Business Plan: Rebranding is a guarantee to turn around MAS

En Al-Ishal Ishak, formerly from Baraka Telecom, now VP Promotion & Marketing in MAS

Until this date En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ) Group CEO of MAS, and/or his VP for Promotion and Marketing, En Al-Ishal Ishak, are still ignoring the call to reveal the total cost of re-branding and the designing of the new livery for MAS. The pale blue new livery WAU has been  commissioned much earlier than 17-2-2012. Landor Associate presented the new pale blue livery of WAU to MAS on 17-2-2012, in HERE.

MAS old corporate identity before the share “SUAP’
MAS new livery after the share “SUAP”! It was meant for the whole fleet of aircraft of MAS.
En Al-Ishal Ishak’s new MAS corporate identity, which is a guarantee to put MAS in the black real soon!

It is evident that the changed of MAS livery for the whole fleet of MAS aircraft was made as early as the end of 2011 or January 2012 as the design of the livery was dated 17-2-2012. It is also evident that the said change of the livery of MAS was made by a few little Napoleons in MAS earlier than 22-5-2012. The reason being that the Board of Directors of MAS only approved the new livery on 22-5-2012. It was obvious that the new livery has not been approved by the Cabinet.

You will be able to judge from the Memo of 2-8-2012 from the marketing expert, En Al-Ishal Ishak, below. Yours truly has been told that he has been involved in the field of IT  prior all these years but now he is a marketing expert by virtue of his appointment as MAS VP for Promotion and Marketing. What a talented man indeed!

With about RM556 million at his disposal and his hidden marketing talent, yours truly believes that En Al-Ishal Ishak would no doubt be able to put MAS in the black by the end of 2012 or the latest by the first half of 2013!  Thereafter, En Al-Ishal Ishak and AJ should be the new saviours of MAS. Below is the memo from Al-Ishal Ishak.

MEMO : New Corporate Identity and Guidelines – what you need to do now

Posted on Wed Aug 01, 2012 16:42.



To:       All Staff System-wide

Date:    1 August 2012


Dear Colleagues,

New Corporate Identity and Guidelines – what you need to do now

I am excited that Malaysia Airlines is embarking on a journey of brand leadership as a key weapon in our arsenal toward transformation and recovery. Our Board of Directors approved the new corporate logo on May 22, which is an evolution and modernisation of our original mark to reflect a more dynamic brand as we compete on a global stage. This new corporate logo was unveiled last month as we announced updates to our Business Plan in several internal face-to-face engagements.

Please also note that the Board of Directors has agreed for our flagship A380 fleet to carry its own ‘limited edition’ premium blue branding comprising the blue wau logo and livery. This is seen on the first A380 which is already in commercial service. It will be followed by our second A380 which will arrive home on 11 August, and the other 4 aircraft which will be delivered progressively into 2013.

On the new corporate logo for Malaysia Airlines

Our Malaysia Airlines new logo (above) retains all the positive elements of our brand but with a modern touch to it. The wau is updated to be forward-looking and facing to the East, representing our home in Asia. This evolved wau, to be used on all corporate applications, retains the blue shade and is now enhanced with a red tone from that of our national flag – demonstrating our pride in being the flag-carrier for the country.

New Corporate Identity of MAS

Transition period of old and new Corporate Identity (CI)

Given our financial situation, we will prioritise our spend on when, where and how the new corporate identity is applied. We expect a transition period of between 12-18 months where we will see a mixture of old and new CI on our aircraft, ground vehicles, uniforms, offices, cutlery/crockery etc.

Changing – Phase 1

From 1 July, under Phase 1, we progressively started applying the new corporate identity on our website, social media platforms, digital screen displays at airports, new corporate videos and powerpoint templates (already available on MH Pulse/Gallery/template and latest advertising campaigns). Except for a one-time design cost, no additional investment was incurred.

Corporate Brand Assets – Phase 2

For Phase 2 effective 15 July 2012, corporate brand assets such office stationary (business cards, letter-heads, envelopes) were applied with the new logo when stocks were replenished and new batches ordered in or on a special project basis. The same goes for passenger travel documents/collaterals such as baggage tags, boarding passes, buntings, corporate merchandise. All current stocks must be used up. We will not discard/throw out current stocks that have the old corporate identity and logo.

Brand Architecture – Phase 3

By the second half of 2013, we will begin work on revamping the brand architecture. This includes defining the CI for all our subsidiaries using the Malaysia Airlines logo and how this is applied onto the various product names that exist in the Group.

Use of the brand campaign expression

As part of brand and advertising campaigns, as seen in the MH mail templates, we are now using the expression Journeys Are Made By The People You Travel With. This expression is grounded on the hallmarks of our service and customer experience systemwide. This maxim or expression does not dilute our Vision in the Business Plan which remains To be the preferred premium carrier with the Mission To be a best-in-class, top 10 commercially viable airline in the Asia Pacific region that returns sustainable profits to shareholders

Embrace the new CI

I sincerely hope that you will join me to embrace our new identity, and ensure the correct logo applications are being updated and flowed into your work streams. Any doubts or queries on our new corporate logo and implementation should be directed to the Brand team as follows:

·         Ng Kar Yee (Special Projects & Corporate Events, Strategic Communications), and

·         Nasrun Kari (Branding, Marketing & Promotions)

All logo and corporate identity applications must be reviewed and approved by the Brand team prior to implementation.

