Organisational Chart No: ?


To        : All Staff System-wide

Date     : 16 August, 2012 at 4:50 pm

Ref       : GCEO CIR 025/12

Dear Colleagues,

Malaysia Airlines Group Organisation Structure effective 22 August 2012

Following recent changes at the leadership and corporate level, I am pleased to announce the new Malaysia Airlines Group Organisation Structure effective 22 August 2012. This revised structure will enable more direct areas of responsibility and accountability in implementing the Business Plan initiatives.

Subsequent to this Circular, the respective divisional heads will announce their organisation structure to the teams, providing more details of their business unit and appointment of respective heads.

Key highlights of this corporate organisation structure are as follows:

·         All main divisional heads are known as ‘Directors’.
·         Captain Azharuddin Osman completes his tenure as Director of Operations. Tapping on the wealth of his experience in Operations and as a technical crew, he is now Advisor to the Group CEO focused on Operations matters. Here, I would like to place on record my warm appreciation to Captain Azharuddin for his many contributions thus far in his career at Malaysia Airlines, and look forward to his continued support in this new portfolio.
·         Stepping into the role as Director of Operations is Captain Izham Ismail. Taking on the portfolio of Flight Operations is Captain Kamarudin Kamilin who is already one of our senior management pilots.
·         Customer Experience Division has been re-aligned as Customer Services Division which is headed by Dato’ Mohd Salleh Tabrani. Depending on functionality, selected business units of CE have been moved to Operations, Commercial and Customer Services divisions. Given this change, all areas are expected to ensure that we provide the best end-to-end customer experience.
·         Director of Corporate Services is Mohd Sukri Husin. For the interim, he will also double-hat as Director of Finance and I would like to thank Sukri for leading the division once again. The appointment of Director of Finance will be made in due course.
·         Two key business units have been renamed – Human Capital will be known as Human Resources while Airport Operations will be renamed Airport Services; reporting into Customer Services.
·         Strategy under the Group CEO’s Office will be led by Proteek Sengupta replacing Bryan Foong whose last working day with us was on 15 August 2012. I thank Bryan for leading the Strategy team and assisting my office to keep a close watch on the Business Plan initiatives that we have been implementing across the Company as well as looking at further initiatives to speed up the recovery of the Company.
With the following appointments and business units realignment and consolidation, please join me in congratulating our colleagues. I ask that you support and work with them.

The airline industry remains challenging moving forward. So far, the Q2 2012 financial results show that we are on the right track to improve our financial position further. There is good momentum which is important to sustain as we still have a lot more work to be done. There is no single formula or one person or business unit that can turnaround Malaysia Airlines on its own. We need to align all our efforts to ensure that we are coordinated to deliver on our goals to turnaround our Company.

With the festive celebrations coming up this weekend, on behalf of the Management team, I take this opportunity to wish all Muslim colleagues throughout our network, a happy and blessed Eid Mubarak or Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. To everyone else and especially our teams who will be on the job during the upcoming holidays, I thank you for keeping the fort.

Once again, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

99 thoughts on “Organisational Chart No: ?

  1. Hanif

    The clueless is really showing how clueless he is. We are also at a lost as to how many organizational charts that MAS had to go through after the share suap and the clueless got into MAS.

    The clueless way of turning around MAS is by re-branding, change of MAS livery to blue and now organizational chart. AJ, you are a real joker. You are surrounded by idiots. AJ, just bungkus the two Botaks and go.

  2. uncle najim

    1. need to update, reprint, redistribute, rebrief manuals, Sop, policies, stakeholders, etc.
    2. people will get confused, not to mention the already confused staff.
    3. etc. etc. etc
    4. may god have mercy.

  3. Jamal MAS

    What a joke? By the time AJ disappear, he will have too many charts to count. Just wonder who is his advisers? Don’t tell me the two botak heads!

  4. Anonymous

    Is there anyone keeping track how many advisors MAS already have? Pak Lah, Martin Barrow, Capt to apply to be one lah??

    1. Hancus

      AJ must be the highest paid and highest cost CEO in MAS history. Besides his gaji, MAS must also bear the cost of his “advisors”? How many are there? He has a Director of Operations and he also needs an advisor for “operations”? Is he saying the Director of Operations he just appointed is incapable of running Operations, so he needs an advisor to advise him about Operations? Maybe that’s true, the newly-appointed Director of Operations must have too much on his hands carrying balls and creating power -point presentations to explain away all the issues……….. how on earth could the Board approve this???

      1. Clueless Idiot


        The Board with Scomi man Tan Sri Azman Yahya and IJM Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng will just rubber stamp whatever decisions made by the clueless.

        The clueless needs all the advisors otherwise how could he sit there. If he could allow AA X to take over MAS additional profitable route to Sydney, routes to Bandung, another organizational chart was just the norm.

        After Raya, when AJ got back from London for his special meeting he will come out with another Business Plan. This is the way to show that he is effective and doing his job well. May be the Board will give him a salary increment after Raya for a job well done.

        AJ is the best CEO MAS ever had. No wonder MAS signed the agreement to uplift AAX 35000 passenger at below cost. This is how AJ help MAS to fill the seats at the expense of MAS own passengers.

        AJ himself is also helping MAS to fill the seats to London. MAS is doomed under such a clueless CEO!

