MAS Board is answerable for the change of MAS livery

Throughout the years, MAS livery/logo has been changed for good reasons and with the approval of the Board and Cabinet.
This is the new logo/livery that has been changed for no good reason.

There is MAS Board meeting this morning at 10:00 am. Hopefully the Board will be transparent and provide answers to the questions posed for the past week which are still unanswered. Looking at the budget for Marketing and Promotions budget stands at about RM560 million for 2012, the cost of designing and re-branding may be several million Ringgit was a small figure.

But the issues are serious as MAS is no ordinary GLC but an institution of the nation. MAS is a national carrier. It was set up by the government and its funding came from the rakyat. Therefore, the changing of logo/livery and re-branding of MAS had to be approved by the Board and the Cabinet before it is implemented.

Now we know the two companies involved in the designing and re-branding projects are Ogilvy & Mather and Landor Associates. The said project was commissioned in the early part of this year when the MAS-AirAsia share “suap’ was in tact and received the full backing of the little Napoleon in Khazanah.

Therefore, Board is duty bound to get to the bottom of this and provide answers to the questions posed below:

  1. When was the decision made to change the livery of MAS to pale blue?
  2. Who made the said decision to change the livery?
  3. Was MAS Board consulted before proceeding to change the livery?
  4. Did MAS obtain approval from the Cabinet for the change of the livery?
  5. Who appointed the designing company for the job?
  6. Was there an open tender for the appointment of the designing and re-branding company?
  7. What was the total cost of the said designing and re-branding work for the new livery?

The logo/livery of MAS is just like our national flag which cannot be changed by the whim and fancy of a few people. If the change of livery was commissioned without the approval of the Board and/or the Cabinet then actions had to be taken against the culprits regardless of whether the person responsible is still in MAS or not. They must be made personally liable as it was an unauthorized act. Furthermore, such spending was totally unnecessary at the time when MAS is BLEEDING!

Silence on the part of the top management of MAS including the Board of Directors is not an option.

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27 thoughts on “MAS Board is answerable for the change of MAS livery

  1. hsmd

    just viewing your blog it may seems that your only focus is on the MAS-AirAsia saga and abandoning everything else. but we do know you do more for the rakyat’s sake. and someone needs to be persistent on this issue to stop perompak terhormat wearing elite corporate suit to rob anything they want that belongs to the country..

    keep it going YB. nail down everyone of them.

  2. firefly boieng

    Hi Datuk. I hope AJ can open back Firefly in kCH & SBH due to x Firefly’s still dont have secure job . Their decision to close the Firefly in Kch n& Sbh really make them suffer. Even MAS itself dont want to give EX Firefly staff chance to join them even got Vacancy Advertise before this. Please consider it ……

  3. Lady Gaga

    Dear YB Wee,
    Thank you for your perseverance on issues affecting the National Airlines, despite the negative reaction of some interested parties. It is hoped that the BOD would direct AJ to answer YB’s as well as the citizens’ queries. The prolonged silence of Management only served to feed further speculations on the sincerity of Management in rebuilding and regaining trust of staff and the masses.
    It is without doubt that AJ, representing Management were mistaken or misled by TF and his cronies, but a word of advice; if you wish to garner support from your staff and their unions, you must eat humble pie and reciprocate with enough zest to convince them that you are back for serious work. Another advice for you; please rid your management of all “recycled rejects”.
    Be especially wary about “Yes Men” who only lately raise concerns which they have had ample opportunities to bring up before, but chose to keep mum all this while to save their own tail.
    My own personal advice; I rather face vocal critics in abundance, than be content with an apple-polisher in solitude.

    1. mas

      Lady gaga’re so right in voicing out this issue of those ‘has-beens yes men ‘ taken back to add more to dead woods. Let’s see how well and loud they can be if need be to veto some decisions. Again , with bringing them in will follow the influx of their immediate` buddies’ .

  4. Kamarudin

    The half past six Board of Directors will also keep quiet. They are high and almighty. This is what they thought. Actually they are a bunch of clueless pen pusher with the title of Tan Sri. They put the title to shame. These shameless idiotonlyknow how to draw high salary.

  5. zep

    YB yes keep up the good work. I am sure many are behind you. There are many more but this can be a sample for the cowards to wake up. They are sleeping and enjoying the perks and they think others did not notice them. Excellent piece of attacking art. For the sake of our nation.

