TS Azman of SCOMI, Dato’ Rohana of ASTRO & TS Tan of IJM should resign

Tan Sri Azman Yahya of SCOMI and Symphony House, the longest serving director of MAS

Updates at at 10:45 am on 8-9-2012On 7-8-20122 MAS has made an announcement to Bursa KL that Datuk Rohana Rozhan of ASTRO has resigned from MAS due to “other work commitments”, in HERE.

En Al-Ishal Ishak, the talented VP for Marketing and Promotion of MAS, has sent out an e-mail stating amongst other things that on 22-5-2012 the Board of Directors has approved the MAS re-banding, new corporate identity and new livery of MAS, in HERE

The said e-mail was evident of damage control and also to justify the decisions made by a few people in the top management.  They were trying to show to MAS staffs and Malaysians that their decisions have received the blessing of the Board of Directors of MAS.

The duties of the Board of Directors of MAS are as follows:

  • Determine the company’s vision and mission to guide and set the pace for its current operations and future development;
    • Determine the values to be promoted throughout the company;
    • Determine and review company goals;
    • Determine company policies;
    •  Determine the company’s vision and mission to guide and set the pace for its current operations and future development;
    • Determine the values to be promoted throughout the company;
    • Determine and review company goals; and
    • Determine company policies.

Re-branding and change of livery of any corporation are serious matter and should be discussed at Board meeting prior to appointing an advertising firm to carry on re-branding and changes to the livery. The MAS Board has miserable failed to carry out its above duties.

In the case of MAS, the Board should also seek Cabinet’s approval before proceeding with its decisions to re-brand, change of MAS corporate identity and change of its livery.

When a few people in the top management of MAS proceeded to commission Landor Associate to change the livery of MAS, they didn’t bother to seek the approval of MAS and/or the Cabinet.  The said decision must have been made and implemented after the MAS-AirAsia share swap or latest in January 2012 because Landor Associate produced the design of the livery on 17-2012 and statement on this matter has been issued in March 2012.

The said e-mail by En Al-Ishal Ishak has clearly shown that MAS Board consists of incompetent people who were unable to play their role as members of the Board and their existence in MAS Board have been reduced to no more than a rubber stamp.  No wonder after the MAS-AirAsia share swap, MAS was and still is directionless and bemused itself with several Business Plans and Organizational Charts!

Dato’ Rohana Rozhan of ASTRO who is believed to be an aviation expert
Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng of IJM, who is believed to be an aviation expert.
Mr David Lau Nai Pek of AXIATA

Lets look at several of the members of MAS Board.  Starting with the longest serving member, Tan Sri Azman Yahya of SCOMI and Symphony House fame, then Dato’ Rohana Rozhan of ASTRO fame, Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng of IJM fame and Mr David Lau Nai Pek of Axiata Group who were all appointed after the infamous share swap.  At least Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah has self-respect by resigning after the shareholders heavily criticized the Board during MAS AGM on 21-6-2012.

None of the said members of MAS Board have aviation background and yet they saw it fit to hold on as members of MAS Board and made decisions affecting the future of MAS, our national carrier.

It clearly shows that they are not fit to remain as members of the Board of Directors of MAS, when on 22-5-2012 they blindly approved the decisions to re-brand and change the livery of MAS that cost MAS million of Ringgit at the time when MAS was supposedly to be BLEEDING!

We shouldn’t be surprised that they have also rubber stamped the decision to sponsor QPR, which Tan Sri Tony Fernandes of AirAsia/AirAsia X has substantial interest, that cost MAS more than RM10 million.

They are also holding executive positions in other public listed companies except Mr David Lau Nai Pek.  It will not be unreasonable to assume that they have no time for MAS and even if they have the time, they do not have the required experience to contribute.

Not only they have failed to take drastic= actions against those culprits for commissioning of the re-branding, change of corporate identity and livery of MAS, they allowed themselves to be reduced to a mere rubber stamp on 22-5-2012.