    1. FEDUP

      I don’t see Engineering&Maintenance in the structure? MAE is a separate unit with, technically speaking, only ONE employee, Azahari himself. The other 4,000 or so staff are staff of MAS Engineering& Maintenance Division. So, question now is : where is E&M Division, or is this AJ’s way of saying he is turning E&M Division into a full subsidiary, or is he divesting E&M? As usual, every structure or Plan he rolls out creates some more confusion, not to mention further demoralisation, when the same stale wine are simply recycled.Or could this just be part of AJ’s bigger hidden agenda to ensure the accelerated death of MAS, as a favour to his great buddy T., and to “avenge” the Share Swap cancellation?

  5. Anonymous

    Why does Inflight Services reports to Director of Operations and Inflight Operations reports to Director, Customer Services? And Golden Lounge is not part of Airport Services??

    1. Anon


      I think if you followed some of the harsh postings here and the grieviences of the crew, it would be very clear why Inflight Services now reports to Hayati.

      1. Veteran

        What do you expect with the hopeless Salleh Tak Berani…… Whole life glorifying his success in MAS during Turun Padang ! Challenging crew to report him to Chairman or MD if he’s doing any wrong in MAS… childish for a grown up senior management staff. So many Apple Polishers by his side to make him feel good …

    2. DIZZY

      Don’t ask. It’s all part of AJ’s brilliant strategy. Now we are back in the 80’s calling divisional heads “Directors”, must be upon advice from some of the dinosuar advisors he is surrounding himself with. Confusion must be part of the “game changers” to “turnaround” MAS.

  6. When TR took over came Vice Presidents, Executive Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents then when new management took over came General Managers, Assistant General Manager, senior General Managers now with AJ at the helm come Directors?,, same clowns but different titles. With it comes new business cards signage at the office not to mention amendment to policy manuals.what a joke AJ 2nite going to London on MH2?

  7. Chan

    The Chief Clown was his capabilities in running a GLC. It is unheard of that a company comes out with so many organizational charts with no positive result of its previous charts.

    What happened with the previous chart with Shane Nollan heading the Commercial Department? At least the Chief Clown should tell us. How many MAS were rescheduled to accommodate AA to take over MAS slots? How many profitable routes were terminated for AAX? How much losses/profits (if any) that MAS got from the uplifting of the AAX 35,000 passengers? What benefits MAS received to sponsor the Pariah’s QPR? ….

    The Chief Clown should hide himself in London or join AirAsia or Nanny Danny wherever he is.

  8. AR Abu Bakar

    It is rather quite a bad choice putting a Chinese as Performance & Remuneration Manager. What is going to happen will be just like what happening to lots of other organization, only the Chinese or to certain extend the Indian is the hard working lots . They deserve better salary, better promotion, higher bonuses in all field. They will find ways and means to degrade a Malay and try ways and means to deny them with thousand and one excuses. Debut me will anyone please?????????.

    1. we ALL know

      myopic racist…. what you’ve just written proves your mental capacity as a MALAYSIAN first… are you implying that the chinese and to a ‘certain extent’ indians are hard working lots and they would find ways and means to degrade them? me and my malay friend take offence to what you are implying…

    2. Chris Rea

      Abu Bakar, improve your English before asking someone to debunk your thoughts in your post.
      By the way, Selamat Hari Raya.

      1. we ALL know

        KAHKAH KAH!!! “anyway my English ‘lots better’ than yours” ?
        You joking, right?? I would have died (LAUGHING!) if you had spelt English as Inggeris…. or worst, Ingrish!

        Please la…. tak kira Melayu, Cina atau pun India…. janji kerja yang ditanggungjawabkan diselesaikan dan kita pelajari dari mereka yang sedia menjalankan tugas dan tanggungjawab dengan baik.

    3. Proud to be Malaysian

      AR Abu Bakar, what’s the matter with you? Please open your eyes wide, and take a good look at HR, what is it full of? Melayus. This poor Chinese fella has no clue what they will do to him, exactly what they did to his predeccesor, also a Chinese. The only sorry thing about this is, even the most brilliant of people, Chinese or Indian or whatever, will become mediocre and stupid once they are sucked into HR’s culture. It’s already happening to this Chinese fella. And, by the way, in MAS, surely you know, it is the Melayus who will kill their own kind. All previous (but one) incumbents in that position were Melayus, what did they achieve? So, tak payah lah nak tunjuk nationalisme sangat. It’s laughable. Btw, I am Melayu, but luckily I am race-blind, because I am proud to be Malaysian.

    4. AR abu bakar:- u ni tak cukup duit raya ke?
      buta ke u ni? dah ber tahun2 mas di belasah olih melayu sendiri, nak apa lagi. U ni senaja nak buat hal. kalau orang tu boleh buat kerja biar lah, mas untung, u pun dapat. u ingat semua melayu ni pandai keje ke? setengah masa relek aja. cukup la tu, dah sampai masa untuk membenerkan orang yang boleh buat keje di naik kan taraf dan selamatkan mas tau. ingat sebelum masuk kaki sendiri ke mulut kau ya! batal puasa u nak ingat macam racist ni….

    1. Anonymous

      Stan, MORE SVPs should go missing, and all the previous EVPs as well, and it would not make one jot of difference at all! Now the recycled EVPs, and one even got himself promoted to Director Operations, are “reBRANDED” as Directors. Is this supposed to save MAS? May God help us, we need all the divine intervention we can get.

  9. Parameswara

    This message from an ex-MAS staff makes sense. It was from a Facebook page.

    “I know there are a lot of negative comments about MAS by ex/current MAS staff.

