) as the major shareholder is barely surviving. WHAT makes one think that this new mall will survive?

  9. MAS admirer

    What ever… guys.. YB have had done something and we should appreciate that and keeping an eye on MAS is still needed You know why? Because we all love MAS!
    If ever during TR we have all the blogs and internet, MAS would not be abused!
    Only the employees understand the internal problem and I do hope they will one day enjoys what they deserves.

    YB, for you keep up the good work but also not to overlook on other issues as well.

  10. Anonymous

    Whoa peeps,just ask the senior E & M staffs about the new structure.Not only is the management level top heavy…it’s even heavier now.Who r those newly escalated managers and why create new position for them? With some of the senior managers sideline, Azhari will c less threat for his indecision.How many staffs does one manager oversee? Good luck to Engineering Dept!

  11. Fedup

    Where is compliance/risk management department? With projects and procurements worth hundred of millions..shouldn’t engineering department have their own independent risk and compliance department to monitor if daily transactions are adhered to policies and authorities

  12. GE Man

    Its a bad omen , bawa bala and sial to MAS if this AJ and bo(otak) head Azhari still around .

    Within just 4 month’s since April 2012 till today , at least FIVE major incident had happen.

    1) On 17 April , MAS Flight to London ., registration 9M-MPM air turn back due number 4 engine caught fire on take off.
     Found out few nuts missing on the engine air control which cause the number 4 engine stalled and compressor blade broke off and punctured a hole in the engine casing and engine caught fire . 

    2) On 21 April 2012 , after new engine was installed on same position ( number 4 engine ), again, MAS Flight to London ., aircraft registration 9M-MPM , this new engine loss oil in flight and in flight shut down initiated and pilot decide to go back to KLIA. Found out this new engine drive shaft had broken , brand new engine shaft sheared ? Tak masuk akal !!!

    3) On 26 July 2012 , a brand new A330 aircraft registration 9M-MTF , hard landing by the pilot with the RHS Main Landing Gear had recorded a peak load of 1160Kn , which requires a landing gear changes .
    Aircraft now in hangar 6 MAS KLIA awaiting new gear replacement.

    4) On 9 Aug 2012 , MAS B777 Registration 9M-MRL , in Shanghai Airport , MAS B777 ‘s right hand wing clipped the left elevator of Chine Eastern A340 during taxi out . Very bad damage and now still in Shanghai Airport, being repaired by BOEING team .

    5)On 17 Aug 2012, MAS B747-400 registration 9M-MPL ,flight from London ,  Number 2 engine heavy 
    vibration during flight ,and engine was shut down and returned to London Airport . On landing erratic 
    auto pilot had caused the aircraft heavy landing which cause wing structure to buckle. A double blow !! New engine was installed  and aircraft is now in KLIA for heavy landing inspection.

    Millions goes down the drain due requires new aircraft engine , new landing gears , lost of aircraft utilization as much as $100,000.00 per day , more then 300 ton’s of fuel got to be  dump (3 air turn back) to reduce landing weight and passengers got to be given a hotel and food for few days .

    This few incident cost MAS millions of ringgit, fortunately no aircraft or lives is lost as yet , MAS still very lucky , but with this few pariah left over still around , MAS may soon be out of luck…………….

    1. jo777

      One of engineer in china’s biggest MRO told me from his experience, the PW is the worse engine for civilian aircraft especially B744 and MAS still using it for the new A330. I don’t know why MAS still prefer PW engine instead of GE. Cathay using both PW & RB for their B744, maybe we can learn something from them. But cathay seems more prefer RB over the PW.

    1. Anonymous

      You can say, she resigned to migrate to and raise her children in Australia, like she has planned for some time.

      Dont make up stories when there is none.

      1. What risk?

        Good for her, smart move. After all, the Risk Policy Advisory department is redundant anyway. Decisions are made with hardly any consideration to “risk” like locating the ticketing office safe in full view of public at level 5 at KLIA, who cares if staff have to count money where everyone can see, after all the great Salleh Takbrani said he will supply a gun to the staff so they can shoot any potential robber! The much-hyped Code of Ethics also can be dumped, everybody is making a mockery in its intepretation, even the Head of Risk herself had difficulty determining how much “gratification” a staff can receive from vendors before it violates the Code. So like, the current judgement on the young “star” who committed statutory rape, in MAS, it’s the same la, it’s only considered corruption if you cannot explain it away,but acceptable if you have Godfathers to protect you, or if you happen to work in HR , or you claim that you brought in “millions” in revenue, so all that perfectly allows you to accept “gratification”, no worries.
        Come to think of it, why only the Head of Risk resigning? The department is full of Managers, who are nothing more than toothless tigers anyway.

