MINDEF has extended MAS contract for MALCON-UNIFIL from 2012 to 2014. Isn’t it strange that suddenly in July 2012 AirAsia X Sdn Bhd was the chartered carrier for MALCON soldiers?
MAS was the only chartered carrier for MALCON flights from 2006 until it was “hijacked” recently!

Updates at 11:15 pm on 18-7-2012:  The above were the pictures that tell the whole story. The ball is now on AJ’s court to tell us who were responsible for giving up the MALCON-UNIFIL contract so as to enable AAX Sdn Bhd to take over.

Late 2006 Malaysia armed forces have been selected by the United Nations (UN) to be one of the peace keeping forces in Lebanon.  YAB Dato’ Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, the Deputy PM when he then was, has announced on 28-12-2006, in HERE. The said selection was our nation’s pride.

YAB Dato’ Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, when he was the Deputy PM, went up the stairs of MAS chartered MALCON flight
YAB Dato’ Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, when he was the Deputy PM, greeted Malcon Peacekeepers who were leaving for Beirut in MAS chartered Malcon flight

A few officers in Malaysia Airlines (MAS) in the Hajj & Charter Division were instrumental in getting MAS registered as one of the air transport providers for the UN. Yours truly has been made to understand that MAS officers spent many months of their sweat and tears and money to get MAS registered as an air transport provider panel in the UN.  From 2006 MAS was the registered UN air transport provider to transport our soldiers/peacekeeprs, supplies, merchandise and etc to Lebanon and back to Malaysia.

Malcon Peacekeeper waving goodbye to his family members with background of a MAS Malcon chartered aircraft

It was a very lucrative contract that worth about RM5 million per flight with a high profit margin. MAS has been the sole operator of MALCON (Malaysian Contingent) Flights for MINDEF and United Nations after the first MALCON flight departed 22nd January 2007. This contract is also a stepping stone for MAS to get into other UN movements involving third countries. MAS even carried Indonesian Peacekeepers to and from Beirut in December 2008. It is believed that MAS also carried Philippine Peacekeepers to and from Beirut.

Over almost five years MINDEF was happy with the seamless service delivery from MAS,  UN Auditors also were very positive when they conduct flight surveillance during the MALCON Flights.

On 14-12-2011 MINDEF has made the following announcement:

The Malaysian Ministry of Defence, MINDEF, has announced that it was extending Malaysia Airline’s contract from 2012 till 2014 to provide air transportation for the armed forces personnel of the Malaysian Contingent-United Nation Interim Force in Lebanon, MALCON-UNIFIL.
The Letter of Intent (LOI) was presented by the Secretary General of Ministry of Defence, Dato’ Sri Dr Haji Ismail bin Haji Ahmad to Malaysia Airlines’ Head of Hajj & Charter, Encik Hisham Haron, witnessed by the Minister of Defence, Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid bin Hamidi, in HERE.

The last flight operated by MAS Hajj & Charter Division was nine months ago.

Yours truly has been reliably informed that last week, MALCON-UNIFIL left Malaysia on AirAsia aircraft for the first time. In view of the extension of the contract by MINDEF and MAS from 2012 to 2014, your truly is very surprised with this sudden development. It would appear that something very strange was happening for the sudden change from MAS to AirAsia being the carrier to transport MALCON-UNIFIL Peacekeepers when there was in existent a valid contract between MINDEF and MAS for the period between 2012 to 2014.

If this was true then it would appear that there was a conspiracy or an internal sabotage by certain high ranking officers in the Commercial Division and/or higher up during the MAS-Asia share “suap” otherwise MAS chartered aircraft will still be used in July 2012!

AJ and the Board of Directors of MAS are duty bound to explain the sudden change from MAS to AirAsia. For a start, AirAsia would need several months to get itself registered as air transport provider with the UN before it could operate such MALCON chartered flight. How could this happened?

Many questions have been posted in yours truly’s blog for AJ and Board of Directors of MAS to reply but they kept to their motto of “SILENCE IS GOLDEN”, in the hope all will be forgotten.  For their benefit, please rest assured that it will not be forgotten.  This matter will not rest here!

However,  yours truly believes that MAS staffs will provide some insight to this in due course.

Hopefully AJ would break from his management style to provide answer to this serious matter where MAS has been said to be BLEEDING and at the same MAS was seen to be giving up handsome REVENUE by cutting lucrative routes like Bandung, Surubaya, Dubai, Sydney (additional flight) and others, re-timed its flights to Hong Kong and Beijing to suit other airline and now rejecting lucrative contract to transport MALCON-Unifil Peacekeepers for the benefits of another airline.

Please read HERE & HERE where AJ and/or the MAS Board of Directors chose to avoid the issues raised herein.

94 thoughts on “CONSPIRACY or SABOTAGE?

  1. Johan

    AJ, AJ! Itu kes livery baru belum dapat sekarang lagi satu bomb!

    Saya mahu lihat berapa lama AJ dan Lembaga Pengarah MAS nak buat bodoh. Ini issue amat teruk sekali. mengabaikan kepentingan MAS!

    1. Mat Bond

      For public info, AJ got 1 + 1 contract. He was supposed to warm the seat for somebody. Sebab itu dia buat bodoh aje (memang bodoh pun) and makan gaji buta, travel first class sana sini macam orang putih kata — make hay while the sun shines (tapi maruah sudah tergadai sebab kena sumpah 24 jam)

  2. jack1960

    Buck stops at the very top …..


    This cannot happen without the PM’s knowledge. MH BOD & Khazanah pales in comparison as the clout needed to do this switch, where & when are all these sort of rubbish going to end.

    If indeed its proven to be true and MH BOD continues to ignore the queries, forget the MOD & Khazanah, the PM has to answer.

    1. Lady Gaga

      Dear YB Wee,

      jack1960 is absolutely correct in his response to your latest bombshell. In Malaysia, nothing moves without the PM’s tacit approval.

      So either Ajib Gor knows, or was it WITHOUT his consent? Somebody must clear the air, convincingly. I hope YB can elicit the answer here or through Parliament!!

      Silence is NOT an option anymore as otherwise, the Rakyat will decide at the upcoming PRU. All I can say is this; YB, you have our undivided support!!!

      1. I give up

        Nowadays MAS BoD and Top management very powerful, no need for PM approval what? Same with new logo, never bother to get PM and Cabinet OK, terus sudah jalan. Logo and national airline identity very big deal also no need PM to OK, what is this charter business? Charter business ke, preferable slots to HongKong and Beijing ke, tutup Bandung and Surabaya ke, kan all this part of the F…..g “collaboration? Still going on as proudly announced by Chairman and AJ Share Swap cancelled, BUT collaboration still on!!! One by one, we will be seeing more of this. Somebody please check out what’s happening with the Simulator sale, and soon, they will push the Migration from Subang to KLIA again! Everybody, the Share Swap cancelled, but questionable deals still continue. All this supposed to make MAS ready for open skies in 2015?