    Putting aside sentiments, let’s move forward. Cursing, swearing and condemning some people does not solve matters. The MAS financial problem has been addressed. Now is the time to move forward and make MAS great again. I remember PM YAB Hussein Onn said during the height of the 1979 Industrial Dispute and I quote “Don’t start something when you do not know how to end”. A lot of ex MAS and current MAS employees has started something by opposing the share swap and let us end it by working together to make MAS a successful Airline. Show your passion for MAS by contributing positively to the betterment of MAS.

    The same people you curse, swear and condemn are the same people who had addressed the financials. Granted in their exuberance in turning MAS around they may erred but we must look at the bigger picture. We have to think about the job security and livelihood of the 20,000 employees which means 20,000 households. If one household consist an average of 5 people that would mean 100,000 people. What about the security and livelihood of those who provide third party services like Suppliers, Vendors, Travel Agents etc. Looking beyond this threshold, is the National Economy. To the current MAS staff, now is the time to show your commitment to the MAS, close ranks, contribute and show to the world what you can do in esprit de corp.

    The continuous blasting of MAS by ex/current MAS staff in this public domain is not prudent as it not only adversely affect Investors’/Customers’ confidence but also have a negative psychological
    impact on those affected. Please stop it, if you really care for the current 20,000 employees and their dependents. We ex MAS have had our time…and I am sure we enjoyed every moment of it. Yes, time can take us away from MAS but time cannot take the MAS in us. If everyone of us have an iota of love for MAS deep in our hearts let us show it by contributing positively for the sake of not only the current employees, future generations and but also the Nation. Let us move forward.

    Let this Hari Raya Aidil Fitri be a time of forgiveness and move forward for the betterment of MAS, its Employees and the Nation.

    In all sincerity “Selamat hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Pohon Ma’af Zahir dan Batin”

    1. Anonymous

      No need to guess who wrote this, I see DR D.n written all over the page here. No need for the heroics la, just give us a good leader with integrity, trustworthiness, and the passion to make MAS great and we will rally around him. We do not need a leader who goes gallivanting every week when the house is on fire and the backyard is a mess. Ironically, the esprit de corp should be displayed by the CEO first, is he displaying this by badmouthing the very people he is supposed to lead? Come on la, give a break from this crap!!

    2. Anonymous

      Whoever wrote this glossed over a few fundamentals. Firstly, let us all not for one second think that AJ was the one who “addressed the financials”. Mr Clueless would be clueless in doing the financials. Credit must go to the Chairman himself, who was ably assisted by none other than Danny. Credit must be given where it is due.This is where I agree that we extend a little forgiveness to Danny. In any case, addressing the financials simply means getting a little more time on borrowed money. Borrowed from the taxpayers to be exact. Borrowed money must be repaid. To do this MAS needs to focus on getting the money in, and controlling costs. Now comes the next fundamental- since staff costs are the second highest next to fuel costs, look at the structure – why keep extending staff who have reached retirement, isn’t this adding to the staff costs? Costs not only in terms of money, but the psychological costs on the serving staff who sees a typical “cakap tak serupa bikin” here? If the person writing this wants staff to close ranks, easier said than done, he forgets that this can only be done when staff see a real, sincere, transparent effort on the part of the CEO and his senior team in walking the talk first. By selecting a team of has-beens(Azaharudin) of arguable competencies (Izham) and nil acceptance by the staff (Azahari) they are supposed to lead is DEFINITELY not the smartest of things to do. It is another fundamental that the CEO does NOT inspire trust nor confidence in the staff. So, back to another fundamental, as quoted by former PM, Tun Dr M, ” a fish will always rot from the head first”, let us put aside the heroic semantics and rhetoric, and fix the rot where it starts first. Fundamental.

    3. Bahlol

      Move forward, Kepala hotakkau. How to move with the same drivers who don’t know yang mana depan yang mana belakang. Semua Bod and top mngmt must resign enbloc or else! &.;)?’@@:;)&,,’

    4. we ALL know

      ahahaaa… sometimes its best to keep your thoughts to yourself and let everyone think that you are dumb, that to share your thoughts and remove all doubts…
      … “read” what Think-Lah has written and you would perhaps sense the anger and frustration as to what the staff is feeling with the current top management and their appointed and “recycled” directors…


  10. Think-Lah

    Please examine what that clueless and his people have done to MAS. The clueless gave AAX Sydney route on the silver platter. Look at the low fares charged to the AAX passengers. Look at the appointment of Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult as Commercial Director. Look at the appointment of PlaneConsult as CONsultant. Look at the reschedule of flight times of MAS that were given to AAX. Look at the termination of Bandung route and AAX took up the slot. look at the sponsorship of QPR. There were too many to list about what the clueless has endorsed as CEO.

    What about re-branding with that stupid blue colour which was supposed to be for all aircraft becos of protest then the excuse was for the A380 only.

    If it has been one or two mistakes, we can live with the mistakes. Look at how many that the clueless have endorsed against the interest of MAS and at the same time he is telling the staffs MAS was bleeding!

    Re-branding cost money. Why re-branding and changing of corporate colour when MAS is bleeding. Until this day, the clueless is still not telling us how much did it cost MAS and who made that decision.

    No wonder we call him clueless and he love London. He had to be in London very often. At whose expense?

    Do you expect us to keep quiet and move on with him bullshitting us and at the same time drawing RM250,000 a month and for us the staff RM10 increment is too much becos MAS is bleeding. What the Bull Shit!

    The clueless should have at least a 50% cut in salary before he want to tell us that MAS is bleeding. Stop telling us to move on under the above circumstances. It must the cyber trooper of Strategic Comm to divert attention. We shall expose the clueless and his cronies until they get out of MAS.