In ending, I wish to reiterate that while we laud our heritage, it is now time for us to up the ante on our competitors, and critics. Together, we shall redefine what it means to be a leading service provider in this 21st century by offering seamless, consistent, smart travel experiences to all our guests.

Our logo and brand identity is our ‘outward face’ to the world – both in Malaysia and abroad. The way our logo looks influences perception of our Company to investors and customers alike. Thus our brand must communicate the dynamic and modern airline that we are, offering recognised class-leading products and services.

When our new brand identity is fused with the corresponding line-up of new products (such as the A380) and stellar service (for which we are known), it can have a transformational effect on sales and brand adoption. It is important to create a fierce belief in our brand that will fuel culture/the way we do things, as well as mobilise our colleagues and customers alike.

Alongside our maxim Journeys Are Made By The People You Travel With, our brand promise aspires to move beyond transport and functionality, to experiences that create a loyal relationship of longevity and yield.

Your support is important.

Thank You.

Al-Ishsal Ishak

Yours truly hopes that AJ and En Al-Ishal Ishak would enlighten MAS staffs and Malaysians with answeres to the following outstanding questions:

  1. When was the decision made to change the livery of MAS to pale blue?
  2. Who made the said decision to change the livery?
  3. Was MAS Board consulted before proceeding to change the livery?
  4. Did MAS obtain approval from the Cabinet for the change of the livery?
  5. Which company was appointed to provide the design of the new livery and so-called re-branding of MAS?
  6. Who appointed the designing company for the job?
  7. Was there an open tender for the appointment of the designing and re-branding company?
  8. What was the total cost of the said designing and re-branding work for the new livery?

17 thoughts on “Business Plan: Rebranding is a guarantee to turn around MAS

  1. Gofirefly

    Its obvious…they wanted to change all the aircrafts with the new all blue livery..starts with A380 and other aircrafts will follow suit. Now they realised and got caught that they have made fatal mistakes (no proper approval and most people disagree and cursing them on the new logo and livery including previous management) what next?? Well just say this new livery is only for A380 to distinguish it as a limited edition premium segment..are u saying other aircrafts like new a330 and 738 are just a normal segment?? What a load of rubbish..admit the fact that you have made a wrong decision earlier.. i can’t think of any airlines in this world having different liveries and logos for different aircrafts..hope other customers are not confused and willing to pay extra premium price than Emirates or Singapore A380s just because of the new livery and logo..and of course..because of new cutlery

  2. The Clueless

    MAS logo before the share suap is still better that the stupid blue for the A380. This panamera deadwood Al Ishal was trying to justify the mistake made by the clueless idiots. The clueless idiot was trying to protect the pariah.

    There was no good reason to change the livery and re-branding. MAS is a good brand and it has no problem at all. The problem is with the clueless trying to do the nonsense to justify his keep for RM250,000.

    This stupid memo says it all that the clueless are running MAS. MAS is doomed with idiots like Al-Ishal and AJ. How to turn around MAS with such memo?

    This Al Ishal is a failure and will continue to be a failure. Nor Zalida Ahmad is a failure and this botak is trying to do the job for her. He will continue to fail as he is just incompetent.

    Another botak in Engineering Division is no better. He must be thrown out.

  3. GE Man

    Under AJ , MAS sudah jadi rojak . 

    The logo and re-branding – change the colour to blue then revert to the same old colour but logo pointing to the other (east) direction , budak sekolah SPM pun boleh buat , don’t have to pay million’s to con-sultant to do it. A380 logo color biru (orang mati ), A330 , B777 , B738 logo lain , macam rojak. semua campur.

    The routes and timing – routes cut’s and odd timing – macam rojak , semua campur.

    Engineering and Maintenance -, Fire Fly ATR 75 maintenance contract goes to SAE , no more 3rd party maintenance contract , a rojak line up new engineering management team soon , procurement and contract awarding all jumble up , bagi LOI dulu baru masuk BTC for approval , macam rojak , semua campur..

    You terminated most of MAS world wide GSA (General Sales Agent) who sell your tickets – don’t know who is going to sell your tickets now, what make you think that you can sell all your tickets on line alone ? 

    Al AJ and Al Ishak ,with your new logo and re-branding , people will rush and fly on MAS ? They are only interested in  the pricing , services , frequencies , routing and timing , not your stupid logo. 

    How many times did SQ , EK , Thai Air or Japan airlines change their logo in the last 25 years , with you AJ , you do it twice in 11 months , what an achievement .

    Mission accomplished AJ , MAS will be too busy next few years to fix this rojak you and pariah left over have created.

    Al GE Man Al Mafi Fulus.

  4. GE Man

     Updated on the conspiracy and sabotages on MAS – the A330 PBTH contract .