  13. Time Traveller

    Wah … got so many projects under Engg/MAE. But why we lost so many business to our competitors. Under CEO MAE ada projects, under Deputy CEO MAE also got projects, and if you look further down on right side, there is also a box for Aircraft Project (Mazlan Nordin). Have HR advised them properly in the org chart or not? Or HR also rubber stamp only. Hahahaha…

    1. Anonymous

      Why you ask the obvious one? In MAS, 99% of the time, kalau you kena buat “projects” or “special projects” maknanya you sudah kena “cold storage” le. “Projects” tu nama glamour aje. Yang betul betul projek kat sini Mazlan Nordin, yang lain projek CS , kena beku, because si Botak tu tak nak la yang lebih pandai pada dia pegang jawatan penting, nanti kebodohan dia makin menyerlah, atau agenda dia susah mahu jalan. HR to “advise” properly? Hehehehe kita tunggu HR punya chart keluar, then we will know la HR capable of advising or not.

  14. Arifin Ismail

    There is nothing new about the revised reporting structure. Apart from some internal re-alignment, the maintenance and engineering functions of MAS, including the Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM) of the fleet has been consolidated under MAE.

    MAS is the AOC holder and under the terms of the AOC is responsible for the Continuing Airworthiness Management of its fleet of aircraft. MAS is also required to appoint an Accountable Manager and a Nominated Post Holder who shall be responsible for the Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM)function. Under EASA rules, the Nominated Post Holder cannot be an employee of the company under contract to the airline unless approved by competent authority.

    MAE is a subsidiary company of MAS and is therefore a separate legal entity. By having the entire M&E function performed by MAE, MAS the AOC holder is in effect outsourcing its accountability for CAM to a “contractor” , albeit a subsidiary of the airline.

    Although it is allowed to do so, MAS must have the means to determine that MAE is performing the M&E functions pertaining to the MAS fleet in accordance to airworthiness standards determined by the airline.

    There is nothing in the organisation chart of MAS to show that it has an organisation or group under a Nominated Post Holder reporting to the Accountable Manager, to carry out audits and surveillance of its contactors including MAE.


    1. Anonymous

      Bravo! you are absolutely correct, but do you think these new parachuted-in people know these rules? Of course not, due to their bodoh sombong, they think they can bend or make new rules as they go along. This stucture is a joke, boxes have names but WHAT ARE THE DESIGNATIONS of these people? If you look at the first level, there are VPs, there are senior managers and managers. A few we are not sure exactly what grade they are. So, ini mana punya sekolah ajar buat org chart macam ni? Designations determine the grade of the position, and with it, clarity in the reporting chain, and subsequent role clarity as well. This structure fails to reflect that, and to make matters worse, those in the first level are also questioning, where is the parity if all N2s are of different grades but with presumably equally weighted KPIs (assuming there are KPIs to start with la, aiya, that’s another story in itself, what a mess). Seriously, this structure puts the whole E&M division/function at serious risk. Or is this part of Azahari’s grand hidden agenda all along?. Once again, everybody, take note : MAE is a subsidiary and a SEPARATE LEGAL ENTITY . Now, let us all draw our own obvious conclusions!!

  15. GE Man

    The new line up is top become heavier then before , contrary to bo(otak) head Azhari ex , AA engineering is a pyramid style management line up.

    With top heavy cost will go up !!

    There is no SVN ( Staff Vacancy Notices) issued for the promotion to many of these new head/managers .

    It also need new costing and new position allocation which had been bulldoze thru’ HC biscuit lady by bo(otak) head Azhari ,sanctioned by clueless AJ .

    This bo(otak) head is running MAS Engineering like iron fist dictator .

    MASEU and MESA , you should protest , no SVN was issued for the promotion of this few head/managers .