  3. _q0l0p_

    MAS dari tokey dah jadi “makan komisyen” jer????
    Sama lah A.J dengan tokey2 bazar kat jalan Mesjid India yang makan komisyen dari Bangla dan Nepal yang dah ambil alih gerai mereka.
    F.O la ko A.J

  4. GE Man

    AJ , for almost 2 decade MAS had been getting this contract , this UN charter that suddenly goes to AA is another living proof that you work for the Pariah .Its a clear cut .

    AJ , we will dig and expose why this lucrative contract fall into AA hand .

    This year 2012 Hadj charter goes to AA too ? May be not because there is no profit to make , it normally break even only .

    AA will take all the lucrative business leaving MAS with the left over .ie AA makan daging nya , MAS makan tulang sampai tercekik !!

    MAS has the statistics on all the routes and takes decades to study , to collect and compiled these information , which route is lucrative , what is the most suitable time to depart frm KLIA to the destination and vice versa , what is the load factor , what kind of pricing ….

    With this statistic, you know what is the best slot time , which is the most money making routes , how much to charge tapi kenapa hang ni bodoh sangat , hang bagi kat Pariah tu prime slot time , hang ubah slot yang orang tak nak naik, hang cancel route sana sini…..

    Mulut hang terkunci agak nya ,itu sebab hang tak boleh nak arahkan to realign all the routes and timing , reactivate Fire Fly jet services , re look into fuel hedging agreement , bagi warning to Azhari dan Amin Zakaria supaya jangan pandai pandai buat decision bersendirian on multi million ringgit engineering contract .

    Oh ya , kunci tu Pariah pegang ……Itu sebab terangguk anguk saja kepala , sebab mulut kena kunci tak boleh nak bantah….

  5. Tan Chak Pin

    As suspected…the higher hands are involved…Now the PM have a lot of ‘semut’ up his a??! With th GE coming..he have to show he is serious to resolve the MAS mess…it’s a national pride and have to be protected at all costs! But with all the issues happening under the carpet…it seems that the Pariah call the shots!..

  6. The Brainless

    AJ and the BOD are suddenly deaf and dumb! What turning around you are talking about AJ? Why are you turning away good contract for MAS, routes and rescheduled flights at stupid hours? of this is your way to turn around MAS?

    Perhaps you should start to come out with another Business Plans of how to give away lucrative contract so as not to burden MAS with small contract.

    By the way what contract have you brought in for MAS ever since you joined MAS.

    Do you know which company you are working for? Do you know that MAS is paying you the gaji buta every month end?

    Cannot believe that how a man be so stupid!

  7. Kuma

    MAS is bleeding only when it suit the stupid decisions of AJ and the BOD. MAS is bleeding when Rashdan decided to stop the Firefly jet service and expansion of Firefly, when AJ cut routes to Bandung, Surabaya, Dubai, Johannesburg and other destinations. AJ cost cutting when it comes to staffs benefits but not the directors benefits.

  8. Razak

    AJ, why don’t you own up what decisions that you have made to favor? Just be honest about it? Keeping silence is not going to help you or the board.

    You are going to be stripped naked before your contract is up for renewal in 2014.

    Just be brave enough to come up with a list of things that you have done to favor AA or AAX. May be your list should start with:

    1. Reject additional Sydney route.
    2. Agreeing to uplift AAX 35000 passengers at well below market rate which no airline would give.
    3. Cutting Bandung and other profitable routes.
    4. re-timed MAS flights to HK, Beijing and others.
    5. Allowing TF and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun free first class travel on MAS after the share swap.
    6. ….
    7 ….

    Perhaps you could frame it up the list as your great achievements in MAS.

  9. Nagaria

    Said it before and will say it again …

    AJ, u r an a…hole ….

    Malaysia Airlines don’t need a…hole….

    Why don’t you just get lost …

    Own up AJ … be a man…. otherwise, just hang around and makn gaji buta … hope you’ll choked to death … bangsat punya orang.

  10. Its seems that with these penyamun you have to focus your eyes without blinking.Once you blink, you sudah kena tipu.Kontrak pun tak perlu honour.
    AA ni macam parasit la.

    Thank you YB for highlighting this.

  11. Chan

    Information leakage lagi. So AJ why don’t you commence another investigation and may be you can stop future leakages.

    My advice to you, Nor Zalida and your other kuncu like the fatty HC head and Azhari, just stop your nonsense and there will be no leakage. We will carry on to expose you if try to screw MAS – the hand that feeds you!

  12. Balaciworksinthehangar

    Best leaders make known their values and their ethics and preach them in their leadership style and actions!!! Please preach your JANJI DITEPATI…

    YB, you have our undivided support!!! Can we address these issues at the parliament? Make known to the rakyats the ‘great’ job done by our PM in protecting MAS

  13. Omar MAS

    This was most shocking. It is a case of Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi!

    AJ, are you around or already in London again? Why are you and your board members keeping very quiet about this this matter and the livery? are you trying to protect someone?

    How do you expect us to work with you when you are behaving so stupidly and agreeing to all the stupid deals in favor of the pariah?

    Please get lost. you are not fit to hold the post as you are unable to look after the interest of MAS. Just another deadwood.

    1. Zahara Zaid Fan

      AJ is busy plotting the command and control of the free world. He would return when he has a break from his busy schedule. I understand he has been asked to look at how he can run MAS in 3 minutes a day. He is nearly there. He currently spends 2 so its a 50% increase in work load. He may need to revert to the board for a salary increase to commiserate with his increased duties.

  14. GE Man

    The UNIFIL UN charter contract is till 2014 , MAS charter department had committed to provide the service after doing the feasible/due deligence/ logistic study.

    How come shane and danny nanny kata MAS could not do it with the excuse that MAS has no aircraft to ferry our soldiers.

    With so many routes cut , still not enough aircraft ?? Memang dah hilang akal agak nya .

    MAS has excess B747-400 and A330 too due to the delivery of new A380 and new A330 .

    Even without this new aircraft , for the last 2 decades MAS is able to provide the services without fail .

    AJ , why can’t you open your mouth to protest when Shane and Danny Nanny make this decision ? At that time are you the CEO or the Nanny upgrader?

    Bo(otak) head Azhari , you are MAE CEO , why are you still going in and out to AA ofis like your grand father ofis , to leak MAS trade secret to your master ?

  15. Rotiboi


    Don’t be surprised that Malaysians will perform Hajj by AirAsia very soon. AJ and board of MAS, please wake up and smell the shit!

    1. hajikamal

      Rotiboi, few umrah packages from private agencies already using AirAsia at a much cheaper rate. As CEO of Tabung Haji (ex-ECM Libra) is the same group as Kalimullah & Tony, i believe that AirAsia will get contract from Tabung Haji for hajj season.