  11. Still brainless

    Think-Lah makes more sense to MAS staffs and other thinking Malaysians except the Pariah’s cybertroopers.

    How can one move on when one has been constantly told that MAS is bleeding and at the same time that clueless idiot was spending money like there is no tomorrow and at the same time charging AAX with below market fare. Just imagine which other CEOs will agree to uplift AAX passengers to London with RM1100 economy inclusive of all taxes and Business Class less than RM10,000. At the same time MAS had to provide more luggage allowance and provide food and beverage.

    The cybertrooper please try harder next time. Just answer to us what the clueless had done for the past 10 months. Whether they were done for the sake of MAS or AirAsia?

    The clueless should move himself to AirAsia as soon as possible. That will be the beginning of the turning around of MAS. Don’t forget to take that Botak Azhari with him too.

    Which other airlines came out with 3 organizational charts within 10 months? On average one chart every 3 months! If he has brain, he wouldn’t have allowed the appointment of Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult.

  12. The Dungu

    Agreed that AJ and Azhari should move to AirAsia. That is the place where they belong. Look at the decisions as highlighted here. No one in the right mind will do what that idiot has done. Until this day, he is still silence and who was responsible for the re-branding and what was the total cost.

    Agreed with that cybertrooper trying to tell us to move on and forget about what had be done for the past 10 months. It is easier said and done. The damage that was done to MAS was too much for us to stomach. During so many Townhall meetings, the clueless was bullshitting away.

    He told the world that MAS incurred RM2.5 billion losses. Why was he on the spending spree on the re-branding!

    Move on after MAS was forced to pay RM10.3 million to the pariah’s QPR, which was almost relegated!

    The cybertrooper should ask AJ and the botak to move to AirAsia immediately so that MAS can turn around in the real sense of the word.

  13. MAS admirer

    Published: Friday August 17, 2012 MYT 11:14:00 AM

    AirAsia X carries 580,000 passengers in Q2, up 28.9% on-year

    KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia X carried 580,000 passengers in the second quarter ended June 30, 2012, up 28.9% from a year ago, for the continuing routes while its load factor also recorded an improvement.

    It said on Friday in terms of passenger traffic, it recorded 3.8 billion available seat kilometers (ASKs) and 3.1 billion revenue passenger kilometers (RPKs) for the second quarter of 2012.

    AirAsia X said load factor rose 4.0 percentage points to 82% from the 78% a year ago.

    “All routes that AirAsia X has operated for over a year have yielded an increase in load factor in the second quarter of 2012 versus the second quarter of 2011,” said the airline.

    AirAsia X also started flying to Sydney in April 2012, expanding its network to 13 desitnations in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

    In terms of cargo, it transported 7,374 tonnes of freight in the second quarter of 2012 and 14,781 tonnes for the first half of 2012, which was a 9% on-year growth for its continuing routes. For the first half of 2012, AirAsia X carried 1.1 million passengers, up 16.6% from a year ago on continuing routes.

    As for ASKs, it recorded 8.3 billion and RPKs of 7.0 billion in the first half of 2012, which was a load factor of 84%. This was an improvement of 5.0 percentage points from the 79% in the previous corresponding period.

    This is an incerption from The Star.

    What wonderful and prudent way it runs its” business.
    Do you think it has so many Directors?

  14. Terminal mess

    Weird….. Engineering having only one name, no structure

    Anyone have any explanation for this?

    Azahari was supposed to have announce the new MAE structure to staff on 15 Aug. So far nil… What gives?

  15. Uncle Naj

    step 1. ‘if i may’ – CLEAN UP THE RESOURCE. i can see many resources (i.e. people) gone wasteful. Essentially MAS is in a situation where it has agreed to retain many-many unproductive staff (simple fact, known to all). at the same time, looks clueless to monitor their productivities. Purely from my observation seeing MAS staff at places where they shoudn’t be. Work starts at 830, i’m sure many arrives late. during working hours, many are outside for other-than-work reasons, many go home early, many sleeping & monkeying at workplace. I’ve been working for many years at the airport, it is just sad to see this. i’m sure, there are initiatives in place to address this, but, when the top people are consistently moving around, who the heck is going to take accountability. Not to mention Union or (Onion) opposition when it comes to company wanting to be strict on dicipline matters. Union Exco are doing this as well (sometime i’m with don’t deny). How many of union top people wearing proper/ improper attire to work. How many union exco going for teh tarik at cafe for no specific reasons. these people are supposed to show good example.
    so objectively, get the HR and Union looking into introducing TIME MANAGEMENT. Capturing very basic in-out work place timing. very -very basic one. I’m sure this is very difficult to do in MAS, not to mention capturing more complicated matrices, but i’m confident, you’ll be amazed to see the resut. if you like this, please bank in my consultation fees to any charity houses in Malaysia. ba bai sayangku. i’ll buy MAS share if U do this.

  16. In a previous thread, its was alleged that .. has 2passports, malaysian and British! Can the writer confirm that? British law may allow dual citizenship, but malaysian law does NOT. its illegal. someone should inform the immigration dept and the home ministry.
    (a malaysian can have PR in another country, its allowed but not another passport or dual citizenship)

  17. anwar


    Its not that I simply want to call parameswara a bangsat n maybe I should apologise but his reasoning does not make sense at all.

    MAS is one of the most cor..ted GLC in Malaysia.

    1.You want to be promoted u must lobby as I can give you names of corrupted goons promoted to positions I cant imagine and if I give the names and proof they should be sack.

    2.You want to be a vendor you should pay a bribe and you want to be a supplier to MAS you must pay bribe.