    Mud Dooh , you selalu cakap berapi-api bila masa town hall , dulu pandai hang bubuh Danny , Md Nor…,. why sekarang sonyap ajo….

  16. Anonymous

    The problem with MAS is the little Napoleons in Khazanah will just appoint clueless idiot after idiot to head MAS. The worst was the appointment of the Clueless a CEO after the share SUAP.

    Please examine carefully about all the decisions made by the little Napoleons in Khazanah for MAS. It would appear that they want ed to see MAS koyak so that the pariah’s airline can expand.

    Just look at the example:

    1. How could it allow MAS to sign a one sided contract with LSG Sky Chef Brahim’s Sdn Bhd for 25 years? Prices for food, beverages and others services are ridiculous high? The foods were of poor standard if compared with other premier airline.

    2. Sale of MAS prime assets overseas and Malaysia.

    3. The pariah’s airline owed more than RM100 million in airport tax and MAHB dared not take actions against the pariah.

    4. Allowing the clueless management headed by the Clueless and Nanny Danny to make stupid decisions:

    uplifting 35000 AAX passengers with fares unheard of in the market,

    paying sponsoring of RM10.3 million to QPR,

    appointment of Shane Nolan, PlaneConsult (the low cost CONsultant) which is
    also the consultant for the pariah’s airline;

    termination of profit routes Bandung, Dubai, Haneda, Johannesburg and etc

    allowing the infiltration of the MAS Board by the Pariah;

    allowing the appointment of AA’s officers into top management of MAS (e.g. Rozman Omar as CFO, Shane Nollan as Acting Commercial Director and that Botak Azhari Dhalan who is still trying to hang on at all costs)

    The list is just too long!

    Now we have a clueless CEO. MAS is doomed!

    The PM must get rid of the little napoleons in Khazanah for the sake of all the GLCs and those Clueless directors in MAS otherwise MAS will be in the shit. Tan Sri Azman and Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng must be rid of as soon as possible and replace by good people with some aviation knowledge.

    1. we ALL know

      Quote: “The PM must get rid of the little napoleons in Khazanah for the sake of all the GLCs and those Clueless directors in MAS otherwise MAS will be in the shit. Tan Sri Azman and Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng must be rid of as soon as possible and replace by good people with some aviation knowledge.”

      * From what we ‘insignificant’ employees see, the PM is too busy trying to keep/secure his job in PutarJaya in the coming GE ~ to worry about the shit that is happening in MAS. He knows that the moment he touches MAS ~ his old (Dr.) boss and (Dime & Gang) cronies would ensure his demise first.

      Sad isn’t it ~ but this is the reality check. Tak kira Melayu, Cina atau India dan sebanyak banyak kaum lain yang bekerja di MAS, kita semua boleh diibaratkan sebagai ‘disposable’ Human assets…

      Quote: “Mud Dooh , you selalu cakap berapi-api bila masa town hall , dulu pandai hang bubuh Danny , Md Nor…,. why sekarang sonyap ajo….”

      * Mud Dooh? I don’t think this D is gonna be making any noise anytime soon, best keep quiet and collect his ‘directors’ fees whilst it last… as they say, a “retired/expired” person should be grateful he is on a payroll once again…

  17. Kana

    The botak should just follow Rozman Omar foot step and return to where he belongs i.e. AirAsia. That’s the best place for you, botak. Life will not be as rosy as think it is going to be in MAS. It is better you get lost earlier before you had to leave in disgrace like Nanny Danny.

  18. Excuse Me

    Ha ha… you all are sooo funny. All the aloo baloo…. he is here to stay lah! So make the best of it! Just think, where is he going to go? Back to Air Asia? Got vacancy or not? New corporate structure already out. Pictures also already in the official web pages. You think the newly appointed regional head is gonna vacate his chair for him? I don’t think so man.
    He is here to stay…. it’s his rice bowl now! If he quits MAS, what is he gonna live on? It’s now his survival. It’s not as easy as just asking him to go back where he came from….
    So, make the best of it….. and MOVE ON! Unless of course somebody out there can influence a change…. that will cause him to be jobless. But then again, has he done anything to deserve that?