  16. Joseph

    it is most shocking to know what the top management under AJ has done for MAS. all good opportunities and revenue for MAS have been thrown away by this brainless idiot but enjoying fat pay – buta gaji every month.

    Tak malu kah AJ? his skin must be as thick as nanny Danny.

  17. Suara Alam

    Memang suatu yang mengejutkan isi perut rakyat melaysia…apahal senang-senang nak serahkan pada AA.

    Kontrak dengan MINDEF dan Tabung Haji merupakan bonus untuk MAS menambah baik tabung kewangan MAS.

    Apa punya CEO..macam ni..

    Keputusan ini tak perlu dapat kebenaran kerajaan agaknya?

  18. Kumaran

    AJ are you still sleeping? Just answer why MAS gave up the Malcon contract to your good friend the pariah who can pick up the phone and call you at will.

    The most bodoh CEO MAS ever had. No CEO will give up CONTRACT that produces revenue especially MAS has many grounded aircraft because of route cutting due to cost cutting. Please stop telling us that no aircraft.

    Yu can be stupid but don’t treat us as stupid low productivity staffs. We just carry out stupid order from people like you, Rashdan, Shane Nollan, Rozman and other deadwood.

    just explain why MAS lost such a lucrative contract??? Mr Dunggu

  19. Dan

    AJ you are just an idiot of the worst to give up the Malcon contract. It is 100% revenue for MAS with no risk at all. AJ is not only incompetent but not looking after the interest of MAS. How does AJ expect the staffs to respect an idiot like him.

    He is just not fit.

  20. The Capal

    How to make money???????????please tell me……….??????????. I came to understand this year Umrah Charter – some of the company don’t even pay a cent but contract is awarded to them . They sell the seat and make money in the thin air and pay MAS bit by bit. Balance they pocket it. What kind of business is this. If this is the kind of business being practice by MAS only God knows the outcome. God bless MAS. .

  21. machai je...

    Hye everybody!

    AJ dh minum susu bekas pariah rendam kaki. Dats why he’s doing all these things in favour of that pariah! Lu mmg celaka AJ! I’ve seen CEOs come and go. But you? Totally a FAILURE!

    Shoot us an email to rate your KPI, we’re more than happy to do it!
    Ada berani?

  22. Mastura Baiduri

    It appears that all that has been taking place serves to confirm that the collaboration was to serve AA’s interests. Rumors has it that if BN wins GE13, the “aborted” collaboration will be revived.

  23. Azman MAS

    Just cannot believe that MAS went through all kinds of hurdle to get the Malcon contract and AJ just on the silver platter for his boss the pariah. Why take salary from MAS? take the salary for the pariah but i am not too sure that the pariah will pay you RM250k a month. May be RM2.50 only!

  24. swap is off but parasite is live and kicking equal bleeding
    even government Letter of Intent (LOI) can be cancelled
    YB u seriously have to ask why (LOI) was cancelled in parliament

  25. The Brainless

    Jhon Labu

    No need to ask in Parliament. This must be one of the magics shows done by the Pariah with the helps from his kuncu in MAS otherwise such thing cannot happened.

    With the senseless cutting of profitable routes like Dubai, Bandung, Surabaya and many others, MAS would have many idle aircraft that can be utilised for the Malcon flights. MAS could have made additional revenue that will go toward reducing its losses. If not, it can be used to at least pays AJ’s gaji buta for several months.

    How can we allow such an idiot to head MAS. I support the statement “Harapkan Pagar Pagar Makan Padi!”. I am sue that if MAS is AJ’s own company he wouldn’t have allowed his staffs to give away such a lucrative contract. He is a Trojan Horse in MAS.

  26. MAS Boy

    YB has posted the picture of AAX Sdn Bhd carried MALCON-Unifil soldier. The picture tells a thousand words. There is no need to ask for evidence now.

    AJ, you are now duty bound to tell MAS staffs who were responsible for giving away contract belongs to MAS to AAX. if you still keep your silence that mean you were one of them responsible for the “heinous crime” against MAS.

    You better ask your Strategic comm Nor Zalida Ahmad (another deadwood) to come out with an email to tell us the truth before it is too late!

    1. Anak Johor

      Under Reaccommodation Agreement MAS tolong uplift 35,000 penumpang AAX. Sekarang giliran AAX pula tolong uplift penumpang MAS (Malcon). CCF katakan.. Itulah agaknya yang akan dijawab oleh CEO MAS yang bijak dan pintar.

  27. MAS employee

    Dear YB.

    Now how the heck are we (staff) are gonna believe whatever these directors and managers say in the future when this kind of shit is happening?

    All the damn TURUN PADANGs and DIALOGUEs that we are forced to attend and hear those buggers talk, talk and talk – Is it Nothing But Bullshit? Please stop pandering us with more lies and bullshit…. Now it seems that the only probable reason why MAS is not KILLED OFF NOW is because of the thousands of votes that MAS staff, their families and extended relatives may have on the coming GENERAL election.

    So much for being the National Carrier, by the looks of things it seems that AirAsia is now the favored airlines in the eyes of this stupid Govt. I cannot even imagine, waking one morning and reading about AirAsia being the New National Carrier… but at the rate MAS is being screwed and raped by her own directors and managers… it could just happen!

  28. Anonymous

    With the two pictures in here, where are AJ and the directors going to hide. Hide for what. Just do a tell all who were responsible for this sabotage otherwise AJ will be seen as the culprit. Think AJ. You have made mistakes after mistakes and you have never learn.

  29. Antigajibuta

    Dear YB,

    Please bring up this matter to the Parliament!! Lets hear what the MOF and MO Defence got to say about this thing! No need to ask PM, coz he is another useless. If we ask him also he will wait for answer from R…….h.

    Another thing is why is everyone keep asking AJ to reply? We all know to the fact that he wont dare to reply coz he doesnt have balls to do a lot of things. He must have left his balls somewhere either between his bicycle seat or somewhere in the A380 aircraft.

    The best thing to do is leave this Company, AJ! You dont have to answer anything!!

  30. toyo

    Conspiracy or sabotage? It is both. AJ, BOD and Khazanah are sitting in the chairs of power and they are the culprit who destroy MAS. In addition, they are very arrogant, proud and stupid. ( Sombong bodoh). Here is the proof. They have been keeping quiet and mum to all the questions raised by YB Wee. In another word they just ignored YB Wee. These bunch of people do not hormat Yang Berhormat and therefore do not respect the public. YB Wee is elected by the people through general election.That is why we call him yang berhormat. He is directly answerable to the people and the public. When he raised questions on MAS he is actually bring up questions on behalf of people and public. And we called it a matter of public interest. It is therefore obligatory for AJ, MAS Board and Khazanah is to respond and clarify to YB. YB did not resort to surat layang or some poison pen letter when he raised all these questions.He actually disclosed himself officially and as a responsible corporate leaders, it is their duty to provide the answers. But they just ignore as if there is nothing. THAT IS SOMBONG!!! When they cannot differentiate between what is their duty and what they can ignore THAT STUPID , Any stupid fool can sit in their position by keeping mum. You do not need brain for that. I feel sorry for the government. If the government protect these people it means the government is also part of this conspiracy. The government must take swift action or people confidence will be eroded slowly but surely. To YB Wee, you are a true public figure. We should vote for him.