In view of the mess and ill thought out decisions that have been made by the top management of MAS and them after the said share swap, they should take the honourable step to tender their resignations like what Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah did.

56 thoughts on “TS Azman of SCOMI, Dato’ Rohana of ASTRO & TS Tan of IJM should resign

  1. razif Mnor

    If it is true that they are on board more of as “rubber stampers”, sad to say they are making themselves more like a fool…. and tainting their image, position and status “holding executive positions in other public listed companies”. We have thought that they were all put on board because of their good “brains” to help revive and turnaround MAS??…
    Regret, PM should have put my grandma and my neighbor estate mandoor instead….maybe they could do better job than these tired “brains”.. because their thriftiness, natural “cerewekness” and inquisitiveness would make them good in “checking” whatever plans and “hidden plans” the MAS top management had in the casket. I hope we are not too late to save MAS.

  2. UmNoo

    Saya setuju benar. Mereka semua patut ditendang terutama skali Md nor Dan Azman sebab terlibat Dari WAU lagi. Sekarng mesti kutuk KAU KAU. bodoh Nya melayu makan melayu. Susah lah umno mau cari makan.

  3. Tony machais

    Yes, 3 questions for these ar***holes.

    1. What holes are you waiting for?
    2. Are you waiting to be humiliated like your macha Tony and further spewed by the Indonesians?
    3. Do you enjoy to be cursed and stripped naked in public? Well enjoy it, more will come!

  4. Sdri Teh

    Quite funny the caption..”believed to be an aviation expert”, esp the Astro woman and IJM fella…haha…I used to make good paper planes when younger…maybe my good relative Azman can help put me on board? I also want to benefit from cronyism, more deserving. I dread to think how all this fiasco, mismanagement and confusion could lead to serious safety consequences for passengers flying on MAS planes if they do not buck up and tighten the company…wonder how the aircraft maintenance side are doing…the pilots could also do a kamikaze out of frustration one day mah..

  5. Tan Chak Pin

    Like I have mentioned before…all the BOD should humbly resigned if they are not competent…First to go should be the Expert Aviation Lady Rohana.. I don’t unerstand as to why they are still “squeezing blood” from a corpse….like MAS..Even a layman could not logically undertsand the why these passengers (BODs’) still riding on the sunken ship..let alone get paid heftily..Cabinet approval on the livery or not..these BODs’ are above Cabinet and we should see head rolls..for taking decision to change the only pride of the nation….MAS. I believe during Tun M era…this would not happen…

  6. Razak MAS

    Azam Yahya has been in MAS for sometime. After the share suap, other directors had to resign except him. He was also put into the AirAsia Board. So now we all should know why. by the way he is also a director of SCOMI. ka! Ka! Ka! His position is clearer isn’t it? Another gaji buta acting as rubber stamp.

    That ASTRO Dato Rohana is another gaji buta sitting in MAS. She is so thick skin. When the shareholders whacked her during the AGM, she just smiled. No self respect at all. At least Tan Sri Wan Azmi resigned immediately after that. At least dia ada maruah if compare to Azman Yahya, Datuk Rohana, Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng and David Lau Nai Pek.

    The remuneration, perks and free travel must be so good that these good for nothing still hanging on despite all the adverse comments made by shareholders.

    In order to save money for MAS, it would be better to put rubber stamps with the names of Azman Yahya, Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng, Datuk Rohana and David Lau Nai Pek on the table and after every item on the agenda, just chop their respective rubber stamps on it. At least MAS can save paying allowance to the idiots yang tak malu dan tiada maruah.

  7. The Tak Malu Rubber Stamp

    Hah! Tan Sri Azman Yahya, Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng and David Lau are aviation the aviation experts! WHAT A BIG JOKE? I doubt if they know that MAS is suffering from the 25 years lope sided catering contract, which belong the company of the brother of the sleeping Advisor of MAS aka Slumber Jack.