    1. You are excused

      hahaha, YOU are funny too, in case you forgot, where exactly is Danny now? If anything, HR should learn a few lessons from Air Asia – one, how to get rid of lame ducks, park them somewhere and oops forget to take them back, BUT more importantly, look at the SUCESSION planning. One fellow goes, another , even better candidate, is ready to assume position, and this includes even the CEO’s position by the way. Shame on our HR, for a 60-year old airline, we can’t even get this part of our act together.
      Back to Azahari, well, from what we hear, he was given the option of going back, initially, but he chose to stay, because he tells his people, AJ asks him to stay, to presumably “clean up” Engineering. I thought the job of “cleaning up” (referring to corruption) was the job of Internal Audit (no, I take that back, they are equally inept) or MACC? Or, is the “cleaning up” here referring to something else? As for your question, what’s Azahari gonna live on, who cares? He is milking a fortune from his astronomical salary from MAS anyway, a kind of accelerated retirement fund perhaps?

  19. Love mas

    Bye bye azahari …. Thank you for your effort for destroying MAE … Hope not to see you again in the future …. Now you taste your own medicine … Hahahahaha …… Tony is waiting for you in jakarta …

  20. love mas

    Bye bye azahari the botak …. Thank you for your effort in destroying MAE …. Now you taste your own medicine … Hahahahaha … Tony is waiting for you in jakarta … For info , your new procedure is suck and your newly acting manager also good for nothing …

  21. Excuse me too

    The fact is that MAS is a screwed up company long before the share swap. Why? Because it is full of unproductive and corrupt staff, including the Engineering team before Azhari came on board. All those people who are unhappy with Azhari are actually those who now cannot cari makan because Azhari is plugging the leaks and tightening the controls. Keep up the good work Azhari and dont let these crooks demoralise you. You are the only hope left for a breath of fresh air in MAS. All the best!

    1. You are excused

      After one year , has AJ and Azahari managed to PROVE that anyone was/is “corrupt”? Call in the MACC la, what’s stopping them? Or is it because labelling others “corrupt” is an excuse to justify Azahari’s existence? Or is Azahari himself “cleaning up” for his own pocket? The structure he rolled out doesn’t remotely look productive, much less designed to “plug” any leaks. People are unhappy with Azahari simply because he is incompetent and has zero people skills. How do you describe the kind of “leadership” he displays by trying to play off one group of staff against another? And his trademark foul language certainly “endears” him to his staff? Come on la, why you bodek-ing Azahari, are you hoping to get on his bandwagon too?

  22. observer

    i think we should give azhari a try.. after all, we could start from small things.. he might not be suitable candidate just because he was brought in during tony’s share swap time.. but as a lowest worker in the company, i’ve seen some positive side when azhari came in.. i’ve seen all the vendor has been chase away.. did u all know how much vendor’s earn thru MAS? how much expact was paid?? soooo much more than local.. this is one of the major leak…and this is where the leaks that has been plugged by azhari.. and to control the AOG which are much2 higher price than normal order? we have been looking at all big things… we might loose the ATR contract.. but what does a contract means if we keep on ordering things on AOG basis and keep on paying more than usual? and as we know MAS is a bad debt collector… we failed to charge our customer accordingly and collect it.. so, is azhari is soooo stupid that he would tarnish his reputation for a guy named toni? if he failed in MAS, did he has any place to go as a failure? back to air asia may be? if he failed in MAS would air asia bring him back to AA? i dont think so… May Allah Help and guide us all…

  23. Excuse me too

    Totally agree wt you observer. MAS has so many unutilised spares because we stock up the “wrong” parts, some of which had to be written off and yet we have to order so many on AOG basis. This is indeed a major leakage. Whether this is intentional i.e somebody’s making money somewhere or simply due to incompetence would be difficult to prove, but at least Azhari is doing something about it.

  24. Anonymous

    Well done En Azhari..dont listen to this STUPID comment…Fighthing corruption is more importants to bring back ENGINEERING to become a profit centre..Majority staff are behind u..from the past 25 yrs working in engineering Dept i think this is the best time to clean up engineering from the corrupted bosess..

  25. GE Man

    Selamat Menyambut 55 tahun Merdeka !!!  ( Current gomen dah boleh pencen dan ambik EPF ?it is depending if the current gomen can fix MAS problem before the next GE……….)