  31. RedBloodBlueBlood

    YB, AK has lost their stranglehold on the Mindef East-West Movement since 2007 after having it for 7 years. Even then the Government ( Pak Lah’s time ) gave AK 50% of the contract although MAS offer better service at the same price.

    In 2003 AK lost the Haj to MAS.

    All these victories were the blood sweat and tears of a few good men that went unnoticed by the management, now made even worse under new management. . Now AK has gotten the Malcon. If MAS is not careful, the E-W contract will also go.
    AK is also awaiting for the Haj contract but not this time because they are not capable of operating the Haj yet, which is why MAS got the contract by default, despite registering little interest.

    Please stop the Management from monkeying around with contracts they have no clue of.

    YB, referring to the Malcon case if it is true that its a conspiracy to enrich AK, then the Management should be charged. If it is not and it is due to lack of awareness, then they have no position running the show.

    These bunch of management have no emotional attachment to MAS at all, and they swoop in, change and destroy, and move out leaving the faithful to carry the can.

    Enough of this please.

    Soon there will be an even bigger problem that will surface in the next 12 months that will burden the taxpayers. And i am not referring to how the A380 will bleed MAS. there’s more to it.

  32. johari

    It is most unbelievable that a Group CEO allow an ongoing lucrative contract until 2014 to be taken over by the Pariah. The Pariah is not interested for the Hajj because it was not a profit making project. That’s why MAS is still having it now. Had it being lucrative as Malcon case, i think it will also be hijacked.

    It is a sad case for MAS to have a CEO like AJ. He is just a bodoh sombong.

  33. Keneth

    The hijacking of this Malcon contract was a clear proof of MAS position in the CCF and the standing of those appointed or parachuted into MAS after the share swap.

    No wonder Rozman feel it is time for him to resign. Perhaps he had done his “duties” for the last 5 months. Now leaving the botak Azhari who has yet to fulfill his “duties” in the engineering department. The people in the engineering department must keep a watchful eye on every move of the Botak. Rozman will be leaving at the end of this month and botak staying on. This must be a reason for him to stay on. Mission incomplete?

    AJ is not going to look after MAS interest as we can see from the hijacking of Malcom contract. AJ is treating MAS as his playing field killing his time with RM250k a month and after his contract in 2014 he will just say bye2 and we are left to clear the shit. Therefore, we must be careful and do what we can to expose every move of these new comers/deadwoods.

    I would like to look at the faces of AJ and his kuncu like Nor Zalida, botak and biscuit lady. AJ, please call Town Hall meeting or dialogue session and tell us your NEW NEW NEW NEW NEWER Business Plan no ???? and the organisation chart no ??????? We will need a calculator to count how many of these ideas from the pen pushers and paper shufflers.

  34. Al-Ishal The Deadwood

    With such evidence, AJ and the other culprits would have been sacked. Man of principle would have also tendered his resignation and go quietly. But the gaji buta of RM250,000 will be a big factor for him to pretend to be stupid. With his weekly laundry service to London thrown in how to resign.

    Some say AJ is a straight man. Straight man still keeping quiet when MAS suddenly lost a money making contract. Straight man wouldn’t have signed the RA with unheard of low fares to AAX 35k passengers.

    Who is Al-Ishal Ishak? what is his background? Experience in aviation? Dua kali lima with AJ. He was appointed just because he is his running mate. That is the on qualification. He failed in his own business venture. Anyway welcome to the Deadwood Department headed by AJ!

  35. MAS admirer

    Hello Guys,
    The way the comment and such is going on seems like the hatered and anger is boiling.
    It will go on and on as long those intellectual challenging people are still at the helm of MAS.
    There is positives and negetive benefits from it but YB how best we end the ‘drama’ those parasites playing?
    I wish all ill intentions people will be brought foward and being punished if we could turn the table in the coming PRU 13.
    Long live YB and may the truth prevails..

    1. MAS employee

      to MAS admirer…
      GOOD QUESTION. “how best we end the ‘drama’ those parasites playing?” The thing is, MAS is a public listed company which is also a GLC. Unfortunately, being a GLC ~ these directors are not headhunted but appointed by Khazanah and/or the Govt – into their cushy positions. These people have no inkling of the company and no love lost should the company is destroyed. All they are interested in is their directors’ fees and nothing else. In fact, it is an open secret that these so called ‘directors’ first agenda was to secure their directors’ fees… above all other matters.

      Maybe someone higher up in the Govt can ask AJ one simple question: ” Is he really working for MAS benefits or for AirAsia’s benefits?

  36. Rahman

    Al-ishal, who is he? Must be a deadwood. Malcon is a money making venture. Why did MAS gave up or allow it to be hijacked?

    AJ and the directors, wtf are you all keeping quiet? Gaji buta? know how to take salaries and perks but no responsibility. You all can go to hell.

  37. GE Man

    For the last 2 decades MAS Hadj and charter had successfully carried our troops not only the UNIFIL UN mussion to Labonen but to Kosovo , Congo and Timor Leste .

    Even Australian UN troops chartered our B747-400 to Kuwait from Canberra v.v

    UN thru’ MINDEF paid premium for this charter , so our troops deserve a premium service from a premium worlds best cabin crew NOT from Worlds Best Low Cost Carriers .

    Hope MINDEF top management will review and give the contract back to MAS , after AJ is kick off from MAS that is , other wise AJ will give excuse that MAS don’t have aircraft.

    Just wondering if our troops got to purchase their on board meal , a lima ringgit instant noodle cup …..

  38. Lee G H

    I am just wondering what is in the mind of AJ, Board and Khazanah? With all the criticism and name calling thrown at them in this forum, they are still holding very tight to their posts ,pretend to be silly and keeping themselves mum as if there is nothing wrong . I am sure they believe the perks must outweighed the shits thrown at them. So they better hold tight. You can judge the sort of people yourselves. I suppose they are appointed to their positions not because of capability and credibility and experience in aviation industry but more because their willingness to be stooges and taking the shits on behalf of somebody. That is commendable I thought. I think they should stay in MAS until it collapsed.

  39. _q0l0p_

    YB, AA registered as Air Transport Providers for the UN ka?? or the contract still MAS but MAS chartered AA plane? to make more money or share the cake as to honour the share suap spirits.
    GE Man comments make me wonder is it UN or MINDEF people actually who have final say on who should get the contract? if MINDEF, then mmm… seems the par..h has got his corrupt minds and filthy hands into our ultimate security band, or AJ just pass on this contract, then MINDEF people has noting to do with it. bahaya ni YB. I don’t trust that pariah a cent to be a proud Malaysian.

