Re-branding will not turn around MAS

The above was the original logo/livery and corporate colour of MAS, when it was established on 1 October 1972.

MAS is founded in 1947 as Malayan Airways. on 1st October 1972, it has changed its name to Malaysian Airline System (MAS).  MAS is the nation’s flag carrier which is majority owned by the government of Malaysia.  MAS operates flights at its first base in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and secondary base in Kota Kinabalu, in HERE.

For those new comers or the parachuted few and the few little Napoleon in Khazanah, please take note that the original corporate colour of MAS was bright RED. Therefore, red was never the exclusive colour to another airline as claimed and supported by a few little Napoleon in MAS and Khazanah.

The re-branding was decided by a few little Napoleon in MAS late last year or early part of 2012 and subsequently “rubber stamped” by the Board in May 2012.
The Board must tell us what wrong with the old logo of MAS. How could MAS be turned around with the re-branding exercise and pale blue corporate colour?

The re-branding by changing the MAS logo and its corporate colour to BLUE were totally unnecessary especially at a time when MAS was BLEEDING.  The said thoughtless decision should have been rejected by the Board of Directors of MAS as there was no consultation before the little Napoleon in MAS embarked on such a serious decision without any valid reason except to just please their “MASTER”.

Changing the corporate colour and re-branding cost million of Ringgit and without the Board prior approval was a serious matter and the culprits that made the said decisions should have been made to personally liable for the total cost of the re-branding exercise. Instead of taking disciplinary actions against the culprits, the Board has acted as though it was just a mere rubber stamp, in  HERE & HERE.

Below are the five objectives under which MAS was established in 1972:

  1. To provide the people of Malaysia with an efficient and profitable air transport system which enhances the standing of the Nation and the policy of its Government.
  2. To develop an efficient domestic service within Malaysia which directly links Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia and contributes to the economic and social integration of the country as a whole.
  3. To provide simultaneously competitive and profitable international services in South East Asia which support Malaysia’s trade, tourists and other activities.
  4. To select, train and develop personal using the most up to date and appropriate managerial techniques.
  5. To contribute meaningful to national aspirations and foster an organization which is harmony with the multi-racial objectives of Malaysia.

The rubber stamping Board of Directors of MAS must examine itself whether all its rubber stamping decisions have met with the above original five main objectives of MAS. Until this day, MAS top management and/or the Board are still refusing to reveal the cost of the re-branding exercise. Yours truly will table a question for the Minister of Finance to tell Parliament which little Napoleon made the decision for the re-branding of MAS and what was the actual cost.  Lets see how the little Napoleon in MAS and Khazanah are going to cover up again.

In the interim, MAS staffs must do their utmost to perform their duties in line with the above objectives and stand up against the remaining little Napoleon in MAS if their decisions are seen to be contrary to the said objectives.





23 thoughts on “Re-branding will not turn around MAS

  1. Mohd MAS

    it was clear that most of the decisions made by AJ and gang were not in line with the main objectives of MAS. The sundering of profitable routes to Bandung, Surabaya, Sydney and others is one of the examples. The uplifting of 35k AAX passengers at below cost fares was another. Rescheduling of MAS flights to leave and arrive at odd hours was another.

    This silly re-branding exercise was a clear case of the clueless AJ and his kuncu Al Ishal for endorsing stupid decisions of others. Now the clueless cannot provide answers. The only excuse he could think of was the new logo was strictly for the A380.

    How stupid can you be clueless AJ. AN airlines with two logos. Unheard of. To make it worst MAS has clueless Azman Yahya, Tan Boon Seng and others in its Board. Thank God the ASTRO lady has disappeared last week. MAS staffs must get rid of all the Panamera deadwood in MAS before it can breathe properly.

    The clueless AJ, Tan Sri Azman Yahya, Tan Boon Seng, Botak Azhari, Botak Al-Ishal and a few more must be rid off before MAS can start to think about turning around. Getting rid of these idiots will be part of turning around process.

  2. MasturaBsiduri

    What MAS needs are good marketing & sales team. You can brand and rebrand, but if they can’t sell seats on the airplane higher than the price needed to avail those seats, MAS will continue to bleed.

    There are only two types of organizations- profit making or charitable. There’s no profitable charitable organization. There’s no two way anout it… MAS needs a major shake up to reduce operating costs or close down.

    1. Blog reader reads blogs

      U used to have good marketing & sales team…u kick their ass away.. Now u r looser..shame.. To Shane norlan

  3. IT.Sheiss

    Many Malaysian managements misunderstand the true meaning of branding and tend to equate it only with cosmetic changes, heavy advertising and promotion.

    While that is a minor part of branding, its major part includes good product quality, quality of service, reliability and so on.

    Take a car like the Mercedes Benz for example. It’s recognised for its high quality, reliability and relative affordability of spare parts compared to other luxury car brands and its high resale value.

