Government should table a White Paper in Parliament for debate

The German based Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
The US based National Democratic Institute (NDI)

It is shocking to learn from NST report of today that

Bukit Aman’s Assistant Director of E2 (M), Social Extremists Threats, Datuk Mohd Sofian Md Makinuddin, yesterday said Special Branch had detected elements of JI and communists trying to infiltrate the opposition.
Several opposition leaders have also made trips to Bangkok and southern Thailand, believed to be for conducting meetings with former leaders of Communist Party of Malaya, there.

Foreign non-governmental organisations (NGO) provide these movements with financial aid and training in the country and overseas, as well as expertise to face an election.”, in HERE.


This is a serious matter. Malaysians must determine the country future without direct or indirect interference from foreign powers of any kind whether in disguise in the form of foreign charitable foundations or foreign NGOs. 


Of late we have seen many foreign NGOs are active in Malaysia and other countries. In June/July 2012 we have read about the US based NGO offices of National Democratic Institute in Dubai and Germany based Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Abu Dhabi were closed down by United Arab Emirates. CNN reported the news in HERE.

Ambiga admitted to Bersih receiving some money from two US organisations — the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and Open Society Institute (OSI) — for other projects, which she stressed were unrelated to the July 9 march,  in HERE.

On 24-2-2012 the German Foreign Office has made arrangement for the Malaysian Parliamentary Select Committee For Electoral Reform to visit the headquarters of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Berlin. Yours truly was present in the meeting. It would appear that there was a slant in the way in which the meeting was conducted.

Malaysians are fortunate that despite all the many problems that have faced, we are still able to enjoy peace and stability in the country.  We have seen bombings in Jakarta, Bali and Southern Thailand where innocent lives have been lost but none of it in Malaysia.  Thank to the Royal Malaysian Police Force for doing a good job. It was due to the work of our police force especially the Special Branch.


However, we cannot rely solely on the police to maintain peace and stability of our country, It is the duty of all political parties and Malaysians from all walks of life to ensure that we have peace and stability at all times without any form of direct or indirect foreign interference.


Malaysian Government must take this matter very seriously as Malaysia cannot afford to experience the same fate as what had happened in Egypt and other countries in the Middle East.  It was all under the name of pro-democracy that Egypt is in turmoil under this day despite the overthrown of President Mubarak a year ago. 

In view of the revelation by the said Assistant Director of Special Branch, it is timely that the Government should table a White Paper in the next session of Parliament for debate.

2 thoughts on “Government should table a White Paper in Parliament for debate

  1. Atas Pagar

    Seorang sahabat saya berada di Pattani dan Yala pada 7 & 8 Julai 2012 kerana melawat pusat Islam/Tahfiz yang dinaunginya. Beliau dimaklumi oleh penduduk tempatan bahawa penasihat PKR juga berada di sana pada waktu itu tetapi tidak diketahui tujuan atau aktivitinya. Mungkin makan angin kot.. Allahualam!

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