    AJ you must be still clueless why Azhari had issued LOI to LHT for a component workshop JV and trying to convince the BTC to award the A330 PBTH (Power By The Hour ) contract and long term JV  worth MYR 500 million to LHT.

    He tried to shove it to your throat during last BTC (Board Tender Committee)  in which only you and Rozman turn up but there was no conclusion to award it or not to LHT , you and CFO Rozman ball’s shrink ? Takut nak decide , yes , AJ you better be scared coz LHT price is high , there is two other bidders had offered lower then LHT, so NO justification to award, JV profit/income base on assumption only , NO justification too.

    AJ , you kick Azhari off from MAS lah !!! Why ?……….

    LHT JV’s is closing and selling their engine shop JV with QANTAS effective September this year ( 

    ) and they will also closing the few other venture soon.

    And yet this bo(otak) head Azhari is pushing for a work shop JV with LHT (with few MAS manager in cohort ). LHT is a lame duck and proceeding this JV is a suicide for MAS long term survival as it will continue to bleed.

    Azhari , you wanted sooooo much that LHT get this contract by hook or crook because you had make a promise to your master during your dinner on 10th May 2012 at a Sea Food Restaurant in Bangsar (btw this Restaurant belong to Kali Ular). 
    Oh yes , 4 of you ,The  Pariah , LHT people, Anaz and you were there .You should check the strategic procurement manual and corporate approving authority manual if you are allowed a personal contact with a bidder who currently bidding a multi million contract with MAS . You should be DI for this meeting and nullified the LOI and contract for this close contact .
    And you are still in close contact with pariah even after the reversal of the share suap in April .

    Azhari, you can run but you cannot hide and we will expose , we would be very very happy too if you berambus dari MAS , can’t stand seeing your face everyday lah. 

    1. Anonymous

      What is the Board Audit Committee, and the so-called “Integrity” department of MAS doing about all this? Or is it a case of “close one eye, shut the other” because all their cronies are involved? GE, high time to rope the MACC in! Ooops, what am I saying, even the MACC, like the MYCC, practise the same “selectiveness” !

  5. Sdri Teh

    MP Wee, while you’re at it, can you tell Tony to use quality toilet paper in the LCCT terminal ka? Real cheapskate the fella..and tell his Allstar stewardess to smile (genuinely) lah for heaven’s sake…really miss the MAS stewardess service…the Airasia one’s acting like they are the star and not the passengers..sometimes I want to put my leg out when they are walking pass because they are so haughty..nice to see them stumble, but cannot lah, my kids watching maa :)

  6. wingmate

    “Journeys Are Made By The People You Travel With”???
    No brand worth its salt would EVER want a slogan of more than 5 words long.
    and “limited edition” A380 livery?

    Please God, help MAS. This is getting way out of hand.

    1. Tiny Tony

      MAS staff, you managed to kicked out the mighty tony and yet so helpless to do something with Tony’s army of idiots.

      This proves that the problem is not tony but the problem is the staff themselves.

  7. MAS Boy

    After the share suap we are still facing topless management or water in the head management under the clueless idiot.

    For the past 11 months, what do we get in MAS. Business Plan after Business Plan. Organisational chart after organisational chart. we get the clueless Aj to give up Sydney additional route to the Pariah. certain MAS schedules were given to the Pariah. Can you imagine how MAS is going to get support of its passengers when it is arriving at its destination 4:30 am!

    Only the clueless wold agree to this. Now an airline with two logos. One for A380 and another for the other aircraft. What a laughing stock that this clueless AJ.

    Now that Nanny Danny and Rozman had disappeared from MAS, AJ please bring the Botak Azhari and Al-Ishal with you on your way out. The disgusting lots.

    1. Hancus

      What’s the difference? This SVP Marketing says all the great companies “refresh” their logos, from time to time. Very good example that he showed us, and I suppose this is the example MAS is following where “refreshing” the brand is concerned, is…….Johnny Walker black label whisky!! Last time Johnny was walking in one direction, now Johnny is walking in the other direction (I am absolutely NOT kidding here), that’s why MAS logo also must be like that la………..ini betul la kerja orang sudah mabok, bukan bodoh. Yang bodoh, atau di PERbodohkan is all the rest of us!

      1. Anonymous

        SQ still maintains the same logo since 1972 same singapore girl uniform for 40years and pilots uniforms. Go figure! Who is losing money? How many time does mas need rebranding?!

  8. Gempaq Keling

    No need forward the memo..the logo is pointing home..balik kampung..cuti these clueless team in MAS semua boleh balik kampung..tanam jagung..that’s all they know anyway..

  9. Screaming Eagle

    Excuse my ignorance! I wonder how could a branding cost be just one-time?
    The conversion implementation and promotion from old to current livery cost will be a lot more than the design cost itself.

  10. MAS admirer

    Poor MAS being victimised and abused to their liking, all the works are just to cover and digger bigger problems. But I admire MAS staff loyal and just ignore what ever being done to the company.
    Having faith that all these people will walk out one day and leaving them just like all the previous managements.
    Lets see if the silver lining is always at the end of a storm this time…

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