    These are the good for nothing members of the Board of Directors. MAS staffs must get rid of these useless rubber stamps. There are just good for nothing except drawing their monthly salaries and meeting allowances.

  8. Kamal MAS

    This was the work of the little Napoleons in Khazanah. Azman Mokhtar must be held responsible for the appointment of the gaji buta aviation experts yang tak malu. Ptui!

  9. viper1909

    I disagree they shud step down or resign..BUT they shud be charge n prison for being clueless..if they step down without being charged and promoted to another company or public listing,i also wanna be bod or mas management.punish them heavily in order to teach others not to mess or easily play dumb in Glc company..that r people of malaysia money…wat a policy being impose in malaysia.demand sorry or step down…punish those culprit.

    1. jack1960


      Hear2, if one likes to be in the limelight, one must also accept the repurcussions if things go wrong.

      But then again, accountability is a hazy subject in Malaysia, except for political in-fighting before candidates are announced prior to general elections, then it becomes razor-sharp, clear as daylight and actions swift.

      This is not on!

  10. Chan of MAS

    The gaji buta should just resign honourably. AJ, what are you waiting for? You are a rubber stamp to the cronies of the pariah. Had you put your foot down it would have been more difficult for the re-branding, new corporate identity and new livery to take place.

    As a clueless idiot we can’t really blame him. I don’t mind a monthly RM250,000 and continue to be clueless. At least MAD staffs know AJ is clueless so cannot blame him.

    Why is that SCOMI, ASTRO, IJM and Axiata idiots sitting pretty in MAS? They shouldn’t be in the Board in the first place.

  11. MAS admirer

    These is why we need transformations.. The root of all this lies in the ruling goverment, it will not happen if our existing law pinned down the unscrupulous without prejudice! Those so called idiots have pave us a way to deal with it in coming PRU13 – WAU : Wide Asshole Unbundle!

  12. Anonymous

    untuk wang, manusia sanggup jadi apa sahaja… jadi batu…. jadi kayu……jadi patung……….jadi barua……….
    janji elaun bulanan / tahunan dan bonos…. esos….. semuanya akan masssuuuuuk.

  13. The Disgusted

    We all know that SCOMI’s boy is doing in MAS. By right he should remain in AirAsia instead of MAS. Just another gaji buta pen pusher. The skin is just as thick as the elephant.

  14. Note that it is illegal to possess or set-up your own satellite dish in Malaysia. A person convicted under Section 239 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 can be fined up to RM100,000 or jailed up to two years, or both. Do the Rakyat really want these laws? To enrich Astro’s and

    the colluding MPs’ monopoly? Or does the Rakyat prefer the MPs to make this law redundant so that Malaysians can watch everything that is free world wide? why should we pay anything at all to watch what is free after all? Because the Rakyat did not think before voting, the Rakyat did

    allowed MPs that willn keep thesen idiot laws in place. if 222 MPs decide to scrap Section 239, Astrol ould go out of business and Malaysian television would become even more redundant *BUT* – the Rakyat could access ALL channels world wide without having to pay a single cent. How

    about asking your MP before voting for said MP, if said MP will scrap Section 239? If that MP does not want to, then said MP has been on the take from Astro and does not want freedom of information which a private satellite dish can give.

    Any MP who can sign a statuary declaration to give :

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism (Article 1 Human Rights Charter)
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy. (Article 18 Human Rights Charter)
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution. (Surah An Nisa 4:75)

    ;would likely win enough seats to become PM. Racists and fundos won’t like the above but the above is the best way forward for Malaysia. Will Wee Choo Keong sign such a declaration along with Konsensus Bebas and 3rd Force parties as well?

  15. Roti Jala

    Yes, time to punish the BoD.

    They have been been HUMILIATED and CASTRATED on 21 June 2012 during MAS AGM, yet masih tak faham bahasa lagi &(%$#!!>*&^$#<!!!!!