    Excuse me too….. Bo(otak) Azhari plugging the leaks ?  My foot……this bo(otak) is a ”  tikus cuba membaiki labu “, he is digging a bigger hole so that MAS can sink faster .

    Here is one example which was expose before , many more already exposed which we can see the hole become bigger and bigger with this bo(otak) Azhari and clueless AJ still around.

    While bidding for a half billion ringgit contract for A330 component support , LHT people got cool feet after their secret dinner meeting on 10 May 2012 with bo(otak) Azhari , Anaz and the Pariah was expose as it is against OECD (European) rules since LHT is a EU based co.

    After LHT pulled out of the bid worried being question by OECD ( European), then bo(otak) Azhari try to come clean by now inviting other two bidders (SRT and AFI) to resubmit and at the same time this bo(otak) head tikus and clueless AJ trying their luck again but this time this two stooges having a secret meeting with SRT people pulak dah !!!

    BOD papers clearly said both LHT and SRT offer is second and third best,  but because of “some agenda ” by his pariah who also own Chatham Jets, this bo(otak) trying to push LHT to secure this contract which will dig a bigger hole on MAS sinking ship commandeered by clueless AJ.

    To re cap on 08 Aug 2012 write up at YB Wee blog , Business Plan: Rebranding is a guarantee to turn around MAS :

      “””Update on the conspiracy and sabotages on MAS – the A330 PBTH contract .
    AJ you must be still clueless why Azhari had issued LOI to LHT for a component workshop JV and trying to convince the BTC to award the A330 PBTH (Power By The Hour ) contract and long term JV  worth MYR 500 million to LHT.
    He tried to shove it to your throat during last BTC (Board Tender Committee)  in which only you and Rozman turn up but there was no conclusion to award it or not to LHT , you and CFO Rozman ball’s shrink ? Takut nak decide , yes , AJ you better be scared coz LHT price is high , there is two other bidders had offered lower then LHT, so NO justification to award, JV profit/income base on assumption only , NO justification too.
    AJ , you kick Azhari off from MAS lah !!! Why ?……….
    LHT JV’s is closing and selling their engine shop JV with QANTAS effective September this year ( 
    ) and they will also closing the few other venture soon.
    And yet this bo(otak) head Azhari is pushing for a work shop JV with LHT (with few MAS manager in cohort ). LHT is a lame duck and proceeding this JV is a suicide for MAS long term survival as it will continue to bleed.
    Azhari , you wanted sooooo much that LHT get this contract by hook or crook because you had make a promise to your master during your dinner on 10th May 2012 at a Sea Food Restaurant in Bangsar (btw this Restaurant belong to Kali Ular). 

    Oh yes , 4 of you ,The  Pariah , LHT people, Anaz and you were there .You should check the strategic procurement manual and corporate approving authority manual if you are allowed a personal contact with a bidder who currently bidding a multi million contract with MAS . You should be DI for this meeting and nullified the LOI and contract for this close contact .

    And you are still in close contact with pariah even after the reversal of the share suap in April .
    Azhari, you can run but you cannot hide and we will expose , we would be very very happy too if you berambus dari MAS , can’t stand seeing your face everyday lah.  “””””

  26. Sam Aisaria

    dear Sir/Madam…whom ever you are TQ for yr exposure..on ALL THOSE CROOKS…whom most says kita org ISLAM….( remind them to take a good long look in the mirror..DO NOT MAKE A MOCKERY OF yr God fearing Moslems brothers and sisters..)

    i hope that MASEU wil be able to convince MAS to increase the Productivity for their effort to win the WORLD BEST CABIN CREW for the 7th times..despite all the “turbulence” MASEU asking for somekind of appreciation is an insult.. THE CABIN CREW SHOULD BE REWARDED FOR BEING PRODUCTIVE…UNTIRELESS EFFORT TO ENSURE THE MALAYSIAN HOSPITALITY EXTENDED TO THEIR GUEST….and as a result they are voted as THE BEST….