  6. GE Man

    AJ , this is not your grand father company , BOD is there to give the final decision on all major decision in the company affair .

    Be it the logo and theme change or a 5 billion’s ringgit worth MOU / LOI maintenance contract .

    I am referring this to you too, botak head Azhari . This is not your grand father company .
    AJ – in Farnborough you sign a £ 1 billion contract for Trent 900 Total Care Maintenance Programm , has engineering and finance carried the evaluation and you had sought the BOD approval ??

    Azhari – you issued an LOI to LHT a contract worth MYR 350 million for A330 component support , did you get BOD approval ?

    How come a CEO alone can make a decision on a multi billion ringgit contract .

    With you AJ and Azhari still around , as days pass by , both of you are forcing more and more poison pill force feed to MAS mouth .

    Chairman Md Nor ni pulak , ingatkan sebagai chairman akal panjang lah , tapi tak sangka pendek jugak .

    Berani sungguh kata Utusan mempunyai niat jahat bila menyiarkan article yang AJ akan meninggalkan MAS.

    My dear chairman Md Nor , do you know who own Utusan ? If the “master” is giving a signal that AJ will leave , then he will force to leave , Lagi kita orang pun dah meluat tengok muka dia di ofis ni .Soooo much damaged done.

    Rumours can only be confirm when it is officially denied .

  7. Anonymous

    The whole plot is to purposely make MAS bankrupt so that some PARIAH can takeover MAS and buy them cheap. Najib! you tidor ke?

  8. MAS admirer

    YB you should visit the newly refurbished Golden Lounge in Satelite building KLIA, That is an expensive downgrade. Look like you are in a hospital… what a waste. Wonder how much has been spent.

  9. Anonymous

    I recall that the rebranding of the MAS logo was to incorporate our national flag colors red blue and white to reflect MAS being a National Airline.

  10. fed up crew

    Yes the lounge is under this a…e kisser Salleh Tak Tabarani, He is the biggest bodek and bodoh in malaysia airlines. Good for nothing and the only one of mas leftover who bodek to stay because he cannot get a job outside.Also very good in politics.Now he has put some cabin crew in the lounges. He thinks he is so good. Also.dont know why management is keeping him still.Maybe he a….e kiss very good.people like this survive very well in MAS.bodoh tapi kuat bodek

  11. xcrew

    fed up crew. if u are fed up. go ahead and resign. why are u still in Amok’s glc? maybe u also cannot get job? maybe most passenger complaint when u fly. the other crews are winning the awards. dont only complain. give ideas how mas can make money.

  12. fed up crew

    Xcrew you must be a…e kisser of Salleh Tabarani. Why are you so angry and reply to this.He is bodoh and good at bodek boss only . We crew can get job anywhere ok. You and as… kisser where. Lounge pun low class kampong lounge

  13. Salleh

    To Fed Up Crew,
    Please submit your resignation letter immediately. MAS has no place for sick mental like you. At least some of the other crews still got job to do on ground. There will be expansion later on and that will be the time where all the crew at the lounge will fly full time again.

    1. Landor

      Halo Salleh, confirm you got no work to do, got time to also baca blog ka? As usual, bodoh sombongs like you will never bother to understand the frustrations of your staff, you are so busy running llooooonnngggg meetings, some can last 8 hours!! you must really love the sound of your own voice.
      You are so full of yourself that you cannot recognise how sick some of the people sitting in your meetings are! Full of hot air. Syok sendiri.
      You are a typical leftover of the legacy management, if staff voice unhappiness, they must resign. Listen dude, if some of your staff start leaking out what you have been up to and how much your pie-in-the-sky plans are
      costing MAS, you don’t need to resign, you will be SACKED! Expansion later on, you say? You must be on some banned substance and hallucinating to make that statement.

  14. Antigajibuta

    Jawab lah Salleh…Dont know how far its true but from reliable sources said that only 40 crews applied for Golden lounge post. The rest were ask ‘Paksa Rela’ to take that post..Its not about where the crew work, on air or on ground coz malay believe rezeki Allah give, not you give. But its how you treat the Cabin Crew! You only know how to tell the Crew that the Company is bleeding!! As if all the problem started by Cabin Crew. You dont have to roster crew to come to your turun padang session just to tell them that the company is bleeding! My Great Grandfather kat kampung also know coz he can read newspaper!! Not sure what you are good at!!