    To put it mildly,

    1. Shareholders asked how were the Board members picked and whether they truly add value
    2. Shareholders felt Remuneration of Directors especially EDs were excessive
    3. AJ was always blaming the fuel cost but as shareholder pointed out this affects every other airline but MAS is unable to handle this properly. Shareholders suggested to sack the fuel hedging team if they were incompetent and to get a new one.
    4. Shareholders mentioned that the changing of the logo color and the direction of the MAS to facing backward was a bad decision. One shareholder said the person who suggested this needs to be SHOT.
    5. Shareholder suggested those that came from Air Asia should go back if they can but he suspects they were not that good that’s why Air Asia let them go to MAS.
    6. MAS shareholders criticized the share swap and asked whether the Board really thought it was a good deal as it has shown to have only benefited Air Asia and not MAS. MAS is very much worse off today than at the time it entered into the CCF.
    7. General sentiment shareholders are unhappy with the management and Board performance as MAS share price has gone down and investors have lost money.
    8. Shareholders criticized the management for not looking into expanding into Middle East as especially Umrah flights even on other aircrafts are filled with Malaysians.

    RUN, RUN, RUN…. while you can.

  16. Anonymous

    haa….dat a serious matter not just in MAS but other GLCs….because of a little ‘nakelion’,ramai staff ditindas,tak dapat naik pangkat,orang dari luar berbondong bondong diberi pangkat segala galanya.kununnya orang `luar` ini lebih talented berbanding dengan staff sendiri..rupa rupanya mereka ini ular…this appointed director/chief mau kaut lombong emas saja…

  17. Ahmad Jahudi

    Actually i don’t believe that Tan Sri Azman Yahya, Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng, David Lau and the ASTRo lady Dato Rohana have time for MAS when they rare so involved in their own companies. I hope that they act as rubber stamps like what they do it MAS. Just approved everything that the clueless idiots do in MAS.

    The little Napoleons in Khazanah must be shot for appointing the gaji buta to MAS Board. Pleae get lost and take the clueless AJ and the tow botak Azhari and Al Ishak with you all.

  18. clueless BOD member

    Actually during Tan Sri Aziz time some clueless people were appointed in mas board. Sometimes they dont attend BOD meetings also.So this is not new.Mas have always been taking clueless BOD.It was worse before. At least this time around the BOD are real business people and that is needed for the bottomline.MAS cannot live in dream world anymore.We need cut throat decision makers to make money not sentimental people.

    1. Toni

      clueless, what a clueless comparison.
      During TS Aziz time, Management delivered well, BoD could take it easy.
      Now, Management flopped, Board flipped.

    2. Save AirAsia

      They thought MAS are overstaffed with cabin crew, and decided to force many of them to resign themselves, by putting them into Golden Lounge. Very unethical action. Ends up the the remaining crew had to work very hard, because most flights now lack of cabin crews.

      Nowadays flights are departing with only 4 to 5 cabin crew when they are recommended to carry 6 in 737-800. Standby crews are insufficient to cover so many under-staffed flights.

      The new management may be good in business sense, but cutting cost like this will definitely be affecting safety. All this proved that they are doing things that only look good on paper, but very dangerous in reality.

  19. The Clueless

    The BOD members not only clueless but OTAK-less. Its better for MAS to use rubber stamp instead of those clueless people as it will safe MAS monies. After they are acting like rubber stamps. Just endorse what the little napoleons do in MAS.

  20. jack1960

    MSWG where are you?


    What has happened to MSWG? Can’t we get them interested in our concerns & opinions as MH stakeholders? There is only so much we can do to influence public opinion without MSWG’s involvement.

    We have touched upon corporate governance in great detail but still the impact is moving at a snails pace!

    This is no longer an employee/employer tiff, it has involved all Malaysians.

  21. Fence Sitter Voter

    07/08/2012 05:07:02 PM

    Date of change: 07/08/2012

    Name: Dato’ Rohana binti Tan Sri Datuk Haji Rozhan
    Age: 49
    Nationality: Malaysian
    Designation: Director
    Directorate: Independent & Non Executive
    Type of change: Resignation
    Reason: Due to other work commitments.