  40. GE Man

    “””Conspiracy and sabotages ? Here’s another one and More to come !!!

    After the proper set up of MAS Engineering 20 years ago, never in our history we send our aircraft for maintenance to 3rd party .

    Yet this Monday/ 23rd July , MAS subsidiary airline Fire Fly is sending their turbo prop ATR 75-200 aircraft to SAE (Sepang Aircraft Engineering) to do a maintenance C1 checks.

    One of the aircraft to be send is with registration 9M-FYH.

    AJ and Azhari should tell us why MAS Engineering lost this contract too.

    Bet they will say that MAS Engineering /MAE had no hangar space and man power to do it .

    AA Engineering office is in SAE hangar too, what a coincidence !!

    Some one will start to tell all MAS Engineering staffs that we don’t have much work in MAS engineering thus we got to reduce staff and offer VSS.

    Lately too, not much of third party aircraft maintenance contract secured in MAS Engineering.

    Good luck to all MAS Engineering staff , hope tomorrow you will still have your job .

    God bless you all !!!

  41. Antigajibuta

    MAS CEO, Si Bodoh Pendek AJ said that MAS will make profit by 2014 but by looking at what he’s doing now it seems like no way MAS gonna make profit. Maybe he thought by reducing the number of staff can gain profit for MAS. Come on AJ, be a MAN or at least a SHORT MAN by leaving MAS. Staff from all corners are cursing you day & night. Kasihan your family!!

    1. MAS employee

      profit?… by 2014? By the looks of thing, its more like TUTUP KEDAI…. (after he had collected his MILLIONS in salaries! 250,000 x 12 = 3MIL a year!! )Outrageously VULGAR and OBSCENE when his staff is tying DEADKNOTS to make ends meet….!!!

  42. RedBloodBlueBlood

    Before AJ’s Team came in, MAS Charter pioneered 10 Umrah Series Charter Flights. All the flights were paid upfront; Money first then fly. The program was very successful. MAS made money utilising excess B747 aircraft time.

    But for 2012, there were numerous payment issues due to poor management of the contract. MAS management have constantly ignored inputs from Umrah & Haj subject matter experts, preferring to proceed blindly.

    MAS loses money on the Jeddah Route every year because they refuse to understand the market.

    Now MAS is making a mess of the UN Charter Contract, pushed a few other series Charter flights ( XMas Island Charter was operated over 8 years now given to Firefly ).

    The Charter Dept was an unappreciated gem in MAS, making significant contribution to the bottom line, unlike the Main Corporation which loses billions annually.

    Please stop the rot YB.

    1. jack1960

      A short sweeping statement devoid of any basis with the temerity to poke & from a position of anonymity !

      YB / the public deserves better than this almighty ….

  43. Anonymous

    YES people, all was done purposely. MAS was ask to continue but top level management told charter no aircraft(plenty sitting around the tarmac in KLIA). Hajj IS ANOTHER issue, TH offer long term contract but was adv by them to take yearly. up to the stage Charter was asked to quote a higher price than AA . CHARTER…dont just bend over and take this. You guys know what going on, get proof and pass to YB.

  44. Anonymous

    Kesian kat Mak AJ, Klau dia hidup pun mesti tak senang dan anak dia,kalau dah tak da pun mesti sedih dalam kubur. Anak dia ramai orang menyumpah. Besok dah nak puasa, kalau AJ baca blog ni…kalau salah minta maaf, kalau tak salah tolong terangkan.

  45. in the know....

    No need to say much. All these years MAS did not make money from the Haj operations,But this is ok as berkat. Charter also and on top of that people make money from the charter business. So what is new.Orang dalam pun makan juga.Semua sama.No need to talk much lah.Umrah or Haj all want to make money. Nothing new.But this orang dalam buat duit.

  46. ramadan maaf.

    Ya saya setuju. Minta maaf besok puasa AJ.Saya rasa awak ni tersepit. Asal ikhlas kerja Tuhan tau.Rezeki di tangan Allah bukan manusia. Yang sumpah pun bukan betul sangat.Cari dosa terang terang.Jawab saja lah di akhirat.

  47. here are the list that aa took from Mas
    1 – EPL asia tour this year ARSENAL we are normally the proud carrier of EPL team
    during asia tour
    2 – Fy maintenance contract
    3 – Xmas island contract
    4 – Malcom contract
    5 – Bandung station now proudly served by aa TWICE A DAY
    6 – Sponsoring QPR using mas monies
    7 – T… pondering what else he can take
    8 – no wonder mas is bleeding
    9 – mas need more monies to run never mind this is GLC company
    government will pump more money.
    10-the list go on and on
    11-no one care anymore

  48. Antigajibuta

    AJ, All of us know that you also makan gaji…Maybe what ever decision made was not yours…but that doesnt mean that you must keep silence when staff everywhere are cursing you. You are also paid to explain to the staff if the staff think there is a mismanagement….Its not fair to most of the staffs. They work their heart out. For example, Cabin Crew. they are among the lowest paid Cabin Crew in the world and yet they have proven that they are the BEST! not once but the MOST any airlines ever won! But MAS never appreciate them! MAS keep taking away privilledges from them. Maybe next award MAS will win best Porter for 1st Class pax. Whenever there is a Turun Padang session, the other STUPID Salleh Tabrani will keep remind the Crew about the company’s bleeding! Thats just cakap tak serupa bikin! all this problem are getting worst since Khazanah took over…we should make the government aware of this….AJ or BJ or CJ or even Haram J is the CEO, if the instructions come from Khazanah, MAS will continue losing..

    1. ANGRY MAS employee

      Please don’t mention that Saleh Tak Berani name here ever again… that sorry excuse don’t deserve to be the head for the Cabin Crew. If he is smart, he would NEVER eat or DRINK onboard any MAS flight… JUST REMEMBER ONE THING: NEVER EVER MESS WITH THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE YOUR DRINKS AND FOOD!! You WILL be served with MORE that what you’ve ordered. The same applies to each and every other cheat, traitor and liar that makes up the BoD.

      (I would use vulgarities and profanities on this one person but it is the holy month of Ramadhan, therefore I will keep my peace.)

  49. GE Man

    Yes , more conspiracy and sabotage .

    After loosing Fire Fly ATR 75 maintenance contract to SAE , MAS Engineering /MAE lost another contract to AIROD for Batavia Air and Lion Air B737-300/400 maintenance .

    Tak berasap lah dapur you orang tak lama lagi kalau macam ni at things going on .

    Selamat Berpuasa to all my muslim friends , sempena bulan baik ini , kena kurangkan lah mencarut .