  15. fed up crew.

    WHO ASK ME TO RESIGN.Is it you Salleh Tabarani. Never mind you resign first. Then I resign. This MAS do not belong to you.I am a crew. Qatar wants me. You.You are the last of the past management who is still around.Why??.I heard you bodek good this new management. That is why you are still around.

    1. Bestintheworld

      Right on! We Crew may be small fry to the people like Salleh tak Berani, but we will not have too much problem getting a job with another arline. But Salleh? Which airline will take someone in top management of a LOSER airline? Btw, he is not the last of the legacy management, there is one more, equally deadwood, last time also in charge of Crew, and Danny’s saudara. Her name is Hayati, and I am wondering why her staff who are all sick of her, except that loudmouth BFF she has, have not shared some of her horror stories.She used to roster “friendly” Crew for turun padang sessions too, so they can all clap at the right time to boost her ego. AJ, you have no idea how many lame duck EVPs you have, including the ball carrier and powerpoint expert in Flight Ops, and you still do nothing about it? Btw the TOTAL number of Crew who applied gor the Golden Lounge post on the closing date was…..SIX!

  16. Antigajibuta

    Salleh, Please do your homework before your next Turun Padang.You are the Head of Customer Experience and your job is to make sure the customer choose MAS as their favourite Airlines. Its not your job to tell whether MAS is bleeding or not. If the company is losing money because customer dont wanna fly MAS, its not CREW’s fault. If pax chose AA to fly to Bandung & Surabaya, is it Crew’s fault? If pax dont fly MAS coz MAS cant bring them to DXB, is it Crew’s fault? if MAS is losing money because the management is spending like nobody’s business, is it Crew’s fault. Despite all the problems, MAS Cabin Crew still prove that we are the BEST!! So Salleh, if you are reading this, make sure you dont ever mention about MAS is bleeding to Cabin Crew coz we are not interested! Go and kelentong to other Department coz most of the CREW know you are USELESS!!

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, your comments are right on the dot. Why keep playing the same old song to Crew, MAS is bleeding, what the f….k you expect us to do, we are doing our very best (officially acknowledged by Skytrax), yet we see all the stupid money wasting decisions you make. Look at the so-called “exclusive” first and business class check-in at KLIA. Wasnt anything wrong about the last one, but must be your great idea to spend some more money, now our First class customer say, look like kandang lembu, all “fenced up” but nothing exclusive about it. Another example of syok sediri.

  17. crew kepo.

    Our Salleh Tak Berani not only bodek new management. He is also very close to the unions. Maseu. Dia main dua dua.Thats why can survive. As though people dont know.

    1. sama sama kepo

      Why we want to be intimidated if Salleh Tak Berani close to Maseu.We Cabin Crew are one big number of staff suppose to be under Maseu. If Maseu not taking care of us, and keep supporting people like Salleh TB, we should just forget about Maseu and join another union that can take care of us better.

  18. Antigajibuta

    He is just as good as ‘Bapak Ayam’..selling the crew everywhere…GL and selected A380 for example…Crew were force to go to GL…all for his KPI….and his Barua2 so called Executive IFS also bodek him…all for their own best interest…none for cabin crew…they only know how to pressure cabin crew and theres no 2 ways about it..The new A380 Club Class Service take almost 3.5 hours to complete…Ridiculous!! They thought its best for pax…without realising pax are fed up with long dragging service..To Salleh and baruahs, Wake up!!

    1. Anonymous

      I agree 100% about the “draggy” 3.5 hours service. You are correct, our pax find it so “slow”, when actually people like Salleh tak Berani and his team thinks this is “exclusive” and “premiuim” service. Another syok sendiri exercise. How we want our A380 to compete like this, already there are comments about the seats, now the service is so draggy, we the Crew also can feel, after one or two flights, maybe our pax will go to the competitor. AJ, please wake up and don’t be conned by Salleh and his CE team, they got all these ideas, maybe ciplak from consultant, if they so good, how come important details also can overlook, like (the news spreading) no napkins for our “premium” pax with the meal service? We never hear of this happening in all the years we serve first or business class pax.

  19. Anonymous

    To Fed Up Crew, another way to UN-FED UP yourself is GET OUT FAST, RESIGN FROM MAS and GO TO QATAR QUICK OR AIR ASIA. MAS don’t need you and no love lost for you to be OUT OF MAS!

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