    So one down and one to go!!

  22. Anti Pariah

    Alhamdulilah! What a relief! Two down and a few more to go. the Botak Azhari, Tan Sri Azman Yahya, Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng and that clueless AJ,

  23. Din

    Good news. She should have not taken up the directorship in the first place as she knew that she was preoccupied with ASTO. Now Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng and Tan Sri Azman who are still trying to hold on as long as they want. Lets get them out. Get the people who are dedicated to MAS to be put on board instead of the eager beaver.

  24. GE Man

    *Up dates on Fire Fly maintenance contract lost to SAE .

    AJ you are still clueless .

    You shud sack bo(otak) Azhari immediately for his stupid decision for not taking/fighting for the ATR 75 maintenance contract that goes to SAE .

    AJ , you shud also put in your resignation too for not using your executive power to stop Azhari and Fire Fly MD Ignatius from signing a contract and sending it to SAE .

    Azhari , if you are true MAS at heart and true CEO of MAE , you should fight for the ATR contract .Oh yes , because you are still pariah man at heart that’s why you don’t even bother fighting for it and not give a damn if MAS engineering bungkus .

    SAE and Fire Fly is having problem to get the spares for the ATR 75 on this maintenance check due to SAE don’t stock ATR spares and all this while spares are supported on PBTH ( Power By The Hour) by ATR Industries and for line spare support only NOT for hangar checks .

    Now , Fire Fly got to pay a fortune for the required spare parts due to ad hoc @ AOG purchase basis , more bleeding lah nampak nya .

    AJ , you already kill Fire Fly Jet services now you wanted to kill its Turbo Prop services pulak as the maintenance cost will shot up , how to sustain the business like this .

    Rohana gone , AJ and Azhari your skin really thick lah , langsung tak tau malu for still staying on , join your master lah in Jakarta .

  25. viper1909

    Pls do ur job fairly n equally by charged this culprit..dont let them free without being sentence..they r the pengkhianat negara n shud be punish n example to all that policy n asset of malaysia are not for a personal joyride…

  26. GE Man

    More surprise and nasty things to come to MAS , bo(otak) head Azhari had verbally announced that there will be a new line for MAS engineering effective 15 Aug 2012 . He is awaiting for the approval from the biscuit lady who are the EVP of Human Capital (HC). Gua-rentee approved punya lah , wa proposed , lu approved lah. all in a pariah team maaa…

    With the new line up . few SVP’s , VP’s , Snr Manager and managers will be retired or reassigned to a new post or special projects which is basically a “cold storage”, Some call it a “rojak” line up.

    Its another strategy to kill MAS as this bo(otak) head specifically targeting engineering procurement/spare parts supplies/materials supplies .

    With the new line up only one manager each will make recommendation to bo(otak) Azhari  for all engineering procurement ,spare parts supplies , materials purchase/supplies AND bo(otak) Azhari ALONE will decide for everything and anything which cost MYR 10 K and above. 

    He call it a 2 level approval system (his appointed manager recommend, he approved/reject)

    Here’s how it will kill MAS.

    Every month hundreds of engineering procurement/supplies/materials/spares purchase recommendation and approval is required to support more then 100 aircraft in MAS fleets.

    With manager’s and bo(otak) Azhari alone making decision’s it will be a bottle neck and the process slowed down drastically , this will affect operations and aircraft may not take off at all awaiting spares/materials and services.

    Vendor/supplier/service provider will get frustrated awaiting snail pace decision / payment and most of this vendor/suppliers/service provider is a no nonsense company from Europe , USA , down south and north . They will shy away and may totally stop supporting/supplying to MAS.

    When this happen , flight will definitely interrupted/delayed, passengers will run away , when passengers run away , MAS bungkus lah.