    3.MAS honest and sincere staff are still where there are until retired.

    4.Why an important post of Director Commercial given to a foreigner when it should be withing the 20000 MAS staff.

    5.Why is AJ getting 250,000 salary when he should get not more than 50,000.

    6.Why is AJ allowed to travel frequently to London when the FOC is only give a year and the other should be rebate tickets.

    MAS is an airline where anybody can say anything that is right but the management will still do what they thing is right as most of the comments since last 1 year does not take effect on AJ.

    Parameswara I should not have call you a bangsat and am sorry for that and wishing you a Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin

  18. anwar


    Parameswara I hope you can accept my apologies whoever you are but your comments are just not fair to others as sometimes they are talking facts not nonsense

    1. Parameswara

      Tuan Anwar
      I only posted an advice to ex-MAS staff by a former senior management staff of the compnay. Komen itu bukan saya punya lah tuan.
      Tapi bagus jugak…..yang melakukan kerja ‘Pos Laju’ macam saya harus sedia untuk terima pandangan macam-macam.

  19. Anonymous

    What do you expect from the clueless! Please accept lah. A clueless is always a clueless. He is only good to send the cyber trooper to do damage control for all the nonsense he had done that help AA. The glaring one was the giving Sydney and Bandung route to AAX. Pus the lifting of the AAX passengers below cost. No CEO would have done that except the clueless and the cronies.

  20. K Guna

    that cyber trooper has been trying to disrupt our task. Just read the “Think Lah” comments. Let the clueless or pariah’s cyber trooper to answer. I bet you they have no answer.

    The earlier the clueless leave MAS for AirAsia the better for him and the Pariah. Of course, please tak along the Botak Azhari and Al Ishal too.

  21. Eddy

    Aj’s problem was trying to please the Pariah. Now he couldn’t provide answers to the questions on who made the decision to re-brand, cost, uplifting of AAX passengers for a song, put sydney and Bandung routes on the silver platter for the Pariah and the list will be too long.

    Just pack up and go to London will be better of for the clueless. He is now becoming Nanny Danny no: 2.

  22. Lee from MAS

    “Move on” what rubbish? Look at the damaged that that clueless has endorsed. He practically sucked up tot he pariah. Need I say more?

    1. Cheng from MAS

      “move on” to where. When the clueless was groping in the dark for the past 10 months. The clueless was endorsing whatever the Pariah wanted him to approve. Cabinet gave MAS exclusive additional flight to MAS and yet the clueless gave it to his master. When the up-lifting of the AAX was exposed, the clueless entered into the Re-accommodation Agreement in the rush and charged the AAX passengers (35,000) at a lost against procedures. For a start no bank guarantee. AAX was supposed to pay up all outstanding sum by 31 March and did not pay. Yet MAS carried to ferry the passengers without terminating the agreement.

      The clueless also gave up Bandung, Haneda and others. The clueless was good for nothing except receiving RM250k monthly and frequent free ride to London on First Class.

  23. Zak

    The Company Secretary normally reports to the Board of Directors.
    Not to Director of Corporate Services!!!
    Who the hell came up with this org chart???

    1. Ahmad

      Good point.
      Sah, MAS telah di korbankan.

      Apa ni Md Nor, Chairman berpuluh puluh company including SC tak tau basic Company Law kah????
      No wonder MAS screwed up masa dia Md dan still screwing up.

      PM, as Chairman of Khazanah must sack this guy sebelum Union kick him out!

  24. anon

    Bangang, itu administative reporting la bongok..takkan lah Company Secretary nak cuti raya pun kena mintak approval dari Board..

  25. anonymous

    AJ is good at coming up Business Plan after Business Plan, Organizartional Chart after organizational chart. May that was what he thought he was expected to do beside kow tow to the Pariah. Of course, also to receive the monthly fat salary for giving up good routes to the Pariah.

  26. John Doe

    Dear YB,

    The recently stopped ‘icms” intelligent crew management system was “in-house” developed by one Capt. Dr. OOi T.S. for a minimum sum of not more than a couple of million ringgit and has been in used for many years BUT immediately after the so called stupid collaboration with AA, MAS was forced to discontinue with the use of this highly efficient and well proven icms crewing rostering system. In its place, MAS was forced to implement the highly inefficient, out-dated MH Crew Portal which was previously used by AA and discarded for obvious reasons. To add insults to injuries, MAS was made to pay many million RM to takeover this stupid and highly inefficient portal which is currently being aggresively rejected by the crews for its stupidity. Based on feedbacks, the stupid MH Crew Portal is mainly used in the past by low cost carriers only. I believe you can get more informations from the tech crews.

    Please investigate this allegation and if proven true, you should expose the pariah robber and his team of merry crooks.

    1. Pak Din

      Whoaa, this is very serious and easy to prove. If no action from current board and mgmt they might as well pack up and go.

  27. anon

    Dah la jahil, bongok sombong pulak tu..MD tu MD la bahlol..MD sorang, Board ramai..approval by the Board is given in a Board meeting or thru CRs..tak kan la CS nak minak cuti raya pun nak panggil Board meeting..tu la kecik2 dulu mak suruh pegi sekolah tak ndak..dah besar jadi bangang menyusahkan orang..

    1. Faisal

      A. Jahil clearly states that CS applies for leave to the MD (who is a part of the BOD). He certainly did not mention anything about CS “nak mintak cuti raya pun nak panggil Board meeting”. You really need to have your head examined.