    You don’t find heavy advertising and promotion of Mercedes Benz. Instead, the A&P of it is rather low key, while the car speaks for itself.

    If MAS can achieve quality, value-for-money service, competitive fares, timeliness of arrival & departure, quality treatment of passengers and economic operational efficiency, it can be turned around.

    1. agree.
      additionally, profit maximization always shortlived… go for wealth instead. And wealth comes in many forms, as you said, quality, reliability, image and so on, which I m sure those experts can provide you with. Long ago, I used to hear someone said.. “those products that you see advertised are always the ones that are not selling.. compared to some, few low profile, now and then advertised”. Maybe it true in a way.
      p/s: Im not sure, maybe it’s me.. but I see that the cabin crews, most of them, are not like how they used to be i.e drop dead gorgeous :)

  4. William

    Your obsession with MAS has to stop. You can’t question them on a weekly basis. Let them get on with their lives, and then every 3 – 6 months you can question their progress. At the rate you are going, you won’t be getting very far at the next GE.

    1. Anonymous

      Obsession to some, social obligation to many.

      “This is the fourth in a decade after WAU, Business Turnaround 1 and Business Transformation 2. The same people who crafted WAU are back hammering out a share swap without proper due diligence and based merely on “judgment call” instead.

      Had they put in place a long-term plan then, would MAS be in this state? The new team “has taken a short-term view of MAS when they should have engaged with the experts from within to get to the root of the problem as the 2012 Business Plan does not address that.
      MAS’ poor showing can be attributed to three factors; lack of good leadership management, people management and cost management in the last 15 years.”

    2. Roti Jala

      Obsession to some, social obligation to many.
      The public money wasted could be better spent on the poor.

      “This is the fourth in a decade after WAU, Business Turnaround 1 and Business Transformation 2. The same people who crafted WAU are back hammering out a share swap without proper due diligence and based merely on “judgment call” instead.

      Had they put in place a long-term plan then, would MAS be in this state? The new team “has taken a short-term view of MAS when they should have engaged with the experts from within to get to the root of the problem as the 2012 Business Plan does not address that.
      MAS’ poor showing can be attributed to three factors; lack of good leadership management, people management and cost management in the last 15 years.”

  5. viper1909

    Till the end of my wishes to see them being charged n expose for being the WORST management run an airlines…chairman cimb n mas accidently r the same person,bank in cimb n bank out Mas….may our wishes granted…

  6. GE Man

    YB Wee CK ,

    Lets start an online pettition drive or signature drive to oust this little Napoleon in MAS .

    Lets the tax payer and MAS staff decide if they still want this clueless shorties , the 3 bo(otak)s head , biscuits lady and the rubber stamp BODs before more damage done .

    Hope the government will listen to us this time base on the pettition .

    Lets us all put our two finger to get rid of them and temporily plug the leaks .

    Thick skin bo(otak) head Azhari when asked why he still hang on to his post , he openly said its Khazanah that put him in the position not the pariah and AJ need him too to run MAS Engineering .

    My foot , not pariah putting you in .On many occasion, This bo(otak) head boosting infront of MAS engineering management and few third party customer saying that he still control AA engineering and make decision there .

    Yes , I believe you bo(otak) head , because few times you had ask and said to few of MAS Engineering third party customers who wanted to get spare support from MAS Engineering , instead of offering MAS services/spares you ask them to get/buy old B737-400 classic spare parts stocks from “another company” and proudly said to them you still control there. You know what I meant.

    If you so proud that you still control the engineering of another company, why hang on , you thick skin .

  7. If the MD of a GLC has a British PR with family in London no wonder it’s blue. Some staff say he actually hold 2 passports as UK government allows dual citizenship. Since Minister got Australian PR why not for ..

  8. Omar

    It was clear that the majority of the decisions made by the little Napoleon in MAS then and now were not in accordance with the 5 main objectives of MAS. They were made to help the Pariah.

    The silence in MAS on the cost of re-branding is deafening. After almost 11 months, Aj is still clueless and led by the nose. Luckily the Nanny Danny, Shane Nollan, Rozman Omar were kicked out out MAS. But there are still a few Dead Wood that needed to be thrown out. Martin Burrow, the two botak Ahari and Al Ishal and Nor Zalida. These are the incompetent ones.

    AJ just announced losses for the 2nd quarter of 2012. with such losses, MAS sponsored QPR Rm10.3 million, uplifted AAX passengers below costs, cancelling profitable routes, appointment of that useless low cost consultant PlaneConsult.

    AJ kenapa takut nak mendedahkan kos re-branding. Nak cover up lagi??