    More and more conspiracy and scandal exposed,  don’t know how long the government will keep their silent…..God bless MAS.

  27. SCOMI & Sleepy Head

    Tak Malu kah Azman Yahya. We know your game. I am sure that YB Wee also know your game plan.

    Why YB Wee always highlighting SCOMI? Just wonder ……..

  28. kamal in Khazanah

    the departure of astro lady was good riddance of bad rubbish. now left with that SCOMI fella, formerly Danaharta head and another gaji buta IJM fella.

    then got get ride of that bloody pariah’s crony botak azhari.

    thank you GE Man for the update on that blood botak.

  29. Ilham Putra


    Its interesting development here. Lets hope AJ, the biscuit lady dan Bo Azhari will follow suit.

    But just to digress a bit, do you know where danny the nanny is now? He has been conveniently hidden by Amok. Lets dig it up and expose this nanny into the bright daylight so the public know where he is and why is he there?

    Dear PM, we’d like you to keep the promise to the rakyat but why are you hiding this nanny boy who has done the damage to one of the nation’s important assets. Please don’t waste tax payers money in providing life to this nanny who had guts to lie about the upgrading incidents. Unfortunately,Mr. PM, some rakyat has not forgotten that.

    On the other hand, has MyCC completed their long-winded investigations on MAS & AK collaboration initiated by this nanny boy and Amok. Was it that difficult to assess the damages or the cause of the damages?

    Bn is good, Mr. PM, but don’t force the rakyat to change that.

  30. Anti Pariah

    Rohana should not have taken up the directorship in the first place if her reason for resigning was due to commitments. It was just a bullshit reason. She had to go because everyone in MAS knew she was just another budak suruhan of the pariah otherwise she will not be in MAS in the first place. Thank you YB for helping us to get rid of the parasites in MAS. A few more to go.

    That bloody paki mamat from Scomi should also go. He should go to AirAsia as AA needed him there. He is part of the Nor Yacob’s macai or the 4th floor macai.

  31. Kau orang ni masih nak panggil TF tu pariah dan keeling, tapi lagi u panggil dia nama2 tu, lagi u hinakan melayu sendiri, tau tak.
    Bulan puasa tak boleh buat macam tu bah!

    Salah dia ke kalau dia di beri peluang oleh orang2 melayu kita sendiri di gomen, kazana, BOD mas, dan AJ, untuk rampas bizness mas?
    Ni kesilapan saudara melayu kita sendiri bah!

    Kalau biznes-man cina atau india atau melayu di beri peluang seperti tu, mesti dia orang akan ambik peluang seperti TF. itu lah apa yang TR dan Bodowee buat dulu, rampas bizness, rusak mas, sama macam TF. Kali ni lagi, melayu yang bagi dia peluang dan pertolongan, untuk jahanamkan mas dan mereka2 ni dapat duit raya ke?.

    Nak duit raya, nah pegi jadi orang suruhan dia, macam AJe dan Botak Azahari.
    Lagi baik dan tepat u maki melayu2 ni, tau.

    1. Kamahl

      Sebetulnya Brader, yang salah Nya staff juga terutama bos bos yang kebanyakannya melayu yang bacul Dan makan gaji buta. Takkan lah tak leh Lawan AJ Dan botak botak kalian.

  32. Time Traveller

    Don’t forget that mat salleh Martin Borrow has to go too. Really waste of taxpayers money.
    Ilham Putra, heard that Danny the nanny is in RHB Investments. Not very sure but would be good if someone can korek and see if he has started making a mess there like he did in maybank.

  33. The Anti-Pariah


    We are not fighting AJ and the two Botak with no reason.

    Just look at the track record of AJ and the tow botak. What have they done?