      The CS box with with a reporting line to the BOD should have been clearly indicated. That’s probably why at first glance it looks as if CS reports to DCS which I doubt is the case here. But then again, this is MAS. Expects stunts of this nature.

  28. Crew

    The clueless thought that he is paid RM250k to please the Pariah by giving up routes (Sydney, Bandung, Surabaya, Dubai and Haneda). Only the clueless will do the stupid re-branding and new logo when MAS is bleeding.

    MAS will only stop bleeding when the clueless leaves MAS with the two botak. The chart means nothing to us if the head is clueless. He has shown that he only good at bodek the Pariah by giving up profitable routes to AirAsia X.

    Recovery can only start when he leaves MAS with the Botak Azhari and his crony Al-Ishal.MAS

    He must be the most traveled CEO of MAS. Making KL/LON route his rendevouz. Never seen a stupid CEO like AJ. And yet he is so arrogant.

    YB please expose him and his two Botak cronies when Parliament meets in September. Don’t forget about the Salleh Tak Berani too.

    Selamat Hari Raya to all.

  29. forman line 9

    Hi, GE Man…

    Mana lu punya suara bila Azahari botak kerja sorang2 kat MAE tu……Nampaknya he can handle the Eng by himself without you GE Man…ha..ha..ha..kesian..tu la lu kutuk dia lebih2 sgt….

  30. Antigajibuta

    Salleh ‘Tak Berani’ must go ASAP too…Dia dah byk menyusahkan Cabin Crew dgn projek-projek bodoh dia (A380, Golden Lounge dll). Pandai bodek jer utk kepentingan KPI sendiri tapi menyusahkan ramai staff…Tunggu, jangan sampai orang LUDAH kat dlm makanan kau!!!

  31. Anon

    Faisal, that’s why I said earlier on the reporting by CS to DCS is just administrative reporting when Zak and Ahmad said CS normally reports to the Board. Admin reporting means for purposes of applying leave etc. Tu je lah..A Jahil tu tak boleh buat apalah pasal dia memang ngok..

  32. crew manyampah

    Jaga si Salleh Tabarani tu. Sudah pegang BOD dan sudah bodek betul untuk hidup dan naik pangkat lagi.So masa depan terjamin.Dia memang hidup dengan bodek kuat kuat.Pandai betul si Taberani.Nasib baik tak jaga crew lagi. Tidak apa lagi project dia akan lingkup.

  33. 1Malaysia

    1st line, no Indian, no Chinese but got Mat Salleh, next line, 1 Indian and 4 Chinese. There are more foreigners than Indians….. this you call the National Airline? Huh, 1 Malaysia your head lah!

  34. cerita benar

    Cerita Benar

    MAS staff current and ex please just see this is happening in MH.

    1.A company .. was given the job o do baggage and ramp handling in KLIA since KLIA was formed.

    2.In the year 2009 their contract was not extended bcos some ex MH staff wants the business and was given to them (name remain a secret first)

    3.They can handle nicely and bcos of penalties they handed back the business to MH.

    4.MH contacted … again to run baggage and ramp and they did on contract basis until a tender is called.

    5…. cant handle it nicely bcos of short of manpower and bcos of this they also was charge with penalties.

    6.Less their invoice to MH less penalties they have to pay to MH approximately RM800,000 which up to date they did not pay a penny yet.

    7. … is also doing ground handling for MASkargo since last 15 years and MAS can easily deduct the penalties from their invoice to MASkargo.
    and MASkargo are not suppose to do business with them bcos they have debts with MAS in general until the debt is settle and isnt that the policy in MAS.


  35. messenger

    the s.t.b. should be investigated!!! revenue leakage was very high when he was the regional manager for malaysia (with one specific agent in KL) and Australia/ANZ (with a middle eastern agent). He spent a lot in maswings on golfing, entertainment, etc. Expect to turnaround mas – forget it!!!

  36. Kunyit Hidup

    Traffic, Customer Services, Airport Operations and now Airport Services. Whatever names are immaterial, the fact is indeed one of the pariah departments in MAS. No wonder the Airport Services leader is still TBA. Hopefully not another unwanted by others or the recycle deadwood.

    The very first effort will be reissuing documents bearing the latest name (manuals, contracts, signage and business contact etc). So, staff will be seen ‘productive’ amending dozens of documents system wide in the first year. Without update, MAS will be having problems with IATA audits, DCA, oneworld membership, contracts etc.

    AJay, nobody will stop you and your advisor to come-up with the new organisation chart soon after all relevant documents completely amended. That will prove you are not only good of ‘selling’ things for AA but too brilliant for ‘buying’ time for yourself.

    Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.

  37. Mohd

    I recall reading many comments about how innappropriate it was that MAS hired Plane CONsultant and Shane Nolan, because their expertise was in low cost airlines and not full service (like MAS). The why has no one raised the same issue about the 2 mat salleh’s in this chart – Hugh and Duncan – as both came from Westjet which is a low cost airline ????? If there was a real need to bring in mat salleh’s, then why not go out and get people who have experience in full service airlines ??? I don’t believe that there is no talent to tap within the airline for these 2 roles – especially the SVP Sales role. This is such a slap in the face to all in the airline. Even Malaysian talents from other blue chip Malaysian companies would have been better than bringing in this mat salleh. What message does it send to any Malaysian who aspires to reach such career heights ? And lastly, let”s not forget that Mr Hugh was hired during the Pariah’s tenure – so that probably explains why a guy from an LCC was hired into his initial role of network and now put in by AJ to head up COmmercial … To play to the tune of the Pariah … Keep your eyes/ears open my colleagues, to the actions of these 2 ….