    1. I give up

      Of course MAE will keep losing more and more contracts to AIROD. In fact MAE should just close shop. Why AIROD? Because, AIROD took in all the MAS veterans with more than 30 years experience each in Engineering Commercial and Maintenance. The whole team that handled and managed 3rd party work for MAS is now in AIROD! These guys, the minute they reach 55 years, off they go! Not a single day’s extention. MAS apparently don’t need to retain these kind of talents. MAS will only apply ROT (retention of talent) to those proven incompetent, like the VP in HC, now with new title. Because too many postings in YB’s blog about the Talent List that she never could produce in 3 years, they now extend her services and rename her protfolio Organization Development!! Whats the difference, a skunk by any other name will stink just the same!!

  50. crew lama

    ASM semua. Betul si bodoh Salleh Tabarani ini pandai bodek saja. dia ingat kalau dia bodek boss dia boleh naik pangkat. Dia naik pun sebab pandai jaga boss dan main politik..Kalau crew dia tak peduli.. Dia ingat dia punya company ni MAS. Dia boleh senang baut apa dia suka. Berambus lah….Kerja tak seberapa. Cakap macam pandai.Hantar crew pergi lounge dan macam macam lagi. Macam ni crew tak selara kerja.Nasib baik masih dapat award itu pun bukan kerana dia.

  51. Anonymous

    MAS is aready bleeding even before AA share swap but all was swept under the carpet. Airplane fuel long term forward contract. With oil prices <90 what is the price MAS is paying? So who the head of the bijaksana? How do they position themselves? Blame on AA(B)? This is not the blaming Game this is about economics. No doubt the AA/MAS share swap made things worst, but cant the new management get to the root cause?
    The short statement from Ainon ' For a decade MAS got this contract but still loose money, WHY? it is to poke,becasue all are focusing on the failure and legency left oever from AA/MAS share swap, but no action on the root cause or investigation to the former MAS management before AA/MAS, any misjudgement, corruptions, tradings etc? Why was no MACC investigation on the catering contract? The list can go on an on.

  52. GE Man

    xxxxxxxxxxx The finale on conspiracy and sabotages in MAS xxxxxxx

    The share suap is a very well planned conspiracy and sabotage mission’s to destroy MAS slowly if not immediately to kill off AA only competitors in Malaysia.

    The Pariah parachuted his armies (A.., Danny Rashy, Azhari, Rozman, Amin, Zakiah, Shane Nolan etc etc ) on search and destroy missions, forcing MAS to swallow poison’s pill after a poison’s pill so that MAS is so sick that MAS won’t be competitive to operate for at least the next 10-20 years.

    The list of conspiracy and sabotages that bleed’s MAS to death:

    1) Killing off Fire Fly B737-400/800 Jet Services since it is directly  competing with AA as a low cost community carrier and taking over some of its routes.

    2) Cut/Stop MAS profitable routes ( Bandung , Surabaya , Sydney etc etc ) so AA can take over the routes and mount additional flight.The rakyat had no choice but to pay what ever price AA put since they are monopolizing this routes.

    3) Re schedule / re timed MAS flight to odd hours ( Hong Kong ,  Beijing etc etc ) so that AA take the prime slot. MAS seat’s load factors dived.

    4) Signed the so called an AAX’s 35,000 passengers re-accommodation at  a very low fare. MAS loosing money at least MYR 1000 per AAX’s passengers carried and lost of sale able seats to would be full paying MAS passengers.

    5) Logo and re-branding, con-sultan fee’s paid , re-painting of more then 115 aircraft which will cost at least MYR 900,000.00 per aircraft that requires down time of at least 10 days.
    It will cost a whooping MYR 100 millions. Lost of aircraft utilization will cost money too to MAS. Luckily the change of logo and re-branding were restricted to A380. Even that will cost money for the respraying of the 6 A380!

    6) QPR sponsor worth MYR 10 million when AJ is crying MAS is bleeding.

    7) A380 seat re-configuration at the wimp and fancy of the Pariah which cost MAS at least MYR 4 million per ship set . With 6 unit A380 ordered , this will add an additional cost of MYR 24 million to MAS and the “old seats” to be scrap.

    8) The A380 ferry (joy rides) flight from Toulouse to Kuala Lumpur with some joy riders on board who are not related at all to the ferry flight formalities, incurring additional cost of sending them to Toulouse , hotels , daily allowances and lost of sale-able commercial seats, Kuala Lumpur – London and Kuala Lumpur – Paris .

    9) Lost of UN UNIFIL Lebanon lucrative charter flight to AAX. Giving
       an excuse of MAS don’t have any aircraft available to do it where’s else many aircraft laying idle due to routes cut and excess cabin crews had to be deployed to Golden Lounge to work.

    10) Lost of Fire Fly ATR 75-200 maintenance contract to SAE.

    11) Lost of Batavia Air and Lion Air B737-300/400 maintenance contract to AIROD.

    12) The would be B777 seat and IFE retrofit worth at least MYR 150 million for all 15 unit MAS B777. This B777 will be phased out in 3 years time yet a retrofit is initiated and as it is the seat and IFE served its purpose well.

    13) B737-800 steel brakes changes to carbon brakes which cost millions. AJ had issued a direct LOI/LA to one of carbon brakes manufacturer without going thru’ a normal company procurement procedure and WITHOUT Board approvals !!
    Using a carbon brakes is only economical if you use it since day one you buy the aircraft. Now MAS got to buy the new carbon brakes and discard/throw away/scrap the steel brakes inventory worth millions and MAS got to change tyre type from radial to bias tyre !!

    14) Two weeks ago in London Farnborough airshow,  AJ signed a MYR 5 billion contract for A380 Trent 900 Engine Total Care Maintenance Program with RR for as long as MAS is flying this A380 aircraft . No engineering and financial evaluation was carried out and NO BOARD approval sought. All decide by the TRIO , AJ , Azhari and Amin.

    15) Approximately 3 years ago MAS/PMB had sold 17 unit of their B737-400 classic aircraft to AAR and MAS leased it back (Sale and Leased Back ) from AAR until such time that all MAS new B737-800NG is delivered as replacement.

    Two weeks ago , during Farnborough Air show in London too, MAS Airlines Engineering Group (AEG) and someone had signed an agreement with AAR to purchase back 6 unit of this B737-400 classics.

    The surprising deal is that the purchase price per aircraft is MYR 19.8 million (USD 6.4 mil). The market price is only USD 2.5 million (MYR 7.75 mill) each . (Pls refer for aircraft prices)

    MAS is paying 2.5 times more then the market price !!!
    AND what is the logical explanation buying back this junk ??

    MAS will be milked by a whooping MYR 118.8 millions for this deal.

    As usual no engineering and financial evaluation was carried out and NO BOARD approval sought. All decide only by two persons and one of whom is an ex GE Man.

    16) Early this month (July), against all MAS procurement procedure and the first one in MAS history, Azhari had issued an LOI (Letter Of Intent) to LHT a contract worth MYR 500 million for the A330 Aircraft Component Support PBTH (Power By The Hour) , knowing that there is other bidders who had offered a lower price then LHT .