  9. MAS admirer

    Dear Colleagues,
    During festive seasons and school holidays it is a trend whereby flights and standby are affected with shortage of manpower . At times, flights departed with minus crew complement  had caused hardship and inconvenience to those who diligently reported for duty.
    With the forthcoming Hari Raya holidays, we anticipate shortage of manpower for standby and flights duties. CPD has made every effort to release our Muslim colleagues to  be on leave or off during this period. Nevertheless, some of the Muslim crew members will still be on duty as they are the biggest volume amongst the total crew strength. Taking advantage of this festive season and school holidays, some of our non Muslim crew may also want to be with their families.
    Please be mindful that our nature of job is such that the operation of the airline does not stop and have to be in continuity.
    We appeal to all crew who are on flight duties and standby to be available, for the smooth operations of flights with full crew complement.
    We also like to share with you, statistics on the number of crew on MC, not available for flights, standby and other indiscipline concerns. It is a very unhealthy trend and only YOU can make the difference to reduce the numbers. Only YOU can decide if the flights operate with full or minus crew complement.
    Cabin crew are the best in the sky, won a number of accolades and can equally do well in terms of diligent reporting, for duty.
    It is only the departments and Company’s hope, that those who are on duty during the festive period will avail themselves to make the difference.
    Wishing all our Muslim friends and colleagues “Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Ma’af Zahir Batin”.

    1. Save AirAsia

      If you didn’t force both MH and FY the cabin crews to Golden Lounge, you wouldn’t have this shortage at all. Go and save your cost, screw the crews, and see who’s hurting in the end.

  10. Franky MAS

    MAS Admirer

    You are very right. It is at this time we, the non-Muslim, should sacrifice for our Muslim colleagues and work in full force to support during Raya so that our Muslim friends can enjoy Raya with their families and friends. When Chinese New Year, X’Mas and Deepavali, our Muslim colleagues will no doubt return.

    Lets all move together in the spirit of the five objectives as laid down by our predecessors and now published by YB here. Thank you YB for publishing it and reminding us of the five main objectives that brought us together for our nation and government for all these years.

    Once again thank you YB for reminding. The five objectives are very important for MAS without which MAS will be nothing to Malaysia. We must always remember these five objectives.

    Lets all move on and defend MAS against these unscrupulous clueless idiots who want to destroy MAS.

    Selamat Hari Raya Adil Fitri to all our Muslim colleagues. Together we shall succeed and show the Pariah that MAS will always be flying him without his interference directly or through his cronies.

  11. Parasite in MAS

    What the point of having the Slumber Jack as the sleeping Advisor of MAS? What a waste of good money to maintain the Slumber Jack! With so many things happening in MAS after the share suap and the nonsense done by the Pariah, there was not even a word from the Slumber Jack.

    Another liability/Panamera Deadwood in MAS.

  12. William

    Roti Jala:

    By your argument that MAS has been poorly managed for the past 15 years, then why does Idris Jala still has a job spinning stories for the gomen ? Why does Tengku Azmil still have a job as ED of Khazanah ? What about the succession of chairmen of MAS like Md Nor Idrus and others ? They are getting into more and more senior positions, when they should be cold-storaged.

  13. poor melayu

    Ayo let them do their job. Is MAS the only issue in town. What about low salaries, high costs of housing, high cost of food , cars. education,children bashing,beggars on the streets, dirty streets,rude drivers, etc etc. Ayo lok at tese issues lah…MAS die also will not affect the country,just make anothr airline. Solve the basic issues first.

  14. Question are:

    Why national contracts that by right and should be enjoyed by MAS has gone to Air Asia lately? such as PBB / Malcom to transport soldiers to troubled countries.

    Why Visa issued by Immigration mentioned Air Asia X is one of the carriers besides MAS and airline of the migrant worker countries are allowed to carry the workers into Malaysia. Air Asia X is a Sdn Bhd belonged to individuals.

    Have we forgotten during the initial establishment of Air Asia they took over the Sabah / Sarawak rural services under the name of Fly Asian Express (FAX) now Air Asia X.. After they got the firm footing on other domestic routes they abandoned the social obligation / contract to the interior people of Sabah / Sarawak and handed the rural services back to the Government with the ten units of Fokker 50’s in bad shape and not airworthy. MAS was forced to take back and clean the shit left over by Air Asia and spent RM40 Million to bring back the aircraft to the sky.

    There are other hidden agendas yet to come to surface that caused MAS to loss millions in revenue. Who is / are culprits responsible to all these sabotages they should brought to face the music for treasoning the national carrier.

    Layman on the street simply throw negative remarks to MAS over the loses because they do not know the real scenario. Some people suggested MAS should learn from Air Asia. Now here what can MAS learn from Air Asia? if MAS is a low cost carrier then may be. The prove is MAS was making profits before the existence of Air Asia and Khazanah Nasional.

    In order to achieve high profit Air Asia has created a lot of problems to MAB on the KLIA-2.

    Let us join hand to bring back MAS to its glorious day.

  15. Singapore Airlines now has two low cost carriers one for regional and the other is for international to tap profits from low cost travelers. MAS should act fast to turn Firefly into into low cost carrier to put at same level of competition with Air Asia..

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