    1. Anonymous

      “Talent” to be tapped within the airline? hahaha AJ has trouble getting even 100 “performers” out of 20,000 , so he says! You have to address this question to the recently extended former VP of “Talent Management” now reBRANDED as VP Organisation Development, apa sudah jadi with the “Talent List”, ada ke tak ada? She sits more than three years in the job, got nothing to show for it, then get a extention to do what? More of the same – nothing, but a lot of jargon-ising , in perpetual work-in-progress mode, lots of output BUT no outcome, so what can the rest of the company expect? Btw, the issue with PlaneConsult and Shane Nolan was clear CONFLICT of INTEREST la, and of course the subsequent “results” (read: damage) speak for themselves. And, let’s leave the race angle out of this, mat salleh or whatever, what MAS needs is leaders who can deliver. Now, that, in MAS, is a very rare commodity – thanks to brilliant “talent” managing!.

  38. Mohd

    I recall reading many comments about how innappropriate it was that MAS hired Plane CONsultant and Shane Nolan, because their expertise was in low cost airlines and not full service (like MAS). Then why has no one raised the same issue about the 2 mat salleh’s in this chart – Hugh and Duncan – as both came from Westjet which is a low cost airline ????? If there was a real need to bring in mat salleh’s, then why not go out and get people who have experience in full service airlines ??? I don’t believe that there is no talent to tap within the airline for these 2 roles – especially the SVP Sales role. This is such a slap in the face to all in the airline. Even Malaysian talents from other blue chip Malaysian companies would have been better than bringing in this mat salleh. What message does it send to any Malaysian who aspires to reach such career heights ? And lastly, let”s not forget that Mr Hugh was hired during the Pariah’s tenure – so that probably explains why a guy from an LCC was hired into his initial role of network and now put in by AJ to head up COmmercial – to play to the tune of the Pariah … My dear friends, keep your ears/eyes open to the actions/decisions of these 2 ….

  39. messenger no 2.....

    right on messenger. s.t.b sitting pretty thinking nobody knows.ask his cronies.
    all linked to former big wig from mas. no wonder mas looses. all iniside job also.lots of them little rats. mas sank long before all these because of these rats.stealing every corner.

    1. Mohd

      Nothing surprised me anymore … It’s funny how they all seem to be coming from Westjet – which is a much smaller airline than MAS, not to mention it being an LCC … What great heights has Westjet achieved in the aviation world that makes their people so highly desired and better than homegrown talent ?? I wonder why we aim so low when looking for “talent” … we don’t have any pride in who we are, the people/talent we nuture … Infact, this should tell us what failures snr mgt has been – particularly those in HR – in that we have to go to such a lowly regarded LCC in Canada, to bring in people that we ourselves have failed to develop and nurture … “Malaysia Boleh” ?? Obviously not at MAS ….

  40. cerita benar

    Cerita Benar

    Now MH staff take this news pulak:

    1.A company Toong L… supply all GSE tyres to MAS.

    2.MH can easily buy direct from tyre factory like goodyear or dunlop tapi pasal ada deal they buy from a vendor who makes good profits.

    Will update accordingly

  41. cerita benar

    Cerita Benar

    Management staff kalau tanya mana alasannya meeting or discussion and bila yg dia orang pergi kerja kita pun tak tau

    1. Bukan dongeng

      eh, macam tak tahu pulak, pergi meeting kan kerja juga, lebih2 lagi kalau meeting dengan Salleh Takbrani, meeting 8 jam, 10 jam, 12 jam biasa aje, ingat tak penat ke? Habis meeting berjam2, tak kira time solat ke, time makan ke, time keluarga ke, semua dia tak peduli, akhir sekali habok pun tak ada. Lebih cakap dari action, kena dengar “khutbah” dia, cerita lapok dia, cerita syok sendiri dia , angan2 mat jenin dia termasok la hantar Crew kerja kat Lounge, leader macam ni la yang akan “turnaround” MAS, soalnya “turnaround” ke mana? Lingkop la jawabnya.

  42. bukan dongeng no 2.....

    Tu s.t.b kan orang kita not mat salleh. Bila ambil mat salleh tak suka dan marah. Tapi bila kasi orang kita jawatan itu lah jadi dia.bukan dia sorang macam ini. banyak lagi terutama kuncu kuncu dia. Semua kaki lepak dan cakap kosong.tapi semua berangan nak pangkat. Kerja tak buat. so macam mana. orang kita kah atau mat salleh.T unjuk kita punya jaguh dulu dan buat kerja betul betul.kalau tidak MAS tak jadi lah macam ini. Tapi bukan semua ya.
    Ada yang betul betul kerja.

  43. cerita benar

    Cerita Benar,

    Ini hal Maskargo pulak

    Maskargo check staff you yang sitting with corrupted money with agents.

    Ada yang dapat naik pangkat sampai jadi senior manager pulak tak sedar dia pernah naik flight masa dia graded staff grade c dulu merasa masa tu naik FCL CLASS pergi MES.

    Reply this comment nanti saya bagi tau nama dia

    1. Ingin Tahu

      Setahu saya FRCL hanya di pesawat B747 & A380. MES hanya guna pesawat 737 dgn GCCL & EYCL sahaja. Semoga tidak timbul fitnah.

      Sekarang bolehlah beritahu namanya!

  44. cerita benar

    Cerita Benar

    saya pun tahu MES only operate B737-400 masa tu and maybe about class it shud be gccl tapi can check though his pnr kan n apa awak cakap pasal fitnah as i always talk about facts and figures with documented proof.