    I Salute them for that…Kudos…MH Crew

  27. observer 2

    my appologies to all, i would like to give my 2 cent as a lowest worker in the company.. i think MAS has been a sinking ship since TR taking over.. it’s the era that we sold our ONLY engine test cell in subang to GE.. we sold our precious MAS catering, we sold our precious MAS cargo, and we almost sold Engineering.. since then, all the manger@Senior Manager@SVP or whatever we called the head of engineering is like “tikus membaiki labu”.. there is no more diversify in airlines bussiness..since then, MAS never recover.. but the real treassure of MAS is the staff… they go up and down with the company. no matter what the bosses decide, they will obey and delivered eventhough they’re not agreed with it.. so, Azhari is only one of the boss that hold the position. and i’m sure when his contract end, he will let others to continue the repaired or continue to sunk it.. for now, we just give him a chance to proof is he a worthy or not.. but the question is, is what azhari is doing now has not been done by others manager before him? how many person are gaining from MAS material contract previously? how much contract we loose under previous manager management and not been told? who started the pooling system of spares for mas 737 fleet? until now, i still cant see how the pooling system can expedite an AOG aircraft rectification process… and there is always AOG.. again we pay tripple from the original price.. please correct me if i’m wrong..
    why we are narrowing down our view to ATR contract? it’s firefly management who choose their aircraft to be maintained by SAE.. YES.. i’m regret that we lost ATR and narrow body contract to SAE and AIROD (which are curently led by our previous management). for god sake, it’s a business.. customer will go for the best choices that they have.. if we lost it, we will take it back in the future. we will regained it with honour.. not because FY was MAS subsidiary, then the maintenance will be automatically granted to MAS engineering.. or just because we want the contract, we are willing to offer the lowest price that we could not gain anything from it? we will maintained FY aircraft because we are good at it.. if we are the best, not just FY will send their aircraft to us but, also others operator who operates ATR in this whole wide world. we have proove our quality of work on 777, a330, 747… this is what we do best… survive… the staff will do their best…this is what we engineering are..
    i wonder, for the time being if we had win the atr contract, do we have any hangar space for the hmv? because for now, we are busy with End Of Least Check.. as for our 737 classics, of course the owner want it back like when we initialy least it. a lot of work need to be done. skin repair, part replacement even a keel beam replacement.. tu belum masuk our 747 EOL, Airbuses EOL, 777 EOL…what is the use of contract, if we unable to accomplish the atr hmv on time, and how much penalty we are willing to pay for it?
    so, no matter what deal of spare is azhari is working for, he still need the staf support.. without the staff, he could gain as much as he can from the vendor, if he think it is required for the survival of the company, then, he could just do it. but, he has to pulled all staff together to work with him.. and to win our heart is not easy.. So azhari, please appreciate us more than our previous bosses.
    finaly.. i’m just a worker who had to work to earn a living eventhough there is more oppurtunity outside malaysia, i would love to choose to stay with MAS engineering.. a stupid is as stupid does…… May Allah Guide And Help us All.

  28. the truth prevails ...

    GE man I dare you to show yourself and get all the things you have written all these while up to the very top that is the PM. Show yourself and be anak jantan.Jangan tulis dalam blog. Maybe you are dayus. just commenting. Show yourself once and for all to see.Have a town hall and invite all those interested to listen to all that you have written and charge those guilty. Very simple. Then you are anak jantan.That is if you are.

  29. GE Man

    The casualties on bo(otak) head Azhari new line up .

    Dear colleagues,
    We are intending to hold a formal farewell dinner for En Khairuddin Hamzah and En Iszham Idris as append below.
    a.         Venue               :           Grand Dorsett, Subang Jaya, Selangor
    b.         Date                 :           Wednesday, 5th September 2012
    c.         Time                 :           2000 – 2230 hrs
    This function (including gifts) shall be funded through contributions from all of us, the actual quantum is yet to be determined (targeted RM$140.00 per pax).
    For our planning purpose we appreciate your feedback on the following:
    a.         Ability to attend                                                             :           YES/NO…………………..
    b.         Special food requirements                                  :           Vegetarian/Eat all          ! :………………………………
    c.         Can’t attend but will contribute for parting gift       :           ……………………………….
    Kindly send your feedback not later than 12.00pm – Tuesday, 4th September 2012 to memoid “SORAYA” (ext 3656), to enable us to make the necessary arrangement. We’ll notify on the details of this event once we obtain feedback from the relevant all.
    Awaiting your feedback soon.
    Thanking you as always for your cooperation.
    Engineering & Maintenance Division
    1st Floor, Hangar 2, MAS Complex A
    Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport
    47200 Subang
    Tel     :   603 – 7840 3023
    Fax    :   603 – 7847 2041