    Azhari is the first CEO of MAE (MAS Aerospace Engineering) history who issue LOI without Board Approval.

    He doesn’t have such authority, only tender department who can issue LOI/LA after BOD had approved it.

    A wrong procurement procedure, Azhari will bull doze this A330 LHT contract during this coming BTC (Board Tender Meeting) on Wednesday / 25 July 2012. He will try to shove it to the BOD throat.

    17) In the making, Azhari and Amin is now trying to do something about the B737-400 engine CFM56-7 PBTH (Power By The Hour) contract worth at least MYR 1.5 billion (minimum 10 years contract)( more then 200 engines) and source said it may be a direct nego again. One can expect where it will go. Just think who is maker!

    18) In the making think,Azhari and Amin is trying to figure out who will get the B737-800 / B777 / A380 / B747-400 APU maintenance contract worth more then a 1 billion ringgit . A total of more then 150 units of APU (Auxillary Power Unit) is to be contract out for maintenance soon.

    With 18 on the list above , My dear PM and BOD of MAS and Tan Sri chairman, YB YB , you must not stand still while MAS being screwed to death. MAS is BLEEDING ok!

    This will be the way to kill MAS as MAS be will be liable and inherit a long term high engineering operating cost, too high to sustain the business for at least the next 10-20 next years from now , how MAS will survive like this ? 

    A procurement manual is there to be followed so the tender and bidding is carried out in a transparent manner,how come one person or a TRIO are allowed to decide on this multi billion ringgit contract.

    At least least 3 bidders must participate to make the bidding process to be an advantage to MAS bottom line. Direct nego is a suicide !!

    The remaining parachuted fellows are the share suap parasites and should leave MAS, so much damaged done in the last 11 months..

  53. shit checker

    MAS problems was well before the AA MAS swap.Loosing money everywhere and no regards to bottom line.Fuel hedging wrong by the past management,LSG contract by the now chairman and the no check on ticket sales everywhere.Everything was the pits before and now the blogs.Be real guys.The shit was long before the swap.MAS sickness in not now.The list go on and on and on.Nothing was done.

    1. Anonymous

      So? Since the sickness , as you claim, started “not now”, what is the current top clueless management and BoD doing about it? Make it worse? Get real, man. Is the so-called team put in place by the Share Swap who are getting salaries never heard of in the history of MAS, actually doing anything BETTER? Read GE Man’s posting, and his list is not even complete, there are more “bright ideas” that this post Share Swap team brought in, like the mess Shane Nolan left behind in Commercial.

  54. Franky MAS

    The lost of Malcon contract was a clear case of “Harapkan pagar, pagar makan pagi!”. Until today AJ still keeping quiet.

    The first flight seemed to be in July 2012. Therefore, the decision to let go this Malcon contract must have been made several months ago as AAX Sdn Bhd had to get itself registered with the UN.

    It must have been made when Nanny Danny, Shane Nollan and the Pariah were still in MAS. However, AJ as the CEO cannot run away from its responsibility. He must come clean to answer and not keeping quiet about it if he wants to get support from MAS staffs.

    AJ how to get support when you are still trying to sweep such matter under the carpet!

  55. The tak berani

    MAS may have problems before. Who made all the decisions that caused the problems? the top management. After the share suap, the decisions were made to favour the pariah and the pariah placed all his men in the strategic posts.

    Just look at all the decision that were made by the top management mainly AJ, Rashdan, Shane Nollan, Rozman Omar, Azhari, biscuit fatty lady and their cronies.

    But the graded staffs, who have been working so hard especially the cabin crews who have just won an international award again. And at the same time they have been pushed around. Now they have been told that not enough flights for them to work and they are asked to work in Golden Lounge.

    the ‘No Ball” Salleh Tak Berani should be working there too. But where is he? He is just another Panamers Deadwood!

    1. sigua

      heard tak berani has an IT company doing some internal portal work.
      40 million project?
      wonder anyone here could confirm this rumor?

  56. Ravi

    The Gaji buta top management of MAS is a bunch idiots especially AJ who has no clue in what he was approving. He is just good for the laundry service trip KL to London weekly to see his family. Why don’t you just stay put in London and forget about MAS. You know you are clueless. Just let someone else who is capable to run MAS.

    We don’t need you, your kuncu Al-Ishal, Azhari and the biscuit lady.

  57. showman.

    If GE man claims are strong suggest that he reveal himself to the board and tell them all that he has listed. They costs billions and millions. Dont write in this blog. Better still write a paper listing all the things written in this blog and send them to the PM, MOF, BOD, and let them do the checking.Be a MAN.The list looks serious.Therefore GE man should be serious in writing to the relevant people to do the check.Time to show yourself.

    1. Sudah terang lagi menyuloh

      Showman, I am not GE man, but I think you are either not a MAS staff, or if you are a MAS staff, you must have sleeping under a big rock for a long long time, if you think anyone in their right mind will want to give info to the Board or even AJ or to Whistleblower. Because, history has proven time and again, if you whistleblow, the first thing that’s gonna get blown is your cover!! Management will pass your report back to the very person you are reporting about for “investigation”!! Truth is always stranger than fiction in MAS.
      Well, since we all know AJ has some people in Comms dedicated to reading blogs and such, why doesn’t he pick up some of the points raised by GE man for further investigation. After all , there is no smoke without fire. Or why doesn’t Tan Sri Krishnan Tan, head of the Board Audit Committeee, get the Audit people to investigate, I am sure he reads the blogs too.
      The answer is very obvious, why would they want to initiate any investigation – all the things listed by GE man will involve all of them one way or another!
      Next time, don’t give suicidal suggestions, please.

      1. double standards

        Correct, correct, correct. Do not forget, after any Whistleblower investigation, if found there is a case of misconduct, t will be referred to HC for futher disciplinary action. Now, if the person against whom dsciplinary action is to be taken is a crony, or a HC staff , chances are the “further” disciplinary action will never see the light of day. A classic case of a HC staff who was so corrupt and on the take from a vendor, in the Whistleblower investigation, admitted taking the money (but small amounts only la), and the vendor admitted giving the money, what happens when the file was passed to HC? Nothing. For more than a year. In fact the high-ranking official in HC who covered up was the fella in charge of Discipline itself!! If MAS was serious about turning around, start cleaning up HC first!!

  58. GE Man

    Dear showman,

    MAS has a whistle blower program in place to report any suspected wrong doing but how to complain if the committee is AJ and the biscuit lady…..

    All they do is sending a “young pang” meeting you and asking you questions and then silent……..

    Complaining to BOD ? You know who parachuted them.

    Got to thanks YB Wee CK for his blog site , other wise how to expose and complain ?

    YES, the only one who can stop all this bleeding is our PM . One phone call from him to AJ and (Khazanah) asking AJ to leave will do the job.