    For AJ, the list is far too long. To start with, Aj is good in coming up with Business Plan after Business Plan. Organisational Structure after Organisation structure within the 10 months in MAS. Lets examine list of AJ clueless and stupid decisions made not in the interest of MAS:

    1. Endorsing the appointment of PlaneConsult, which is a low cost airline consultant and also the AirAsia consultant.

    2. Endorsing the appointment and extension of Shane Nollan of PlaneConsult as the Acting Commercial Director of MAS for several months even though he was not fit for the position and with conflict of interest.

    3. Endorsing the closing down of MAS overseas office in town center (expecting MAS customers to go the airports in the foreign countries to do business).

    4. Endorsing the decision to re-brand MAS and change MAS logo to blue early this year. It costs MAS million of Ringgit for these exercise.

    5. Allowing the Pariah and Kamarudin Meranun to fly First Class for free even after the share suap has been reversed.

    6. Give up the additional Sydney route, which was granted to MAS exclusively by the Cabinet from July 2012 to 2013, and handed it over to AirAsia X.

    7. Endorsing the termination of profitable routes to Bandung, Surubaya, Dubai, Haneda and others. (As a result of the termination AirAsia has the monopoly to fly to Bandung and increased its frequency and fare.)

    8. Endorsing the change of flight schedule of MAS to leave and arrive at odd hours e.g. is the Shanghai flight leaving at midnight and arrive at about 5 am! AirAsia X was allowed to take over the slots of MAS.

    9. Endorsing the agreed low fares to uplift 35,000 AAX passengers at the expense of MAS own passengers.

    10. Covering up the Nanny Danny’s scandal of upgrading his maid and baby to first class contrary to MAS standing policy of no Infant In First Class Cabin.

    11. Endorsing the sponsorship of QPR that cost MAS RM10.3 million. Incidentally QPR belongs to Tony Fernandes.

    12. Endorsing the appointment of the botak Azhari when at that particular time he is not a qualified person as he didn’t has the DCA approved Nominated Post Holder qualification to head Engineering Department.

    13. Parachuted his friend Al Ishal Ishak to be the new post of Marketing and Promotion when they are better qualified person within and outside MAS.

    14. Have not taken positive steps to terminate the lope sided catering contract with LSG Sky Chef Brahim’s Sdn Bhd.

    All the above have been done at the time when MAS was bleeding. Aren’t the above glaring enough for all to see that AJ is clueless in “looking after” the interest of MAS. Isn’t AJ a budak suruhan for the pariah after all!

    1. Kamahl

      Betultu. Union pressure PM untuk tendang Tony, jadi union juga kena pressure chairman to sack these people. Jangan buat kerja separuh jalan .

    2. Anonymous

      Is it true that AJ holds dual citizenship!? His family resides in London.

      Minister got Aussie PR now MD of a GLC is a British citizen. ask the traffic staff in London who has sighted his apparently looking UK passport. Was this the reason to keep low profile?
      Don’t we have have local talents?

  34. Ilham Putra

    Time Traveller,

    I used to naive like you.

    It would be good if Amok can clarify whether Khazanah has anything to do with RHB so that other Malaysians can see the clear picture. However Amok seems to like the hazy weather rather than clear sky. So much for transparency transformation, Mr. PM.

  35. MAS boy

    This mamak Azman yahya will hang on as long as possible because he got a great job to do for you know who! Azman Yahya your game will be out soon. YB please whack this mamak cukup2. He is one of the bast..ds!

  36. MAS admirer

    Kerugian MAS turun 77 peratus?