  30. scorpion

    kikiki, those cold storage ex tech svcs staff are tasting their own medicine. Rashidi Saidin rose the ladder by trampling n getting rid of his able engineers Lin VT, Lam YF, Sundram, Razak, Azizan, Ghazali et al. etc. Shukri is a crony of supercrony Shahari Sulaiman of Maskargo. Aznam used all his Umno connections, spent more time in Luxor business than working. Yip Kk , a golf runner fir Rashidi Saidin. heck, Ahmad Ilias as Mts, the no nothing and kaki ponteng.

  31. stevan

    saya tahu ada ramai pekerja masaalah yg sedang tunggu keputusan untuk lanjut tempoh pekerjaan (extension until 58/60). terdapat ramai staf yg mempunyai masaalah kesihatan (long hospitalisation/ mc) dan ada yg mempunyai record disiplin. saya mempunyai forman yg menghabiskan masa di rumah kerana masaalah kesihatan. pada masa tersebut, dia juga pergi bercuti bersama keluarga menggunakan kemudahan tiket MAS. pegi kerje ada masaalah kesihatan, holiday ok. saya minta hal ini disiasat kerana dengan terperinci.yg dapat extension confirmation pon ada. kami prihattin.

    1. Stevan bin Abu Samah

      Hi Kota Kumuning

      Stevan bin Abu Samah

      Nah, saya revealkan nama bapa saya juga walaupun kesemuan nama ialah pseudoname saya. Perkenalan kita bermula di sini. Saya amat suka topic ini amat penting MAS kini dan utk masa mendatang. Saya juga tahu ramai warga MAS membaca blog ini. Cukup untuk saya katakan ramai pekerja mengambil kesempatan atas kekurangan pihak MAS membuat due dilligence semasa memberikan extension kepada pekerja. Lihat saja berapa ramai pekerja MAS yang tidak produktif dari peringkat bawahan hingga ke atasan. Saya sungguh simpati dan merasakan, pihak pengurusan cuba untuk membeli hati dan perasaan pihak union untuk melembutkan hati union semasa share-swap period. Saya sendiri faham apa maksud AJ apabila mengatakan bahawa perkerja MAS tidak produktif kerana ia memang benar jika dilihat dari beberapa sudut. mungkin perkara ini berlaku dalam organisasi lain, tetapi pada ketika MAS berada di dalam situasi hidup/ mati kesemuanya adalah kritikal. Adakah pihak MAS mengambil kira

      1. pekerja datang ke opis lambat dan balik awal (lihat time stamp, walaupon tidak accurate dapat memberi indikasi)
      2. tidak ada deliverables – senang dicari
      3. MC/ Hospital lama (data sedia ada)
      4. Bil utk #3 termasuk kos ubat mas supply (data sedia ada)
      5. Penggunaan kemudahan seperti telefon utk panggilan peribadi (boleh trace).
      6. Penggunaan flight ticket semasa tempoh coti sakit
      7. Justifikasi ketua jabatan
      8. Historical dicipline record
      9. Tak pakai uniform, tapi dapat duit dobi utk uniform

      Di MAS, ada pekerja yang kerja bermati-matian, dan ada yang seperti mati kerana banyak sangat tido. Ramai yg keja MAS utk tiket kapalterbang murah memudahkan pergi sana sini buat bisness direct selling, jual barang vietnam, jual barang guangzau, buat pakej umrah, main golf, bawak teksi, jual ubat kuat, jual kacang medan. Hahahahah. Takda keje kat opis pon takper gaji masuk 25 hb, medical covered… entahlah..

      yg benar
      Stevan Jobs bin Abu Samah (nama betul saya)

      1. Anonymous

        Sdr Stevan, tepat sekali pandangan anda. Banyak staff seperti yang sdr sebutkan tu ada di HR juga, sebab tu enforcement of displin tidak diseragamkan, kalau di HR, semua boleh jalan, Boss pun tutup mata dua2 belah! So, macam mana staff di jabatan lain tak mengambil kesempatan juga?

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