    If PM can reverse the share swap , he can do it again now to remove AJ and the kuncu kuncu’s.

    Chairman Md Nor and AJ wont give a damn to what ever UTUSAN had said.

    YES , the rot start long time before the share swap such as ill advised long term fuel hedging , selling of MAS assets, LSG contract etc etc.

    BUT with this Pariah’s army still inside , the number are colossal and in a period of only 11 month’s !

  59. Anonymouse

    Earlier this year…. only AJ can make such a “clever” business decision, by giving away MAS charter business to MAS Board of Director’s Tony Fernandez company, AirAsia X.

    And when something goes wrong, blame the staff for being inefficient.
    AJ boy, you should not listened to Tony Fernandez like what your staff advice you in one of your townhall.

  60. The Ball-less Saleh

    Salleh the “Ball-less” what have you contributed to MAs except being a YES MAN without thinking whether what you are doing is in the best interest of MAS. Sudahlah, we know you too well.

    MAS have excess crew that means we can do the Malcon flight flight. Even if not enough we can get contract crews. We lost the Malcon contract due to sabotage from within t that time. But AJ has no ball to talk. If that is the case that he had to shoulder the responsibility.

  61. showman.

    Whatever a man got do what he has got to do. GE man this is not a suicidal advice.Be a man. Looks like you are thick in the throes of MAS problems.Than solve them once and for all.Do the reports of all listed with facts.With facts surely it will be difficult to hide.

      1. MAS employee

        (anon.) MAHB hands are “tied” la… Even if Tan Sri Bashir wanted to, he’d probably get one phone call from HIGHER UP and the next thing you (he’d) know – he would be out of a job… PERMANENTLY!

        This is how the shit works here in Bolehland – it is not what you know but WHO you know… Tan Sri Bashir knows this and knows the system very well, that is why when AA, AA-X and TF wanted him ‘dismissed’, he played his hand well enough to survive intact in MAHB. Any other lesser person would have been kicked out to “dry” in the desert by now….


  62. Pingback: More dysfunctional stories about MAS unearthed | Jebat Must Die

  63. Hi YB,

    Just would like to share something. My sister used to work as a flight stewardess for MAS back in 98. After nearly 10 years or service, my sister decided to resign. Then after a few years, she went to AirAisia but manage to stay there for only 4 months as a flight attendant.

    a year ago, she went to firefly. and she got herself promoted from stewardess to leading stewardess. but it only last for a year as after AA took over MAS, Firefly is the first thing that they sacked. and my sister got no choice other than to join back MAS. but MAS is not like the place she had been to on the year of 98. There were small numbers of flights, allowance being cut off, and the list goes on. My sister didn’t know what else to do and furthermore she’s a single mother of three kids.

    The swap between AA and MAS is only profitable to AA, while MAS took all the blame and shame and not forget all the hutang.

  64. kiasu

    Appoint YB Wee as new “boss” of MAS.

    Rest assured, all current issues will be addressed and put in place where they belong.

  65. capal

    Tony!!!!!!!!!!!! baru kau tahu . Semua orang tolong baca ini:-

    Govt may review AirAsia’s Batavia deal
    Nurfika Osman, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Business | Sun, July 29 2012, 9:14 AM
    A- A A+

    Paper Edition | Page: 2

    The government may cancel the acquisition of local airline Batavia Air by Malaysian airline, AirAsia Berhard, and its Indonesian partner, if the transaction breaches the ownership limit imposed on foreign companies in national airlines, a top government official has said.

    The Transportation Ministry’s air transportation director general, Herry Bhakti Gumay, said AirAsia Berhard and its partner in the acquisition, PT Fersindo Nusaperkasa, had yet to report their acquisition to the ministry.

    AirAsia and its Indonesian partner Fersindo, owner of a 51 percent stake in Indonesia AirAsia (IAA), signed an agreement on Thursday to buy Metro Batavia, the owner of Batavia Air, for US$80 million (Rp 756 billion).

    “We will give Batavia, AirAsia Berhard and Fersindo Nusaperkasa one month to report their plan to us. We will cancel the acquisition process if Indonesia is not the majority shareholder,” Herry told reporters.

    Herry said the ministry would not hesitate to “revoke Batavia Air’s SIUAU [flight permit]”.

    According to the acquisition plan, AirAsia would own a 49 percent stake in Metro, while Fersindo would hold the remaining 51 percent in order to comply with Indonesian ownership rules.

    Seventy-six percent of the shares are due to be purchased this year and the remainder by 2013.

    Herry said, however, that the ownership status of Fersindo, which controls 51 percent of AirAsia’s Indonesian subsidiary IAA, remained unclear.

    “They will not be able to execute their plan if they do not report clear information to us,” he added.

    Previously, AirAsia Group’s CEO, Tony Fernandez, had said in a statement that the Batavia Air acquisition was a fantastic opportunity for AirAsia to accelerate its growth plans in one of the most exciting aviation markets in Asia; and that it further underlined its belief in the growth potential of Indonesia’s aviation sector.

    Even though analysts might see the acquisition in a negative way, Tony said the partnership would help both companies to grow.

    “This is a good marriage because Batavia Air is the jewel of Indonesia. We hope we can build something very special here; to increase tourism in Indonesia, and help more Indonesians to fly,” Tony told reporters at a conference.

    Batavia Air’s president director, Yudiawan Tansari, said the company would maintain its name and its mid-range service after the acquisition.

    Aviation expert and former investigator at the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT), Hana Simatupang, said the acquisition showed the growing dominance of foreign airlines in the national aviation industry.

    The Batavia acquisition comes hot on the heels of Tiger Airway’s takeover of Mandala Air earlier this year.

    “This is what I’m afraid of. Foreign airlines, through their subsidiaries, will come to control domestic airlines because they [domestic airlines] have failed to professionally manage their businesses,” Hana told The Jakarta Post.

  66. Prakash MAS


    He got away with murder because of the Sleeping PM. The Pariah got easy approval, subsidy and almost everything on a silver platter. and at the same time the Pariah talking cock.

    Then we have the clueless Aj praising the Pariah to the hilt and asking MAS to emulate the Pariah. What a smart CEO AJ is!!!!

  67. Datuk Sri Najib, Perdana Menteri tolong masuk campur kes MAS, kami faham YAB PM amat sibok tetapi masalah MAS perlu juga diselesaikan, hari demi hari mereka-mereka yang ditempatkan oleh Tony Fernandez sedang robek-robekan MAS. tolong ikut cara Tun M selesaikan masalah MAS dahulu. Kalau MAS betul-betul jatuh Malaysia akan menanggung malu. Keluarkan semua orang-orang Tony Fernandez dalam MAS dengan secepat mungkin.

    Ai Pariah telah merosakan MAS dengan cara licik, merasuah penjawat awam, Khazanah, hingga banyak hak-hak MAS sebagai National Carriers diambil aleh oleh Air Asia.

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