    Pengurusan pendapatan, kos bahan api rendah bantu tingkat prestasi
    Penerbangan Malaysia (MAS) mengurangkan kerugian operasinya sebanyak 77 peratus kepada hanya RM102 juta dalam suku kedua berakhir 30 Jun 2012 berbanding RM443 juta yang dialaminya pada suku sama tahun lalu.
    Ia didorong usaha pengurusan pendapatan dan penentuan harga, kos bahan api yang rendah serta kos berkaitan penumpang yang rendah sejajar dengan pengurangan kapasitinya.
    Kerugian operasi yang dicatatkan pada suku kedua itu juga lebih rendah jika dibandingkan dengan RM307 juta yang dialaminya pada suku sebelumnya.
    Prestasi itu membantu syarikat penerbangan kebangsaan berkenaan mengurangkan kerugian bersihnya sebanyak 34 peratus kepada RM348.7 juta pada suku dikaji berbanding RM525.8 juta pada suku sama tahun lalu.
    Dalam tempoh berkenaan, pendapatannya jatuh enam peratus kepada RM3.2 bilion daripada RM3.4 bilion berikutan pelaksanaan program rasionalisasi laluannya hujung tahun lalu dan awal tahun ini bagi menghentikan laluan yang memberi pulangan yang rendah dan rugi.
    Keputusan sukar
    Mengulas prestasi itu, Ketua Eksekutif Kumpulannya, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, berkata prestasi memberangsangkan itu menunjukkan keputusan sukar yang diambil sebelum ini dengan menghentikan laluan yang tidak menguntungkan membuahkan hasil.
    Beliau berkata, adalah penting bagi pihaknya dengan teliti dan proaktif menguruskan kapasiti pesawat dan rangkaian laluannya supaya sejajar dengan permintaan pasaran dalam persekitaran yang kompetitif dan harga bahan api yang terus meningkat.
    “Tumpuan agresif kumpulan dengan menyatukan rangkaian membantu pemulihan yang mana kini sudah menunjukkan peningkatan hasil dan perbelanjaan operasi lebih rendah, terutama perbelanjaan bagi bahan api,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan yang dikeluarkan di Kuala Lumpur semalam.
    Perbelanjaan berkurangan
    Pada suku kedua 2012, perbelanjaan MAS juga berkurangan sebanyak 13 peratus pada asas tahunan kepada RM3.4 bilion berikutan kos bahan api yang rendah.
    Kos bahan api yang menyumbang 37 peratus kepada perbelanjaannya jatuh 18 peratus kepada RM1.3 bilion berikutan kejatuhan 15 peratus dari segi penggunaan.
    Pada suku dikaji, harga bahan api jet jatuh kepada paras purata AS$132 setong daripada AS$140 setong sementara kos bukan bahan api juga jatuh 10 peratus.

    This is icerpt from Bh.

  37. we make huu haa here.. huu haa there, nothing is changed… the BOD is happily BODing in MAS and everywhere else… multi tasking will only create mediocre results, as opposed to specialization. Correct me if i am wrong.

  38. The Gooberman

    YB Wee

    Would you care to tell us just how many members of Singapore Airlines Board of Directors are “aviation experts”?

    Ditto for Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Qantas and Lufthansa?

    It seems to me that Malaysia is exceptional in that bloggers can opine on the expertise (or otherwise) of businesspeople and professionals.

    No wonder the “tall poppy syndrome” is rampant here!

  39. no aviation expert......

    Anyway aviation is no rocket science. Any body can run airlines.Its a no brainer job.So we really dont need to get aviation experts to be in airlines. fundermental is still business.I agree with gooberman. Spend less and get more reveneu

  40. TerminatBrahimContractwithMAS

    People are more concious of BOd now because most of them are there to make money for their crony when a tasty tender is going out.

    How come MAS is losing money but Pak Lah brother Ibrahim Dollah Badawi get RM280 million per year from MAS?

    This is pure robbery and to make it worse this is for 25 years!!!! wooii that amount to billions …

    Pak L.. in his sleep manage to steal billions for his families…aku tidak cari harta untuk diri ku…tapi untuk abang ku, menantu ku oil for food untuk ku..

    sepak je brahim ni biar terbangun dari jaga.

    Now he is not in power we must get rid of this contract. There was a conflict of interest when was the Finance Minister. And the Finance Minister has power over BOD of MAS as a GLC.

    So the award of the contract to Brahim is abuse of power which SPRM please look into.
    If ex Philipine, ex Pakistan PM can be brought to court I dont see why cannot be brought to court.

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