    Suruh Yunus of MASkargo reply then the name will be made public n he then he shud go to DI and then decide what to do to him.

  45. cerita benar

    cerita benar

    Ingin tahu awak kenal si yunus acting ceo maskargo tak.kalau kenal tanya kat dia macam mana graded staff dari grade b (masa naik flight mes dia grade c) terus promoted to grade d,e lepas tu jadi exec then conroller n skrg dah jadi manager dan seterusnya snr mgr ,bini 2 org n satu MH staff n geng motor besar pulak.

    Ini tip of the iceberg je ada banyak lagi and fyi kalau nak cepat naik pangkat pergilah jadi staff kat maskargo tentu boleh jadi eksekutif dgn cepat

  46. cerita benar

    cerita benar

    Ingin tahu tolong bagi tahu kat yunus maskargo contract sf powertech sambung lah lagi 3 + 2 years macam biasa lah tak payah lah called for tender kerana akan dapat kat sf powertech jugak walaupun syarikat ini ada hutang MH melalui penalty yg diaorang kena utk baggage and ramp handling n amount nya almost RM800,000 atau suruh yunus cakap kat hayati(oops dah tukar pulak skrg) write off je lah.

    1. no lie

      cerita benar, kalau nak tunjuk terer sekalipon, ini bukan tempatnyer. fcl ngan gccl tu dah salah. kan jauh bezanyer. kedua, awak tulis kat blog ni, “reply this comment nnt saya bagi tau namanyer”…bila dah reply, awak suruh refer kat orang lain….kutuk orang memang sedap, tapi lupa, diri sendiri pon buat silap.

  47. The Gooberman

    It seems to me that there are a legion of self-anointed “aviation experts” out there, each with their instant analyses and profound recommendations.

    It’s time to get real.

    For instance, how is MAS going to compete against the well-funded Gulf airlines – Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways?

    What does KLIA have to offer against the ultramodern air hubs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar?

    Or, nearer to home, Changi, Incheon and Hong Kong Airports?

    Malaysia Airports has been keeping mum because they don’t have any strategy to support an air hub ambition. That’s a fact. And they don’t have the funds to do a thorough makeover of KLIA.

    It is strangely relevant that AirAsia has decided to contract the maintenance of it’s Airbus A320 fleet to Singapore Technologies Aerospace Engineering. ST Aero Engineering has approvals and quality endorsements from a whole bunch of aviation regulators, including Malaysa/DCA, Australia/CASA, Indonesia/DGCA and the US/FAA.

    So all those who thought that AirAsia could be “blackmailed” or “strongarmed” into meek compliance with the “zealots” in Malaysia have had a rude awakening.

    Including, maybe, a Malaysia Airports that seems to be more interested in duking it out with AirAsia over KLIA2 than getting a handle on what it’s competitors are doing.

    As for MAS, all the organisation charts in the world ain’t going to make an iota of difference if it’s staff, management and board remain ignorant of the fundamental changes sweeping the global airline industry.

    What’s it that was said about Nero playing the fiddle while Rome was burning?

    1. Anonymous

      Gooberman, you hit the nail right on the head, MAS is dead in all but name only. But, like in the Titanic, the band kept playing while the ship sank. How many bad members survived? None.

      1. que sera sera

        Assuming the band members playing on the sinking Titanic here are AJ and the newly branded Directors, that’s fine if all of them go down with the ship, that’s what they deserve anyway for playing the same old tune over and over again, oblivious to what the other players in the industry are playing. But, unfortunately, like in the Titanic, innocent people also drowned. That’s all of us, by the way. So Khazanah, wake up and don’t be sleeping, listening to the same lullaby AJ is singing to you guys, or you will soon have to fugure out “what happened?” to the seemingly unsinkable ship.

  48. cerita benar

    no lie

    saya harap awak bukan org nya lah tapi cakap macam kenal dia je.

    Jgn cakap kasar dlm law di negara tercinta kita ni di panggil peras ugut jenayah n we can trace who u are tapi kalau awak nak tolong selamatkan maskargo dari rasuah saya akan bagi banyak nama tapi confirmkan dulu awak blh tolong.

    1. no lie

      cerita benar, minta tolong kotakan apa yg diberitahu pada aug 25, jam 3:43. kena ada integrity lah. saya tak kenal yunus, yunus tak kenal saya pon. saya bukan mas staff.

  49. cerita benar

    no lie bagi nama no problem tapi kalau no difference apa guna nya.

    saya bagi unless u blh cfm dia akan kena DI atau pun di sack then dgn senang hati saya bagi nama nya

    1. cerita benar

      no lie engkau ni memang maskargo staff yang ada makan rasuah kalau tidak yang engkau sibuk sanagat ni kenapa siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas kan

    2. cerita benar

      engkau yang terasa sangat ni apahal n sebabnya engkau lah orang yang di maksudkan itu kan sepatutnya engkau yang harus get lost sebab makan duit haram ingat sepandai pandai tupai akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga

    1. Kunyit Hidup

      Salleh Tabrani should be able to explain everything about MAS Awana, that potentially will be the main player in KUL. MAS Awana is being used to put on pressure to Brahim. Fault findings on Brahim is already in progress.

      Organization chart to know who are behind MAS Awana?

  50. cerita benar

    Clear MAS from corruption first for example a comment from no lie which is a confirm MASkargo staff who is a surely corrupted staff and this also should apply to using so many outsourcing to do MAS internal jobs

  51. Pingback: Mhcrew Portal - Tecupdate

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